Shooting at 9th and Jefferson St, NW and 18th and K St, NE

From MPD:

“At around 1:50 am there was a shooting in the area of 9th and Jefferson Streets NW, the complainant was in his vehicle when he heard the sounds of gunshots, he left the area and discovered that his vehicle had been struck. No injuries were reported. Several minutes later, a victim was sitting in his vehicle in the 1200 block of Ingraham Streets NW, when he was approached by 4 males and several of them began shooting into the vehicle. The victim was struck numerous times in the legs and was taken to a local hospital. The victim is in stable condition.

High visibility patrol beats with a specific and directed focus on this area is deployed, the detectives are investigating these cases. The only information that we have so far are (4) black males, one of whom is light complexioned approximately 6’ in height.

We ask that anyone with information contact the MPD CIC at 202-727-9099 or text MPD at 50411.”

And just after 11pm @DCPoliceDept tweeted:

“MPD Alert: shooting/400 18th ST NE LOF 1 B/M wearing all black armed with a firearm.”

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  • $10 that the shooters live in MD. DC is not your crime Disney land, go home.

  • What is going on? What’s the gunshot count this month?

  • jim_ed

    *sigh* The shooting at 9th and Jefferson woke us up again last night, followed a few minutes later by the shots at Georgia and Ingraham. MPD was on scene basically immediately en force, so not much else they could have done outside of setting up a 24/7 unit at 8th and Jefferson. However, at this point they need to let the neighborhood know what the hell is going on.

    • gotryit

      I wish MPD would tell us what’s going on. This is really too much of a pattern to be completely random. Either MPD doesn’t know what’s going on or they don’t want to tell us.

    • Why not set up a car 24/7 at 8th and Jefferson? There’s three cop cars playing the role cones should be outside of Costco.

      • MPD already heavily uses fixed posts which they call “details”. Generally your detail is 1-2 blocks and begins after shootings. Depending on the severity of the issue, the cops can only respond to calls on those blocks or confirmed calls for help from other cops off the detail. The usefulness of the details is up for discussion. While having a scout car sitting at 8th and Jeff may assuage fears, it reduces the cars that are able to patrol in that PSA. It also in no way guarantees that a shooting won’t happen 2 blocks from the detail.

  • WHAT THE HECK!! What is with all the shootings lately? Never heard anything more on the shooting on Morton from Sunday morning either? What came out of the community meeting last week?

  • The shootings continue in the same area. You can repost the same story just change the date and times.

  • Everyone I’ve talked to in the neighborhood agrees that these are generally turf battles, and the assailants are people from MD that are crossing the border.

    But the bigger question is, where is our community leadership? I know Bowser is busy trying to be Mayor, but we have an official crime wave going on in our neighborhood, and there’s a vacuum in her wake (but not a big one). Who is going to stand up to these fools, and let them know publicly that this nonsense is over with? We can’t accept this as business as usual in Petworth.

    Does anyone know who the candidates are for Ward 4 Councilmember?

    • gotryit

      I don’t think any of the Ward 4 council contenders are in touch with the gang disputes. We need someone who is to work with the police to root this out. But probably not as councilmember.

    • Who cares if they are from MD or not. It’s not like DC residents have nothing to do with all these shootings. I’d like to know that MPD is rooting this out but don’t need to know how because I don’t want the criminals to know either.

  • We need emergency legislation to establish no gun or gang zones with extreme penalties for violations, and some sort of stepped up DC-MD gang task force. We shouldn’t tolerate so many shootings day after day, week after week, month after month, year after year, for decades now!

    • +1. I’m curious what came out of last week’s community meetings, so would definitely appreciate some insight from anyone who was able to attend!

      • Last week’s meeting was lame. MPD and Bowser’s rep Judi Gold danced around the real issues. Bowser’s rep suggested that citizens “be smart.” If you don’t want to get robbed and sexually assaulted — don’t walk alone in dark alleys, late at night. Walk in groups. Don’t leave valuables in your car because uptick in crime starts with petty crime – like a string of car break-ins when thieves realize an area is vulnerable. This then invites more serious crime. The conversation was borderline victim blaming. No real info or insight was offered up.

        MDP couldn’t really offer anything because of ongoing investigations or because it would compromise their strategic planning efforts. We — citizens — were asked to help MPD and report suspicious activity by calling 911. MPD also mentioned how there’s not a lot of video surveillance out there. This explains why the video of the shooting by the Georgia Ave metro last week was so crappy. MPD also said it’s unlikely that DC has the “resources” to improve or increase video surveillance in areas where crime seems prevalent and it’s unlikely that police officers from other areas in the city – with less crime – will be dispatched to this area to assist in increased surveillance. Tho there’s been an increase in police coverage sent to parts of Anacostia because they’re experiencing an even worse “uptick” in crime than our area.

        One citizen asked if MPD could have more cops on foot in the area, making real contact with residents instead of sitting in their cars with their heads turned down to their phones. To which MPD responded that citizens really should go out of their way to thank cops when we see them…because being a cop is hard and if they feel appreciated you better believe they’ll go out of their way to do a better job…completely glossing over the fact that it’s hard to thank cops when they don’t even make eye contact from their parked cars.

        In all, it was nice and much appreciated that the Fourth District Police Officers came out to the meeting during their scheduled time off and it was a nice effort for Bowser to send someone from her team – but I don’t think anything real got addressed. I found the meeting to be a disappointment in terms of reassurance that the police or this city’s leadership knows what’s going on and is actively addressing the problem(s).

        • west_egg

          I was also at the meeting and I completely agree with this assessment. I’ve had a hard time articulating my disappointment and this comment lays it out very well.
          One thing I’ll add — I walked in after Ms. Gold had started speaking, so I’m not exactly sure what she meant, but she mentioned that people were concerned about an “uptick” and that she wasn’t sure where that phrase came from. I’m not sure if she’s confused about the word itself or about neighborhood residents thinking crime is on the rise, and I’m not sure which of those is worse.

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