Coppi’s Looking to Add Music, Extend Hours

3321 Connecticut Ave, NW

Coppi’s is looking to add live music and extend hours at their newly opened Cleveland Park location. A liquor license placard says they wish to extend hours to:

“Sunday through Saturday 11:30 am – 2 am” and add live entertainment, “Sunday through Thursday 6 pm – 2 am”

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  • uh oh. The good folks of Cleveland park aren’t going to like this becoming a “night club” thats just one step from becoming Adams Morgan.

  • binpetworth

    Oh God, no! The one thing I always loved about Coppi’s when it was on U St was that is was a quiet respite from the chaos around it; you could actually have a conversation without shouting. This really cheapens the atmosphere–especially since they’re looking to add it every single day.

    • maxwell smart

      but Coppi’s is not on U Street anymore – they are in CP where there are plenty of other places that are a quite respite. Believe me. Plenty of quite places. So actually, this is a good thing that maybe, just maybe, will bring some much needed (night)life into the area.

  • Well, they should have rather quiet music, that adds to the ambiance, that you can still have a conversation over, or they don’t know their clientele. I’m happy they opened up again after closing on U St. – I missed them. But if they are looking to be a loud place, with different customers drawn to that, they’ll lose me. And I’ll miss their food.

  • Delicious food, especially the Saraceno pizza. Live music will only make it better. It’s a relaxed place, and a good alternative from other neighboring bars that target the younger crowd. At the U at location, there was flamenco on Sunday’s and it was a blast!

  • Food here is awesome, some light entertainment would be a great addition imo

  • Live music in Cleveland Park until 2 am every night is probably a non-starter. The problem with late night clubs in CP is that there is no public parking. Folks who want to park there usually have to arm wrestle with locals on the side streets who don’t take kindly to bar patrons taking up all the parking in front of their houses (and then listening to their loud voices as they search for their vehicles once the bars close).

    • First of all the use of the word ‘club’ to describe music in an organic restaurant seems ridiculous to me, these kind of comments have all the hall marks of an grumpy neighbor or ANC trying to rally the troops. I have eaten here a couple of times and it seems like a family friendly place. The logic that people drive to a club in Cleveland park also seems silly as most people in ‘clubs’ drink! I would think more people drive to a restaurant and if you have issue with the parking you should welcome a ‘club’ in which most patrons would cab or metro.

  • Having been a regular patron of Coppis when they were on U St, I was thrilled to hear they’d be closer in their new Cleveland Park location. If you were talking about a “club”, an organic restaurant would be the last place I’d think about. I think extended hours and some live music would only enhance the reputation that’s already known for their great food. Considering the full dance-party atmosphere of the Uptown Tap House on most weekends, this live music idea would be a welcome change to the Cleveland Park area.

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