DC’s First Bitcoin ATM now at The Diner in Adams Morgan. Side note: “The Diner is not accepting Bitcoin as a form of payment at this time”

2453 18th Street, NW

From a press release:

“The Diner, 2453 18th St NW, Washington, DC is now the first location in the Nation’s Capital, to have a Bitcoin ATM machine. The Diner has been an integral part of DC’s 24 hour life cycle since Jan 2001, making it the perfect location for all hours access to one of only Bitcoin ATMs in the country. The Diner, “Serving early birds, night owls and everyone in between” allows for 24/7 access for Bitcoin users to interact with Bitcoin in a direct, and hands on way, allowing for users to either buy or sell their Bitcoins.

As the DC community increasingly operates on a 24 hour global cycle and technology improves, worlds are connecting. Things like financial transactions and eating don’t have to be separate from each other. American diners have always been where people connect with their friends, families and their communities. The Bitcoin ATM is technology that allows our guests to connect with the global community as well, and get a hearty meal all at the same time.

“I see the Diner as the logical choice to test out this new concept. The Diner is the pulse of DC 24/7, a longtime DC institution, that servers all walks of life all hours of the day”, says Constantine Stavropoulos owner of The Diner. “All of our restaurants are community gathering places. The addition of the Bitcoin ATM at the Diner allows us to be the first location in DC where the Bitcoin users can connect with this cutting edge technology while experiencing a traditional American experience, a diner”.

The Diner is part of the restaurants group that includes Tryst, Open City, The Coupe, Tryst at The Phillips, and soon to be Open City at the National Cathedral. Each location offers guests a unique experience, menus, and opportunity to connect and be a part of their neighborhoods and the DC community overall. The group strives to be the 3rd place; not your home or office but your 3rd place where you spend your time each day.

The Diner is not accepting Bitcoin as a form of payment at this time.”

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Photo courtesy The Diner

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  • ATM Machine bugs the hell out of me like you’re, your and their, there and they’re does to a lot of people. ATM stands for Automated Teller Machine. No need to say ATM machine it just doubles the machine. Also, good luck with your bitcoin.

    • I could care less about people saying ATM Machine.*
      *when what I really mean is that I couldn’t care less. That drives me crazy.

    • saf

      Also, PIN number.

    • Redundant acronym/word combinations (“ATM machine,” “PIN number,” “HIV virus”) don’t bother me all that much. Definitely not like misuse of your/you’re, their/they’re, etc. Or misuse of the nominative case (“Please give it to Dan or I”), which seems to be particularly popular among management.

    • tonyr

      If you want to get really picky (and who doesn’t), the fact that it’s automated makes “machine” redundant.

  • “24 hour global cycle”
    “The Diner is the pulse of DC 24/7”
    “for 24/7 access for Bitcoin users to interact with Bitcoin in a direct”
    “DC’s 24 hour life cycle”
    ” the Bitcoin users can connect with this cutting edge technology ”

    ummm… okay….

  • Does 13 years in business really make it an “institution?”

    • Prince Of Petworth

      Interesting question – but if you think about it – how many spots on 18th are over 13 years old?

      • Madam’s Organ and Millie & Als are the only two that come to mind immediately, but I didn’t mean to imply that age is the only factor in a business being considered an institution. I feel like an institution should draw people in as a destination and The Diner’s very concept almost makes that impossible due to its simplicity and also competition. I wouldn’t recommend The Diner to people from out of town, for instance, because it’s just not that special. An institution, like Ben’s or Old Ebbitt’s or even something like Martin’s Tavern, has to have a bit more flair (not the Office Space kind) as well as age.

      • “Institution” does seem to be stretching it a bit, but I don’t think the Diner’s claim is all that far-fetched. It’s “special” by virtue of being open 24 hours and for providing simple food at fairly reasonable prices.
        As for spots over 13 years old… I guess Heaven and Hell would be, as would Meskerem.

  • Allison

    Mmmmmmmmmm, money laundering.

  • I thought that Bitcoin was a virtual currency. So what is the purpose of withdrawing banknotes? Can someone explain how this works?

    • No. Nobody can explain how it works.

    • The ATM acts as a currency converter. You can convert Bitcoins to USD, which are distributed by the machine (hence “selling Bitcoins”). Of course, just like any other bureau d’change, they charge a conversion fee.
      You probably can probably also deposit money into the machine, buying Bitcoins for your account.
      Not a bad racket, so long as you got good information security. It seems like it would be easy to spoof the machine and collect individual’s unique Bitcoin identifier.

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