Azi’s becomes ‘Citations’ Caribbean Restaurant “Turn a Traffic Ticket into a Meal Ticket!”

9th and O Street, NW

Thanks to a reader for sending word about the switch:

“I’ll miss Azi’s but with compass and Colombe owning the yuppie friendly coffee market, and Starbucks sucking up the other traffic it probably made sense for them to transition a bit. The food is really, really solid. Happy to have a great option for cheapish food in the neighborhood besides ivy and coney dogs.”

Caribbean Citations facebook says:

“Our Mission is to provide customers with the most delicious and remarkable authentic Caribbean food made from the finest ingredients.

We open today from 10am-11pm.Place your order now.202-750-8744. 1336 9th street NW

Enter your traffic citations into our monthly raffle for only $1 for a chance to have your ticket pay by us.” Ed. Note: Also discounted prices everyday with a parking ticket.



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  • justinbc

    Rewarding people who break the law should go over really well in a city full of entitled individuals who swear it’s never their fault.

  • I’m not sure their raffle is legal.

    • It can’t possibly be legal.

    • What about it is not legal?

      • Ran into something similar with a PTA fundraiser over a silly iPod – you need a DC Lottery License (or at least you did back then) for each raffle you hold. The license cost double what we were going to spend on the iPod we were giving away!

      • I don’t know the law but I do understand why raffles are illegal in a lot of places.
        So they say, give me money, I’ll tell you if you win. No accountability. They may collect $500, give back $50, or award the prize to themselves, friend, or brother in law. Very easy to rip off vulnerable people or just skim extra money from patrons.

      • Also, not everyone can enter. License aside, they most likely need to allow people without a citation to enter as well. And yes so strange.

    • Please take time and comes in and I’ll be glad to speak to you before blogging assumptions without any facts and or knowledge of how our business operate on a daily basis. Thank you…

  • What a strange concept.

  • Are they seriously advertising the fact that they are running an illegal raffle (aka gambling operation)? Wow.’
    PS – on the bright side, at least they’re really in tune with their clientele?

  • Probably a smart move for them given the entrance of Starbucks, La Colombe, Dolci, Compass . . . can we just call Shaw the most caffeinated neighborhood in DC?

  • I wandered in yesterday and was pleasantly surprised. The food was excellent, the portions were huge, and the price was quite reasonable. It’s definitely worth a visit.

  • Such a weird name for the restaurant…so, their schtick is it being about tickets?

    • Haha it’s really odd. I used to get so many parking tickets in this neighborhood though, I could have easily taken advantage of the discounts weekly.

  • It’s a weird concept, but I can’t wait to try the food!

    • My guess is that most of their regular clientele might be car-driving residents from outer areas of the District and MD, and perhaps taxi/Uber drivers. And hence traffic and parking tix are a big problem for them.

      • Just about every car I routinely see in the surrounding neighborhood receives tickets regularly. Anybody with a car that lives nearby is a target.

        • “[E]very car [. . .] receives tickets regularly”? That sounds highly improbable to me. Even in neighborhoods with very competitive parking, most people aren’t getting tickets most of the time. There’s probably a minority of people who are getting tickets more frequently.

        • You can bring in old expired tickets as well.

      • justinbc

        I believe the owner (or former owner) is Ethiopian, which means they probably get a lot of taxi drivers in, and so yeah I would imagine a good number of tickets too.

        • Sorry to inform you but I am from Jamaica and I moved to the area from Detroit Michigan in 2011 and I don’t know many taxi drivers at all. As a matter of fact I never drove inside a taxi in my life. If you would like to know more about me feel free to stop in so next time you post you will be more accurate with with the statements you may say. Thank you very much for your comments…

  • tonyr

    Hopefully they’ll add goat to the menu soon.

    • tonyr

      Oh, meant to mention their hours run much later than the previous version of Azi’s. Not late late, but an improvement.

    • Goat and oxtail will be served only on specified days after We establish our clientele . Due to the cost of product. So the sooner you come in and ask about it it will be ready to place it into rotation on our menu. Thanks for your comment..

  • I’m sad Azi’s will be gone. It looked busy the last few months. Before everyone else, there was Azi’s for lower Shaw. Before Cozy Corner, before First Cup, before the still new Coffee Bar, Starbucks and La Colombe. This was locally owned and loved. Azi’s had lots of local news information available (gallery openings, Shaw Main Streets, and other small publications) that other places don’t have. Yes, Azi herself moved on a few years ago, but this still makes me very sad. Apparently,if you are good, but not a chain and not snobby about your coffee you will fail. I liked the coffee at La Colombe but received incredibly rude and extremely self-righteous service (I was told that it was “unfortunate” more housing was coming in nearby “cause then we’d all just be selling coffee and sitting in our condos” What the hell does that even mean? You sell coffee.). Coffee bar was decent and more friendly but always too full of laptops for me to sit. RIP Azi’s

    • I’ll second the RIP for Azi’s 🙁 My husband and I always walk our dog over that way to enjoy a cup of delicious and unpretentious coffee on their outdoor patio. The coffee was great and the apple cranberry muffins couldn’t be beat – half the price, twice the size, and triple the flavor of the “gourmet” muffins available elsewhere in Shaw. I’m extra sad because we’re Logan Circlers, and Azi’s was a lovely refuge to hide from the cloud of smug that has floated in and taken over our neighborhood the last few years. We will miss you, Azi’s!

    • I used to live a few houses away from Azi’s. One trip there was enough. The coffee was pretty bad, and then food they sold was even worse. I’m surprised it survived for as long as it did.

      • I agree completely–I’ve only had TERRIBLE coffee and what seemed like costo-sourced food at Azi’s. Not sad to see it gone.

  • This is exciting, can’t wait to try the jerk and curry chicken! I never went to azi’s with la colombe around.

    Also, whoever submitted this apparently isn’t aware of the affordable food at sundevich a couple of blocks away…

    • Are you really comparing a walk-in sandwich joint to a Caribbean restaurant with full entrees with sides? OK, buddy.

  • I think it’s good the restaurant is trying to consolidate some of the area’s bad drivers into one place. I’ll be sure to look carefully when crossing the street around here, but can’t wait to try the jerk chicken if I make it there in one piece!

  • from their facebook page:
    Our concept for this business are as follows. When you are issued a parking or moving violation from anywhere bring it into our restaurant and use it as a coupon where we stamp it and you will receive a 10 to 50 percent discount off our entire menu and you can also enter your Citation into our monthly raffle for a $1.00 for a chance to have us pay your fine up to $100.00. We know how frustrating it is when you receive a Citation and we just want you to feel a little better with our great food and drinks. All police officers,ems,meter readers and fire rescue will receive our Citation discounts daily. There will also be a selected days for Government workers and teachers to receive our Citation discount with proper identification. For we appreciate what you all do for our community.This business is based on giving back to our community and we believe we will receive our blessings with appreciative returning customers even well after your citation is resolved.

  • My coworker checked this place out for lunch. He said the food was good, but complained about the price. $13 for the jerk chicken plus extra for sides. Guess that’s the going rate for lunch in this neighborhood now.

  • I love the business concept and food.Giving back to the community..Love it!!! wowww they might do smoothie when the weather gets warmer. Hoorayyy

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