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  • Prince, I kept meaning to email you about this rendering to see what others think. This is the same building you featured sometime ago with collapsed rear walls (the original permit was granted for the remodel of existing apartments and the addition of a couple extra in the back).
    I personally find the facade to be really ugly and incongruous. It seems like they didn’t at all try to fit in with the surrounding buildings. I think they could have easily come up with a clean, classic design that doesn’t break the bank, but instead came out with this cheap, tacky box. It almost looks like something drawn by a 5yo on a whim – almost as if they didn’t even try here.

    • Totally agree. Hideous. The window proportions look terrible, and the whole top floor looks boxy. As if a builder designed it in the most bare bones way possible (there’s a two-unit property at 1st and O that is similar). Makes me glad to be in a historic district.

    • Agreed. The tiny window next to the front door looks all wrong, and the building as a whole looks like it’s pretending to be a pop-up. (Although I guess if their original permit was solely for remodeling, they had to pretend that the building was going to add a pop-up rather than be new construction throughout.)

  • Wow, another condo naming just in time for the 2014 Misnomer of the Year Award!

  • Tsar of Truxton

    On a side note, does anyone know what is going on at Steve’s Market on 1st and P? Two dumpsters showed up a few weeks ago, so it looks like it was being gutted. Curious what might be going in there (a small bar/restaurant, condos, a new market, something else?).

    • Another case of DCRA issuing permits, and then the wealthy Virginia investor does nothing for months, years. That way, the wealthy Virginia investor pays minimal taxes, and waits for neighbors to do the work of sprucing the neighborhood up. Lately, now, they’ve been digging out the basement, for which they do not have a permit.
      This festering mess is across the street from the gigantic, illegal parking lot put up by cover of night by Kent Amos, the indicted charter school scammer.

      • Yup. They’ve been working on that building for at least two years if I’m not mistaken, without much apparent progress.

      • Wait, which parking lot? The one beside Dunbar and that middle school on the southwest corner of the intersection? Is something supposed to be built there? I assumed it was just a parking lot for teh school or something?

        • The parking lot in question is one on the SW corner of 1st and P. It was previously a gravel-covered lot that was used for parking, but was then completely paved without obtaining a proper permit. That parking lot is now a large impervious surface that funnels more water/runoff into our aging sewer system rather than allowing the rainwater to be absorbed into the ground.

          • Does it flood the streets or neighboring properties? Just curious. I’m moving not far from there. What’s the deal with the church on the corner across 1st street? Seems like a strange building for a church? Parking issues on Sundays?

          • Actually replying to Truxton above me — The small church across from Steve’s Market isn’t a huge issue, but the very large church that meets at the charter school brings droves of people to the neighborhood. In general, parking on Sunday before about 5:00 is tough.

            The flooding from the parking lot is primarily in the streets with the sewer drains backing up.

  • maxwell smart

    the late 90’s called. they want their interior finishes back.

    • Is there a link I missed? The photo above shows only what the exterior is supposed to look like, not the interior.

  • This is across the street from my house. Until a few weeks ago, the crew that was working on this had been going almost every day since about mid-summer. But since pouring the foundation (and maybe re-doing one section, though I’m not sure on that), the crew has been absent. The thing that is strange to me is that the foundation for the new building looks to be about twice the footprint of the old building. I’m pretty sure this area is zoned R-4, and although I don’t remember the specific limitations on maximum lot coverage (60%?), I’d be surprised if this fit within those limits. Maybe DCRA called them out on this? (I kid.) To the person that asked about the old Steve’s Market at 1st and P, there are some rumors about a small cafe/sandwich shop.

    • Tsar of Truxton

      Oooo, a cafe would be nice!

    • I was curious about this so I looked up the property on the zoning map. It’s a weirdly shaped double-width lot that’s almost twice as deep as its neighbors and actually extends behind the building on the left of the photo. They’re probably building out to exactly 60% lot coverage.

      • I think this is similar to what happened at the one previously referenced on 1st street between O and P. The back lot for that actually is half of the neighbor’s back lot as well. Probably bought it at some point to have additional parking to serve the condos. In fact the front looks very similar as well, so perhaps the same developer?

  • What a hideous design! They couldn’t have saved the facade of the older, decent building they ripped out or at least designed a clean, tasteful building that wouldn’t break the bank instead of this cheap-looking structure as pictured. That little window next to the front door is hideous and looks jarring, not to mention the disproportionate, over-sized top with no complementary design above the third-story window line.


  • Wow… that’s the first time I’ve seen new construction styled deliberately to look like an ugly pop-up!

  • Stunningly hideous. ANC 5E (and historic preservation) really dropped the ball on this one.

    • In all fairness, the Historic Preservation folks had nothing to do with this as it’s not part of a historic district nor was the previous building deemed a historic landmark. I’m also doubting that the ANC even saw any of those renderings. As mentioned earlier, the original permits did not include wholesale destruction of the old building, just reno’s + an addition to the rear. Here’s hoping that DCRA actually stepped up to the plate this time….

  • Thanks for sharing! Truxton has been doing pretty well in the real estate market recently. We could use some more local retail and thank you for sharing the Steve Market update! The bodega on the corner of 1st and O needs to consider getting rid of the bulletproof glass and upgrading the product. The house at 1421 1st street is in the closing process after less than a week on the market – and the P street condo, two doors down from this new 5-unit building – is in closing on the upper unit too. Be safe neighbors, let’s look out for each other!

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