Reader Reports Park Road Giant open but running on generators


“Dear PoPville,

The Giant on Park Road has been without power for several hours. They are open, but have barricaded all frozen, dairy, meat, chilled veggies and fruits and are pulling them from the shelves as we speak. The registers are working and you can buy anything that doesn’t require refrigeration.”

Update from @waynemancomedy”

“@PoPville – Giant on 14 St NW took a power hit. They removed all meat, and nothing refrigerated is available.”


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  • Seems like this area had finally gotten a respite from all those outages last year – guess not. Anyone know if this extends beyond Giant over to 11th street?

  • I live on Holmead, so I know it extends North, not sure about East over to 11th. Been without power since before 10am.

  • I don’t think it extends that far. Meridian Pint and houses on that block of Park have power.

  • I’m on 11th and Monroe and my building has power, but was one of those hit last year by the multiple outages. Hope we stay on (ptu ptu ptu)!

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