“The Biggest Craft & Micro Beer Selection in North East”

1111 H Street, NE

At first I thought Me & My Supermarket (also greatest name for a bodega, besides the Bodega of course, in NE) was claiming in THE north east. Still pretty impressive.


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  • justinbc

    ORLY? I’ll be the judge of that!

  • They do have a nice selection, though I can’t speak to whether it’s the biggest in NE or not…

    I would also note that they carry a broad variety of Ben and Jerry’s flavors, so they got bonus points in my book.

  • Isn’t Schneider’s technically in the NE? While they do specialize in wine and spirits… they do bring some rarities on the beer front.

  • I love this place! Owners are super nice and open to carrying whatever you like. I once forgot cash for a bag o chips purchase and the guy said to get him back next time. And they carry Shiner Cheer T_T

  • This place is great. I’m not sure how many beers they have now but if you walk straight back when you walk in, they have a whole room of just beer. Definitely a larger selection of beer then Schneiders. They have more beer (and cheaper beer) than that place on the corner run by the koreans. And they’re friendly.

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