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  • so I guess this is what it would be like to live in the burbs…

    • Sigh. I am sure they’re working hard but still I’d like to be able to see on my walk up the stairwell.

  • maxwell smart

    Not sure what’s worse – derecho power outage in the summer, melting in the heat and having to throw out an entire fridge worth of groceries or snow – whatever we are calling this mess – power outage freezing to death and not being able to make warm foods.

  • Does anyone know if the area of Vermont-Rhode Island ave. on the Logan Circle side of 14th lost power?

  • It’s now been pushed to 1130. At this point it just feels like they are stringing us along. Really would be great to just have them give it to us straight rather than start the day w them saying 11 am only to then push it back every 2 hours. Jerk move.

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