Woman in Wheelchair Victim of a Hit and Run at New Hampshire and Taylor St, NW this Morning – Any Witnesses?

“Dear PoPville,

A nice young woman who catches the bus here most mornings was victim of a hit and run this morning. Esmeralda was crossing NH Ave on Taylor St at around 7:30 this morning. She was hit on the SE corner of the intersection. She had a nasty cut on her head and she was extremely shaken, but I am hopeful she will be OK. Her new $10,000 wheelchair looks to be a total loss. Could you please ask your readers to contact police if they have any information. It is my understanding that as of early this morning there were no know witnesses.”

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  • People drive like bats out of hell in this neighborhood. I almost got hit walking by the 7-11 on Georgia this morning. Even when I cross the street in front of stop signs near my apartment I often have to dodge or look out for cars with complete disregard for pedestrians.

    • It is the Maryland drivers zooming into town down Georgia and New Hampshire. They don’t adjust the suburban driving style to that of a city where there are more unpredictable things (like people crossing the street) to be on the lookout for.

      • VarnumGuy

        Well, this was northbound, heading away from downtown.

      • Thank You!!!! They (incoming Maryland, and Maryland in general) are AWFUL drivers and on top of it drive way too fast. I live 500 feet from where this happened. If ever there was a need for a speed camera it’s on that stretch of NH.

  • That’s awful! People really are the worst sometimes. I hope you find the person.

  • thats so cold….
    people are wild out here

  • burritosinstereo

    Every morning I cross NH Ave at 4th St NW (using a crosswalk) to catch the south bound 64 bus. I have been doing this for over a year, and I am still amazed at the speed at which drivers barrel down NH and disregard pedestrians. Part of me wants to just walk out into the crosswalk and force the drivers to slow down for me….but I don’t have a death wish.

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