Reservations for Rose’s Luxury New Year’s Eve Menu Starts at 11am

717 8th Street, SE

From Rose’s Luxury:

“We will begin taking reservations for New Year’s Eve On Tuesday, December 2nd, at 11am via this link. Please note that reservations slots labeled “Kitchen Counter” and “Garden Bar” are side by side seats. Our upstairs bar stools will offer the full menu and remain open for walk-ins.

The New Year’s Eve menu is $95 per person, and every two guests have their choice of three small plates and one “family style” dish to share, plus dessert, some bubbles, and a few extra goodies. Drinks, tax and gratuity are not included.

At the time of booking a $50 per person credit card authorization charge is required.

For any cancellations made less than 48 hours in advance, there will be a charge of $50 per person, with exceptions being extreme situations due to the reemergence of the y2K bug or Kim Kardashian, in fact, “breaking the internet”.”


“We have another reservation w/ dinner on us up for grabs 100% goes to our favorite charity @WFPUSA! @ebaygivingworks”

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  • justinbc

    So, what if you want to go by yourself?

  • I’m tempted, but I usually prefer to stay closer to home on NYE. Also the $50 cancellation fee is BS, considering that they will have NO problem filling that spot.

    • justinbc

      They’ve already run out of availability.

    • The cancellation fee is within 48 hours and that kind of policy, especially for a big night, is not abnormal in the business. When they are slammed and prepping for a big night, they don’t want to be re-issuing reservations.

      • Food orders rely on this notice BIGTIME.
        However, like it’s been said before, they won’t have any troubles filling open spots!
        I was tempted, but am I alone in saying that I absolutely despise going out on NYE? I guess you could say I’m somewhat of an NYE Scrooge.

  • I hate this place. I have complained about reservations, so now that they offered them, I decided to put my money where my mouth is and try to get one. I got through at 11AM on the dot and asked for a table, it said a table was available for 6PM so I selected that and input all my information including my CC number. Then it told me that the reservation that was available less than a minute before had become unavailable while I was entering my information.

    Shouldn’t the res remain available after I select it and while I am putting in my information???

    • Same thing happened to me. I got a reservation at 8 pm, but by the time I entered my information in (30 seconds later), and clicked submit , it was gone. Lame.

    • Is anyone else having this problem? It still has some availability, but when you select a time and input your information, it’s gone when you click “submit.” I’ve tried 4 times now and every time, it says there is a reservation, and then tells me it’s not available after I input information. This happens even if I click the “hold for 5 minutes” button before I immediately input my information.

    • justinbc

      And this is exactly why many people prefer places that don’t take reservations and have to deal with silly systems like this, or zero availability because you were there at .001 seconds after launch.

    • Same thing! I emailed them to let them know, in case they weren’t aware this happened.

    • They used a vendor and the vendor clearly had problems with volume. This isn’t their fault, really. They are in the restaurant business, not the online reservation business. FWIW, they sold out in a few minutes (I got reservation no problem) so clearly the system worked enough to get people reservations.

      • It clearly worked for some. But if someone was on there before 11:01 and completed the form before 11:01, it doesn’t seem right that they should miss the reservation. They need to vet their vendor better than that.

        I stick my my conclusion that Rose’s doesn’t care about it’s diners. I won’t be making another effort to eat there. I’m sure the food’s great, but it’s too much of a hassle in my opinion.

        • justinbc

          You mean they’re not catering to you specifically. They care about their actual diners a lot.

          • So they care about the people that actually make it to the status of diners, but not the people that aspire to dine there.

          • justinbc

            I’m not sure anyone can say, since they don’t ever actually encounter for whatever reason.

          • OK, they don’t care about their potential diners. I guess they might be great once you jump through all the hoops to eat there.

            But it seems that they can do not wrong in your book, so I’ll stop commenting.

        • I disagree that Rose’s doesn’t care about its diners. The service is terrific, and I find the general no reservations policy to be much more democratic than being forced to make reservations 2 months in advance in the middle of a workday.
          But, I’m curious about something – you have complained about the lack of reservations before, and from that drawn the conclusion that the restaurant doesn’t care about its customers. Now they offer reservations, and it is not a seamless process, and you also conclude that they don’t care about their customers. What would they have to do to make you change your mind?

        • So…you “hate this place” because you haven’t been able to go? No reservations is a very, very common policy for (popular) smaller restaurants run by independent operators looking to ensure they keep their tables filled. To say that they don’t care about their diners is absurd. Arguably, no other restaurant in town puts as much thought into the experience of the diner – from the setting to the service and obviously…the food.
          They used a local startup vendor to handle the ticketing/reservations, and they had some issues with volume. This happens ALL THE TIME, including to the big players, like Ticketmaster. Sorry dude, cry me a river.

          • You have to admit, though, that they’re excluding a lot of potential customers with their policies. In order to eat here, you have to either stand in line for two hours or be willing to eat $95 worth of food. Many of us are interested in Rose’s but don’t want to pig out and can’t get there by 3:30.

          • justinbc

            And yet, the tables are always full, so excluding potential customers wouldn’t seem to be that much of a worry. If people want to eat there, they can. They’re not telling you “no sir, you can’t come”. There are all sorts of hurdles to get in to many other things in life, and many other restaurants here in DC, this one only gained notoriety because it’s new. Before that it was people bitching about Toki, and before that it was the reservation process at Minibar / Komi.

          • Normal Person – You have an erroneous idea of what it is to get a seat at Rose’s. You don’t need to wait at 3:30. You can show up at 6 and put your name in. There will likely by a 2-3 hour wait. They take your name, and cell, and then you go away – home, out for drinks, shopping, whatever. Then they text you, and you come back, and have a great time and a great meal. You DO NOT have to stand in line for 3+ hours.

          • Admittedly I’ve only had the patience to do this once, but when I tried to go people further up the line were claiming they’d been there since 3:30. That could have been an exaggeration, but by the time they got to me (a latecomer to the line at 4:45) it was a 4 hour wait for a party of 2. And by then it was almost 6 and the line still stretched down the block, just like every evening at 6 that I’ve seen it, so I don’t see how someone could just walk in at that time. That would be nice if it were true though!

          • “You have to admit, though, that they’re excluding a lot of potential customers with their policies. In order to eat here, you have to either stand in line for two hours”
            I don’t agree with that at all. You don’t have to actually wait in line, you know – put your name in, go do something else in the neighborhood, and come back for dinner. And for every customer they’re “excluding,” they’re making it more accessible for another.

          • Plus being heckled by people walking by about how we’re idiots for waiting in a line for two hours kind of takes away from the experience.

          • You have to wait in line in order to put your name in. That’s what the line is for.

          • If you go by on a Tuesday or Wednesday at 6:00, there’s not a line to put your name in. Yes, if you want an 8:00 seating on a Saturday, you’ll have to wait in line. Or, as others have said, walk up to the bar, wait a bit, and eat there. Bottom line, you can go if you want.

          • Huh, I walk by every weeknight around 6 or 6:30 and there’s always a line. Usually pretty long (although maybe not tonight since the weather’s terrible).

          • Then I guess you’re out of luck. Sorry.

          • I’m not complaining about their policy- it’s totally their prerogative, but as a parent, I wish they would take reservations (please note that I’m not saying they are being unfair, etc). It’s just hard to organize childcare that would allow for this kind of system for seating at such a popular restaurant and I’d really like to try the place.

          • In my opinion, their policies are unfriendly to potential diners. It’s my opinion, you don’t have to share it. I complained about reservations, so when they offered them, I thought it was the honorable thing to try and actually get one and support the place. They made it all but impossible given that I was there in time. It’s not customer-friendly and there are plenty of places to eat.

          • Haha, ok dcd, then don’t claim things that simply aren’t true. People tend to exaggerate but the line to put your name in at Rose’s is legit.

  • Prince Of Petworth

    Readers Report Reservations for Rose’s Luxury New Year’s Eve Sold Out in 5 Minutes.

  • novadancer

    I got booted out twice when filling out my cc info. 3rd time actually worked 🙂

  • I somehow got one! Never been, have wanted to since it opened. First time in a long time (ever?) I’m legitimately excited about NYE.

    • Nice! I haven’t been there either, despite living only three blocks away (though I’ve certainly tried!). I got excited when I saw this, but then balked at the price. Even for NYE that is way too rich for us.

      • SouthwestDC

        It would be nice if Rose’s had a neighborhood appreciation day sometime, so those of us nearby can try it!

      • If you live in Capitol Hill then Roses is not too rich for you.

        • Accountering

          I think perhaps a more appropriate statement is “Even for NYE, we don’t want to spend that much money” which is totally understandable. I do agree, if you live on 8th St, you can afford a $95/person meal (even if only for a special occasion.)

          • Just because I’m willing to spend a lot to live in my top choice of neighborhoods doesn’t mean I’d apply the same strategy to everything in my life. I’m not made of money and would be broke if I did that!

        • What does that mean? I’ve never spent $95 on dinner before and don’t intend on starting now. I guess that’s how I’m able to afford to live here?

          • not willing to =/= unable to

          • SouthwestDC

            I didn’t say I was unable to– almost anyone could come up with $95 if they pinched enough pennies, or didn’t pay their utilities for a month, or whatever. I just wish there was a way to get reservations that didn’t involve committing to multiple courses. One dish would be plenty for me, and more within my means.

          • I’m not following – the price fixe menu is a special event, NYE. On any other day, you can go and get one course. If your beef is with the fact that they don’t take reservations, you don’t have to wait in line the entire time. You live nearby – go, put your name in, and then either have a drink at the dozen or so places nearby (or eat at the bar at Rose’s!), or go home and watch TV – when you get your text, walk on down and enjoy. This does not have to be complicated.

          • Yeah, I really wanted to go on my birthday, so I stood in the line for an hour and a half. I learned the wait would have been four hours, which I was willing to do, but others in my party couldn’t do that. I think it’s hard to find dining companions with that much time to kill.
            The only reservations I’ve seen were for big meals in the $95-125 range, unless I missed an announcement.
            I would like to go in and have a bite someday but it’s not set up so you can do that, which is a shame. I walk by the line every day and people stop to ask me how the food is, and I sheepishly admit I have no idea.

          • “This does not have to be complicated.”
            Sounds pretty complicated to me! It’s dinner, not Black Friday shopping. That’s an awful lot of strategizing for food.

          • You go, put your name in, wait for a text, return, and eat. It’s that’s too complicated to endure for delicious food, then I guess you’re out of luck.

          • So people are waiting in the line just for fun? I don’t get how you can just walk to the front and put your name in.

          • People are waiting in line before the doors open – 5:30 on weekdays. You live in the neighborhood – at around 6 or so, go put your name in on a Monday or Tuesday. While you’re there, stroll up to the bar and see if there’s an empty seat or someone who looks like they’re about to leave. If not, go home, make yourself a drink, make your lunch for tomorrow, and relax for a bit. When you get your text, throw on your coat, stroll down to the restaurant, and enjoy.

          • justinbc

            It really isn’t complicated at all. People are just used to having every business need to kiss their ass to fill the seats, and Rose’s doesn’t have to do that. Once you’re there though they treat every single table like they’re special.

          • I wouldn’t say it’s complicated, but it does require a lot of flexibility. People with kids, older folks who have to eat at specific times, people who can’t stand outside for an hour or more, can’t go here. You have to admit it requires budgeting off a larger block of time than a typical dinner.

          • Justin, do you enjoy going to the DMV? It’s the same process– wait in line forever, get a ticket, and then wait around forever to be called. The DMV doesn’t care if its customers feel valued, but a restaurant ought to.

        • Just like the trashy girl with the coach bag is obviously making six figures?

      • Andie302

        If you go by yourself or with one other person and sit at the bar upstairs you should be able to get in just about any night. The bartenders are great, and you don’t miss out on any excellent service by being at the bar. If you go on the later side, you may even have them to yourself on a weeknight.

        • How do you get in to the bar? I feel like a jerk pushing the line-standers out of the way to get in, and the hosts are so overwhelmed I can’t even ask them.

          • justinbc

            You just walk up to the door and head upstairs. The bar is first come first serve, so you don’t have to stand in line if you know you want to head up there.

        • This is what I do whenever my wife and daughter are out of town. If there’s a wait, it’s generally pretty short at the bar.

  • Sorry if I offend anyone but why anyone would want dining out on NYE is beyond me.

    • skj84

      Some people like a nice dinner on NYE. Especially those who don’t go out for dinner much, it can be a treat. I personally wouldn’t, I’ve worked restaurants too many years and I know they Jack their prices up. But I understand the allure.

    • I totally agree. I hate dining out on NYE. Jacked prices and often terrible service. I know, I know, there are plenty of places that offer a wonderful night out. But I’ve had too many bad experiences to ever try again.

      • Roses is full every night of the week, and they take their service, and the customer’s experience, very seriously. I wouldn’t expect anything but a superior performance from the kitchen and the crew on a night like this.

    • it’s not my kind of thing, but i can easily see why people want to be out and about on NYE. because they find it fun. what’s beyond you about that?

  • As much as Rose’s underwhelms me, I have to give them credit for riding this gravy train as far as it will go. Not on my dime, though.

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