“DC Parking Enforcement — Two citations, same infraction, less than 1 hour?”

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“Dear PoPville,

DC Parking Enforcement — Two citations, same infraction, less than 1 hour?

I’m curious if someone can enlighten me as to the law/policy on this; I parked at a meter (which, admittedly, I read the fine print incorrectly and did not feed it–not denying that I’m at fault for one of the citations), and I received two citations for the expired meter within a less than one hour period.

The kicker is that I only found one citation on my windshield, and I didn’t learn about the second ticket until I logged online to pay the first one.. I’ve contested the second ticket, but anyone have any experience as to whether or not I’ll be on the hook for it? The meter maid incorrectly recorded my location as well (first ticket, on the 1200 block; second on the 1300 block–my car didn’t move).

Any input appreciated.”

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  • Sounds like a typo by the parking enforcement officer led to a second ticket that should have been for a car on another block. Also possible that the first ticket blew off and they wrote you a second one unintentionally. Either way–keep fighting it.

  • I successfully fought the second $100 for parking in a rush hour lane (new to city, missed it), when they towed my car to a spot with the exact same restriction and gave me a second ticket.

    I also successfully fought a ticket that had my car in completely different location (part of town I’d never been to at the time). I suspect that might have been a typo, as the commenter above mentioned.

  • I have also received two for the same infraction; however, it wasn’t due to not feeding the meter, it was a street cleaning violation. I fought and won but I think there was less wiggle room for the gov’t in my situation. Fight it and good luck!!!

  • One will override the other. I had the same thing happen and only had to pay for the one ticket.

  • You’ll never win the fight with respect to location. I once got a ticket (and it was legitimate) when my car was parked in bloomingdale that said I was parked in georgetown. I hadn’t been to georgetown in months and I certainly would have never been where the ticket indicated the care was. I lost the appeal for insufficient evidence (though since the ticket was legit I didn’t really have a problem paying).

    • If they put a location that doesn’t exist, you don’t even need to show anything. Just show up and say it’s not a real address, and they’ll check it online and you’ll win.

    • I got a ticket just like you described. I fought it and won. OTOH, I lost an appeal on what I thought was a completely clear cut error. May just depend who is reviewing your appeal.

  • Good Luck getting one of them removed. I have fought tickets I legitimately received and one…and karma came back when checking on line one time I had a ticket on P Street during the afternoon on a day when I was in Virginia. They denied my argument, and didn’t feel like going to court over $25. So karma happened here… 😉

  • Based on my ticket fighting experience, you’ll get out of it. Unfortunately, preparing your argument will take time and it often makes it worth it just to pay the ticket. They count on this.

  • Fight the ticket with the incorrect location. This happened to me before and I was able to get the ticket cleared.

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