3 Stars Brewing Tap Takeover at The Coupe Today – Tuesday the 13th


From an email:

“For the week of Wednesday, January 7 – Tuesday, January 13, 3 Stars Brewing Company will take over all of The Coupe’s draft beer lines.

Come to THE BAR BAR to celebrate this amazing local craft brew with food pairings and beer flights all week long.

Line Up Includes:

Citra Lemon Saison
Two To The Dome Double IPA
Peppercorn Saison
Ghost White IPA
Southern Bell Imperial Brown Ale
Nector of the Bogs
Desolation Coffee Stout
Pandemic Porter”

3415 11th Street, NW

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  • The way I see it, these ‘tap takeovers’ serve to benefit the brewer and the retailer and do very little for the consumer unless the beer comes at a discount.

    • You’ve just uncovered the dirty secret of what we in this country call “advertising”.

    • Benefit to the consumer is exposure to brewers that don’t have the capital for large scale distribution. Not everything has to be about a discount.

    • Mug of Glop

      Tap takeovers are great when it’s a far-away brew that’s not distributed to the local area. I like 3 Stars, but these aren’t especially rare in town, so it’s not a big draw. The fact that it’s The Coupe lessens that draw even more…

      • +1. Plus the majority of these beers are available at the brewery, where you can now buy pints.
        Was just at the brewery last week, and got my annual Nectar of the Bogs fix. Unfortunately, the White IPA has got to be the worst beer they’ve ever made–smells like cat pee!!

        • saf

          Anything made with a lot of citra hops will smell that way.

          So will most Aus/NZ sauvignon blancs – although in that case, aging in stainless steel is the culprit.

          Yet somehow, people (including my husband) find these items tasty.

          • No, not all citra hopped beers smell that way at all. If it smells like cat pee, chances are good the hops were added to the wort too early in the boil. Citra is better used as an aroma hop rather than a bittering hop.

        • not sure if you read JB’s comments below but you probably just don’t understand White IPAs. sorry

  • 3 stars brewing $3 for every mile the beer had to travel. Sorry but $9 for a local brew (pandemic porter at MP) and their other beers for $7 + dollars is insane. Have fun but their beers aren’t very good and def not worth the price.

    • Pandemic is a 9.6% ABV porter – the larger amounts of specialty grain and hops used to produce it are significantly more expensive than the production of a 5% ABV beer, even before you consider that Three Stars doesn’t enjoy the economies of scale that larger craft brewers do, and pays DC rents and taxes, as does MP. Pandemic is also an amazing example of the style, provided imperial porters are your thing.

      In short, it’s absolutely “worth” $9, in terms of cost and in terms of value, just as you’ll find other baltic porters and imperial stouts cost in the area.

      • hmm Avery double IPA $7
        Mad Fox IMPERIAL porter $7
        New Belgium Super IPA $7
        Selkirk Abbey $7
        Terrapin Imperial Stout $7
        Monocacy Brewtus (in the past) IMPERIAL stout $6

        point taken

        • With the exception of New Belgium, those are all 12 oz pours, vs. Pandemic, which is poured by the pint. And New Belgium is one of the largest craft brewers in America – they get much better prices on raw materials than Three Stars will.

          You’re certainly entitled to not like high ABV porters in general, but Three Stars’ is an objectively great example of the style, and their prices (as with many of their other beers) reflect the costs of making the higher ABV styles that they do.

          • I am going to assume you work for them or are one of the owners because your view is very skewed. Meh beers that weren’t worth the cost until they put the pandemic and saison in 750 ml. Ratings on Ratebeer seem to agree granted the pandemic scores a 92 overall, but only a 47 to style http://www.ratebeer.com/brewers/3-stars-brewing-company/12922/(despite your argument it is a great example) and the same for beer advocate http://www.beeradvocate.com/beer/profile/25696/

            I’m sure most of them have no idea what they are talking about when posting ratings and reviews though and my experience in the craft beer community is most likely minimal.
            I can only speak for myself at the end of the day and their beers in general do not stand in anyway shape or form. and for the price tag I’ll take the other local brewers.

            Citra Lemon Peel Saison at Nats Park in July? For $0.50 more? Sure why not!?!?!?! (i’ll note most agree it is the cheapest 3 Stars you will get in the city).

          • Strangely the masses of Ratebeer and Beer Advocate disagree with your notion that it is a great example of the style.

          • And Old Ebbitt Grill outranks Komi on Yelp. What’s your point?

          • Komi is rated 4.5. Old Ebbitt is rated 4. Since you seem to make things up I can understand how you’ve made it up to be an amazing example of the style.

          • I don’t work for any brewery, I just understand how brewing works and what various styles are supposed to taste like. I constantly see complaints on PoPville and other blogs decrying the allegedly excessive cost of higher ABV, complex beer styles made by smaller craft brewers (especially DC brewers), and I find it equal parts ignorant and entitled. I’d be just as happy to go to bat for DC Brau’s On the Wings of Armageddon, Oliver’s 3 Lions, or any other complex, well-brewed local beer that costs a little more to produce.

            Like I said, you’re entitled to like or not like this particular beer. But if you think that Pandemic (and many of Three Stars’ other beers) “do not stand in any way shape or form”, it’s because you don’t understand what an imperial/Baltic porter is supposed to taste like, not because there’s something wrong with the beer.

          • Sure you don’t Justin ooops I mean “JB” http://3starsbrewing.co/our-team/

            Just because people don’t like your beers or think there are others out there that are better and more affordable doesn’t mean they don’t know what a specific styles taste like or what a good example of one is. Take criticism and improve or understand, as most do, that some people simply are not going to like your beers. Everywhere I travel local beers are affordable to the local community. People understand DC is expensive, the second most in the country. However, if SF bars can sell pliny (a beer more expensive beer per oz than wings when bought at the brewery) for $4/5 a pint then local brewers can sell theirs for less than $9. You may win over some customers by accepting the issues and countering instead of further turning them away by standing on your soap box promoting how your beer is a great example of a style and if someone disagrees they clearly have no idea what they are talking about.

            Then again I am just a cat.

          • Seeing your understanding of Yelp makes me now understand your beers.

      • 300 bucks for a half barrel? 100 bucks for a sixtel? Blame it on whatever you want but those prices are way over priced. I won’t comment on the quality of the beers, but I do have my opinion on that as well.

    • Where do you see the prices listed?

  • Yes, please go to the Coupe and do a tap takeover… and a bar takeover… and waitstaff takeover… and restaurant takeover. That seems like the best idea.

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