DC Postal coming to former Capoeira Spot space in Shaw

636 Florida Ave, NW

I’ve been wondering who’s coming in to the former Capoeira Spot space on Florida Ave just east of 7th/Georgia Ave – DC Postal copy and shipping center. Logos make it look like a hybrid, US Post Office, DHL, Fed Ex and UPS all in one.


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  • shiping?

  • does this hint at USPS closing the ledroit office location and somehow DOT would make RI/FL/NJ ave intersection flow better?

    • Prince Of Petworth

      This is what tomorrow’s Friday question of the day is all about!

    • That is the only thing that would make me excited about this “shiping” center.

    • I would mourn the loss of that post office because it’s across the street, but its hours are so bad we never use it. Not sure how to tackle that series of intersections, but it’s obviously a cluster.

    • That intersection feels unfixable to me–it’s a busy area during rush hour, but then normally it’s fine–unattractive, but fine. I think the real cluster is a few blocks up at FL/GA/7th. Cars turning right are often caught up by the busy bus stop on the NE corner and the pedestrians crossing. During busy hours, only two or three cars make it through a cycle.

      I did see there was discussion to shutdown access from S Street to LeDroit Park where it connects to 4th and building yet another mixed use building. That would be a terrible set back to separating the original L’Enfant Plan to the reset of that part of town causing more cars to have to use RI Ave. than there already are when coming from west of town.

      • There aren’t nearly as many cars heading west as you think to warrant such a wart on our streetscape. Closing that little part of S and building a mixed-use building seems like the best us of that space. Sure, it won’t help with traffic, but there’s really no helping traffic in such a dense, urban environment.

        • Take a drive up 4th Street and you might be surprised. It is a major road into Howard’s campus. with the S St. connection gone, Georgia Ave will become even more congested at that intersection I mention above. It’s also a norther route to Park View and Petworth. Not to mention to the hospitals north of the reservoir and NE to Brookland that would now have to go up RI Ave to 1st St.

  • What. Why. There is a post office just a couple minutes away from this spot.

  • Anyone else think it might be a gun store?

  • I thought this might be a new bar concept where you drink your cocktails out of an envelope, but they haven’t posted the liquor license yet.

  • This has been at that location for weeks, but never open. I remember seeing the signage and wondering how it would interact with the Ledroit USPS, but now I don’t think it’ll actually ever do anything.

    And yeah, I wouldn’t trust them to shipe my packages anywhere…

  • I hope they have weekend hours! None of the USPS locations near Shaw are open on the weekends!

  • Something tells me they are using those logos (USPS, DHL, FedEx, UPS) without permission.

  • Didn’t know the Capoeira place closed!
    Haha, I love that Bob’s Burgers episode.

  • Ah, but will they blast go-go music? Like many others, I wish the LeDroit post office would move here so the Fl/NJ/RI triangle could be redeveloped. (That is part of the DDOT “small area plan” already, by the way.) The Post Office holds a lease on that property until 2016, though. http://about.usps.com/who-we-are/foia/leased-facilities/dc.csv

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