“What in the world is going on with heavy road construction at 11pm in the middle of a heavily populated residential area?”


A reader pleads:

“What in the world is going on with heavy road construction at 11pm in the middle of a heavily populated residential area [ Capitol Crossing at 3rd and Massachusetts Ave, NW]? Please post something about this so we can try to get this under control.”

Doesn’t seem like anything can be done:

Construction activities during this phase will generally occur during the following hours:

· Monday to Friday, from 7 a.m. to 12 a.m.
· Saturday and Sunday work, scheduled only as needed, from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.”

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  • I’ve regularly read about the DC government being really excited about increased tax revenue once this is complete, but does anyone else actually like this project?

    • Yes. What’s not to like about capping the massive gore that is 395?

    • gotryit

      As a citizen of DC, I’m happy about increased revenue to pay for the city services that we want.

    • Yes, yes, yes. Is the architecture exciting? No. But it will connect an important part of downtown and cover up an ugly highway. I wish it would open tomorrow.

    • It will be nice to have this. But I pity the nearby existing residents. With the inevitable delays and overruns, they will live in a construction site for the next 5 to 10 years. Same is going to happen with the McMillen plan. While everyone screams “YAY TAX REVENUE, YAY PROPERTY VALUES!!! FREE MONEY!!!!11!” there are people who have to suffer through a vibrating apartment and heavy equipment outside their window. I pity them.

    • Sure! I live in the area and this is only going to increase my property values. Yes it is an inconvenience, but what construction isn’t. Then again, I am high up and on the far side of any of the actual construction noise, so it really does not affect me as much as some of my neighbors.

    • I used to live at 300 Mass. Honestly there are really only two residential buildings that face this (300 Mass and the newer building behind it on 3rd). And obviously only one side of each of those buildings. I lived in 300 Mass when the Madrigal Lofts was built and faced it…I feel your pain, but you’ll survive.

      This is definitely worth the pain…especially if you own in the neighboring buildings. Get ear plugs and think about the appraisal value.

  • they did this outside my window a few years ago. Big huge generator running 20 feet from my pillow. For me, it was on a little used side street, completely residential. it didn’t work for me, but call your council rep.

  • Mass Ave is a gawd damn mess. I’ve been making my cabbies avoid it whenever I’m going to/from Union Station.

  • There was an article a few weeks ago about how they were thinking about shutting down the 395 section under this so they could complete the work quickly. Honestly, I’d much rather them keep doing the construction at night then shut down that section of road.

  • No, I do not envy the people who hear this at 11 PM, but “in the middle of a heavily populated residential area” is just not true. Heading west on Mass there are a few big apartment houses, and some overlook the construction, but there is almost no residential in NW east of 3rd and south of K. And there is still not much residential in NW south of H and east of the White House. And it is about time this gets built! That sunken roadway was always intended to be built upon.

    • There is the Gewirz dorm at Georgetown Law to the east, which must hold at least several hundred residents, but otherwise, yes.

    • After speaking with my neighbors I can confirm houses off of M street between 3rd and 6th can hear this ish… the noise seems to amplify off of the large apartment buildings or off the tunnel. I have been waking up most nights because of this and its miserable.

  • I really wish DDOT/the developer hadn’t bungled the request to close the Mass Ave and NY Ave exits on the freeway. The way it came out, in scare articles from local news, was always going to lead to a backlash. Then again, there’s nothing DDOT can’t screw up.

    Make the developer pay a whole bunch of money to do it (say, for seed money finishing the street car line west of Union Station). Get a test run to see if the freeway is truly needed. It really could have been framed so much better and what I think would have been a net positive for the city could have happened.

  • A smart developer would submit a behind the scenes request to close 395 for a year that they knew would provoke outrage and never be approved. Then whenever people come to local government complaining about construction noise at night, the developer can say to local officials “well you know what the other alternative is!”

  • I live in the area. There are multiple residential buildings immediately in the construction zone, including 400 Mass Ave, 450 Mass Ave, 401 mass Ave, 421 Mass Ave, Madrigal Lofts, Mass Court. thats about 2000 residential units. Monday night HEAVY construction at 11pm when we have a sleeping one year old is not okay. Im all for progress and development, just dont think heavy construction should be permitted between 10pm-7am within close proximity to residential Frankly, there is more residential by 4 fold than this project is even going to have. So to fill a hole with office buildings and maybe an Eataly…ehhh

  • They also tied up traffic over the weekend. It took over 20 minutes to cover a detour that went to K street from Mass Avenue for all of 2-3 blocks.

  • Whilst I am sorry for the nearby residents, I am a big supporter of this project. The highway needs to be covered up (it is an eyesore and inefficient non-use of space) and the office buildings that will go over the top will bring a good source of day time and evening money for the surrounding small businesses. In addition, if they manage to bring in a hospital as a tenant and an Eataly into Capitol Crossing, as has been rumored, those will be fantastic for everyone in the nearby area and for DC as a whole. I kind of wish they would have shut down that patch of the highway so that the developer can accelerate progress, despite the inconvenience to cars.

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