DC Snow Team to Deploy 200 Plows starting at 4am – “A slushy coating is forecasted for DC”

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From a press release:

“Mayor Muriel Bowser will deploy more than 200 snow trucks at 4:00 a.m. Wednesday, January 21 for a winter storm that could bring up to one inch of snow, starting around 6:00 am and continuing possibly until 5:00 pm. The forecast calls for a mix of snow and rain with temperatures in the low 30sF and a high of 38F Wednesday afternoon. A slushy coating is forecasted for DC.

This will be the District’s fourth full deployment this month. All trucks should be on their routes by 5:30 am to begin salting residential and commercial roadways.

This storm could affect Wednesday morning’s commute, so whatever the mode of travel, people are asked to be cautious. Property owners are asked to put abrasives (de-icer, rock salt or non-clumping kitty litter) on their sidewalks before the storm starts.”

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  • I’d like to know exactly how much these full-scale responses to minor winter weather events cost. I think the mayor is overreacting after that first bad rush hour got totally blown out of proportion.

    • Emmaleigh504

      I’m not sure the cost really matters to them. They have X amount to spend per year, so they are going to spend it.

    • Probably not as much as dealing with the fallout from an inadequate response. Did you see what happened in Arlington earlier this month?

    • Let me guess – you’re the same person who will bitch about how they did nothing, in the event they try to save money? No one can predict the weather with pinpoint accuracy, let alone the Mayor and DDOT. Better safe than sorry, IMHO.
      Besides, District voters already showed that they’re petty whiny brats when they tossed Fenty out of office for botching Snowmageddon. Bowser would be an idiot to not have learned that lesson.

      • First of all, Fenty losing had nothing to do with snowmaggeden and everything to do with school reform. That you would even make that claim is bizarre.

        Second, the forecast the week it actually snowed showed 1″ for DC but 4″ not that far West in MD and VA. It didn’t take much of a shift to bring more snow here. The storm for tomorrow (and the last two storms) show only a light misting predicted anywhere. There is zero chance this storm will produce much precipitation at all and the temp forecast is in the high 30s. This will not be a problem (other than the piles of trash that will continue to sit in our allies.

      • Nope, thats not me. I’m the person who thinks that DC residents totally blew that first bad rush hour out of proportion. I agree that Bowser is doing what any other pol would do. I just think it’s probably the wrong thing.

  • Great, hopefully they will dump 6 inches of salt again that will be around for weeks to come.

  • accendo

    “Property owners are asked to put abrasives (de-icer, rock salt or non-clumping kitty litter) on their sidewalks before the storm starts.”

    Please do not choose kitty litter. It is the trashiest of abrasive choices.

    • Does non-clumping kitty litter even exist anymore? Aside from the recycled newspaper kind – which would be disastrous.

    • It’s also the easiest of the options to get , since most grocery stores and places like CVS have it — a critical factor for people who don’t have cars, or who aren’t able to carry heavier packages.

  • From Linda Grant @ DPW: “collections are suspended from time to time because of snow events and we will continue to collect trees through Saturday, January 24.”

    This means no tree collection ever for Petworth (or at least those of use with Wednesday pick up)? The last two weeks were suspended because of snow fleet deployment (when there was no snow) and three weeks ago was suspended because there actually was snow but the fleet was not deployed. This is outrageous to the point of being bizarre. What are people supposed to do? A lot of really dry Christmas trees around the neighborhood at this point.

    • Does the fleet of garbage trucks double as snow plows, as well (via removable plow)?
      Or perhaps garbage truck drivers also do double duty as the snow plow drivers?

    • You’d have a Thursday pick-up this week because of the holiday, so maybe it’ll be collected on-time. Fingers crossed for Petworthians.

    • jim_ed

      Our tree has been propped up against our back gate in Petworth since 3 days after Christmas. Dry as can be, but surprisingly still green, and it looked downright picturesque with the several inches of snow on it from that recent storm. Hopefully its picked up by Memorial Day at this rate.

    • A dead Christmas tree on the grass next to the sidewalk is a outrageous to the point of bizarre? Wow. It’s a bummer that the trees are still there but I can imagine that we can all calmly survive them sitting there for another week.

    • Things that were on the streets in my neighborhood this morning: a half inch of ice melter and old, discarded Christmas trees growing ever crispier in the dry January air.

      Things that were not on the streets this morning: one single, solitary flake of frozen precipitation

  • It’s not a snow response unless all roads are encrusted in 1/4 inch of rock salt.

  • Last time they had this massive crisis snow response DefCon 6, my road had not been plowed or salted and was nearly impassible. Not to mention that no one shovels their sidewalks and 311 completely ignores reports of this. HEY BOWSER! TRY ENFORCING THE SHOVELING REQUIREMENTS!! You know, the ones subject to the “new” enforcement push? TYVMIA

  • I liked Bowser a lot more when she told people to toughen up after the first snowfall.

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