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  • So cool to see the Coca cola in both photos!

  • brookland_rez

    Interesting how the “Pythian” building is now the “True Reformer” building. If you look closely, you can see that “True Reformer” is written in a slightly different font.

  • Look at all that beautiful tree cover!

    • That stood out to me as well – any chance we could get some older trees planted around U st?

      • +1
        We need more trees on U Street. However, that would also require proper pruning and maintenance so that buses and large trucks don’t his the branches. I guess there’s also the issue that the roots could now damage the underground infrastructure and cement sidewalks. The old brick sidewalks have enough “give” so that the tree roots can grow.

    • The trees look awesome. I wonder what organization or department planted and maintained them back then. Too bad it would take decades for it to ever look like that again.

  • Seeing those streetcar tracks reminds me of something I learned a few months ago (and I’ve been here more than 40 years) – – I didn’t know this – – all current Metro busses without a letter in their route number (i.e. the 42 from downtown to Adams-Morgan, or the 52/53/54 up 14th St., or the 70 up Georgia Avenue) were all originally streetcar routes. We should bring them back more earnestly than the lame excuse of a project in on H Street NE.

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