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    • Optima did inside painting for me and did a horrible job. I had them paint a room for me since they were doing structural work as well. Not only did they slop the paint everywhere, they proceeded to put the tile sealer over the spilled paint making it nearly impossible to remove. They then applied a second coat of paint on the walls before the previous ones dried (leaving me with a peeling mess that I ended up having to fix myself). I’d never use them again.

  • Has anyone here ever DIYed it? It seems like it would be a relatively easy painting job. It’s basically just rolling a big single wall, with less cutting in and trim work than doing an interior, right? I’ve been thinking of doing mine, but I’m worried there’s some added complexity I don’t know about.

    • I’d love to know the answer to this as well. I have a small front facade that seems like it would be very easy to do.

    • Do you have 30 foot ladders: Are you going to bother scraping the brick and prepping the windows? Are you using more than one color — brick rowhouses sometimes have 3, 4, 5 colors?

      • So, has anyone done it themselves?

      • justinbc

        +1, yeah, it’s a lot of prep work to get the brick ready, but if you’re in a middle unit it’s probably not that bad. The equipment itself can be rented for not that much. Make sure you get good quality paint, you don’t want something that will peel.

        • Thanks. Yeah, I’ve got a middle unit. What type of prep do you need to do if the brick is already painted? I’m familiar with painting just not painting brick…..

  • Your humble photographer wishes to tout the beauty of old, crumbly paint ;^)

  • Tyrone Lee. He’s painted just about half of the houses in Bloomingdale. Does an excellent job and will meet or beat any price out there. His number is (202) 213-5370.

    • + 1. I have seen him paint a number of houses in Bloomingdale, and all look great from what I can tell. We don’t need ours painted, but I’ll look to him when we do.

      • We recently used Tyrone to paint the entire inside of our three story row house. We had a TERRIBLE experience with him. He fired his crew the first day, demanded more money up front half way through the job, and took twice as long as he said he was going to. It was also like pulling teeth to get him to do the job he’d promised as he kept trying to cut corners. For example, he was really upset when we insisted he do two coats which is pretty standard for a basic paint job. Our biggest complaint was that the paint job was really sloppy. We had to buy more paint to fix patches in basically every job that he did poorly. Very disappointing because we’d received nothing but good reviews on his past jobs. We were really hoping to hire him to paint the outside of our house too but now we’re going to have to find someone else.

  • Is your house already painted? There are periodic discussions on PoPville about how (depending on your perspective) it’s not a good idea to paint a brick rowhouse that’s never been painted. If the repointing of the mortar hasn’t been done, or hasn’t been done well, putting paint over it can complicate it. Apparently painting also requires upkeep every ~10 years, whereas repointing needs to be done only every 100 years or so.

    • FWIW… my house was already painted (in a cream color) when I bought it. In some ways I’m glad, as the brick color underneath is tan rather than red and I don’t think brick that color is attractive. But from a maintenance/upkeep point of view, it seems like painting can create a lot of headaches.

    • I mostly agree with you but I had an unpainted house with tan spotted brick with lots of water staining. It was just plain unattractive and there was no way other than painting to fix it. There are situations where painting is the best option.

  • Omar’s Painting and Contracting. They did a great job on my house– loads of prep work, worked with me on the colors, did a solid primer coat before actually painting. Be sure whoever you do hire isn’t going to just slap a coat of paint on there from Home Depot or you’ll be sorry in just a couple of years.

  • Chris Rotunno is an independent contractor and has done exterior painting of multiple Capitol Hill homes such as 208 F Street NE and 531 8th Street NE. He has good references and reasonable prices. He can be reached at 2024255053. Hope this helps.

  • Image Painting did a nice job on our Capitol Hill rowhouse last year.


  • Can anyone provide a cost estimate? Just a ballpark for a middle unit?

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