Carjacked/snatched in the Day, 2nd Car Stolen Later that Night

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Yesterday we heard about an armed carjacking on the 1200 block of F Street, NE. Well, believe it or not, another family was carjacked on F Street and it gets even worse. From a conversation I had with @HStreetDC_

“another one stolen at 6th/F NE, 9:20am. Guy started car, turned to get kid and car seat, boom! Car snatched. no mention of weapon. 2 guys in a car pulled up, one jumped in vehicle, took off. Crime of opportunity.”

then this morning:

“Hoodlums jack your car midday. Since they have your keys, why not steal car #2 that night? Gone! With baby seats, strollers. #CapitolHill Poor folks were asking on listserv to borrow car seat for kid until their new one arrives.”

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  • that is straight up F’d up.
    i’m sorry this happened but have little faith anything will happen to people who stole them

  • Wait, so they have another car to put a car seat in?

  • That is truly one of the most heinous non-violent property crimes I have ever heard. Disgusting.

  • SusanRH

    I’d get my house locks changed ASAP! If they came back for your second car, what’s to stop them from robbing your home!

  • $10 says they’ve already contacted a listing agent to sell. A nightmare like this will send anyone fleeing to the suburbs.

    • So they can wreck their next two cars in accidents on the Beltway? There’s a reason car insurance is so much higher in VA than DC.

      • Man, things must have changed. 15 years ago when I moved from Arlington to Cleveland Park my car insurance doubled.

      • I moved from Arlington to DC a year and a half ago and my insurance went up.

      • Mine was three times as high in Springfield, compared to DC. Lots and lots of opportunities to get into accidents there!!

  • jim_ed

    I’d say this is surprising…but it’s not. We lived on F St for a year and the amount of crime for a neighborhood where houses easily reach $1M+ was just crazy.

    • Well, it’s not like people in the neighborhood are committing these crimes. The problem is that it’s a quick drive from PG County and some of the poorest parts of DC. A lot of people choose to live in Capitol Hill because it’s so accessible to the suburbs, but that also makes it a sitting duck.

  • I had my apartment broken into mid-December and they stole my car key but not my car. So now I have too keep my gate locked at all times. Car is too old to foot the bill for lock/ignition replacement.

    This is some shameless shit.

  • If I lived near Maryland Ave NE I would take extra precautions (off-street parking if possible) to discourage my car from being stolen. Seems like car thieves prefer to use that street as an easy getaway.

  • Just an FYI – a common car-jacking method a few years ago was for someone to pull up alongside your car and point/yell/indicate that you had a problem with a tire. You pull over to check, they steal the car.

  • Trust me, there’s still plenty of home-grown dip-shits in, and on the fringes of Capitol Hill. We’ve been lucky – only one car break-in over 4 years – but our little slice of heaven (15th & Isherwood) has seen some pretty bad behavior over that time. I’m talking rape, robberies, countless fights, stabbings and shootings. All within a block of our house. Hell, we even had a suicide bombing! But that one was really out of the blue.

    What’s crazy is like someone said above, this is all happening in a neighborhood where houses regularly sell in the high six-figures. We’re probably going to cash out a tidy profit, so I’m not complaining too much, but I doubt we’ll hold on for more than a few more years.

    You really never lose that feeling like you’re one walk or bike ride away from getting carjacked, robbed otherwise, or worse.

    • Wow, I’m a little closer in but never had that feeling. We haven’t experienced or been victims of any crime, aside from a patio chair cushion being stolen, and have also been here 4 years. I think the block you’re on makes a huge difference. Ours is busy with a lot of foot traffic which probably discourages some of the nonsense.

      • It sounds crazy, right? Where it’s coming from (for the most part) is the Pentacle property down on the star-burst, and its satellite property near Miner Elementary. I firmly believe that not much will change as long as those places continue to operate. We also have a lot of rentals on the street that are basically stuck catering to pretty degenerate tenants. Even when a unit opens up, no one in their right mind wants to live alongside all the craziness. It’s gotten better, but every so slowly.

    • Uggh….this post makes me want to cry. I’m a couple of blocks away from you and when I bought a little over a year ago and *glanced* at the stats it all didn’t seem that bad. But, suddenly the threats feel very real. That’s probably a combination of starting a family and seeing all of the daytime/ night time foot traffic in the neighborhood. I have no clue where the throngs of people walking our block are going to or coming from but it always feels like I need to be on the look out. Anyway, let’s hope our little rants about the neighborhood don’t take away from your tidy profit.

    • A suicide bombing?

      I need a link for evidence before I take that seriously.

  • owners have two cars w/ identical ignition keys/locks?

  • Dear Mr. Carjacker, please drive the car off a cliff with yourself inside, you are a piece of human garbage.

  • this is one of my biggest fears, getting car jacked with my toddler in the back seat. I really try to be mindful of my surroundings but every parent gets distracted trying to get kids in and out of car seats. Or worse, some asshole phycisally pulling me out of the car and stealing the car before I can get my kid out. Why can’t these assholes gets mowed down in crosswalks?

    • I think about this entirely too much. And I am an otherwise (more or less) sane person. I know that the probabilities of this happening are so slim so as to be outlandish, but I can’t help but think about it every time I am coming home late and my little one is in the backseat.

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