Dupont/Logan Power Outage Restoration Pushed to 11:30pm


@daveonate tweets us:

“A view from 17th & P in 20 degree weather. @PoPville”

and remember if you need it:

“Department of Human Services Warming Center is set up at 3725 10 ST NW (Raymond Recreation Center) for the power outage affected area.”

I wish I had better news to share but the Pepco map now shows an estimated 11:30pm restoration:

Screen Shot 2015-01-06 at 9.50.11 PM

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  • The affected area is really Dupont & U Street. The Logan part is small and concentrated well N of the circle, plus a small part of P Street (one building where it seemed mixed, at least among the ground floor tenants).

  • Don”t think I’ll hold my breath….

  • 1300 block of R is without power as is Riggs. That’s not well north of Logan. Just sayin.

  • Just walked past the Pepco people at the origination of the outage at NH & Q on my way home and they were talking about “googling” stuff to figure out how to repair things. Not looking good.

  • u between 13 and 14 is up and running! Whoo!!! My dog is thankful for the (soon to be) warmth. She had been wrapped in a towel for hours while her moms enjoyed margaritas to pass the time.

  • Power came back on for my building at about 11:05. I live on mass ave between 17th and 18th.

  • The map now says 4 pm Jan 7. My building, though pepco listed as nor involved in an outage and called me to ask me to press 1) if my power had been restored or 2) if the lights were completely out, is still out with no heat or even emergency lighting though bizarrely all our neighbors are on. Poor security guards are standing guard all night as we may or may not have a magnetic front door… What I don’t understand is the lack of information afree 18 hours – can’t they explain the issue? PEPCO! GAH!!

  • justinbc

    Wow that’s really awful. The whole time I lived in Logan Circle we never once lost power, no matter how bad the storm or snow was. Someone once told me our section was on the same power grid as the White House, so it was virtually ensured to never go out. Not sure if that’s true or not, but would have certainly helped explain the reliability.

    • People like to say that but it’s really because weather usually isn’t an issue with underground cable.

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