Buy an Onion you get a couple good fajitas, Buy a Sprouting Onion…


@mvelkin tweets us:

“When you can just buy an onion from @Safeway [14th and E SE!] and plant it in the ground yourself! @PoPville”

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  • I don’t get it…

    • I guess they are saying its really easy to grow your own?
      you can also grow onions from the ends you cut off though in a window sill easily

  • If this is supposed to be remarking on the quality of one onion, it’s pretty lame. Yeah, it looks like there was one bad one, but all the surrounding ones look fine. I’ve had much worse luck at my Giant or at Trader Joes and not been able to find a single decent looking onion.

    • Are the sprouted ones bad? I’ve seen them everywhere– HT, Giant, Whole Foods– and often cook with them. Didn’t think they were indicative of bad quality, and certainly not unusual. Perhaps the OP doesn’t buy produce very often?

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