Zombie Coffee Shop and Deli coming to former Tasti D Lite space in Columbia Heights

14th and Irving St, NW part of DCUSA

Thanks to all who sent emails about the action in the former Tasti D Lite space which has been vacant since August 2012. A permit in the window says it will be a Deli and Coffee Shop from Zombie Coffee.  Interestingly I know FroZenYo has a partnership withZombie Coffee. Of course a FroZenYo is already located nearby in the Columbia Heights Plaza. So it’ll be interesting to see how this turns out. Stay tuned.


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  • SusanRH

    Seems like overkill, Columbia Heights already has plenty of coffee options.

  • Definitely do not need another coffee shop in the area. Can we get a salad joint or a smoothie shop already!

    • Cava sells salads. I agree that we don’t need more coffee. A deli would be nice.

      • I eat at Cava a lot (and love it) but their dressings are sub-par so usually opt for the pita. A Chopt or Devon & Blakely would be awesome, but I realize those models are more downtown lunch crowd. I just don’t particularly care for a 2,000 calorie meal (ie Chipotle or burger) so my quick-eating options in the area are so limited.

        • Not that to sound like a shill, but Chipotle burrito bowls are actually a downright low calorie option if you skip on sour cream and cheese. Under 600 calories, and enough for 2 meals if you eat lightly.

    • What I would give for a Robeks across the street!! And my wife wants a Chop’t.

    • Yes and no. I don’t like Starbucks and the service at Tynan and Coffey is so bad I don’t like going there. Am I forgetting any others? I’m also stoked about a deli. (+1 vote for a Chop’t)

  • Hey, at least they’re not turning this into more fast food crap.

  • As a zombie, I jut don’t feel as welcome when I shuffle (I am a slow zombie) into some establishments. Glad we have a place of our own – can’t wait to try the brains!

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