Woman Assaulted while Walking her Dog at 8:30pm Thurs. Night

“Dear PoPville,

I am writing to inform everyone to keep a look out for a man who assaulted my wife last night while walking our dog on the corner of Allison Street & the 4500 block of Georgia Ave around 8:30pm. I am writing on her behalf as I think people need to be aware of this.

A hooded Hispanic man was standing up against the fence along the 4500 block of Georgia Ave as my wife was walking north up Georgia Ave. Suddenly the man charged full speed at my wife shoving her, and tried to knock her to the ground. She caught her balance before he began charging at her again to knock her over. She then screamed at him and yelled “WHAT’S YOUR PROBLEM??!!!” and he stopped a few feet short of her I guess surprised that she was not backing down. He said nothing to her and he began approaching her again. She screamed at him again and he apparently just stood there staring at her like a F***ing creep. My wife at this point was bracing herself to fight back and slowly began backing up as to not turn her back towards him. He kept walking slowly towards her, but she has told me he seemed unsure about approaching again since she was going to put up a fight. When she had enough distance from him, she ran away down the block with our dog towards 13th Street. She looked back after running down the block to make sure he wasn’t following her and said she saw him just calmly walking away up Georgia Ave out of view.

My wife ran back to our house, as this was only a block away and called the police. The police came within 2 minutes and immediately began relaying the man’s description to the other police in the area. They were great and many thanks go out to the two officers for making sure my wife was safe and arriving so quickly.

My wife’s description of the man was this: Hispanic male, probably late 20s, dark hair, stocky, probably around 200 pounds, wearing a bright blue coat with the hood on. The coat appeared to be a wind breaker. I wouldn’t be surprised if this psychopath lives nearby.

Sadly our 80 pound dog is really friendly and didn’t do much to protect my wife at the time. Unfortunately, I happened to be at my office Xmas party when this all went down. I have to say this guy was pretty brazen to attack my wife with such a large dog at her side. The police were equally puzzled by this. We have lived in the neighborhood for years and never had a problem like this. Either way, if you see somebody suspicious on the street fitting this description, please call the police and be careful.”

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  • This is terrible to hear, I was walking my dog headed south on the East side of Georgia in that spot within about ten minutes of that time, there were definitely some drunk/drugged out guys around that area that made me a little anxious, but I don’t recall seeing this specific person

  • Whoa, I’m sorry to hear this happened. Your wife sounds awesome, though. I don’t know if I’d be able to collect myself the way that she did.

  • Fits the description of previous incidents, in terms of behavior. The height is perhaps off, but people are bad at estimating height. (A 5’4″ man is VERY short. Like, that would be the first thing you’d notice about a man.)

  • Frightening. There has been a huge increase in violent crime on Georgia Ave near the heart of Petworth.

  • Jesus, what a scary predator. Your wife is awesome and I’m so glad she was able to fight her way out of it. I’m glad the police were helpful and not pulling their usual victim-blaming routine “Why were you female and out of the house, ever?”

  • Ugh, this is so scary–and crazy that the attacker came after her despite your dog’s presence. I’ve always had a (I guess false) sense of security while walking our big dog around the neighborhood.

    So glad your (badass) wife was unharmed. I hope she feels like the streets are safe for her.

  • This is terrifying to hear. I’m sorry your wife had to go through that. Thanks for reporting it — both to the police and to PoPville. I walk my dog alone before my husband gets home in the evenings, and, thanks to your info, will definitely be more aware of my surroundings. It’s incredible that this type of thing can happen right on Georgia, close to places of business and with cars driving by. Scary stuff!

    Seriously, what is going on in Petworth these days??! Or are people just more diligent about reporting?

    • I honestly don’t think the cops were prepared for this surge in violent crime. I think traditionally MPD has been more focused on the Brightwood area, but they better refocus or at least focus on both areas. This is not common around the Petworth metro areas. Something unique is happening, I can only hope the cops have the ability to solve th core issue.

      • If police are flooding Brightwood, then you’re going to see the crime dissipate to surrounding areas.
        Policing random street crime is a game of Whack-a-Mole – you crack down in one area and then the shady characters move on to another adjacent area.

  • That’s Awful. I almost walked through that area at that time, but instead took a cab, somewhat ironically, given that I was on my way home from an MPD briefing at the Raymond Rec center on the increase in violence in petworth.

  • OP, I’m so sorry this happened to your wife, but her bravery is inspiration to myself and women everywhere. Kudos to her!!

  • No way to be sure, but he fits the description of a man I had an encounter with late last week. I was on my way home in my car, and pulled up to the Georgia Metro stop to pick up a friend (I parked on New Hampshire right outside of the CVS). I had my window cracked as I was waiting, smoking a cigarette, and I see him approaching the car. He walked around to my driver side door, asked for some change, I told him I didn’t have any. It didn’t stop there, he started making kissing noises at me and trying to reach in my window. I closed it prompty, and then he started screaming at me to give him a ride and pounding on the glass, making comments of a sexual nature. I started yelling at him back to stop and put my car in drive and he finally walked away while continuing to scream at me. Not fun.

    • west_egg

      Did you call the police?!?

      • No. I guess I’m sort of immune to this having lived in North Columbia Heights before. I was harrassed all the time, verbally and physically. Since moving to Petworth, things have been much better. In fact, this is the first run in I’ve had in the 6 months I’ve been in my new place. I’m not convinced calling the police would have helped at all. Giving a desciption of a man that fits many men in the area… plus even if they caught him doing something again there would be no way to know this was the same guy. I just wanted to share on here to give a heads up to others that apparently even in your car you might not be safe around there.

    • This sounds a lot like something that happened to me walking home from the metro tonight on New Hampshire. I was hearing north towards Grant Circle and hadn’t even made it to Quincy yet when a stocky, Hispanic man stepped out and said, “let me help you with your bag.” (I was carrying a grocery bag). I said no and started walking quickly away as he was giving me the creep vibe and was leering at me. He started following me walking no less than two steps behind me saying “you’re walking so,fast why are you walking so fast?” And other things in Spanish that I couldn’t understand. I decided to walk up the steps of The Quincy apartment building to see if he followed me and he did. I turned and said, why are you following me? And he claimed he wasn’t and walked over to the entrance of the building and went to the key pad like he was going to punch a code to get in. I bolted down the stairs and thought I was being paranoid but as I walked away I turned back and saw him a block behind me following me again. At this point I booked it over to a nearby restaurant where other people were around a called the police. They came and took a report but nothing really they could do because he hadn’t yet technically violated any laws. Just be careful out there ladies

  • Very glad this didn’t turn out much worse and thanks for sharing with us.

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