DCity Smokehouse moving to 1700 2nd St, NW

1700 2nd Street, NW

Thanks to a reader for sending word:

“My building (1700 2nd st NW) signed dc city smokehouse as the tenant in our retail space. This is the bit from my condo association update:

The Board is excited to welcome DCitySmokehouse to the Association. In short, the much-beloved BBQ shop from down the street is moving into our commercial space. We’re working with them to arrange a time when they can meet the Association and answer questions.

Current location with their, apparently, controversial signage:

8 Florida Ave, NW
8 Florida Ave, NW

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  • Has anyone had their food? I walked by it the other night and though it would be good place to take my Dad.

    • i had it when it was Revive, who i think were the same people. it was FANTASTIC.

    • Tsar of Truxton

      Best BBQ in D, and it is not even close. I would not be excited to have them in my condo building though. The smell would get old pretty quick.

      • Totally agree on the *potential* smell (insert genuine concern for the upstairs residents and a real hope for great ventilation). Other than that….I crush on this place! I’m BURSTING!!!!!

        PS. KUDOS to the other commenter statements: “…it was worth it to go to one of the worst corners in DC” and “it’s come from the other side of town good”. BOTH are spot-on and should be included in DCity Smokehouse marketing materials!!!!

    • justinbc

      It’s easily the best BBQ you can get that’s actually in the District. There are better places out in the suburbs, but only if you’re willing to drive 60-90 minutes.

    • +1000 to what everyone said.
      Best BBQ in the District. However, from a practical point of view it’s take-out only. They only have two bar stools and it would be uncomfortable to eat there (the small space gets really crowded with people waiting for their orders). So call ahead and pick it up.

    • Yes. Very good ‘cue; definitely better than Hill Country, IMO, and about on par with KBC. Hush puppies are also phenomenal.

    • clevelanddave

      It is very good, but understand it is right now just a stand up joint. Small space, one long counter, not a sit down restaurant.

  • This place is delicious and I can’t wait to have them on my street.

  • The food is so good; it was worth it to go to one of the worst corners in DC (North Cap and FL). Now I’m glad they’re moving closer to my place and a better location. Hopefully they won’t displace the thai chi / sword martial arts people who practice on that corner…

  • It’s come from the other side of town good. Best BBQ in DC (easily)

  • This is awesome! Their food is the best (!!!!) but I wasn’t crazy about walking to their old location.

  • im not sure how man of those units are filled but i wouldn’t be happy about this news if i lived in that building

    • Accountering

      Those residential units are completely sold. Hopefully the build out is appropriate, and their are no issues with the smoke and such.

    • their food is so good i would be ok with smelling like bbq 100% of the time.

  • justinbc

    Well at least it’s not moving that much further away, when I first read this quickly I thought it said 17th St and let out a sigh. Maybe the new location will be easier to park at if they’ve got a paved pad in front, rather than circling the old place forever trying to find a spot on the street.

  • It is now within a 2 minute walk from my house. I could not be more excited about this.

    • So 4 minutes closer than before?

      • Ha I can relate to this. It used to be 16 minutes from me and now it’s 9 (yes I mapped it as soon as I read this). Sounds stupid but those 7 minutes are going to matter! Hell it’s 15 less minutes round trip :). Plus, this is more in the direction I’m usually going (west, toward Shaw) instead of out of my way a bit (I just never find myself needing to walk over to North Cap).
        It matters!!

        • Oops, I meant 14. So it’s a 5 minute difference. Still matters 🙂

        • For me, even just being on the other side of Florida ave makes it seem closer. Florida Avenue is a pain to cross between Rhode Island and North Capital.

          • Waiting for a green light at either NCap, 1st, 2nd, or 3rd is too much for you?

          • Crossing at North Capital requires backtracking. Crossing at first is fine, but requires a long wait. Have you used the light at 3rd street? It’s a mess for pedestrians, you can only cross on one side of the intersection. Crossing at any of those requires waiting which is why I said that it makes it seem like further away. Florida Avenue is designed for cars and crossing it is more of a hassle than not crossing it.

    • Want dangerous? We can see it from our house right now… haha

  • that’s great they found a spot near their old place and still in the neighborhood. their presence was the only good thing that has happened to the Fla/NoCaP corner in a long time – i hope their absence doesn’t cause a step back. on another note – i understand DCity’s current building has plans for future development – anyone know the details or a timeline?

    • I share your hope that the absence of DCity does not cause a step back, but your belief that “their presence was the only good thing that has happened to the Fla/NoCaP corner in a long time” is extremely unfair to the lovely work that Shannon of Uncle Chips has done for that area. Boo.

      • I agree Uncle Chips is great, I frequent it often. Still doing great things for the neighborhood, but to me, UC’s is a little down street past Bates and isn’t as much “on the trouble corner” as DCity was. I see more shady characters hanging out at that bus stop and park on that corner.

    • I don’t have any concrete info, but that building was just recently sold. The city-owned lot next door is currently up for grabs (DHCD should be making a decision any day now), so I’d assume that this building (10 Florida NW) will begin construction sometime around the same time as whatever ends up happening at the city-owned lot. Hopefully these two projects (and the large apartment building due to go in at 50 Florida NE) will spur Mamo to either finally sell his lot or develop it himself (highly doubtful).

  • I think I may be one of the rare people who does not like BBQ at all. The smell of that roasting meat in my home on a daily basis would make me move…..

  • I have only been once and they were sold out of ribs–which was my stomachs goal, but the wings were awesome! I’m pumped that they’re moving even closer too me!

    There is potential for a log of good outdoor seating in this location too–hope they can make it work.

  • My girlfriend Rochelle is vegan, but she loves to put BBQ sauce on tofu and such. Does anyone know if their sauce is good and whether they sell it to go?

  • I also hope the smoke emissions from the place doesn’t bother the residents. I know the smell from Rustik can be annoying from time-to-time. Having said that, I am looking forward to their move. Much closer to my house and should be easier for take-out.

  • I’m glad to see them doing so well that they need to get a bigger space, but a little sad to see them moving off of that corner. Their current location helped clean it up quite a bit. Hopefully something else moves in there and it doesn’t just become another vacant/underutilized storefront.

  • So are they completely uprooting and moving or just opening a new location?

  • This is fantastic news. its a short distance from their old location, but it will be much more accessible. The biggest downside to trying to go there was the complexity of access if you aren’t walking. No left turns, one way streets, the wendy’s circle all complicated things significantly

    • Absolutely agree. I went there once and had myself turned in knots and doing U-turns. And they were closed for an extended holiday break. 🙁

  • I’m happy they are moving closer to me, but I hope this doesn’t hurt Meats & Foods’ business. I feel like the times I’ve walked to Meats & Foods it’s because I want something good, affordable, and fast – but if DCity is right next door it will be hard to turn that down instead!

    • Is Meats and Foods doing anything other than sausages? They’re just across the street, but I’ve only been a couple times because it’s so specific. Still, great sausages.

      • I think just sausages? That’s all I’ve ever had there. But yeah, they are great, and so many different flavors that it doesn’t feel overly niche. And as a matter of fact I think they even sell their sausages to DCity who cooks and serves them. I wonder if they’ll keep up that practice?

        • While sausages are the main event, don’t miss out on the chilitos! Chili and cheddar cheese wrapped in a tortilla. It’s fantastic, and not as messy as it sounds. They also often have grilled cheese sandwiches. And don’t pass up Biscuit Sunday! Breakfast sausage and maple syrup on a fresh biscuit. It does not disappoint.

      • They do chili, biscuits on Sundays, and have a rotating sandwich as of the last time I was there

    • At the same time, Bloomingdale places like Bacio and Boundary Stone get their sausage from Meats & Foods. I wonder if DCity would be open to doing the same thing.

  • Sweet, even closer.

  • Foreshadowed:


    @vplus we’re not opening a second location anytime soon but we got something in the works for 2015 that is sure to please

  • I live on the unit block of Q and am sad to see them go, though of course it is still super close and I’ll go just as often. Now please, please, please put something equally great there so we can clean up NCap/Fla/Q intersection. I get that the coming development will be pretty heavily affordable housing, but the presence of some higher-end things is really needed to change the vibe here – restaurants and retail but also in the huge Mamo? vacant lot across the street.

  • I love DCity and I hope this move gives them more space. Would love for them to add more dine-in seating.

    However, for some people this location isn’t really more accessible. I often just hop on the P6 from Chinatown or take the Metro to NoMA to get to them (no car). But this move puts them further from both of those options. If they’re adding more dine-in seating, then the extra walk isn’t a big deal, but if not, it’ll be a mild inconvenience.

  • Wait! Looks like the city just resolved all the problems associated with that corner yesterday. Apparently all it took was someone to open a ticket with DC 311 –


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