Two Frightening Attempted Burglaries While Residents Were Home

From MPD Sunday:

“This morning at approximately 7:30am, a resident in the 3900 block of Ingomar St., NW, reported that while within her residence she heard the rear gate to her backyard open. Curious to see who it may be she peered out the window of the rear door. Immediately, she did not recognize the subject approaching and hastily attempted to lock the back door. However, she did not get the door secured before the suspect grabbed the door handle. A brief struggle ensued while the victim attempted to keep the door closed. The victim screamed for assistance causing the suspect to flee into a waiting vehicle in the alley making good his escape.

The suspect in this case is described as a black male, 5’4” to 5’7” in height with a slim build. The suspect had shoulder length cornrows wearing a mask. He was dressed in all dark clothing. The suspect was observed fleeing in what was described as a tan or silver, Toyota Rav 4. The vehicle was last observed in the area of Military Rd and Nevada Ave.

Anyone with information concerning this offense is asked to contact the Second District Detectives Office on 202-730-1903, or our Command Information Center on 202-727-9099. Additionally, please report any suspicious activity by dialing 911.”

From the New Hill East listserv:

“I just wanted to let you all know that my house [1500 block of East Capitol St, NE] was broken into at 6:15 am this morning [Saturday]. They used a crowbar to get into the house through my back door facing the alley. When they heard I was awake, they took a couple of things from the kitchen and ran out of the house. “

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  • I’m always stupified thatin this day and age people don’t lock their doors.

    • seriously. Lock your doors! These criminals often walk around neighborhoods checking doors to see if they’re unlocked. If you happen to be home and confront them as they’re walking in your home, they’ll say “oh…I’m looking for Johnny! He don’t here live here no mo?”

      • Did you read the posts? One woman opened her door to look into the back yard and the other poster mentioned that the burglars used a crowbar to get in, suggesting that the doors in both instances were locked.

        • It says that she “peered out the window of the rear door,” not that she opened her door.

        • In the first case it it does not say that she opened her door – it says she “peered out the window”. It’s not clear by whom (or when) the door was opened. (I assumed the suspect attempted to push it open after he grabbed the handle.)

    • Gosh it really feels like there has been a lot of home burglaries reported lately, doesn’t it?

  • binpetworth

    Serious question: If you’re at home and someone enters your residence, do you have the right to defend yourself (within reason)? I don’t own a gun so I’m not talking about shooting/killing anybody, but if I was startled and within reach of a blunt object, I wouldn’t hesitate to use it. Does anybody know what the rules are in DC about this?

    • I have wondered the same. I’m a petite woman so anyone bigger than me I’m going to assume can overpower me. If you are illegally entering my home, I am going to feel threatened, so that’s my justification to using whatever force (I’m not a gun owner) I can to defend myself.

    • Before the recent Court decisions overturning the DC concealed carry ban, the law allowed you to own guns in DC specifically because the courts have said you have a constitutional right to own a gun for self defense in your home. If you can use a gun for self defense in your home, I’d say the blunt object is ok. I have several guns in my home, but assume they’ll see the 90 pound German Shepherd and decide to break into another house.

    • In many states, yes, you can use deadly force and you have no duty to retreat. (Generally referred to as the Castle Doctrine). I’m not sure about DC, though — I have heard that DC may be different.

    • Heller Vs DC went to the supreme court and allowed you to own a gun in your home. Couldn’t take out of the house or carry on your hip in the street so yes the answer to your question on if you could shoot them if they are in your home and you feel threatened. If you defend yourself with something other than a gun you wouldn’t have any problem either.

  • I wonder if the tan Rav4 was the same one that was carjacked on Sunday morning:

  • I have a full on defense system. Dog, alarm system and guns! I will not hesitate to shoot anyone that has the balls to make their way into my home. I have no sympathy for anyone that gets shot in a home they do not belong in.

  • dcktr – I agree. My father was a hunter and he taught me and my brother how to shoot guns and rifles. Before he passed he gave his rifles away (we had no desire to hunt rabbits and squirrels) but he gave us his handguns. We keep them in the house (not kids in our house) and I don’t think I’d have any problem using one of them if I catch someone in my house that I didn’t invite in.

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