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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • Quotia Zelda

    Rave: Especially nice Christmas visit with my in-laws.
    Rave: Now we’re back home, in our own house, which is quiet. No nephews are playing Call of Duty, and no FILs are singing online Vietnamese karaoke.
    Also a Rave: Back home to our kitties!
    Rant: In addition to presents, my SIL seems to have given me her cold.

  • hispanicandproud

    Rave: Taco Tuesday last night with bestie after not seeing him for two weeks! Lots of fun, great talk and super happy to catch up.
    Rave: Finally got rid of all my pictures and videos on my phone from 2014 in order to download the new iPhone operating system. Refreshing to let go of memories that I had been holding on to since before July.
    Rave: Cleaning out my office cube and throwing away junk from the past few years. Great way to start the new year!

    Rave: Overall 2014 was pretty good with lots of ups and some sad downs but as Lucy tells Charlie Brown, “You know what I liked about this year? I’m still in it.”

  • skj84

    Rave: Despite some hiccups, I’ve had an amazing year. I’ve learned how strong I can be, how important friends are, and how much potential I have. I got to travel, perform, and spend time with family. Were parts of the year rough? Yes. But I think I can look back and say that 2014 was a life changer for me. I will use the lessons I’ve learned to make 2015 even better.

    Rave: 3 job interviews set up for next week. While I like my job I’ve been keeping my eyes open for other positions. One interview is for a tour and my interview is in NYC.

    Rant: I have to figure out what to tell work.I’m going to miss a day for this interview. I’ve never done an out of state interview before. Should I make up an excuse or just call out sick?

    • Good luck with the interviews! What does it mean to interview for a tour?
      Can you just say you need to take a day off, or is it necessary to give a reason?

      • skj84

        It’s for a emcee positional for a national tour. I think it’s a long shot, but hey, they did invite my for an interview. I am worries manager may press me for a reason when I tell them I can’t make it in on Monday. The interview is at 9, so there is no way I can get back in time for work.

        • Can you use a doctor’s appointment as an excuse?

          • I would be as generic as possible. I suppose medical stuff is always good since I don’t think they’re allowed to ask details by law, but you’d have to use sick leave.

            If you really wanted to stretch the truth, you could always say that you have a friend who lives in [insert country here] who is visiting NYC and it’s important that you see them. But be preprepared to answer follow-up questions about your visit on Tuesday…

        • Emmaleigh504

          Can you ask to take a “personal day” maybe they won’t ask questions if you say it that way.

  • Rant: I’m very single and generally it is ok (although it sucks) but I am so looking forward to the day when I have a week long Christmas break and I only have to spend a few days of it with my parents. 9 days with my parents, at 30, is about 6 days too long.

    Rave: 2015 will be better than 2014!

    • A bit confused on the second part of your rant — just because you’re single doesn’t mean you have to spend your entire Christmas break with your parents.

      • That is true- but this year it was either that or be at home alone in DC. I should have booked a trip, but a week in my hometown sounded good at the time! It just never is.

        • Yeah, I think booking a trip and/or putting down more roots in D.C. would be a good way to give yourself something to do over the break next time. (Were your D.C. friends going to be out of town?)

    • binpetworth

      I’m single and draw the line at spending no more than 4 days with any family member, ever. I don’t believe family should badger you into staying longer simply because you’re not sharing your time with a partner’s family. Tip for the future: Make another commitment that requires you to be away from family (small vacation, series of appointments) to limit your time with them.

      • Pablo Raw

        Or unofficial binpetworth organized HH 😉

      • I agree with this, although I don’t think you have to make another commitment, just tell them that it’s your time and you want to do other things with it. It’s taken my mom a bit of time to deal with this, but she gets it now that I’ve implemented some boundaries. You’re an adult and it’s your vacation time.
        I love my nieces and family, but 7 people in a 3 bedroom house is getting crazy. I slept in my parents walk in closet one night, it was brilliant until my 1 year old niece was eating breakfast at 5:30 am in the kitchen right below me. I absconded to my best friend’s house the next night where I got a whole guest room and a bed!

    • My only married sibling is always the one who spends the longest at home – 2 weeks minimum at Christmas/New Years. Granted they travel halfway around the world so 2 weeks makes sense, and the UK shuts down for the holidays so missing work is no big deal.
      I love spending time with family but prefer to spread out the family time over the year, two to three 1 week visits over 12 months is way better than overindulging at one time.

  • Rave: didnt stay at home last night so the bike ride home this morning was great. makes me wish i could bike to work every day as it is a great start to a day
    Rant: sounds like it will be getting reasonably cold tonight

  • I think I may have overextended myself tonight, at work…not sure if we’re leaving early. Have small dinner plans w/my girlfriend, then we’ll head to Church. Driving into DC to drop off her dog at my place, then we’re headed to Flash for a couple of hours. Apparently their party goes until noon tomorrow, Metro closes at 2 AM, I doubt we’d stay more than a couple of hours anyway

    • Flash is gonna be a marathon, planning on arriving later into the night to avoid the “look at me” crowds and get in when Delano G comes on as the crowd starts to fizzle out except for the heads.

    • How is Flash in general, haven’t been but seems like a cool place with sweet music

      • skj84

        It’s got one of the best sound systems in the city. Nice balance. I like the concept and space.

      • Flash is a great space, the music is usually on point and the space is great. Sometimes the crowds can be the weak point. Lots of self-awareness and show-offs, but it usually gets better later into the night. The best nights are when its less packed, but everyone is there only for the music.

    • Flash is gonna be a marathon tonight, I’m gonna hit it up later in the night to avoid the more “look at me” crowds. I’m hoping to arrive when Delano G comes on and those crowds fizzle out a bit, while most of the heads remain.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: It’s freezing cold in my office! I wish I were home snuggling with Donna.
    Rave: I love when Miss Marple solves a mystery!
    New Years resolution: cook with anchovies more.

    • Are you watching the old Miss Marples with Joan Hickson?

    • I need to know more about this! I want to eat sardines and anchovies but at a loss as to how to use them.

      • Emmaleigh504

        I like sardines straight out of the can 😀
        For anchovies I really like Gentleman’s Relish (fancy anchovy paste) on toast, and was thinking to get some more, so I was looking for places to buy it and wandered over to Fortnum and Mason’s website. They suggested using it in scrambled eggs, mashed potatoes, on steak etc. Then I thought it would be good in funeral potatoes and I just decided I need to experiment with anchovies!

    • Almost jealous of your cold office. Ours was freezing for a week so I complained to our property manager a few times. Now it is about 85 degrees in the office and they have restricted our access to the thermostats for some reason. We have the door open and even the 35 degree air isn’t helping!

      • Emmaleigh504

        I bring hot soups and stews for lunch year round b/c it’s always cold in here. We got our temps “fixed” at some point, but it didn’t do any good. Adjusting the thermostat doesn’t either. I think they just stick the thermostat boxes out so we can think we have control of the temp, but they aren’t hooked up to anything.

        • Ours too! Last week the thermostats said 80 and it was 60 in the office, now they say 65 and its 85! We have a ton of windows and its all open office, so if it is sunny it is unbearably hot (even with all the shades down) and if it isn’t then it is freezing cold. Super annoying but #firstworldproblems.

  • Rant: grading papers. My kids are so low and I’m finding myself entering lots of poor grades because I’m essentially told to fail them and move on. This makes me so sad.
    Rave: I’m going to start moving items into my house today!
    Rave: found someone to move my crap for a very good rate.

    • You could make life easier by grading papers daily rather than letting them stack up. This also lets you and the students know in a more timely manner the areas in which they are having difficulty, so these can be addressed and hopefully improved before it’s too late.

      Good luck with the move!

      • Thanks. I try to get some done every day but it piles up quickly. I should make that my goal for the remainder of the year – to finish the previous days grades every day

  • Bear

    Rant: Received a proposal revision request this morning, with no due date, just “response needed ASAP.” Happy new year to me!

  • Rant: In the office all day today. And all day Friday.
    Rave: We pick up the puppy a week from Saturday!
    Rave: Husb and I are having a last hurrah in New York this weekend as a family of two.

  • Rave: 2014 is on its way out the door. This year, I saw a lot of awful things happen to people I love, from a beloved uncle dying to my husband losing his job to my cousin’s daughter being diagnosed with Leukemia. Looking forward to 2014 being in the rear view mirror.
    Rant: Have regained all the weight I worked hard to lose two years ago.
    Rave: Back to the gym, feeling good and treating myself with kindness. Beating myself up does no good.

  • Rant – I need a vacation from my vacation. My Christmas break was spent traveling around to different homes visiting friends and family and their kids. I felt like Reese Witherspoon in Four Christmases. Never thought I’d spend Christmas morning eating breakfast at a Starbucks off the NJ Turnpike, but it seems like this is how Christmas will be as an child-less adult – visiting other people’s children.
    Rave – I’m home now and don’t have to go to work until after the New Year.
    Rant – Picked up my annual Christmas vacation cold from having kids sneeze and cough all over me.
    Rave – I sound bitter, but I really do love all my nieces, nephews and god kids. Auntie Pixie is just really tired.

    • Also spent Christmas Day on the road and I have kids – the issue is living in a place (DC) when our entire families live elsewhere.

    • I knew all month I’d need a vacation from my vacation so I made no plans for tonight and I honestly couldn’t be more thrilled! (OK, I’ll be more thrilled when I leave work at 5). Part of me thought I’d feel differently about tonight once I was back in town and that I’d want to hang out with friends…but…NOPE. Jammies, wine, book, tv, maybe take out pizza…cannot wait!

  • Rave: Decided this was the year to get a New York Review of Books subscription. As much as I love reading The Cut and Slate and listening to podcasts, I’d like to at least make an effort to keep my brain cells from dying off en masse as I think they have this year.
    Rant: In the office all day today. And all day Friday. I hope some of you will be here too so we can stay awake.
    Rave/rant: We pick up the puppy a week from Saturday! He just hit the 3 pound mark and I’m terrified of breaking him! He’s such a little one.
    Rave: Husb and I are having a last hurrah in New York this weekend as a family of two.

    • Emmaleigh504

      I’ll be at work all day today and all day Friday. I expect entertainment from the Populace!!!

    • This is when I wish PoPville allowed photo replies – I can’t wait for Shawness Puppy in the Pet of the Day. What kind of puppy?
      Congrats Miss. Sassy!

      • Haha – thanks! He’s a mini dachshund and he should be 8 pounds at full size.

        • Emmaleigh504

          Does he have a name? B/c I think Miss Sassy would be a great name!

          • His name is Gary and he already has a theme song, in case you were wondering. He looks a bit like Ernie, but is lighter colored and has shorter hair on his ears.

          • Emmaleigh504

            So Miss Sassy is his sassy new nickname! I can’t wait to see him! What is his theme song? I think Donna needs a theme song…

          • The theme song comes from the breeder’s little son. They sent a video of him holding the puppy and petting him while the boy sang “Gaaaary Gaaaary Gary Gary boo.” Gary’s tail was wagging like crazy. So now that’s his theme song. I have no idea how to describe the tune it’s in other than “cute.”

          • I picture him as a very sassy little Dachshund.

          • andy2, me too. We might have to call him Miss Sassy along with his other nickname, Mr. Chubs.

          • Emmaleigh504

            I die. That’s adorable. And reminds me of the dad singing for the scary tiger to go away to his toddler on metro this morning. the toddler growled while dad sang. The scary tiger was on someone’s bag who had exited the car. It was adorable.

        • binpetworth

          Another Flying Ernie? 🙂

          • Wow, I didn’t realize how many Ernie posts there were! So many that he had his own tag!!
            Gary has basically the same coloring except that his dark spots are smaller, so the tan color dominates.

          • Oh, and Gary also likes to sleep on his back with his paws in the air just like Ernie! Apparently he loves to jump on a pile of his puppy siblings and fall asleep ON THEM with his paws in the air. I am dead and buried.

          • Emmaleigh504

            more cute puppy stories please!

          • I still haven’t met him in person, so my stories are limited right now, but I also know that he’s the lap dog of the litter and that he loves snuggling and attention. I’m taking off the first week of work after he comes home and am worried I won’t ever want to go back. Next thing I know, I might become ones of those people who wears him in a doggie Bjorn or a sling. If that happens, please talk me down from the ledge.

          • Emmaleigh504

            I will totally talk you down from the ledge, after I take plenty of pix.

          • He sounds so adorable! I can’t wait to hear your stories as you get to know him. I got my dog in July (though he was over a year when I got him) and it has been fun to see his personality show more and more over time. I’m so glad to hear that you found a great breeder. Congrats!

    • emvee

      Congratulations on the new little guy! I’m selfishly pumped for a new puppy for my afternoon animal fix! Get that submission in ASAP while he’s still tiny!

    • I’ll be here all day today and 4-5 hours on Friday. I’ll do my best to entertain!

    • Yay for picking up the puppy!
      And, I didn’t check yesterday’s RRRR until later but I just wanted to add that I also thought you were a sassy older black lady. That is all.

    • Congrats on the new puppy! Cannot wait to see pics!

    • PoPville ate my last post (I think) but I just had a cup of coffee so maybe it will all be ok now.
      What I said was that this seemed like a good time to mention a really helpful link someone posted months back when I was thinking about getting a puppy: http:// www. humanesociety.org/assets/pdfs/pets/puppy_mills/find_responsible_dog_breeder.pdf This helped me find a group of dachshund breeders who aim to meet these standards, one of whom eventually became my wonderful breeder and now, months later, a real friend. So thank you to whomever posted that.
      I also want to reiterate the many good calls to adopt older pets, as many people here do with love — and as I obviously did not. Although I think this decision is ultimately a personal one, there is clearly a need for more loving pet-adopters and their homes. I’m supporting both WARL and the Humane Society this year (both in spirit and financially) and hope you’ll consider doing the same regardless of whether you adopt a pet. Also, a special shout to the Humane Society’s Farm Animal Campaign, which is doing transformative work.

      • binpetworth

        That’s great! I made the senior pet comment, and wasn’t criticizing anyone who gets a young pet (I simply don’t have the patience to do all that training!). Glad to know you went with a responsible breeder and looking forward to seeing pictures!

        • 🙂 I hope this post didn’t sound defensive, especially toward you! I noticed when looking at the old Ernie posts that there were typically a few replies to each one calling attention to this issue, and it seemed like it was worth raising again in a snark-free way for that reason.
          I think there is space for both responsibly-bred puppies and rescues, and would love to see an end to puppy mills and any kind of factory-style animal raising. At some point I may get on the old soapbox again to gab about factory farming, but I’m afraid today isn’t that day 🙂

    • Can’t wait to hear more about Gary / Miss Sassy!!! I wish we could have audio for the theme song. Yay for puppies!!

  • justinbc

    ICYMI: PoP HH @ Barrel on Jan 14th.

  • Does anyone know a good activity for a Russian language speaker? Friends are visiting for New Year’s with her relative that only speaks Russian–no English.

    • Hillwood Estate has a great collection of Russian art – that could be fun.
      I think the Smithsonian museums have the audio guide in Russian

    • I would try stuff that is not language-dependent. Ice skating in the sculpture garden, the American Art museum (or national gallery). Maybe a ballet or opera at the Kennedy Center? If she’s feeling homesick, you could try eating at Russia House or Mari Vana’s in Dupont. And for something fun you could try one of those painting places that let you do your own thing, like ArtJamz (there are always groupons).

      • Emmaleigh504

        Taking them for Russian food could be fun, they could tell you how terrible or weird it is compared to what they get back home.

      • Not sure a Russian would appreciate the ballet here. My brother-in-law’s Russian wife (that I posted about below, once my comment goes through) saw a Washington Ballet performance and complained that the dancers were fat and not very good.

      • All the servers and bartenders at Mari Vanna are Russian – maybe take her there for a drink or two? It gets exhausting being somewhere where you can’t speak the language (especially when it’s a different alphabet and you can’t even read it) and it may be nice for her to relax for a bit.

        • Allison

          I noticed this when I was in Montreal! I speak very rough Spanish, so I was just barely able to translate some of the French I heard and read, but it was so mentally exhausting. I didn’t realize until I felt what a relief it was to go back to my hotel room and turn on an English TV channel!

    • binpetworth

      The Zoo? No language needed for Bao Bao.

    • Russia House?
      Real Maria might have some ideas, but given that she’s living in Seattle (or was it Portland?) now AND that it’s the holidays, I don’t know if she’ll be on PoPville to see your query.

      • Plus RealMaria is Ukrainian so she may not be too keen to help out some Ruskies (kidding, but not really).
        Shopping could be a good activity – take them to some outlets?

        • She’s Ukrainian, but she also speaks Russian, so she might have some ideas on Russian-specific things too.

          • PoPville trivia – Real Maria organized one of the first (the first?) unofficial PoPville HHs at the bar below Tonic. Textdoc, were you there?

          • MPinDC, I was! I think that was a “Ladies of PoPville”-specific happy hour.
            I think you were at the other end of the table, so we didn’t get to talk much.
            I think the first general unofficial HH was the one at Acre 121 with you, me, Pablo, Victoria, Caffeine (I think), Irving Streete, and Jen Jen. (I’m probably forgetting at least one person.)

          • Pablo Raw

            I have that photo somewhere…

          • You’re right Textdoc, it was a Ladies of PoPville gathering. Good turnout, as I recall.

          • Yep! I think it was around 12-15 people.

          • Emmaleigh504

            I went to one with a Jen(?) at that mexican place in Dupont. And a rg (some initial combo) showed up. And like 2 other people. And the Prince himself made a cameo! I think it was in 2008.. it was way a long time ago. I don’t think other people are even still in DC. Rg was going through a divorce.

    • Not sure about the dates, but you might try Synetic Theater. The founders are Russian, and their productions are highly creative, very high energy, and many of them are wordless. Right now they are doing Beauty and the Beast, which is not totally wordless (there is a narrator, but the rest is wordless), and it is really well done (IMO).

    • Thanks all. I’m thinking that the museums would be good. I found a Russian language brochure on the Smithsonian website. So, maybe I’ll just let her read that and decide what she wants to see.

      Ice skating might be fun too.

    • Arrange for them to protest outside the Ukrainian embassy; any of the art galleries (Hillwood is a great call, Andy2) or the US Botanic Garden (great in winter!); the Zoo (Zoo Lights ends tomorrow and is closed today); the lights at the Mormon Temple (follow that up with the bishop’s house on North Portal Rd – walking distance from Silver Spring Metro)…

  • Rave: My management company notified me that my rent was increasing 20% (+ 5% fee on top, so 25%). I called and pointed out how big the increase was, and they agreed that it was much too big and countered with a 5% increase. Is it the holiday spirit? I never expected them to budge.

    • Andie302

      This is awesome! I once stayed on at a place in DelRay and knew that I wouldn’t be renewing for a whole year. They sent a sheet that said my rent would increase by something like $600/month to go month-to-month. I went to the rental office and told them I’d like to pay the amount that my rent would’ve increased to if I committed for another year, and that I would give them 60 days notice. They had no problem…I was shocked! Good for you for asking!

    • I think you just taught all of us a very valuable lesson! Well done!!

  • Wishing all the PoPvillagers a Happy New Year and good things for all in 2015!
    Rave: End of a great year
    Rave: Start of a new year and new adventures
    Rave: Excited for a great dinner tonight – menu looks yummy

  • Rant: Day 8 of the plague. Codeine cough syrup helps, but it was not the panacea I had hoped it would be.

    Rant: I’m well enough to go to work, I just have a nasty cough (cleared by the doctor and all). I had still hoped to take Friday off, but now I have a meeting I have to attend. I was supposed to be off all of this week for a trip.

    Rant: I feel cursed. Every time I plan a vacation something happens. Usually I get sick (or injured and have to have surgery) and I have to cancel. It makes me afraid to schedule time off. And I desperately need time off.

    Hopeful rave: here’s to a better 2015.

  • epric002

    rant: the idiocy that was requesting 2015 VPPs.
    rave: since the genius customer service agent insisted that i hadn’t pre-registered for the 2015 VPP, i did it again, and so they sent me 2 VPPs, since i had in fact pre-registered. suck it, VPP people.
    rave: i am so rave-y about puppy. so happy that we made the right decision to have the toes amputated. so happy at how well he is getting around and about how much more he is using that foot. so happy at how smart, sweet, and goofy he is. very grateful that he came into our lives and that we decided to make it permanent.
    rave: grouchy corgi is having a ball at my parents’ house with her beagle buddy. love getting cute photos/videos of them playing together 🙂

    • Whoa! You had to get some of his toes amputated? Somehow I didn’t realize that.

      • epric002

        yup! he was hit by a car which mangled the two middle toes of one of his back paws. (originally WHS was worried they were going to have to amputate the whole leg) they healed in a funny way (missing 1/2 of one toe, the other one was sideways) that was causing him pain when he walked, so the orthopedic vet recommended amputation of the 2 middle toes. now he has a funny looking back foot, but is getting around SO much better! i think when all is said and done that back foot is going to be at about 95%, which is a huge improvement.

        • Wow. Good for you for taking that on. My dog had her leg amputated this summer and the vet mentioned how toe amps are more difficult to recover from than leg amps.

          • epric002

            how’s your tripod doing? it’s definitely good that i hadn’t heard that toe amps are harder to recover from than leg amps! if that’s the case, then he really is making an amazing recovery.

          • She’s doing great! She walked out of the surgeon’s office the afternoon of the surgery and adjusted to new ways of moving around quite quickly. Controlling pain was an issue for several weeks, but we’re past that now. We just have to be careful about not putting too much pressure on the other joints – textdoc is right. Avoiding a leg amputation is much better in the long term.

          • epric002

            glad to hear it! what caused the amputation, if i might ask? good pain management is so crucial in those first weeks- we definitely did not skimp on the pain pills with him. he was practically a tripod before this last surgery- his foot was bothering him so much that he rarely used it and just hopped around on the other 3 legs. i think that’s why i am just so amazed/happy to see him walking/running on all 4 legs- things he hadn’t been able to do for the last 5 months!

        • That sounds like the optimal outcome. And what a relief that he was able to keep the leg and the other toes!

  • Rave: Low-key plans with good friends tonight.
    Rave: My dog loves the cold weather and doesn’t seem to mind wearing his new coat outside. I’m trying to prep him for a potential move to a much colder area.
    Rant: Have to buy new running shoes sooner than anticipated.
    Rave: Found a great deal on them at holabirdsports!

    • epric002

      what kind of coat? have you checked out k-9 voyagers? i love their stuff!

      • This is just a light wool coat I picked up at Homegoods to see if he would tolerate wearing a coat outside. I was looking at Chilly Dogs for more practical one but I will have to check out k-9 voyagers now.

      • Update: I really like the winter coats on K9 Voyager since they seem to fully cover the neck. I may have to order one of those soon. Thanks for the rec!

        • epric002

          you’re welcome! we ordered the tummy warmers for ours and once the puppy got over thinking it was a toy, they both really like them. the corgi will only wear hers on walks and will try and wriggle out of it if you leave it on her, but the puppy LOVES being warm and will stay in his all the time if you let him. we may order a raincoat to go over the tummy warmer for really cold/wet weather (they both hate it). definitely pay attention to the measuring instructions- if you follow them you can get a great fit!

  • Rant: At work in a nearly empty office, trying not to think about the coming tidal wave when everybody processes their inbox on Monday.
    Rave: Slow enough that I just put in for leave on Friday. Four day weekend!
    Rave: Just mailed last Christmas card. 2014 postmark counts, right?
    Rave: Excited to hit Roofer’s Union for NYE dinner tonight!

  • binpetworth

    Rave: I love the daily Animal Fix, and the recent raves about new furry family members means they’ll continue to be populated with cuteness.
    Rant?: I hope there are people willing to adopt senior pets in addition to new kittens & puppies. My kitty was already an elder when I got her and she’s still going strong five years later and has brought much joy to my life. Senior pets need love, too!

    • And for people who aren’t sure about adopting a senior pet, there are lots of adult-but-not-senior pets available for adoption. My cat was 2-3 when I got her (from Homeward Trails).

      • epric002

        and you can also get puppies from shelters/rescues too 🙂 (i gotta plug adoptions at every opportunity/every age)

      • Emmaleigh504

        Yep! Donna was adopted from WHS at age 4. There were lots of other kitties there between the ages of 1-8years, as well as kittens. Plenty of sweet pets to adopt!

      • I’m glad people do adopt pets. But for us this wasn’t an option. Every organization we contacted wanted us to have our own fenced-in backyard, or to have someone home all day, or to have a veterinarian reference (which we didn’t as this was our first pet together), or all three. We ended up getting a puppy from a wonderful and responsible breeder, but would have loved to adopt had there been any wiggle room on those restrictions – it was a big source of frustration.

        • Those requirements sound very unreasonable! How many people would be able to adopt if they had to meet one or more of these requirements?
          I wouldn’t have been able to adopt my first pup because I had none of the above. When it came to the second dog I at least had a vet reference but still no fenced in yard and wasn’t home all day.
          Glad you found a puppy to adopt!

          • epric002

            there are definitely rescue groups out there with really strict requirements (we couldn’t adopt a male corgi-mix from one b/c of their yard fencing requirements), and i can see both sides of the issue. volunteering with WHS- it is absolutely heartbreaking when animals who were previously adopted out end up back at the shelter in awful condition- so i understand why some groups want to make people really jump through hoops before giving them an animal. but the other side of that is that people who will make a wonderful family for an animal can have a hard time finding one, especially if they need/want a specific breed/age/temperament/etc. but not all rescue groups/shelters have super strict adoption criteria, so please don’t give up on adoption if the first group doesn’t work out. 🙂

          • Epric I understand the need to be cautious when setting up adoptions. But some of these requirements just don’t make sense (having a vet reference if it’s your first pet).
            Two of my alley neighbors have dogs, both have fenced in but very small backyards and both have someone at home during the day. And….these dogs never get walked, are put out in the backyard for hours at a time where they barkbarkbark. While they might’ve met criteria for adopting, I don’t think they’re particularly good caretakers of their dogs.

          • epric002

            mpindc- i agree! (i’ve actually never met a rescue who requires a vet reference if you’ve never had a pet, but i definitely know there are some that require a fenced in yard). i wasn’t really defending the requirements, b/c you’re right that they aren’t guarantees that the home is an ideal one, more reminding people of the circumstances that rescues have to consider when trying to ensure that (often) previously neglected/abused animals won’t end up in an awful situation again (which is why so many require home visits) and also that there are rescues/shelters who have less stringent adoption criteria.

          • I know, it’s just frustrating to have requirements that don’t actually mean the animal will be well cared for!
            For both of my DC adoptions (DC animal shelter then Lucky Dog) I had home visits and I was glad that the org. wanted to meet in person and see my space. One of the most interesting (I’d have never thought of this) recommendations was to turn off my paper shredder when it wasn’t in use, in case I had a Very Curious pup!

          • epric002

            i never would have thought about the paper shredder either! Very Curious Pups can make life quite interesting. formerly foster puppy turned into a VCP while with my parents (stealing cookies off the counter, finding baby nephew’s xmas present [balls] that were wrapped inside of a bag in a pile of other bags, stealing xmas tree ornaments, etc.)…but he’s not usually one at our house. i think parents just had a lot more interesting/accessible/new stuff to explore. although yesterday at home he did open up a little decorative box and pulled out both of our passports- didn’t chew them, just pulled them out and left them on a dog bed…

          • My dog is also much more curious and rambunctious at my parents’ house. They watched him while I was out of town earlier this month and when I picked him up from their house he was running down the hallway with a shoe! I think the grandparents are much more lenient than I am… My dad told me that I have too many rules and their house is for fun, not training. I think I’m in for some fun with them if I ever have human-kids.

          • epric002

            haha, mine said the same thing about grandparents’ house being for fun 🙂 i think he might have been testing to see if anyone there knew what “the rules” were- and apparently they did not!

    • WARL’s puppy cam and kitty cam make amazing viewing and are a good way to find new furry friends: http://www.apl.tv/puppies.htm . http://www.apl.tv/kittens.htm

    • gertie_wickler

      I love my senior citizen brigade of pets, one of whom we just adopted last year. They’re crazy and goofy and while our time together might be shorter than most pets, it brings me joy to know that their golden years will be spent sleeping on a soft bed in a warm home with lots of delicious treats.

  • Pablo Raw

    Rave: now I have a reason for traveling to Europe in 2015
    Rave: 2014 although not the best year of my life, set the foundations for a better life.
    And I want to wish all of us great things for 2015!

    • Where in Europe Pablo?

      • Pablo Raw

        Germany, but I may use it to visit a couple other places

        • Emmaleigh504

          ooh cool! I want to go to Germany some day! I can use my Dixie Deutsch* to get around 😀
          *German with an American southern accent. My high school German teacher would have beat it out of us with a stick if she could have.

          • I have family in Germany and Austria. Free places to stay any time I want to but I rarely have enough paid time off to travel. 🙁

          • Emmaleigh504

            yeah, accruing the PTO is the hardest part for me.

          • Munich as the start and end point of a 2 week backpacking adventure a few years ago made me fall in love with Germany HARD. I’d been to other parts of Germany before, but only briefly. So maybe I just really love Munich? Guess I need to go back to find out 🙂

        • Pablo Raw

          I was there (Frankfurt I think) at the airport waiting for a plane to Turkey and my main surprise was that German employees of a certain airline were wearing variations of their uniforms and not exactly the same. My stereotype of Germans was destroyed that day.

        • palisades

          I did a two-week solo backpacking trip through Germany after I graduated. I can’t recommend it enough. Absolutely beautiful and friendly country. So much to see and do.

        • gertie_wickler

          I just got back from a trip to Munich and Amsterdam! Munich was a blur of Christmas Markets, gluhwein, beer and sausages, but it was amazing. I’d go back in a heartbeat.

  • Rave: Substitute cleaning lady gave my office a much more thorough vacuum than the regular one does.

    • I love this rave, in part because things like this bring me immeasurable joy when they happen to me. I feel like I’m getting some proxy-joy here.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rave: Yesterday on metro I witnessed a some great networking. An older lady noticed the book another lady was reading. Turns out the older lady is a social worker of 20 years and the other lady is currently getting her Phd in social work. They had a fabulous conversation that I enjoyed listening too. The older lady gave the student all kinds of great advice and they exchanged cards at the end to meet later. All b/c of a book. Warmed my heart.

    • Sweet – love these stories!

    • binpetworth

      I love listening to and hearing about interactions like this. It restores my faith in humanity, that we’re not all too absorbed in electronic devices to connect with our fellow (wo)man.

      • Emmaleigh504

        The grad student was looking at her phone, but the book was in her lap. The older lady’s friend notice the books and said, “hey, isn’t that the book you have?” And boom! Connections were made.

        • That reminds me of something from when I was doing the backpacking-across-Europe thing in college. I was on a train from Amiens back to Paris, reading George Eliot’s “Middlemarch.” The guy from a couple I’d seen earlier that day at the Amiens cathedral noticed this and pointed it out to his girlfriend, who was also reading a George Eliot book.
          Turned out she was in grad school for English (I was an undergrad) AND was specializing in the area I hoped to specialize in!

    • I witnessed something like that on metro a few years ago. A young (I’m guessing early 20s) woman saw another woman writing on some papers. She asked her if she was a writer. Turns out she was a professor and she was grading a student’s paper. The younger one told her she was going to PG Community College and had plans to transfer to a four year college. She wanted to become a journalist, or get a business degree and start her own business. The professor was very encouraging and friendly to her. I had to chime in and tell her about one of my best friends. He started at PG, found what he liked (philosophy), transferred after two years, then went on to get his PHD. Now he teaches at PG. I hope both of us talking to this young women encouraged her to study hard and pursue her dreams.

    • Ah! Emilie, this is a great rave!! The closest thing I have to this type of story was watching two women – one older and one younger – sitting side by side on the train. The younger was knitting and the older was offering tips. I was too far away to tell if they knew each other, but I prefer to think they were strangers and just like the book in your story, knitting was a uniting force!

  • So what are everyone’s NYE plans?

  • Rave: the astronomy stuff over the next few days: Comet Lovejoy and the Quadrantids (also my favorite astromony-themed band name).
    ▄▄ ▄▄ ▄▄ ▄▄ ▄
    ▀ ▀▀ ▀▀ ▀▀ ▀▀
    Rave: (hope hope hope this happens) heading to Rehoboth for a long weekend
    ▄▄ ▄▄ ▄▄ ▄▄ ▄
    ▀ ▀▀ ▀▀ ▀▀ ▀▀
    Rave: work highlight of 2014 just happened so this is not a humblebrag, it is a regular old brag. I locked myself out of my office. Rather than wait the 5-10 minutes for building security, I grabbed a chair, removed a ceiling panel, and dropped a volume of the Code of Federal Regulations on the handle and let myself in. BOOM. I impressed myself and two coworkers with my derring-do and ingenuity.

  • justinbc

    More sad than Rant: Last night ever of The Passenger and Columbia Room tonight. I know they’ll both be getting new spaces in the coming year(s), but it truly won’t be the same for me. I have so many memories from those 2 places that I will cherish (and some languish) for years and it really helped me get through a transformative period of my life.

    • skj84

      agreed. I remember the space when it was just Warehouse Theatre. I stage managed a play for fringe festival at Warehouse a few years ago. It was such a wonderful experience. I’ll raise a glass tonight for The Passenger!

  • palisades

    What’s everyone doing for New Years? I’ll be at Carnegie Library getting sloshed.

  • Rave: It’s snowing at my parents’ in California!
    Rant: it’s not here.

  • Rave: Phone call from my fave spin teacher who is still in chemo (for those who know who she is), she’s doing pretty well and had a holiday break to see family. Nice to hear her voice.
    Rave: Optimism for 2015, need to book that bike trip in france!

    happy new year to all!

  • Late to the RnR game today.
    Rave: Packed theater last night for Into the Woods – everyone applauded after Agony. It was a really good movie!
    Rant: Starting to feel sick but need to rally for:
    Rave: Salsa dancing into the New Year! Kennedy Center Millennium Stage has salsa this evening and then we’re hitting up Cuba Libre.
    Rave: Dog sitting for the best dog in the world starting today. Cannot wait to have this sweet, elderly puppy in our home.

    • Is that the regular hour-long Millenium Stage performance, or does it go longer? I couldn’t find the time frame on the website.

      • We asked the box office but I think it’s just the regular hour long performance. Which is a bit of a bummer but should be fun anyway, as long as they have room for dancing!

    • skj84

      I was a bit apprehensive about Disney’s adaptation of Into the Woods at first. But I thoroughly enjoyed it. Also loved Agony, and One the Steps of the Palace. I wasn’t thrilled with all the changes, but I’m glad the movie wasn’t completely sanitized.

      • I saw Into the Woods last weekend and was pleasantly surprised. I really liked the casting and it was a lot of fun to see those big screen stars sing.

  • I Dont Get It

    ​Rave: 2014 is almost over!

    Rant: I’ve been home since Sunday and Wiccan Housesitter seems to still be here.

  • Rave: Winter Classic! Winter Classic! Winter Classic!
    Rant: my foster dog is so aggressive about snuggling in the morning that she scratched my face.
    Rave: started the new year off right with a killer spin class.
    Rant: I procrastinated the hell out of a document and I have to finish it today. I’m embarrassed to turn it on the due date since I’ve been working on it for months. I think my boss is expecting a magnum opus. I’ve just been really slow.
    Rave: I’ve learned to lay off and not pressure myself about changing these things. Could I procrastinate less? Sure, but there are a lot of things I could improve and I can’t tackle them all at once.

    • Rant: I thought I was okay about going to the game with my ex, but I’m feeling less and less like this was a good idea. I’m hoping my sheer excitement for the game is going to outweigh my anger.

      • Would it be worth missing the game to not have to deal with seeing your ex so soon? I can imagine it would be difficult to be sitting next to him during the game….

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rave: due to contract calendar weirdness it does not matter that I miscounted my PTO, I can make up a day after my trip if I need to! yay no more dead president stress!

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rave: My samples have been received by Be The Match. Once they are tested I will be in the registry to donate bone marrow. If you can donate, please sign up http://bethematch.org/

    • How cool is this?! Looking right now.

    • I love this rave. Late to RRRR again but if anyone is still reading, all y’all that had the mixed race ranting session with me earlier in the year, PLEASE consider becoming registered (and everyone else too, of course)!

  • Emmaleigh504

    Any Jay interview part 2 comments?
    This sentence caught my eye: “I don’t know if me not moving in Adnan’s circle of people would have saved her life.”

    • I Dont Get It

      Who is he afraid of?

    • BTW, did you all listen to Sarah Koenig on Fresh Air? I loved that interview, especially the part where SK talked about Ira Glass’s recommendation for the ending!

    • Emmaleigh504

      Why does this matter? “Was the name ‘Serial’ ever used?” Are they trying to imply that she misrepresented herself? B/c the story got big enough to be it’s own thing and not just part of TAL? It’s a stupid question.

      • I thought that was weird, too. Sarah Koenig has made it clear (at least in other places) that the idea for the show grew out of a This American Life story lead from Rabia C and it wasn’t clear until later that it would become its own project. Also, would it be better to have called it “Serial” before the show aired instead of identifying it in a way he and others could Google? And I thought Sarah’s letter, which was reproduced pretty much in its entirety, was awesome. Super thoughtful and well-written.

    • I just read both of Jay’s interviews. I haven’t gone on Reddit because I know I could (would) get sucked in and not come up for air for HOURS. So forgetting Reddit and what is said about Jay on Reddit for a moment, did Jay think that providing SK’s email to him would vilify her? Because her e-mail seemed pretty open and honest to me. Fine, she left out the part about podcasts, but if Jay and his wife were constantly googling his name — wouldn’t they have googled TAL? And then realized SK’s involvement with podcasts because of TAL? And how popular TAL is? She was producing a documentary style radio show that was made available via podcasts. I don’t think she misrepresented herself.
      AND. A few episodes in, I began to view Serial as a way of exposing injustice (conviction on shaky evidence for Adnan, and no conviction as an accessory for Jay) rather than exposing who the true killer was. Sadly, Hae’s family will probably never know the truth about what happened to her. And – to go out on a limb because I don’t think it will happen — if Adnan were to be granted an appeal and win, it would be because of the evidence used to convict him and not because he was innocent of the crime. Murderers belong in prison for life (…or worse, really). But there has to be strong evidence to support that claim and as all Serial listeners know, that was not the case for Adnan.

    • palisades

      He really doesn’t like Sarah Koenig. It’s also really frustrating seeing how awful he is at keeping a straight story. I don’t know what to think of any of this.
      Side-note: Natasha, the chick that interviewed him, created a Reddit account and is responding to comments. She is being snippy and childish in some and giving good responses in others. She’s all over the place – pretty much the opposite of how I’d expect Koenig to be if she decided to go on Reddit.

      • Emmaleigh504

        Someone in the comments of part 2 linked article on how Natasha got the interview. It’s a painful read b/c most of it is direct quotes from her and she is all over the place and says “like” as if she were 15. It reads like she’s coked up.

  • Rant: my dumb self didn’t consider my storage unit might not be open tomorrow

    • Emmaleigh504

      oh no! I didn’t think they ever closed. The place I had stuff stored had 24 hour access.

      • Yeah the thought only crossed my mind about an hour ago. They closed early today so I can only assume they won’t be open tomorrow either. Luckily the guy I hired from Craigslist is able to reschedule and my temp LL will likely let me stay another night.

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