Dear PoPville – How Do We Get a Bikeshare Station?

New station by Union Market installed in November

“Dear PoPville,

Do you know why capital bikeshare hasn’t put any stations in the northeast Petworth area? Sherman circle would be a great location. I’ve tried tweeting cap bikeshare and submitting on their website, but no response.”

Ed. Note: Back in Sept. we learned about 12 potential future stations. Anyone know the best way to request others?

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  • Bikeshare expansion is temporarily on hold until the new manufacturer of the bikes and stations (the old one went bankrupt) catches up with the orders from not only DC but many other cities as well. The last round of installations only happened because, if I remember correctly, they were able to essentially buy them from another city that was ahead of them in the queue.

    • The last round of stations and bikes were used equipment purchased from the Ottawa system that went under. DDOT makes the decision about where stations go, so getting in touch with them through will be more effective that going to bikeshare.

    • palisades

      That is fascinating. Not sure how I missed that news.

  • You know about the bikeshare stations at Georgia & Emerson (less than half a mile from Sherman Circle) and 9th & Upshur (exactly half a mile from Sherman Circle), right? An argument could be made for a station north & east of there, but I think that Sherman Circle is pretty well served already.

    • There’s also a station at 5th and Kennedy. however, I think a Sherman Circle station would be really popular.

      • Those three bikeshare stations are a stretch for much of that north/east part of Petworth; and if they are often empty (I don’t know if they are) then it’s not even a matter of proximity, it’s a matter of supply. I think a Sherman Circle station would do well; I would oppose putting it in the actual circle though.

    • Agreed, there are much more strategic spots in Petworth to put a new station. Why not push for multiple stations?

  • palisades

    Hey I asked this the other week in a Rant/Revel thread!
    My location brings me nothing but despair in regards to the possibility of a station, but i’m trying to stay positive.

  • There is an app on the website where you can suggest locations.

  • I know it’s a bit of a walk, but there’s also a Bikeshare at Spring and 14th St.

  • True about the bankruptcy and resorting to used supplies in the interim. Personal opinion as a $75 annual member that I’ve shared with DDOT innumerable times, they need to ensure they can serve existing members before investing in expansion to lower use fringe areas (which, sorry, Petworth really is). I can’t tell you how often the three stations around me are empty (and we’re not talking about rush hour in the morning). They need to figure out pronto how to get better balance in the core neighborhoods they already serve. As someone who pays for it both in the annual fee and taxes, it’s definitely a deterrent to continuing to pay. Best bet is to start lobbying to vastly expand funding for it – it’s an absolute pittance. Then hotels basically give away 24 hour memberships and further suck capacity. Very frustrating that the mentality is to seemingly run it as a profit making enterprise instead of a public service. And don’t even bother trying to engage them via social media – they don’t bother engaging, only push out their PR messages.

    • So you’re saying, since so many people in the downtown area use it, that those in other areas that are far less underserved in transportation options, should not get it? Until those that have every other transportation option, including walking almost everywhere, are completely satisfied, those in outlying neighborhoods should have to wait? I’m not sure I agree, and I’m pretty sure the city doesn’t agree as well. That’s why they choose the locations through DDoT, and not the company itself.

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