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  • justinbc

    Even at 100K under list price they likely made a killing on this with it being new construction.

  • *jaw drops*
    It sold for $150k in 2010. Someone turned a very tidy profit.
    Gorgeous house though. I’m sure whoever bought it is going to love living there.

    • justinbc

      Sometimes I wonder if the people who buy these houses that get GDON featured ever Google their address and come back to read all the things we say about them. Hopefully they laugh, rather than cringe.

      • I am in the process of buying a house and come here terrified mine will end up a GDoN. I’m terrified of what people would say about it, although I’ve now learned that sometimes it isn’t strictly about the numbers. You like what you like and everyone has their own taste. And a home is worth to you what it is worth to you.

        • justinbc

          Seeing a home in person and judging one from a few photos on the internet are also drastically different. If you’re happy with the price you paid then ultimately it’s a good deal for you, and that’s all that really matters.

      • My house was featured by GDON and I read the comments that were written about it. Comments were mixed and I didn’t really care what others had to say. The house fit our needs and has worked out for us. I think you have to take what commenters say with a grain of salt.

    • Well, it’s a new-build, remember. Not that the builder didn’t make a great profit, but they certainly did a lot more than throw on some granite countertops.

    • This is a new build on a previously empty lot. The 2010 price was for the lot only.

  • It’s a nice house, and, being a homeowner in NE DC, I’m all for high sales prices, but it just seems too cookie-cutter for my taste. It looks like it should be in a neighborhood that’s 15 years old, rather than a neighborhood that’s 150.

  • Yeesh. The ascent of the Brookland RE market continues to amaze.
    Also, the listing? Tom Faison clearly missed his true calling in rap music.

    • brookland_rez

      It went under contract fairly quickly so I’m not too surprised it went for full price. Brookland is hot right now.

  • If you’re shocked that homes are going up in value in Brookland and they’ve sold a new construction home for close to a million dollars in this zip code…you haven’t been paying attention and you don’t get it.

    • Pff. I was paying enough attention to get in before prices went up. But the fact that it went this high this quickly is a surprise to me and every single neighbor I’ve talked to. Fact is, only one of the many planned developments has actually opened. I figured we would see million dollar homes here in the next 5-10 years, but not before a full-service grocery committed to locate near the Brookland Metro.

      • Yeah, I sad the same thing a few years after I purchased my place in Logan back in the early 00’s. Friends said the same about their places in Shaw, then LeDroit, then Bloomingdale…etc. Hence my point, I don’t think people are paying attention.

        DC is still cheap considering the cost of the region, IMO. There are thousands of homes outside of the beltway worth a million dollars–DC is just now getting caught up to those prices.

        • brookland_rez

          Developing parts of DC like Brookland, Eckington, etc are cheap, relative. Established neighborhoods like Dupont and Logan aren’t cheap by any means.
          You’re right, the region has always had a lot of money. What’s changing is where that money is settling. Instead of mcmansions in Loudon, young people with good jobs are choosing houses in Brookland. It’s not that young people aren’t still moving to Loudon, it’s just that enough are choosing developing neighborhoods in DC that it’s pushing the prices up.

  • Brookland getting to this point has been a process though it seems to have happened fast. This a link to a 2007 post about the new development that is now complete in Brookland http://dcmud.blogspot.com/2007/05/list-narrowed-to-four-developers-for.html I remember hearing rumors about this development at least a year or so earlier so we are talking close to 10 years ago.

  • So what’s the next Brookland? Rhode Island Ave metro area? Anacostia?

    • Brentwood, Michigan Park/Woodridge

    • Near RIA metro will be denser. Brookland Manor is tentative for major redevelopment and densification in 2017 when the current Section 8 loan is up. The plan is to tear down whats there, including that crap strip mall at Montana, but to include about as many new section 8 along with market rate and retail. Across RIA from the metro on Channing Place is a planned 300 unit residential project. It will become home for a lot more people, but it won’t be SFH like Brookland.

      Douglas has bet big on NY Ave from NoMa to Bladensburg, will be interesting to see what comes to the formerly Walmart/Lowes 18 acres there with MoMs having just opened in Ivy City. Initial ANC presentation was for a mixed use, with office buildings, row houses, and apartments.

      Next up for appreciation in a SFH neighbourhood is likely Historic Anacostia.

      • brookland_rez

        I think Brentwood has tons of potential. A lot of great rowhouses there. And the RIA Metro isn’t far away. Once Brookland Manor is gone, that will remove the one big negative to the area. Also all the development across from the RIA Metro will be a big boost to that area.

      • brookland_rez

        I know they’re talking about a bike trail to run along the railroad tracks by NYA, but other than that there is no way to access any of that development besides by car. And traffic is already a parking lot at a lot of times of the day. That’s going to be one huge giant strike against the Douglas development. Hopefully something happens to address this, I’m very much in favor of this redeveloping and I’m glad that Douglas has stepped up.

      • Interesting comment. You should continue to share your thoughts.

      • brookland_rez

        Historic Anacostia is already seeing a bump in prices. I made the call a year ago. The Anacostia train is about to leave the station. Keep in mind a lot depends on how long the bull run in housing lasts. If we have another year or so with high appreciation, Anacostia will probably take off. If we have a dip in the next year or so, emerging areas like Anacostia might see a dip, which will present excellent buying opportunities there. I bought in the dip in Brookland in 2009. If you’re in it for the long haul, like 5+ years, this doesn’t matter as much.

        • I’m less familiar with EotR than with Woodridge/Brookland/RIA. We looked at, and put offers on, places in Anacostia, but ended up in Woodridge 2 years ago. A lot of what will happen to Anacostia prices will depend on the timeline and details for the rest of St E’s development. If it mostly becomes walled off work compounds with shuttles direct to metro, it will have less of a push on the home prices in Anacostia than if it becomes a more open neighbourhood. I don’t think it will become a compound, but the Coast Guard HQ has been there 2 years now and hasn’t had much of an effect, and far less than originally hoped. Navy Yard is booming and will push Anacostia up, if Waterfront doesn’t soak up the demand in the short term. Congress Heights might take off with St E’s redevelopment, but I’m not sure. The new Ballou HS is an astounding building, though improvements in academics will likely remain elusive.

          Anacostia Metro is 4-5 stops to downtown and you can buy a 3 bedroom house for under $350k. Development will come, it’s a question of when, and I think a major jump in prices will happen in 2016 or 2017. Vamos a ver.

    • Agree with all of this. If I wanted to buy right now I would look around the RIA Metro. Basically everything around it is slated for redevelopment in the next 10 years, and it is a quick commute from the east end of downtown, which is growing like crazy from 395 to Union Market. Woodridge is a pretty good deal for people who want detached SFHs, though I do not understand why DC doesn’t facilitate its rise by offering direct bus service from Eastern Ave to downtown. That could be a 15 min commute (or less) with dedicated lanes.

  • I don’t like the style of this house, which I’ve seen a bunch of in new construction around here – the open stairway up and down midway through the home, with the kitchen, dining, living and other room just sort of open alcove areas between partial walls – the layout has none of the advantages of totally open plan living/dining/kitchen, nor the advantages of the older home with walls between rooms – is neither here nor there, neither private or open, and really boring – sort of office-like, like I’d expect there to be a different cubicle work set-up in each alcove.

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