Brutal Map of DC Area Traffic Right Now


@cortney_dc tweets us:

“Snapshot of #dctraffic right now. I feel grateful to have left early. Stay safe. @PoPville @capitalweather via Google”

Fortunately @Kevin_Barta tweets us this more pleasing image below:


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  • Are streets unsalted/unplowed in the whole metro area? So far I’ve only talked to a Marylander who said no salting or plowing seemed to happen in his area (MoCo).

    Can we get a regional roll call in here re: street status?

    Ward 2, 6 and 8 are screwed, near as I can tell.

  • The map looked even worse earlier!

  • Oh – and Mt Pleasant/Columbia Heights near the metro also untreated/unplowed.

  • emvee

    Bloomingdale/LeDroit Park also untreated.

  • This is why we delay and close things in the DMV when it snows–too many damn people moving from state to district to state in a very short window. This isn’t Oklahoma City with 600k people, we have 6 million.

    • k so why did they fail to even delay things today

    • They should have–my comment was to address those who usually complain or make stupid comments when we close schools or delay them when we have less than 4 inches of snow. Thats all it takes to cause a mess in the streets during rush hour.

  • Ward 5 ignored, at least as of about 8:30 this morning.

  • And as if gridlock weren’t enough. Metro waited until 8:00a and then, with no warning nor online alerts, reduced service by implementing their “moderate snow plan”. For those of us in Petworth that meant the 60, 64, and H8 were all taken out of service at once. Buses already on-route, switched their signs to ‘Out of Service’ and then blew by stops with commuters that had already been waiting in the cold in some cases for 20 minutes or more.

    For those of you not familiar with the eastern side of Petworth, when Metro implements their snow plan, we are left with no bus service…at all. And one’s only option, if you must get to work on Metro, is to walk…in the snow…to Georgia Ave where one can catch a 70 or to GeorPet for Green Line–like that’s going to happen!

    • That’s just awful. Someone should be fired. I checked the 64 at ~8:15, and decided to walk when it said 30 minutes until the next bus. It wasn’t until much later that the alert showed up.

      1. Buses en route should finish the route if at all possible.
      2. Communication! This is why someone should be fired. Emergencies happen, but there’s no excuse for stranding people in the cold without giving warnings and alerts.

      • burritosinstereo

        I left my house at 7:30 and nextbus said the next southbound 64 bus was coming in 6 minutes. I ended up waiting TWENTY minutes (would have just walked to the metro if I had known), and then like 10 mins after finally getting to work I saw WMATA had switched to the snow route. Argh.

        • Same exact thing happened to me with the 64 realizing they switched to the snow route, half of the next bus times just disappeared. Walked the mile to the metro on the untreated sidewalks

          If Metrobus is using a snow route/schedule, OPM needs to plan accordingly. The entire city is not metro accessible and people rely on those busses.

  • SusanRH

    Can we blame this on Bowser? I mean DC had been getting much better at handling snow, then we get a new Mayor and we take a HUGE step backwards

    • While I’d like to blame it on Bowser, the snow/plow/salt situation seems to be equally bad in all surrounding jurisdictions.

      • SusanRH

        But just because our neighbors messed up, doesn’t mean we had to mess up too! Instead of following their lead, how about we get out there and plow and salt!

        • Very true. I’m just saying maybe the forecasters were partly to blame. But I woke up this morning, saw the roads, and thought either the Bowser administration has a new philosophy on snow, or they really messed up this one.

          • The snow was forecast early enough on yesterday so that I expected the street treatments would have been in place before the morning commute. I followed the reports throughout yesterday afternoon and evening and the forecast did not change. The metro DC area blew this one.

    • I REALLY wanted to blame our new mayor until I watched the Weather Channel and heard first hand accounts from friends and coworkers who live in VA and MD and work in the District. This was a bit ridiculous. The entire DMV preparation for this storm seemed to be no prep / no treatment. I live off of Wisconsin Ave – Wisconsin was fine but my 0.5 mile walk on the side streets to the metro was no bueno.

    • justinbc

      You can blame whoever you like. Accuracy in accusations has never been a prerequisite in this city.

  • I left home early this morning, but on my walk in I didn’t see any treated roads in Adams Morgan/Dupont Circle down to Federal Triangle. That said, I was mostly walking looking down at the sidewalk because of the wind and snow getting in my eyes.

    • Columbia Road (both directions) in Adams Morgan and Connecticut Ave down to Farragut Square were both unplowed and unsalted. It was a complete mess.

  • The entire city is a mess. Nothing is plowed or salted, and the sidewalks are incredibly dangerous. No delays/closures to speak of… just ridiculous. The only reason I can think of is that everyone feels like nothing has been done for 2-3 weeks so they better not give another day off today. I’d bet the mint if this happened a month from now when people feel they deserve a lil’ break there would be closures galore.

  • The road near me in Mt Pleasant have been plowed and treated. I was surprised to see a trash truck picking up this morning (not sure why it would be a surprise but it was)

  • I don’t understand the response to this storm. This is NOT a major amount of snow, nor was it a surprise. Perhaps the district got slightly more snow than predicted (e.g. 3″ rather than 1″), but it’s not like the forecast was for sunny and 60 and we got a foot of snow.

    This amount of snow is laughable in PA, NY, NJ and NE (and I suspect out west as well). Why is this area so clueless about frozen precipitation??

    • SusanRH

      I am originally from PA and my Facebook feed is full of people complaining about their commute in PA too 🙂

  • I’m thinking OPM director Katherine Archuleta screwed up. Here’s what she said on why to feds didn’t close:

    “After working closely with the National Weather Service and local departments of transportation, we concluded that keeping government offices open with the option for unscheduled leave or unscheduled telework offered the maximum flexibility for employees in the Washington DC area. The NWS expects 1-2 inches of snow to fall beginning during the morning rush hour and accumulating up to an inch an hour. Roads have been pre-treated and will continue to be cleared throughout the morning as traffic allows. While we don’t expect a major impact for employees working their way in this morning, we want to ensure they have the flexibilities they need to plan for safe commutes.”

    Whoever told her the roads were pre-treated lied, but even worse, she clearly knew snowfall would begin during rush hour, and yet still thought there would not be a “major impact for employees.” Has it ever happened that snow during rush hour has not been a disaster? No. Why did she think this was the exception? Massive incompetence.

    • In general, I think the unscheduled leave/unscheduled telework is a pretty good idea. However, I think that since it is just after the holidays, people might not have leave they want to use. Most people in my office have telework agreements, so they can work at home if they decide not to travel, but I appreciate that isn’t the case everywhere. I think the fault here is on the road treatment, not on OPM.

      • Most people don’t have a telework option (would be nice!). In my experience, people won’t take unscheduled leave unless they’re totally stuck. You are right: especially right after the holiday, many have no leave (I had to burn through all of my few hours of vacation time when the 26th became a federal holiday). A couple of my coworkers ended up taking leave because they couldn’t reach DC; they tried to get to work, though. Until many more people affected by OPM’s decisions have a telework option, saying they can take the telework option means nothing more than that they need to come in to work.

        • Over half of all federal employees (nationwide) are eligible for telework. I’m guessing that percentage is even higher in the DMV.

          There are about 500,000 federal employees DC/MD/VA (I realize not all of that is in the DMV, but I’m guess 80% is), so this is a huge chunk of people that have the potential to telework.

          • One problem with telework, though, is that it you can only do certain work (i.e. nothing classified, can’t necessarily access files you might need on shared drives, etc.) Thus, even if people are capable of teleworking, it’s not necessarily an option.

          • Where does this statistic about telework eligibility come from?
            And does “eligible” mean “theoretically allowed to telework, as long as supervisor approves” or “actually set up to telework, i.e., laptop that can be taken home, VPN token, etc.”?

          • Yeah, that needs clarification. My position is “telework-eligible.” But there are so many hoops you have to jump through and management uneasiness (the latter being the most important obstacle), making it essentially a non-telework job. In fact, the irony is that telework would probably be approved for snow days, but would not be allowed under most circumstances because management is uneasy with it. Managers know the law and what is allowed, but your supervisor needs to be down with telework first if you stand a chance of doing it yourself. Any nervousness about controlling subordinates makes them less inclined to approve it or implement it the way OPM has said it theoretically should be implemented.

          • Here is the source for the telework eligible statistic:

            I agree that there are sometimes managerial barriers to telework, but that’s your manager’s problem, not OPM (I mean I guess it’s OPM’s problem in the macro sense, but you know what I mean).

      • anonymouse_dianne

        I am teleworking unscheduled today. My inbox is full of “so and so is turning around and will be working from home” emails. So I’m wondering what gets done when 80% are teleworking.

    • Yeah, it was straight up dangerous out there this morning. Why not at least a 2 hour delay?

  • SouthwestDC

    My reverse commute was perfectly fine– Capitol Hill to Crystal City in 10 minutes. Well, maybe it was more like 15 minutes since we were taking it slow, but the traffic was light the whole way.

    • I have the same commute as you. Took metro in, no problems, no delays. None of the streets from my house to the metro had been treated/plowed at 8:30AM when I left the house.

  • OPM really screwed this one up. Not only were the weather forecasts on point (start times and accumulation that is), but it looked bad even in DC at 5 am which is when they should be making that sort of call. I’m not sure if they realize this, but a LOT of businesses/offices in the DC area use their closing protocol so it’s not just the federal workforce that has to deal with the repercussions.

    • You are wrong about most of this. the regional conference call is at 3am, with the myriad of agencies participating. The nws forecast was incorrect. Everybody was using the same information, and that is why traffic was bad all over. They did pretreat roads last night, but weather circumstances changed quickly. And right around Rush hour. Confluence of unfortunacy (made up word)

  • My normally 30-minute commute from Petworth to Beltsville took 3 hours this morning. Nuh-THANG was plowed until East-West Hwy. The great irony was that a top-heavy plow truck had fallen on its ass right by the Beltway, somehow catching a couple of power lines in the process, and causing overall pandemonium.

  • Google Maps shows the entire area’s roads to be largely green right now. Not sure that it’s ever been this light right at rush hour!

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