CBS basketball analyst and former NBA player Greg Anthony arrested for soliciting a prostitute in a Logan Circle Hotel

ESPN reports:

“CBS basketball analyst and former NBA player Greg Anthony was arrested Friday night and charged with soliciting a prostitute.

Anthony was arrested inside a room at a DoubleTree by Hilton hotel in downtown Washington just before 6 p.m. Friday, according to a police report obtained by The Associated Press.

The report also said that Anthony was suspected of using a computer as part of the crime, and that his arrest was part of an undercover operation targeting prostitution.”

The Washington Post notes:

“Anthony, 47, a father of four, was arrested in a room at the Doubletree Hotel on Rhode Island Avenue NW, not far from the White House, about 5:46 p.m., according to Officer Hugh Carew, a police spokesman.”

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  • I see hookers every morning around 6:30 when I run by 11th and NY Ave NW. Do cops just turn a blind eye or what? They’re obviously not out there waiting for the bus.

    • Not to put too much stock in Hollywood, but it’s probably for many of the same reasons you see in movies and tv. More important fish to fry; the need to actually catch them in the act, which requires sting operations; prostitutes are often good sources of information on more serious crimes, etc.

  • Dan, why the emphasis in that passage from the Post? I’m not sure why proximity to the White House is something people often draw attention to. Particularly when reporting on non-violent crimes. This wasn’t exactly a drive-by.

      • I’m hoping that means you added the emphasis precisely to highlight how silly it is for the Post practice this sort of editorial pearl-clutching. If so, then kudos. But it could read as if you were actually doubling down on it.

        • Prince Of Petworth

          Hahaha I’m not gonna spoon feed you. You may sleep easy though.

          • Given that a computer apparently was involved in the solicitation, the location is probably irrelevant. It could easily have been the Wardman or Shoreham in Woodley or the Fairmont in the West End. Anyone who has ever worked in a hotel can tell you that this stuff goes on all the time and as long as the parties are discreet about no one cares.

        • “But it could read as if you were actually doubling down on it.”

          It does read that way.

          • Prince Of Petworth

            Seriously. Hahaha. OK. Let me clear for the very literal out there – it is ABSURD to mention the proximity of the White House in relation to this story. Absolutely ridiculous to do so. I hope that is more clear.

          • Thank you, POP. See also

            Never—ever—use proximity to the White House in order to add gravity to an incident or to put it in geographic context, unless what you’re describing actually happened within eyeshot of the actual White House. This goes especially for crime stories: Unless you fell victim to ISIS pickpockets operating in full view of the first family’s residence, it’s unlikely that what happened to you will sound any more dramatic when you try to convince a local that it happened “near the White House.”

  • Greg took one for the team, should hopefully deter other guys from making these bad choices…

    • Or will make the other guys more careful. Regulars know how to skate around these sting operations. Rich(er) guys have others to procure these services more safely. Waste of resources if you ask me.

  • great use of police resources and tax revenue. thanks, cathy!

    looks like the guy was soliciting them online, which could decrease street prostitution.

  • I’ve seen them in the early am, too, but beyond offending someone’s sensibilities, what harm are they doing?

    • Absolutely no harm whatsoever. If grown people want to have sex the cops need to GTFO of it. This country is so silly about the most asinine things.

      • The harm from prostitution doesn’t come from the act itself. For many reasons (a large one being the illegality), prostitution is the driver of sex slavery in America. Many of the escorts are “owned” by someone or are doing this due to indebtedness or obligation. Sex slavery doesn’t always come in the movie form of shipping containers and squalor.

        • This. I fully support legalized, regulated prostitution, but this isn’t what transpired here. (Though I agree that this particular bust won’t make any real difference.)

        • Yes. This. Human sex trafficking is NOT two consenting adults choosing to have a sexual encounter. It’s actually kind of alarming that very few people in this thread are aware of sex slavery.

  • Surprise, surprise.
    Another day goes by in DC.

  • Great!!!! Case solved!! Now, maybe dc police can go back to solving all of the recent murders and shootings. F-ing unbelievable.

  • lame. solve a real crime DC. consenting adults in a transaction??? what a waste of my tax dollars. how about you start getting off your butts and start patrolling on foot, not segways, to stop package thieves. but i guess that’s not as exciting work as the sex trade.

    • I think the answer here is to decriminalize prostitution if that is your view, not blame the police for enforcing the law. I don’t disagree with your sentiment on priorities, but as someone who has lived in several neighborhoods with high prostitution activity, I can assure you that I appreciate police enforcement. Most women in this city hooking are not high dollar escorts meeting politicians at the Mayflower. There are plenty of arguments for how much consent goes when you’re dealing with women with very few options in life.

  • I ONLY logged onto this WaPo story last Saturday morning so that I could see *which* hotel – and was shocked that a ‘high-end’ guy like Anthony would be caught up at the DoubleTree (TM)? As cliche’ as it sounds, he trikes me as a Jefferson/Madison/Mayflower-type of guy….(hotels that presumably have some infrastructure around facilitating meet-ups with coital contractors…..because of….you know….all of the coital contractors that go there…..for ‘happy hour’….with their guests. Their regular guests. Their regular, high-profile guests)…. Anyway, not trying to be judgmental….I think the DoubleTree has free breakfast AND Holiday Inn Rewards points….which is nice.

    • I wondered about this too. Years ago, I worked at an office where the office manager had a side gig as a “personal concierge.” His business was largely legit, but he acknowledged that some of his income came from being the middleman for procuring escorts for high profile clients. When I challenged him on the morality of this, he told me “hey I just make the introduction.” There are of course now all kinds of services and websites for sugar daddies and companion services, so you would assume that even a D list “celebrity” like Anthony would go down that route.

    • The Doubletree is a Hilton, not a Holiday Inn and breakfast isn’t free. Anthony may have decided not to arrange this for a more upscale setting where he might be staying on business. Also, the hotel is a converted 1950s apartment building, so some of the rooms are quite large which might be a reason to stay there—hif CBS is cheap with their per diem, he might have a big suite there, rather than an ordinary small room at a fancier place.

  • Just for a little snarky political context…Brown is also a very open, “family values”, Republican.

    • Well, that’s not remotely surprising. Though given that he was sacked by both CBS and Turner, he won’t have much of a platform to espouse his hypocrisy.

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