Casa Oaxaca closing Friday in Adams Morgan – “Relocation and a brand new concept (with the same authentic flavors of Mexico) are in the works!”

2106 18th Street, NW

Last week a reader sent a link to an online auction of their kitchen goods and today from Casa Oaxaca:

“Dear Amigos,

Casa Oaxaca will be opening its doors for the last time on Friday January 30. Thank you for over 7 years of amazing dishes, moments, and memories in Adams Morgan — we could not have done it without your support!

We hope to see your friendly faces during our last week of operations. Food and drink specials will be on the menu from Tuesday, January 27 through Friday, January 30.

Relocation and a brand new concept (with the same authentic flavors of Mexico) are in the works! In the meantime, come enjoy our famous mole sauces and award wining margaritas at our sister restaurants — Guajillo and Don Lencho — in Virginia. We will also be refocusing our efforts on our full catering services. (Call us at 240-586-1102 for more details.)

Hasta luego,
Karen Barroso y Rolando Juarez

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  • NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. Re-open fast and somewhere closer to my house in Takoma.

  • First Mixtec, now Casa Oaxaca. I don’t understand why Adams Morgan can’t support a decent/authentic Mexican restaurant. This sucks!

    • Adams Morgan does not have a very big population of Mexicans, but there are a number of Latin/Spanish places in the neighborhood such as Las Canteras, Granja de Oro, Super Tacos, Pollo Granjero, Rumba Cafe, Combinacion, Habana Village, El Tam, Grill from Ipanema, Julia’s, etc. I mean there are probably more Latin places in Admo than any other single type of cuisine except maybe middle eastern food, it’s just that some chichi people in DC don’t like going to those places because they heard a story about a roach or the decor is “outdated” or the rice was dry.

  • I love the idea of s oaxacan place in dc, but this place did not do well because the food was not that good. To the owners: please please hit up some oaxacan places in la before you reopen. If you actually serve delicious interesting food this place would make tons.

  • Most overrated Mexican food I’ve had in DC, and some of the worst service I’ve experienced here. There is a lot more competition now than 7 years ago too. Can’t say I’m shedding a tear on this one.

  • They should have just went with the exact same menu as Guajillo. That place is 10x better.

  • I liked Casa Oaxaca a lot. Hope it reopens without changing the concept too much.

    • +1 I love this restaurant! Please reopen soon! Where else can you get that fabulous ravioli appetizer?! Plus their margaritas were the best!

  • This makes me sad because I loved Casa Oaxaca and because the restaurant was one stop on a scavenger hunt set up for me by my then boyfriend that culminated in a marriage proposal at the end. The restaurant staff was very sweet in playing along by holding the clue until I came along to pick it up. It was the location of our first date — loved their beans!

  • aw, when i lived in adams morgan 5 or 6 years ago i used to frequent this place. i really liked it, but haven’t been in years. i remember the mole being quite good though.

  • First went in 2009, and absolutely loved everything about it. It sounds cliche, but it seemed to have slowly gotten worse each time I had been back over the years. I hope when they reopen, they will be able to return to their ways from a while back.

  • Another closing predicted by reading the groupon tea leaves (or is it living social entrails?).
    Sorry to see this one close, though.

  • That hotel can’t open soon enough. Adams Morgan is going to be nothing but empty storefronts the way things are headed.

  • This place was rather inconsistent. There were times that I’d go and the food would be fantastic, and everybody in my group agreed. Other times we’d go, and could barely touch the food. It must have depended on who was cooking in the kitchen that night. With that sort of variability in quality of food, it doesn’t make me want to go all the way out to Virginia to try their sister locations, but I do hope that the new concept employs actually talented and capable chefs.

  • Come to Petworth!

  • Ahh yes, Casa Oaxaca, the ONLY Mexican restaurant I’ve ever been to in my life that didn’t give free chips. You could only get chips if you ordered guacamole or a trio of salsa and even then they were from a bag. What’s Mexican food without chips? Lame.

    • Mixtec didn’t give you free chips.

    • What’s Mexican food without chips? Authentic.

      • justinbc

        +1, most places I go don’t give free stuff. This is such a random complaint. I hate when I go to steakhouses and don’t get a free baked potato!

      • maxwell smart

        hmmm. Growing up in New Mexico, I’ve come to expect that when I sit down, a complimentary basket of chips and salsa will soon follow and that I will judge the quality of the restaurant based on their salsa and if the chips are suitable for eating said salsa with. Don’t be fooled into thinking just any chip will do – if it’s too thin it will fall apart in the salsa, and no one wants busted chips capsized in the salsa.

  • It would be nice if they replaced Tortilla Coast at 15th & P.

  • This post is a total lie. I went there and they said they had no deals going. The only thing that was different was that their menu was smaller. It was still pricey though and they got my order wrong. When I asked them about it they just kind of said “Sorry” and tried to convince me to eat it anyways. Even the deals they have on their website like “Four dollar Mexican beers on Tuesday” isn’t true. We got Dos Equis and were charged 5.50 each. It was a huge disappointment and the service is awful.

  • One of the best under the radar (guess that’s part of why they’re closing) all you can eat bottomless booze brunches in the city. Sad to see it go. But it did seem to be missing something in recent years.

  • I’ve only been once and the food and service was terrible, but this was two weeks ago and it’s possible that all the employees had more or less given up on giving a crap.

  • So tired of hearing about restaurant “concepts.”

  • justinbc

    They were very hit or miss, but when they were on their game the food was excellent and it’s (was) easily the best mole in town and really one of the only places to get one that’s remotely authentic. I’m glad to hear they’re reopening though. I also didn’t realize they were affiliated with Guajillo.

  • My bets are on a new spot at 9th and N NW……

  • Why would you sell all equipment in total if you were going to relocate? That makes absolutely zero sense. It takes hard work to have a successful restaurant and the kitchen was absent of a key element- the chef who could be found wrapping on the street while walking his dog!

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