Stabbing south of Dupont Circle Sunday Night

“Dear PoPville,

Last night around 11:30pm I saw that northbound lane of Connecticut Ave NW just south of Dupont Circle was closed off by police with yellow tape all around. Traffic was being diverted from that section. Any idea what was going on?”

@DCPoliceDept tweeted:

Stabbing 2133 hrs. 1300 blk. of Connecticut Ave. NW. no lookout”

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  • There was a HUGE party/even going on in one of those big clubs when we walked by Sunday afternoon — it wasn’t yet 3 and there were already a ton of very drunk people. I wonder if it was related?

    • palisades

      That was Santacon. A drunken all-day festival with people dressed up in santa constumes.

      • There is no Santacon in DC. DC has Santarchy, which was on Saturday – not Sunday – and was not in Dupont Circle – so this was definitely not related to DC’s Santarchy. Maybe there was some other holiday bar crawl, but not Santarchy – don’t give Santa a bad name! Ho ho ho!

    • There’s usually a Sunday tea dance at Dirty Martini, but don’t know if it’s still going on in cold weather.

  • According to some tweets, two people were stabbed. “Angered male victim not cooperating w/police, has wound to left side of chest,”

  • Oh dear, my late night go-to spot is Golden Brown Delicious (GBD). Hope everything turned out ok. Sounds like it may have been one of the neighboring venues?

  • I’ve always wondered…what does “no lookout” mean?

  • Meh. Not really. NW is pretty safe, regardless of these occurrences that are few and far between.

    • +1 I think DC has gotten safer and nicer in the past five years. Talk to people living in Virginia whose ventures into DC would never go east of Georgetown in the 1990s. Despite changes for the better, this is a big city and unfortunate events like this will not disappear.

  • You clearly haven’t been here a very long time / are otherwise spouting utter nonsense. We all know that Dupont’s right on the cusp of becoming a free-for-all open air drug market. Then it will be just weeks, no – days, before Georgetown follows suit. A little birdie told me that Rayful Edmond just closed on the top floor unit of 1055 High Condo right on the canal. Stay safe out there.

    • Heh, guess that was culled quickly. This was in response to someone trolling about DC becoming less safe, but in much more “coded” language.

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