A Long Shot and Possibly Jumping to Conclusions but Anyone Recently Have a Scooter Stolen?


“Dear PoPville,

I’m emailing you by chance one of your readers that live in the CH/Petworth area recently had a scooter stolen. Fortunately or unfortunately my roommate woke up last Friday morning to having had his beloved Vespa stolen at some point during Thursday night. The reason why I say fortunately or unfortunately is because he and his girlfriend took to reddit to start a please help find my Vespa thread and sure enough the great people of Petworth came through in the clutch. Shortly after the response, my roommate and I decided that we would head up to the 900 block of Quincy to check out and see if it was in fact his Vespa and sure enough it was. Long story short, the cops questioned a few of the teens living at the house and end the end they were able to confirm (due to some damage to the front end he had a picture of) that it was my roommates.

No one was arrested — mother was called out of the house etc, but the police officer was speaking Spanish to her, so we weren’t entirely sure what the officer was saying. Before the mom came out the first responding officer was speaking to the younger of the two teens…probably about 13 and you could tell in his voice he was terrified. Officer raised his voice asking why was it outside of their house if they’re saying they don’t know who’s it is etc., but deny, deny, deny.

But as for the real reason why I’m emailing, there was also another scooter parked at this location. I may be jumping to conclusions that the other scooter parked at the house is stolen, but when you get away with once, what’s to stop you from doing it again. I’ve attached a picture of a scooter, although generic, that looked like the one at the residence.

This may have been a shot in the dark, but a post similar to this one worked for him, so who knows, may be the other scooter fallen into the wrong person’s hands.”

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  • ChenChen

    glad that the stolen bike was recovered!

  • epric002

    if this is the house that i think it is, there’s all sorts of kind of weird stuff going on there. i can’t figure out if it’s a family that lives there, and/or if they have additional renters. there seems to be a scooter parked on the sidewalk in front of the house a lot of the time, and there is a rotating cast of dogs. someone who lives there also carries household trash from the house to the public trashcan outside of the petworth metro.

    • From the original poster — Sounds like you know the place. That’s definitely the house I was referring to and coincidentally when the police started to ask the question as to how they came into possession of the scooter one of the teenagers decided it was time to walk the dogs.

      Don’t know what’s going on at the house, but I’m just glad we got the scooter back.

      • epric002

        i will definitely pay more attention to scooters that end up there. before i was just annoyed that they were parking them in the middle of the sidewalk.

    • It’s probably a boarding house for recent immigrants. There’s quite a few of these around the U Street, CH, and Petworth areas. They are basically group houses, but with waaaaay more than 1 person per bedroom.
      Anyways, good on you OP for reporting this and finding it. My scooter has had it’s fair share of abuse from the local kids in the Columbia Heights area. There’s always stolen scooters and dirt bikes racing out of the low income housing at 11th and Florida, so that’s probably the first place I would search.

      • You’re absolutely incorrect. It’s a family with three boys. The parents are immigrants (I believe), the kids are native. The oldest kid (18-19) and middle kid (14-15) have unfortunately gotten involved with some of the criminal element in the area, with the middle kid being (supposedly, according to the folks in the hood) the bigger problem. I assume this visit from the police occurred last night (as we all spotted them there).

        The parents are nice, but the kids are slowly becoming more and more of a menace. In terms of the oddities…besides having a lot of random discovered trash/treasures in the front and back yards, the oldest kid recently picked up a new dog, which he’s been leaving outside on the front porch in these freezing temperatures. I thought this was pretty messed up until I realized he’s ALSO sleeping on the front porch. I think mom & dad have had enough and quasi-kicked them out…but they didn’t go too far.

        I have no reason to believe that the other scooter doesn’t belong to the oldest kid – he’s had it for quite a bit of time. They do occasionally park it in the middle of the sidewalk (I think usually when they’re just running in and out and not locking it up), and I agree that it’s pretty annoying. This is not their first visit from the police – a year or two back, I believe the parents actually called the cops on one of the kids themselves…it resulted in a giant screaming match while the police took the kid off.

        Bottom line – the kids are beyond the parents’ control, and slowly slipping into the shady element. When we see violent crimes happen and everyone says “what caused this?” I think of these kids. They started out as seemingly sweet kids, but some external bad influences that the parents are either unaware of or can’t control have gotten to them.


        • Minor correction – two boys, one girl. One dog that sits outside all year round in the back and barks at people in the alley. One new pitbull out front that barks at people walking down the street.

        • Yikes. Sounds like a bad situation getting progressively worse. Is the family on the radar of Social Services — not for taking the kids away, but for helping the parents rein them in?

  • Before last night’s scooter episode, the cops swarmed that house twice last week (Thursday and Friday). I live across the street, and it’s sad to see those teenagers getting into so much trouble.

    • You know, the cops mentioned that as well. I’m sure she’s concerned with keeping them out of trouble with the police, but it definitely seemed like the mother was going with the I have no idea approach. If that’s the case, the kids are running around CH and doing whatever the heck they want.

      • Frankly, I’m pretty sure the mom has no idea. The irony is that a bunch of years back, someone knocked the middle kid off of his bike and stole it. It’s almost like a comic book evil villain story – if you can’t beat em, join em.

    • epric002

      really? interesting. i was unsure whether the “teenagers” were really teens or actually young adults (don’t appear to be in school or have jobs). they seem to not do much other than sit on the front porch/hang out in the alley. they are definitely not friendly, and one of them is pretty intimidating. any idea why the cops were there twice?

  • sounds like a fair assumption to me.

  • There is a similar scooter in the back of a house on 20th ne. 316 20 th st ne. It isn’t exactly like the one in the picture but it’s close. It’s backed in so can’t see a license plate and the guys living there gets scrap from people or people that take things and looking for a quick buck.

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