Armed Car Jacking in the 1200 block of F Street, NE

From @DCPoliceDept just before 12:30pm:

“Armed Carjacking-1200 block of F Street, NE (1):Male wearing a blue sweatshirt and ski mask, armed with a black handgun;

Male wearing a ski mask both fleeing in a 2003 Maroon GMC Yukon with Maryland plates.”

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  • I actually wonder if this was more around 2:30. I heard a cop car/saw sirens for an extended period between then and 3 am. Someone also posted on a local listserv that their car was stolen while it was warming up this morning ( a few blocks from this).

  • Yeah, they don’t if they’re a modern car. I think this was warming up literally – having the heat on so they could put their kids in and go to work/daycare.

  • You should be able to warm up your car without having to worry about a car jacking. And seriously, WTF, an armed CAR JACKING!!!! Violence and crime in the city has gotten completely out of hand. Every day we are seeing violent crimes and quality of life crimes go on in this city with no consequences. The best we get is press release from the mayor’s office acknowledging the problem. DC needs a major overhaul of policing practices. Also, to the person who committed this crime, pretty please with sugar on top . . . go kill yourself.

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