Shooting at Georgia and Quincy near the Petworth Metro at 12:50pm

@DCPoliceDept tweets around 12:50pm:

“Shooting Investigation/3800 blk of Georgia Ave NW/LOF a B/M, wearing all black clothing, carrying a black backpack & armed with a handgun”

Update from MPD:

“Today, at approximately 12:30 pm, a man was standing in the 3700 block of New Hampshire Avenue, NW when he was approached by an individual who pulled out a pistol and fired several shots at that man. The suspect then ran away.

The victim was struck at least once and was transported to a hospital in stable condition.

Anyone with information about this event is asked to call 202-727-9099”

Ed. Note: This is getting ridiculous.

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  • i just walked by this. it’s directly in front of the metro entrance! what the what is going on? in the middle of the daytime, too!

  • AGAIN?!


  • If you care about this make sure you go to the Police / Community meeting today at 7:30 in the rec center.

  • What more needs to happen? Where the hell are the police? We’ve had a shooting in broad day light today, a shooting at 7:30pm two days ago. A 12 year old shot in his house last week. A grade school kid robbed last week plus a sexual assault and robbery. All within a couple blocks. This does not even count the cab robbed several weeks ago or several other assaults near 13th. I hope the media latches on to this, it’s the only thing that gets attention.

    • So, let’s just say there are 100+ of gun-toting thugs (GTTs) that live within a mile radius o9f the Petworth Metro. And let’s say there numbers grow by 3 with every shooting (building the retribution circle). And let’s say MPD, who has to cover the entire city where thousands of other GTTs are walking the streets, can only allocate 10 officers per shift to patrol the area around the Petworth Metro. And let’s say while that will help, it cannot truly end this mad shooting and killing. What do you propose then?

      • I dunno, maybe try something different than what you’re doing right now? Whatever strategy they’re doing now isn’t working.

        It’s a bit misleading to ask a commenter to know what to do about violence. Police are supposed to have an action plan for this. They’re the ones failing, not the commenter for not having a violent crime policing blueprint.

      • How about much tougher sentencing for anyone caught with or using a handgun in the city. So many gun homicides end with pleading to second degree murder, and less than 15 years in jail, so they are back out on the streets before they are 35. The GTT culture of America and in DC is totally out of control, and if “they” know there is practically never going to be a serious effort to throw away the key when GTTs start shooting up the hood, it’s gonna be very tough nigh impossible to eradicate.

      • How about doing something normal cities do? More plain clothes officers. Detectives canvassing the neighborhood talking to neighbors. Sending in a VICE unit or Task Force for 6 weeks. No small section in dc has seen the violent crime that this section has seen over the past two weeks. More patrols deter crime yes, but we need to ARREST them. I live in Park Place and despite promises of “more patrols”, Ive barely seen one squad car! Not to mention the violent crime is STILL happening. What’s that tell you?

        • Plainclothes VICE officers are too busy arresting – and then spending a few hours processing – privileged rich jerks like me and my friend for smoking a joint on the walk to a concert at Black Cat.

          • If you’re foolish enough to smoke a joint while walking down the sidewalk, you deserve to be arrested. Keep that stuff at home.

      • How about police are allocated based on needs? So, maybe the rich in Cleveland Park don’t need vice cops and a ton of patrols?

      • Change the loitering laws!!!!!

    • The cops cannot prevent all violence because they cannot be everywhere all the time. They have to patrol the neighborhood and those who want to break the law wait until after they pass. A better question would be why are the judges and the Department of Youth Rehabilitation Services not imposing sentences that would deter repeat offenders.

      • Agree. But the ultimate FAIL in this scenario are the members of the community who KNOW who is doing this and won’t “snitch”. These are the people that our leaders and respected figures in these communities (U listening Sharpton?) need to reach and enlighten.

  • There’s a community meeting with 4D police at 7pm to discuss the uptick in crime in this area tonight (Thursday). It’s at 3725 10th st NW , if anyone’s interested.

    • The MPD 4th District Citizens’ Advisory Council meeting is tonight at the 4th District Station, 6001 Georgia Ave, NW, at 7:00pm. They meet every 3rd Thursday of the month.

  • I haven’t been following this as closely as some other threads, but wanted to chime in with a bit of additional outrage and a question. Does anyone have any good theories about what underlying issues are resulting in these crimes? I know in other neighborhoods there have been reports of “synthetic marijuana,” aka bath salts, sales resulting in all kinds of messed up behavior and I’m wondering if this is more of the same. BTW I suggest taking a second to Google “bath salts” if you haven’t heard about this type of drug before. It can be really nasty stuff.

    • Really, really bad parenting.

        • do you agree because thats what you see on the surface of things, or because you actually understand that because you’ve grew up like that?

          • The greatest privilege I was ever given is having two parents who loved me, cared for me and taught me right from wrong. I don’t think I’m going on a limb by saying that many DC children lack this.

      • Any other theories? While this may be true, I find it hard to believe that this is all PoPville readers can collectively come up with.

      • ^This. My categories would be 1) lack of parental involvement, whether as a result of apathy or non-availability (maybe working multiple jobs), resulting in ignoring, not recognizing, or not caring about kids’ involvement in illicit activities; or ) parents themselves involved in illicit activities setting a poor example for their kids. I’m sure that some kids go wrong in spite of engaged, involved parents – but I’d posit that they’re a rare exception.

      • +100

    • HaileUnlikely

      I have lots of theories that I think are good. They’re worth exactly what you paid for them: Nothing. Does anybody else here have any actual information about what the F* actually happened here this afternoon?

      • Well, that was unnecessarily nasty.

        • HaileUnlikely

          Sorry, it was indeed. I’m a jerk sometimes. But I have good friends who live in the apartment building in front of which this shooting happened. We can shoot the sh!t all day and accomplish absolutely nothing (heck, I suppose that’s what blogs are for…), but I just want information about what actually happened here today.

          • I think we agree that it would be great to know what is actually happening here. I won’t be able to make it to tonight’s meeting but really hope the police will answer this question and that someone will post answers tomorrow (assuming no one here has insight right now).

          • true, blogs are not a substitute for vetted news reports

          • Sometimes people on this blog link to vetted news reports 🙂

      • My point of asking is the question is that it’s pretty hard to get to a point where you can effectively do something about the problem if you don’t have at least some idea what’s going on. Obviously hard facts are better than theories; I think that’s a given.
        While poor parenting may be a factor in this flare-up, it’s also a pretty tough thing to react to when these victims of poor parenting are now teenagers or older. I also don’t see people on this site having a very thorough dialogue about ways to possibly address this parenting in any kind of large-scale way, e.g. universal pre-K, different forms of family assistance. Also, I would add that most children of bad parents don’t go on to be criminals. This seems like something on top of bad parenting. Something specific.

        • “While poor parenting may be a factor in this flare-up, it’s also a pretty tough thing to react to when these victims of poor parenting are now teenagers or older.”
          Not at all. Address the effects of bad parenting (and poverty) to prevent the endless repetition of this cycle. But, when past victim of bad parenting are now teenagers and commit crime, especially violent crime, the proper reaction is very easy: go to jail. Go directly to jail. Do not pass go. Do not collect $200.

          • I don’t disagree with the conclusion, but I think there’s a gap in the steps you took to get there. Specifically: what bad sh*t pushed said person over the edge from being a victim of bad parenting to committing a crime. I don’t think one necessarily follows from the other.

          • if you can only come up with one absolute solution, you probably haven’t really look into alternative solutions.
            it’s a shame, because the cycle of violence and jail time is not getting better.

          • If you’re looking for a definitive cause and effect that inevitably leads to a life of violent crime, you’re going to be sorely disappointed. Plenty of people born to poverty are not criminals, and plenty of people born to means are. But multigenerational poverty, combined with failing schools and parents who are working 2 jobs to put food on the table (best case scenario), are not really interested in their kids (not great) or are outright criminals themselves are significant set the stage for criminal behavior.

          • I had never thought about this until recently (I think it was an NPR story I heard, or a New York Times article I read), but the problem with a hardline policy of sending people to jail (and for long periods of time) is that you end up with more kids growing up without fathers in their lives… which can contribute to THEIR then becoming criminals and repeating the whole cycle.
            I used to believe in tougher sentencing, etc., but maybe it would be worth it to be a little more lenient on the offenders if it means that their kids would be less likely to grow up to become offenders themselves?

          • Textdoc 5:34, I don’t think giving more lenient sentences to $hitty parents is the solution

        • Blithe

          Shawess, I’m sorry that I missed the chance to participate in this thread earlier in the day. One critical factor that can be used successfully to address issues with teens and older kids is to support positive peer interactions. Many problematic behaviors with teens occur in the context of peer activities, and with the support of peer values. The kid who wants to fit in may go along with negative behavior that s/he would not have participated in either alone, or with a peer group heavily weighted towards positive behaviors.
          I think there are critical factors including: having access to at least one trustworthy caring adult; having exposure to pro-social skills and the opportunity to practice them; having a peer group that supports these values; and, most importantly, having the experience of successful outcomes as a result of choosing these pro-social skills and values.
          If positive behaviors and values don’t lead, for the most part, to positive outcomes, the individual using them is likely to stop — both because they don’t lead to good short-term outcomes, and because they may lead to negative outcomes — including peer pressure and bullying — or worse.
          Interventions can include things like school and community based mental health programs; and supervised recreational activities — which, not coincidentally, often have at least one trustworthy adult and a positive peer group as components. It’s easier for a kid to say “I won’t do x…. because I want to play in the game tomorrow” and get support for that then it is to be the odd person out in a peer group. Teens as a group can be impulsive, and peer-oriented. So while these types of interventions are in no way substitutes for things like having a supportive nuclear family, extended family, community, and educational system, they can be critical factors in reducing negative behavior and increasing positive behavior with teens and young adults. There are, of course, many, many other factors in play, and my comments are general ones — not related to the specific incidents discussed in this thread.

    • Already missing Serial, eh?

      • Still processing that. But in effect, yes. I also watched a lot of movies this week. Can you tell? One that seems pretty relevant to this discussion is The Inevitable Defeat of Mister and Pete. It’s a big reason I’m not letting people get away with saying “bad parenting” then washing their hands of the situation.

        • Yes, I can tell. Unfortunately, like all the Serial discussions I’ve listened to or read, it’s not really serious discussion, it’s just people guessing and speculating. It may be entertaining (for some) but I don’t find it useful. But since you’re asking for it, here’s my take: the folks who know what the **** is going on don’t hang out on PoPville.

          • Maybe I’m expecting too much, or reading into things incorrectly, but sometimes I think Dan would like PoPville to take on questions like these a bit more seriously than we often do. Unlike, say, DCist, conversations here can actually get serious and sometimes stay that way for a period of time. I can’t think of another outlet where people in DC can actually have these types of conversations, and wonder if there is an opportunity to here to raise the dialogue to a higher level.
            And Krampus, if you don’t think the conversation is useful, I wonder what you’re doing to change it … or why you tune in at all.

          • Petworthy and dcd, I’m going to ask you the same question I asked Krampus.

          • What question? The only one I see is “Can you tell?”

          • Directly above my last post: “if you don’t think the conversation is useful, I wonder what you’re doing to change it … or why you tune in at all.”
            Although, dcd, I realize it’s a bit of a stretch to ask you these questions because you didn’t say this yourself. I was mostly trying to get your attention because you say interesting stuff that’s usually pretty different from the things I say.

          • Well, these deserve longer, more detailed responses, but I’ll stick to short ones:
            1) Believe me, there is nothing I would love more than some serious conversation around here, IMO there is relatively little. But speculation and guessing by people who don’t actually know what they’re talking about is worse than silence to me.
            2) I’m not part of the problem nor do I know who is, so there’s comparatively little I can do. But, FWIW, I call the cops often, I closely monitor what’s happening in and around my neighborhood, I know and speak to my neighbors, I pick up trash and keep an eye on everything (not just my stuff) as best I can. I say hi to everyone I see on the street and I make sure people know that I see them (hopefully in a friendly and not creepy way). I monitor the listservs so I have an idea what’s happening. Etc.
            3) Why do I tune in? I keep an eye/ear on everything, not just one thing. It helps keep a balanced perspective.

          • To be completely honest, I’m not doing much to change it. I donate to my church, which has a robust social justice program, but my personal charitable time is spent on other (equally deserving) efforts. My daughter attends a charter school filled with underprivileged kids, and we donate to that, too, but beyond attending concerts and parent teacher conferences, I’m not that involved (other than helping the administration fend off crazy neighbors, which really doesn’t count for these purposes). And we’re likely to move her soon, because the efforts needed to help the supermajority of underprivileged kids get up to standards appear to mean that kids who have lots of home advantages (but are a little lazy) aren’t pushed to excel, but rather left to coast along. I realize that’s a little (OK, a lot) selfish, but my first responsibility is to her, and the impediments to her success are getting pronounced, and I’m not willing to bet on her future. Maybe that makes me a part of the problem – I don’t think so, but I know many who would disagree. And I have no idea what the solution is, but I do know that multigenerational poverty makes all other efforts band-aids at best.

          • Fair enough, Krampus. I’ll ask a similar question then: if you’d like more serious conversation, do you have any ideas on how to raise the dialogue (here or elsewhere) to a higher level? I’m just as frustrated as you that it’s not happening. Maybe this isn’t the forum for serious dialogue on crime, but incidents like this make me think that dialogue is necessary and FWIW I think PoPville has potential to be a place for it.

  • I’ve seriously been dodging bullets this week it seems. Checking my alarms from my log of when I came and left my house, I was at the Petworth metro station 5 mins before this happened today, and I was at 9th and quincy 20 minutes after that one on the 15th. Jeez.

  • Echoing the outrage here. That’s what, 5 shootings in an approximately 6 day period all within a few blocks? This is a measurable uptick; I’ve lived in the area for three years and don’t remember it being this bad. What is going on?

    • Don’t forget the sexual assault and robbery of a young woman last week. There have also been numerous assaults around 13th St and Randolph. Not to mention a cab robbed on Kansas & Quincy.

    • Not to mention the ones we haven’t seen published here or anywhere else. I live at Longfellow and 1st and just a couple weeks ago got woken up by gunshots at 3:29am – so close to our house that flashes of light lit up our whole bedroom with each shot. Haven’t seen anything on it anywhere.

  • My guess is there is a turf war between the local crews. They are going back and forth. Police will try to squash it with a truce between the leaders of said crews.

  • Can someone report what happens at this meeting on POPville? I’d love to be there but can’t make it. This is absolutely insane and something has to be done.

  • No surprised given the drug activity that occurs right there in broad daylight on that block in front of commuters as they get out of the station.

  • The MPD 4th District Citizens’ Advisory Council meeting is tonight at the 4th District Station, 6001 Georgia Ave, NW, at 7:00pm. They meet every 3rd Thursday of the month.

  • Luckily I decided to use the bathroom before walking out today, because it seems I missed this by a few minutes. The police were arriving when I walked by on my way to CVS.

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