Dolcezza (and other official retail) coming to CityCenter

10th and H Street, NW

A tipster with a very good track record sends word that a Dolcezza is coming to CityCenter. A nice compliment to RareSweets? Update: Thanks to the kind souls who pointed out that Dolcezza is listed on the coming soon section on CityCenter’s website. Ok then! Here’s that full coming soon list for others who’ve been sleeping:

Caudalie Boutique Spa
Coming Soon

Coming Soon

CH Carolina Herrera
Coming Soon

David Yurman
Coming Soon

Coming Soon

Coming Soon

Coming Soon

Louis Vuitton
Coming Soon

mango tree
Coming Soon

milk bar
Coming 2015

Coming 2015

Paul Stuart
Coming Soon”

Dolcezza’s latest expansion was to Logan Circle (after opening their factory by Union Market) at 14th and P St, NW in June.


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  • Other than the gelato there is literally nothing there I will ever go to – though there are a lot of rich lawyer/lobbyist types that will. Of course I know I am not the target for anything related to this project.

    • Accountering

      I read your first sentence and was thinking in my head – This development isn’t for you! (Or me, or anyone I know) but then saw your second sentence haha. Glad these dollars are going to be spent in the District, as opposed to Tysons. Tthis will create a decent amount of high paid retail (I assume someone selling a $2,000 jack gets paid well over minimum wage?) and a good amount of sales and property tax as well. Huge win for the city over the parking lot that was there before.


  • I don’t even care if I can’t afford anything there. It won’t stop me from frequently going by City Center just to be somewhere pleasant and to see beautiful stores. If I can stop there and have a treat – whether Rare Sweets, Dolcezza or a glass of wine/meal at one of the restos – i am fine with that. It is about time DC got a place like City Centre. What would be really good is if phase 2 could bring in a large Bloomingdales or Barneys…

    • This is my favorite comment on PoPville so far on City Center, just because I couldn’t agree more with it. By the way, Rare Sweets is terrific. Highly recommended.

      • +1 about RareSweets being terrific.

        • the complex remains completely dead. Arcteryx ‘s opening drew a line but the rest of the place had no customers. they need an anchor–Nordstrom would make sense–they’ve been downgrading Pentagon City and supposedly considered Gtown. Bloomingdale’s also would make sense.

          • Totally agree that a good anchor is needed, but I’m wondering how likely it is to be a Bloomingdales considering they closed a bunch of their stores a few years ago. Nordstrom would be pretty nice! I’d honestly be happy with anything, so long as it’s not a Neiman Marcus.

      • I have been to rare sweets twice so far. The oatmeal raisin cookie and maple doughnut were delicious, but I got chocolate cake which did not have a lot of flavor. I also think the breakfast options are a little overpriced (not surprisingly for City Center) – a small biscuit for example is 3.50, and a tiny little doughnut (about half the size of a dunkin donut) was also about 3 dollars….I am used to paying “hipster” coffee place prices for baked goods, but this was even more expensive than usual. I will definitely go back, especially since I think they will expand their offerings and figure all of these kinks out.

    • I totally agree about the high end department store. there are only so many times you can buy a lady dior bag, but bloomingdales would keep me coming back to the area for a wider variety of items.

    • maxwell smart

      Friendship Heights

      • = ~45 minutes on the metro for me in each direction on weekends. I almost never go to that Bloomingdales, but would if the same store was more centrally located.

        • Couldn’t agree more. Apart from the 45 min trip via Metro, I don’t enjoy going to Friendship Heights. Somehow it feels suburban and “old” … Maybe that’s a little harsh but given a choice of Fship Heights and City Center, I know which one I am always going to choose.

          • I think the make-up of that neighborhood is kind of “old.” I used to work in retail up there and it’s a lot of empty-nesters. Maybe there are younger folks around, but I think they must hang elsewhere.

            Also, that Bloomie’s in FH is tiny. I think it’s their smallest store in the region. So hopefully (for others – I shop pretty strictly online) an anchor in CityCenter would be a bit larger.

    • or Nordstrom.

    • YES. I’d love a good department store here, especially Nordstrom!

    • Agreed. They can put a similar size/style Bloomingdales like the one in Soho.

  • RIP, Uniqlo. (Someone had to say it.)

    • They’re not looking to attract the poors.

      • They’ll go “downmarket” in two years, if they’re not hitting their numbers.
        Who’s backing CityCentre? Is it a sovereign wealth fund (a la Tyson’s Corner being owned by Alaska oil fund)?

        • Yup — Qatari. I’m not sure they’ll ever need to go downmarket. The Qataris can afford to subsidize this for our lifetimes.

          • I actually want to underscore this point more than I did in the post above. It’s important to know a bit about Qatar Investment Authority/Qatari Diar if you care about the logic of the development. The “developer,” which I put in quotes because this fund isn’t your average real estate developer in any sense, has the closest thing to bottomless pockets that I could imagine. The money comes from the largest single producer and seller of natural gas, which provides something like 25% of the world’s liquefied natural gas.

            I think the fact that they’ve let so many of these properties sit unleased as long as they have, and that so many “coming soon” properties aren’t open yet, is a good sign that they would rather have “prestige” businesses than filled storefronts. I don’t expect that to change. This property is a safe place for the fund to park money AND make Qatar look good. I suspect they care more about the latter than the former.

          • Ah yes, definitely a lot more room to fail upwards.
            No need to go downmarket, if you don’t have a consortium of banks calling in your debt.

  • I’m definitely excited for all the great retail/food options. I don’t have to be able to afford/buy regularly or at all to appreciate beautiful things and enjoy walking around outside while “browsing”. It’s a great spot. And milkbar? STFU that’s too awesome. I mean, hopefully we’ll be moved by then…but if not, my blood sugar will be THRILLED

    • Now that you mention Milk Bar, it sounds like there will be (at least) three sweets places in this complex if you include Dolcezza. That seems like a lot. I wonder if all three will all be able to do well once they’re all operational.

      • they all seem very different….Milkbar will PROBABLY be attached to the restaurant. Dolcezza in Logan seems to be more of a coffee shop with gelato than the other way around. Rare Sweets – is it a take away spot? If not, and is more of a luxury place, milkbar and dolcezza will have the quick sweets market (haven’t been to Rare Sweets – too cold to walk there and explore these days when we have the time)

        • I guess we’ll have to see how this Dolcezza and the Milk Bar set up their shops. If this Dolcezza is mostly a coffee shop that also sells gelato, they’ll probably do very well. If MilkBar is a part of the restaurant and also has to go sweets, it will probably also do well. If anything, I’m most concerned about Rare Sweets. They have a number of items to take away, including amazing cookies, but I think most of their sweets seem to be the sort that you might order in advance for a party (larger cakes) or buy to share (smaller cakes). Given that their retail space must be amazingly expensive, I wonder how that business will fare in time. I imagine there is a market for beautiful, delicious and expensive cakes, but I’m not sure that market is big -enough-. I hope for their sake that it is.

          • Well, if they make an excellent product and get in to the speciality cake business, they can do VERY well. Finding a specialty cake in DC itself is difficult – I went out to Falls Church for my (gorgeous) wedding cake. I would have MUCH rather kept that business in DC. There are lot of wedding sites that they can become a preferred vendor for and do very, very well that way. But the product had to be good.

          • Very good points, jindc, and I could see this place killing it with wedding cakes if the cakes are are tasty as they look. I didn’t try their cake (yet), but the cookies were really special. I’m still thinking about them and may go back this weekend for more 🙂

  • Not a fan of Dolcezza, after a summer in Rome and unlimited high quality 1 euro gelato, I’m not excited. They are way too stingy with their stuff.

  • Seconding, or third-ing, or fourth-ing, all of the comments hoping for a Nordstrom here. That would make me SO happy. But is there space for a full department store? I haven’t spent enough time walking around there to know.

  • maxwell smart

    Curious that so many people still shop in large department stores. I can honestly say I have never been in a Bloomingdale’s, Nordstrom or the like. Maybe rarely I will venture in Macy’s and within a few minutes remember why I don’t shop there. If it were me, I would rather see smaller, more focused retailers.

    • when you say smaller, more focused retailers do you mean small business? as it is I think most of the luxury boutiques here are pretty focused as they’re single brand stores. it’s possible someone shopping for a bag might go between dior and hermes, but I think most people going to these stores are looking for a very specific item not browsing and picking something up on a whim–unless it’s lower priced item.

    • If I need a black sweater or a pair of jeans or a winter jacket or a suit, I’m going to go to a place that will have a hundred options, not just three “carefully curated” choices. I just don’t have time to go to 10 different small boutiques to find what I need. Also, I shop online at Nordstrom a lot – free shipping and free returns. Plus, Nordstrom’s customer service is phenomenal and their return policy is incredibly generous – most boutiques have a 30 day return policy, if returns are allowed at all. (None of my comments apply to Macy’s, I rarely go there.)

      • to each their own. I usually find the offerings at department stores to be bland and ill-fitting and the experience of shopping there to be uninspiring. If I’m shopping for a winter coat, I’d rather go to a retailer(s) that specializes in outerwear and knows what they are making.

        • I need a wool winter coat right now. Is there a retailer that specializes in women’s, non-athletic, dress outerwear (like not REI/Northface/Arc’teryx? I will totally go there, but I didn’t know that one existed. I’m asking seriously, not trying to argue.

    • Bloomingdale’s/Nordstrom =/= Macy’s. As kind of “meh” as the Nordstrom in Pentagon City is, go check it out sometime. I think you’ll see the difference immediately.

    • Where do you buy underwear and socks, and basic stuff like that? I mean, every day stuff, not ‘fancy’.

  • Still bummed about the apple store. We need a more centrally located apple store.

    • Agreed. Particularly considering both Bethesda and PC are always absolutely packed in evenings and on weekends.

    • I totally agree re Apple Store – we need one more centrally located. I hate going to Gtown – it feels stale and boring. I always thought Union Station would be a great place for an Apple Store once they develop Union Station and add on Ackridge’s Burnham Place development’s retail selection. Foot traffic would be phenomenal. It would be a while away though…

  • as excited as I am for this new development, I knew it wouldn’t be long before this happened:

    • Given the lack of traffic here, it probably moved more merchandise than they’d get with their post-grand opening foot traffic.

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