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  • Merry Christmas to me!!!!

  • brookland_rez


  • I’m still not hitting that trail without packin’ heat.

  • I took the trail to get home last night around 10pm. It was kind of spooky after you get off the pedestrian trail-got really really dark. Maybe they just need to replace those overhead solar lights with normal lights. I think that would help a lot.

    • Or just properly maintain the solar lights…

      • I dunno… It seems the solar lights will never be as bright as normal lights no matter how you maintain it. But yes, at the very least replace the bulbs when they go out. I encountered a couple on the walk and that made seeing things quite difficult.

  • Yay! This makes me commute home so much easier!

  • This is great news!! I still think this was a lot of money that didn’t need to be spent, but now that it is done, I’ll enjoy the shorter and hopefully safer commute from Edgewood.

    • Accountering

      If it is making it a shorter and safer commute for people, this seems like EXACTLY the thing that DC should be working on. They just made a metro station more accessible, sounds like a huge win!?

      • brookland_rez

        It is a huge win for Edgewood. This makes the metro an easy, safe commute from Edgewood in about 5-10 minutes. This also ties the Foreman Mills site directly to the Metro, which will hopefully accelerate some redevelopment there.

        • I have to agree with both of you. In the grand scheme of transit/infrastructure spending, this was small potatoes (so small, they had trouble finding a contractor to do the project with the budget), and it makes life and transit easier for a whole mess of people. I don’t think the streetcar was money wasted, either, but look at the development that money/promised infrastructure has brought. For much, much less, we just boosted the market value of several acres of property that are now more easily Metro-accessible. Win (for development), win (for current residents), win (for transit use without using a car or bus to get there), win (for making the trail more user-friendly, which ultimately increases its safety as more people use it). I can’t think of much in the way of losses…it’s even aesthetically pleasing.
          Now, can we get another pedestrian/bike bridge somewhere around Irving/Jackson/Hamlin? It’s a long walk around those tracks, and one of those would connect the residential development (Chancellor’s Row, the proposed development nearby, several other smaller projects) with the commercial/entertainment venues (Brookland’s Finest, whatever is going in at Opimism’s space, Right Proper’s new location, other existing businesses in mid-12th) and vice-versa (Jackson Place residential, new residential/commercial mix at Girard; connected better with the new concept at Chocolate City’s property, Dance Place, and what appears to be some other commercial development in the middle (not sure what’s going in, but it’s clearly commercial)).
          It’s easy to write off simple pedestrian bridges as an indulgence if you don’t have to walk 6-12 blocks to go to something that is 2-4 blocks from your house, as the crow flies, because there are railroad tracks in your way. The city is (rightfully) spending a boatload of money to close up the scar of 395 and provide for more development. A SMALL amount to help connect two sides of the same community over the scar of the railroad tracks with some cheap pedestrian bridges is the LEAST we deserve. These investments will pay off, much like the streetcar already has (even without running revenue service) and “Capitol Crossing” already has in terms of increased property values and development surrounding the long-term infrastructure and development.

  • Is that some sort of spray paint resistant plexiglass? if not what will this look like in a few weeks?

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