Reader Reports: Eight Gunshots Fired in Celebration of the Coming New Year

A reader reports (and I saw the police response):

“Just spoke to the cops. The shots were fired at end of the alley in the 300 block of Webster. 8 shots into the air, getting ready for tomorrow’s holiday, according to the cops. WTF?!”

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  • Having gone through the process to register a handgun in DC (my grandfathers, so for sentimental reasons), these people have obviously never taken the test I had to take! Else, they would have known that this is not acceptable under the laws governing handgun ownership in the District!
    One of the multiple choice questions was, “When is an inappropriate time to discharge your weapon in Washington, DC?”, where one of the choices was “Shooting into the air during a holiday celebration.” My guess is that they did NOT possess this handgun legally, as they should have known better! 🙂 – but seriously, questions on that test were so trivial that it seemed like they made it up as a formality to conform with the process.

  • What’s wrong with a little nighttime target practice? Just testing out a new firearm received as a gift, right.

  • It’s like the freaking wild west. Ugh.

  • Indirectly related — Kaya Henderson shouldn’t wonder why anyone who can, leaves the city when their kids are old enough to understand what’s going on, and in a desire to allow them to be able to walk to the corner of their block without a bodyguard.

  • binpetworth

    About 10 years ago, I was celebrating NYE with some friends in NE and someone did this right after midnight; we thought it was firecrackers until the kitchen window exploded and bullet casings were found in the sink. It was terrifying–and a damn good thing their first floor wasn’t open plan and there was a wall between the bullets and where we were sitting.

    • Bullet casings in the sink? So the person that fired the gun was standing right outside the kitchen window and fired purposefully into the house? Casings don’t fly with the bullets, so the gun must have been less than 5 feet from that house.

      • binpetworth

        Yeah, the police think the person was in the back alley behind the home, a few feet from the kitchen window and that they had terrible aim (or maybe a beef with the homeowner? doubtful). There were also casings all over the nearby back yards.

    • If you actually found “bullet casings” in the sink then those shots were fired by someone standing at the sink, inside the home. Do you mean bullet fragments?

      • binpetworth

        OK, it must have fragments…not having fired a gun, I am less knowledgeable about the physics–all I know is there was broken glass and silvery-gold fragments everywhere.

    • “we thought it was firecrackers until the kitchen window exploded and bullet casings were found in the sink.”

      Really? Bullet casings in your sink?

      A bullet is held in a casing. When it is shot, the casing either remains in the gun or is ejected out of the side (no more than a few feet). It does not accompany said bullet on its journey.

      They would have to be standing in the kitchen for the casings to end up there.

  • Ugh, cop humor at its finest.

  • Sadly, this was literally in our backyard in the alley.

    We just moved four weeks ago and are astounded by the crime that’s been happening.

    And unfortunately, I didn’t know that the sound of someone knocking heavily on a door is actually the sound a semi-automatic firearm makes as it’s discharged… But I do now!

    Great neighbors though, love the area and the cops were out here in minutes.

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