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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • Aglets

    Rant: Arlington County’s County Manager Barbara Donnellan is advocating closing the Artisphere. There are no spaces in this area that can house theatre, art galleries and movies under one roof. This makes me super sad.

    Rave: The Artisphere. They’ve had some really unique programing from the Frida Kahlo photographs to the most recent interactive book arts exhibit that came alive with the help of technology to the aural installation Fermata. It’s great that they let these installations have a space, and that I got to experience them. I only hope people recognize the loss.

  • Rant: Garbage trucks in alley at 6:40am. Is this in violation of some code/law? They typically start making noise around 7:30.
    Rant: Runniest of runny noses
    Rave: Home tomorrow.

    • I think it’s only a violation if they are private trucks, not city trucks. The charter school near me had to get a new trash contractor after my neighbor reported them coming too early a few times. It’s $1000 fine.

  • Becks

    Rave: Good morning everyone! I have some time to read the Rave/Rants this morning!!!
    Rave: Two day holiday next week!
    Rave: Zoo Lights!!!
    Rave: Had dinner at District Kitchen near Woodley Park Metro. The food is pricy but delicious. I love the lights and the atmosphere. The cheese plate was amazing and so many different varieties!
    Rave: Lady Carlotta’s first Christmas! The tree is up and she hasn’t knocked it down yet!

    • Emmaleigh504

      Yay! I was wondering if we would ever see you again. Glad Lady Carlotta is behaving around tree temptation!

      • Becks

        She is a sweety! Now that it has gotten cooler, she has started sitting next to me!

        • Emmaleigh504

          Awww! Donna doesn’t do that often with me. My last cat, Ashlee, did all the time. At least with Donna if I want to snuggle, I can pick her up and make her snuggle. She’s so fun! You just smoosh her into place and she stays until you stop petting.

  • Pablo Raw

    Rant: Only thing that comes to mind for now is the end of the Colbert Report.

    • +1. But huge Rave that Larry Wilmore, my longtime favorite correspondent on the Daily Show, gets his own show in Colbert’s time slot.
      I read a question the other day that asked whether the Daily Show has replaced SNL as the top incubator of new comedic talent. I say unquestionably yes, but the Daily Show brand of biting humor appeals to me – interested what others think.

  • A few days ago someone was looking for Faygo. I was just in the Ace Hardware store in Woodley Park and there’s a fridge near the registers with a bunch of old-timey and hard to find sodas. I don’t know if it’s the flavor you were looking for, but they had Faygo Rock & Rye. They also have Cheerwine and a bunch of others, too.

  • Andie302

    Rave: A weekend with zero plans. This happens like twice a year. WOOHOO!!!!
    Rant: Lots of things to get done
    Rave: but plenty of time to get them done. I am hoping that by Sunday evening I’m feeling like it was productive, restorative, and maybe a little festive/fun!
    Rave: Zoolights for the first time last night.

    • KSB

      Oh, I love your raves. I love the feeling of productive exhaustion on a Sunday night after knocking stuff out all weekend! Enjoy.

  • Rant/Rave? Just the other day there was questions about paying 650k for the purple house in Trinidad now another home(1301 Trinidad Ave) just listed at 750k on the same block.
    Rant: way over my price range.
    Rave: Glad I am not in the market.

  • emvee

    Rave: Christmas in California! The weather is calling for 72 degrees when I land, which sounds glorious. Fare thee well, heavy sweaters!
    Rant: Serial’s ending. I mean, I knew it was coming, and I can’t and don’t fault Koenig, but all I want is closure!

    • I know you mean more significant closure, but I actually found that Sarah’s “acquittal” of Adnon pretty satisfying. There is reasonable doubt and that’s really what matters in court (though I’m not really sure if that’s sufficient to appeal/overturn/whatever at this point, which if not is of course heartbreaking).

  • Ally

    Rave: It’s Friday and someone brought cupcakes into my office.
    Rave: Getting to see a dear friend from CA this weekend who I haven’t seen in over a decade.
    Rant: Meskerem closing. Just when I finally managed to get my fiance into Ethiopian food.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: Our “helper” from another department is driving me crazy. Every day she asks where to put completed assignments (same place as yesterday) and every day she doesn’t print all the forms she needs. I tell her she needs the forms and she argues with me, ever. day. She argues every damn day. I don’t make the rules, they aren’t changing, I don’t care that you hate printing, just print the shit out and quit arguing.
    Rave: Brassica

  • Rant: my adorable, sweet foster dog is regressing in her house breaking. It’s like she can only do one thing on her walks, not both. Then she does the other one in the house within 20 minutes of getting back. What gives? I am incredibly annoyed.
    Rave: my friends are interested in her and I’m taking her to meet their cat this weekend. I haven’t told them about this regression though.
    Rave: last day of work for 2014!! Too bad I still have some work to do next week, but I can do it whenever I want.

    • Andie302

      This might be temporary. When I don’t spend enough time with my dog she spite-poops. Fingers crossed that it works out well with your friends and that it’s only a temporary thing.

      • I have to carefully watch my dog when I visit my sister – pup has been known to poop within the first ten minutes of going into sister’s house. Little poops, but still poops.
        She’s stayed with a number of other friends without issue.
        Guess my sister is special.

        • Lol. My mom’s dog pees on my sister and brother when they walk in her house, every time, without fail, but has never find it to me.

    • emvee

      When I was housebreaking my dog, I kept a towel I’d used to clean up his first accident in a bag by the door. That way, as soon as he peed inside, we immediately went outside with the towel so he could associate the smell with going outside. Also, treats after every. single. pee. outside. After about three days, he picked it up and we’ve only had issues when we move to a new place and he has to reclaim it for England. Housebreaking is a huge PITA – good luck!!

      • Thanks, that’s a good idea. I’ve been giving a treat after every bodily function outside and praising her. She didn’t have any problems when I had her Sat-Sunday, but then she went to boarding Mon-Wed evening and I think the stress was part of her undoing. But her foster in SC said she didn’t have any accidents. I’m up to three, though the first I’m discounting because it was after she got home from boarding and I’m sure she was too scared to pee there or shortly thereafter.

    • My uneducated and from afar guess is that it is related to the stress of transitions. If you’d keep her for a length of time I’d recommend crate training. If your friends adopt her you might suggest they crate train her.

      • She peed while I was here, I was just in another room. Whenever I’m not here, she’s in the crate. In fact, she’s laying in her crate with the door open right now.

        • If she has accidents inside but out-of-sight, perhaps try tethering her leash to your belt to prevent her from trying to pee inside? This worked for my dog when she was being house/crate trained because I could stop her from squatting and take her outside right away. Thanks for fostering!

          • I like that approach a lot. I’m in a one bedroom that is everyone’s favorite, open concept, so I can shut the bedroom and bathroom doors and not lose sight of her. Lesson learned on showering though, I’ll crate her during that.

    • My adopted rescue dog Ginger had lots of house-peeing issues at first. Mostly from being from a rural area and totally freaked out by city life and afraid to go out at all. I taught her to use a doorbell, which gave her a clear sense of control. Ring the bell – go out to the yard & pee – come right back in. Within 3 days she was perfect.

      It’s pretty easy – get a radio-controlled remote doorbell at Target. Make a little pocket for the button out of yoga mats/drawer liner – be sure to have a strip across the button part for a target.

  • Rant: Sooo not feeling productive. Really would rather be snuggled in bed right now. 1.5 more days of work until 5 days off!

    Rave: Found battery operated LED Christmas lights! My house can be festive this year!

    Rave: Fingers crossed for some veggie mofongo for lunch!!!

    • I Dont Get It

      I love the battery opereated LED lights! I’m looking at a brigt string of red and white mittens as I type this.

  • Rave: Love learning a new language plus learning with my husband is so much fun!

    Rant: Losing my French at the pace I gain my Spanish. Anyone have hints on how to keep the two separate in my head?!

    Rave: Onto Illinois Ave in my BikeDC state avenues (alphabetical) tour. I’ve loved getting out and exploring different parts of the city. Plus Illinois Ave is close to a library I’ve never been too.

    • Bear

      The worst decision I ever made was to take beginning Spanish at the same time as I took a refresher French class in grad school. The two are now hopelessly intertwined. Okay, maybe not THE worst decision…but in terms of language skills, not too smart.

      • Glad to hear I’m not the only one! We lived in Colombia for three months taking Spanish classes while I continued to do work/read/interview in French and it was so difficult! Now we’re taking weekly Spanish classes and I’m occasionally doing work in French and it’s all so mixed up. I sound like that awful American tourist who doesn’t know/care what country they’re in and what language they’re speaking!

      • SFT

        Same for me with Illongo (Filipino dialect). There is so much bastardized Spanish in Illongo that every time I try to speak Spanish it comes out as Filipino. It’s so much harder as an adult to learn and retain multiple languages!

    • Additional Raves:
      Discovered a gorgeous mural at 13th and Otis on my bike to Illinois Avenue, I bought fixings for dark & stormys tonight AND I managed to pull off a raise at the place I’ve been working at extremely part-time (basically whenever they need help).

      • Damn – good things keep rolling along – Starbucks finally cutting me a check for my lost and found and then lost again Nana’s bracelet. Which I’ll promptly donate to Alzheimer’s Foundation.

      • Is that the one with kids holding telephone cans? That was featured here a while ago and IIRC, “gorgeous” wan’t the general consensus. I think it’s fine, personally.

  • skj84

    Rave: I had a blast at Rock and Roll Hotels Cat Cafe last night. I had to wait an hour to see the kitties but it was worth it. I made instant friends this beautiful ginger kitty. She crawled into my lap and let me pet her for about 5 minutes. Kitty Bliss! She had already been adopted, otherwise I was going to make a bid for her. I want a cat so bad.

    Rant: The water bottle in my coat pocket opened up while I was sitting at a bar and spilled all over my seat. Leaving me with an unfortunate stain on my pants. I made a futile attempt and drying the spot in the bathroom with a hand drier, but couldn’t get my pants fully dry. Walking to the metro with a wet butt was not fun.

  • Mug of Glop

    Rant: Water stuff. I’ll save my extensive kvetching for the water posts, though.
    Rave: Weekend is shaping up to looking like a series of pretty fun times.
    Rant: Running injuries are becoming more varied.
    First-World Rant: Need to figure out what to get my secret Santa for the Christmas party. As a Jew, I was never trained for this sort of thing!

  • What kind of scam could this be? I just answered the phone, and before I could get out the usual greeting, a movie-trailer-voice started talking. (you know, “In a world. Where tattoos have been outlawed. One hipster stands up. For justice.”)
    The voice interrupted me to say “Hello! Hello? Oh. Um. I’m sorry, I think I have the wrong number,” with a totally fake affect. Then hung up. But I am nearly certain that it was a recording. So what would be the point of robocalling wrong numbers? Just to see if they’re live? But why bother with the fruity fake “wrong number” spiel?

    • Pablo Raw

      Robocall works by calling a series of numbers and only when you answer they know your number is a legitimate one. Same thing with spam text messages, the moment you send the “stop” message back, they know your number is legit.
      Someone correct me if I’m wrong.

  • Rant: People who, upon finding out that you have a cold, immediately go wide-eyed and back away and exclaim “Don’t get me sick!” It’s like sitting down for a meal with someone, and before the bread basket arrives, saying “Don’t chew with your mouth open!”
    I’m quite good about not shaking hands and keeping my distance and washing hands more frequently when I have a bug. It’s common courtesy, and I think most people know this. To assume that I’m going to accost you with hugs and kisses while sniffling is RUDE.

    • Emmaleigh504

      With the amount of people chewing with there mouthes open, perhaps we should start saying, “Don’t chew with your mouth open!” before the food gets to them.
      On the other hand, I work with a lady who told me she won’t get on the elevator with other people this time of year because she doesn’t want to get sick. People are weird.

    • skj84

      Ugh. That’s so annoying. In a perfect world we could all stay home in quarantine while sick. Unfortunately this isn’t a perfect world and some of us have to work or run errands while sick. I had an incident when I worked at the hotel where I came in during Snowmaggedon while sick. My manager basically forced me to come in, despite hearing how sick I sounded on the phone. The plan was to stay overnight so I could work the morning shift as well. Once I got in a coworker starts freaking out about “I was going to get her sick” and I shouldn’t be there. She whined to the same manager who then decides that she was going to send me home. In the middle of a blizzard. I threw a fit, She knew what state I was in when she called me, the blizzard was raging outside and I would have to take metro home, which at that point was shut down. I put my foot down, told manager I was not leaving. Finally she conceded and snapped at me to go straight to me room, I was opening the next morning. I got to spend the night watching Lost in my hotel room, while they were short staffed downstairs.

    • Try to give these folks the benefit of the doubt. They could have family or friends that they interact with regularly who have compromised immune systems. For example, they may be visiting elderly parents or grandparents for the holidays, or may have an elderly relative living with them. For people in these situations a common cold can be deadly. Or, they could be like me who USED to have a family member in this situation and grew accustomed to being extra cautious.

      • Emmaleigh504

        No, I say judge them harshly. They need to take their own precautions not to get sick, just like Miss Patty is taking precautions not to spreed the cold to others. No need for them to automatically assume she is actively trying to get people sick, but that is exactly what they are doing.

      • At the same time, though, when I’m sick, it is on me to be cautious. I expect others to be careful. Part of my caution about trying NOT to spread the germs I’m carrying comes from being pregnant and having a toddler, and part of it comes from having a really close friend at work who has an autoimmune disorder. I’m always saying, “Don’t hug me! I’m sick!” to warn her. Because while a cold for me sucks really bad, but a cold for her could be a hospital stay.

  • SFT

    Quick poll: Little kid backpacks with leashes… A) Great idea to give kids a bit more freedom with a safety component, or B) A tool for horrible parents to walk their kids like dogs?

    • For 50% of the kids wearing them, bad/ inattentive/ lazy parents. For 30%, it’s the kid’s choice, because they’re kind of cute in the eyes of a 3 year old. For the remaining 20%, it’s a crucial safety device, implemented by excellent parents who tried everything else and are kind of mortified by the necessity. But you can’t tell by looking which is which, so just give ’em all the benefit of the doubt.

      • That nails it. We never needed one, but friends of ours did because their kids were runners. Especially if you have multiple kids and/or walk and take mass transit a lot. One single mom friend with twin boys (shudder!) would have been down to one kid in a week if she hadn’t used these.

      • Blithe

        I agree with Miss Patty. For many toddlers there’s a point when they resent the babyish-ness of strollers, absolutely refuse to hold an adult’s hand, and totally lack judgement. The leashes might seem awful, but they definitely save lives, sanity (Parents), and oddly, dignity (toddlers). It can be surprising to find out the hard way how strong and how fast a toddler can be.
        – Yes, I’ve known the frantic fear of looking for a lost child. Yes, I still remember the frantic fear of being a lost child — after that first heady rush of curiosity-satisfying freedom.

        • Some kids never find the stroller to be baby-ish which is evidenced by the kids still riding in them with their feet on the ground. Backpacks are better than wrist leashes at least.

    • As an adult with no kids, I’d say tool for walking your kids like a dog. I’m sure my tune will change the moment I have a child and they start running everywhere!

      • SFT

        My pre-kid self thought the same thing, but now I find myself considering it. My kiddo likes to walk for himself and hates holding our hands. I can’t keep him strapped in the stroller, so what to do in crowded spaces especially when it gets dark so early? He’s only 14 months, so he can’t be reasoned with just yet. I guess I’m just looking for permission to walk my kid like a dog and not feel like a horrible person 😉

        • Rest assured that those of us who judge might one day find ourselves in the exact same position and feel sheepish for ever judging ;-). You gotta do what you gotta do!

        • Andie302

          This sounds like you’ve thought it through, that it gives your child more freedom than what you can give him otherwise, and helps you in the process. Permission granted 🙂
          The fact that you even asked means you’re considering the pros and cons!

        • Do what you think is best to keep your child safe. If other people want to judge, so be it.

        • I hope you come back to read this! My daughter is getting better at holding my hand now at 18mo than she was at 14mo. I also have a backpack leash (There are super cute ones! We have an elephant). My daughter LOVES it, and it’s really useful for crowded spaces, like a state fair. So I don’t use it much, but there are absolutely scenarios that warrant it.

    • We have 2 kids who are well beyond that age now, but my wife and I rolled our eyes (and still do) at parents who use those. In my completely unscientific, anecdotal experience, option B is correct and Miss Patty’s 50% figure is more like 80%. And I have yet to meet the kid who really wanted one. If your kid is prone to wandering or running off (like our older one was) hold his or her hand in situations where it’s dangerous. The leash is completely unnecessary and obnoxious to use in crowded places.

      • I so love parents who judge other parents because of innocuous parenting decisions they make. “If you don’t do it like I did, you are obnoxious/lazy/a bad parent.” Some of my favorite people to be around. (Dammit, I started the day with no rants.)

        • The judgment goes both ways! Pre-kids, we all know exactly what we’re going to do. (For me, it was picky eating. My kids were never going to choose chicken nuggets and tater tots over sesame broccolini and homemade nagiri! They were going to *prefer* “real” food, because we were going to raise them on “real” food from Day 1. LOL.)
          And post-kids, we all believe that we did it right and that our kids succeeded because of our excellent parenting (and where they succeeded a little less, it was the ADHD, or that nose-miner in the three-year-old class, or the hormones in the water, or…)
          Oh, individuality. Throwing a monkey wrench in parental plans since the Paleolithic.

          • You seem like a really funny and down-to-earth mom. Kudos!
            It’s also funny to see some of my friends and family go totally OCD with Kid #1 – organic everything, hyper-researching the best child-raising products and methods, super paranoid about the littlest issues, going to the doctor for every little thing, etc. But by the time Kid #2 (and #3) come along, they’re just like “Aw fuck it, it will survive.” 😀

          • That’s because they have spares.

    • Emmaleigh504

      kids need exercise and socialization just like dogs do! I don’t see anything wrong with it. I figure if the kids has one on they need it b/c they wander.

    • I’m a huge proponent of them, especially if you have small children who are runners/bolters. It makes it so much easier to manage small children in urban traffic. Also I don’t think all parents are mortified to use them — the “leash” is really common in European countries. My partner’s parents used it on him and his brother when he was a child, and they both turned out okay. 🙂

    • skj84

      I had a leash when I was a toddler. In my mothers defense my sister and I would run in opposite direction at the same time and it was one of the only ways she could keep us together. It is a bit disturbing to see kids on leashes, but I do understand why parents do it.

  • Almost rant: Metal bowl in microwave, how did that not register? No fire, no harm but ooops
    Rant: Two nights of tossing and turning which is very uncharacteristic.
    Rave: NY Times grain bowl recipes – kale, kimchi and quinoa is excellent. Especially with home made kimchi and home grown kale.

  • Rant: So over the micro-managing at work. Give me the tools and leeway to do my job please!
    Rave: I’m on vacation soon. I really, really, really need some time away from DC to rest and recharge.
    Rant: I woke up feeling sick so I skipped the gym this morning. I’m sure that’s not helping my mood. This week has been a fail when it comes to working out.
    Rave: Treating myself to a mani/pedi tonight and then some couch time.

  • For folks who have been to Zoolights – do you know if the Harvard Street entrance to the zoo is open for Zoolights? The website doesn’t indicate either way.

    • I haven’t gone this year but I entered through the Harvard St entrance in 2013 and 2012.

    • I’ve been twice this year. I know the main one at the bottom is open as is the one behind the kid’s zoo which goes into rock creek park. I am not sure about the Harvard Street enterance, but I would say it likely is, and worst case you can walk a block over to the “zoo street” enterance also at the bottom down there.

    • Great – thanks everyone!

  • Rant: Locals buying up condos and turning them into air bnb hotels, thereby reducing the housing pool for their fellow residents. That’s a fact. They know the market is tight, so how is that not selfish?

    • I have no personal dog in this hunt, but this seems like one of the most absurd, unrealistic complaints I’ve heard in a while (and I read PoPville a lot, so that’s sayin’ something). Are you seriously suggesting that someone should look at a property that is for sale and say to him/herself, “You know, someone else might like to buy this, so I think I’ll pass.” Gimme a break. By that measure, you are selfish for not letting the person (actually, every person) in line behind you at the bank, or your favorite restaurant, go in front of you.

    • I haven’t heard of anyone other than Accountering doing this — it doesn’t strike me that it’s an actual trend.
      IIRC, the condo that Accountering bought had been sitting on the market for quite some time. The market might be tight, but the sellers apparently weren’t doing whatever they needed to do to sell the unit.

      • Andie302

        I saw an article this week where several of the homes in Georgetown that are on Airbnb have been purchased within the last couple years. It didn’t give any great detail though, and wasn’t clear whether they were full time rentals or just people renting out their home when they weren’t around.

      • It’s definitely a trend in DC. I even met a few people who make a living managing Air BnB properties.
        I say go ahead and do it. I just hope those who are doing it don’t get caught flatfooted when the city decides to change the rules on them…

        • If you buy property you can do what you want with it – more or less. But I don’t think buying specifically to rent on Airbnb is a good idea at all – unless you have a fabulous property one block to metro is a popular neighborhood that you can rent out for $100 or less a night – because that’s the market right now! Over 750 listings at that price – over 1600total in DC in general – crazy market and absolutely saturated.

      • That condo sat on the market for almost a year if I’m not mistaken, ultimately selling for around 50k under the initial asking price. The reason it just sat there is because nobody wanted to live in the tiny bunker. Short-term rental actually seems like a best use for that property.

        • Andie302

          Agree – if there was ever a place that was ideal for this type of investment, that one ticks the boxes. Great condition, small space, separate entrance, decent location. I also think residents in the building may take advantage for people traveling to visit them. It’s 9 units and I believe they are all one-bedrooms.

        • Yes, for this property, short-term rental is pretty much the best option. There is a good market in people coming to DC for 2-4 months for relocation, internships etc. But again, there is enormous inventory and competition. $2000 a month is average for a a good neighborhood within 3 blocks of meto. Many nice places are available for under $1,500. As for any investment – do lots of research – run the numbers (and if you haven’t done short-term rentals, you need to do a whole lot of research.)

          • But not a lot of long-term rentals are going to take someone for 2-4 months, so the supply is small. Knock out rotating grouphouses, and there really aren’t a ton of places that are centrally located for the short term person.

          • There are hundreds of properties available for short-term rentals – hard to sort through, but anyone can find a good place for $2000 or less.

    • Andie302

      Do you have this same complaint about investment property? What about people that lived in a home but instead of selling it deciding to keep it as a rental? Just curious. I wonder if your discomfort is with the new model of investing, the squeeze on housing stock (no different with those other methods) or something esle.

      • I’d say the difference between long-term (months/years) and short-term (several nights) renters is where the issue is.

        • I’d also say it has to do with the widening income inequality in this country. We’re seeing the explosion of a new landed gentry, IMHO. When many young people have student loans and can’t even save up the down payment to buy a place, meanwhile other people are able to leverage their inheritance and/or accrued equity (which is due solely to government policy to subsidize mortgage and CRE loans and has nothing to do with a “free” market) to buy multiple properties and let them out, thus further entrenching and expanding inequality.
          But what do I know, I just read The Jacobin and take a class-based view of the United State. 🙂

          • Andie302

            I don’t know…I think this also might be about risk tolerance and priorities. I bought my first place with 3.5% down because of an FHA loan. Saving for that and the closing costs wasn’t easy (as I also have student loans) but it was a priority for me. There are ways to buy. My first place wasn’t in the best neighborhood or best condition – but home ownership was more of a priority for me than waiting to be able to afford a bigger, better place or a better location. An FHA loan can be pretty expensive with the mortgage insurance, but if it’s more of priority than saving the additional 16.5% necessary for a down payment then it’s a choice you can make. (Full disclosure, I did have a partner helping me – and I understand that had I not, I would’ve ended up in a small condo somewhere, or not buying.)

          • I completely agree with you Andie. There are options, IF you qualify for a mortgage.
            That said, there are LOTS of people – especially young people – who will NEVER qualify for a loan due to bad credit (due to being in school and not understanding how debt works at all) or high student debt load which throws out-of-whack their DTI. You speak as if everyone can qualify for a 3.5% FHA when that clearly isn’t the case. Hell, 15% of people in this country don’t have a bank account and more are losing access to banks because banks don’t want to service the accounts of poor people who have little liquid assets. There is literally a huge swath of the population who have no access to the financial system.
            I find it interesting that housing starts, particularly first time home buying, among young people are at all-time record lows, yet housing prices keep rising much faster than inflation and construction is up. Basically, young people are not buying the “starter homes.” To me, that’s a massive sign that housing doesn’t exist in a “free” market. Banks in collusion with the government are propping up home prices, when demand is contracting among the young people who are expected to buy these homes. Who is buying the homes?

          • Andie302

            OP Anon – you are right about credit. I always take that for granted because at an early age I was taught not to screw it up. It can certainly work for you or against you. My parents instilled it so much that brother was terrified to even HAVE credit, so when he bought his first place (in rural Delaware at 19) the mortgage company had to check that he’d paid his cell phone on time. It is unfortunate that some people don’t have better education about and access to our financial system. That amazes me.

        • I think this is it. Short-term rentals aren’t really “housing stock”. Using apartments/condos/homes primarily as short-term rentals means that housing stock decreases.

        • I don’t care what people do, but as a condo owner, I’d be annoyed if someone else in my building was doing short term rentals full time. Solely because this is a home, not a hostel/hotel/inn. It’s difficult, I think, for people who don’t live in condos full time to understand how the turnover (or even rental ratio overall) changes the dynamic. I’d want to know if someone in my building were doing this for a variety of reasons, including security. I know our condo board where we have a long term rental (and will sell in a few months) actively searches for people subletting/short term renting to try to curb the violations.

          • +1 !!!!!
            I own a condo in a building where many owners violate zoning code and condo regs by renting out units for a few days or weeks at a time. It adds a lot of wear and tear to the building, means there are some really loud parties, lots of people coming and going, and also has the potential to reduce the safety of the building. (Advice on how to handle this is welcome – we’ve reported the people doing this to the appropriate DC authorities and no action has been taken. The offenders control the condo board so we cannot use fines or other typical means of enforcement.)

          • Check your condo docs. Most don’t allow short-term rentals.

          • The next step is to take over the condo board in the next elections. Go door-to-door and tell the other owners what is happening and why you want to change the rules. You’ll probably need to organize a slate of “reform candidates” who have a similar opinion as you.

          • Is there a way to impeach the board? There should be as to counter situations such as this one. Short of that there is nothing you can do other than what you’ve done to no avail.
            Very glad I’m in small buildings with peole who seem to all be on the same page re: airbnb.

          • re -condo boards. It is a total sh**t job to serve on a condo board Be extremely grateful for those that do – or just run yourself.

            But as for short-term rentals – it will be in your condo docs.

        • Condo owners should definitely check their association bylaws/rules about this. Our rules prohibit short-term (anything under 6 months) rentals, and have specific language about “boarding house” or “hotel” type guests. We discovered one owner doing AirBnB and let them know it is forbidden, and are going to notify everyone again so they can’t claim ignorance of the rules.

          • Unfortunately in this case, they know it’s against the rules and don’t care because they control the board ie rule enforcement.

    • It’s a timely question. Airbnb started as a place to occasionally rent your spare room, or your apt. while you were away, to make some extra cash to afford your rent. Now in many cities it has become a dedicated profit scheme – rent a place at $2000 a month and sublet it on Airbnb for 2500 -3000. Or buy a place to rent this way. New York city is majorly cracking down on this. I don’t know what DC is going to do regulation-wise, but anyone considering as a main income stream should take serious time and look at the competition – the market is saturated – dropping average price per night dramatically. (over 700 apts. listed right now for under $110/night.) Guests are also starting to realize that after paying the 10-13% booking fee to Airbnb, they are often paying hotel prices. .

      • Does DC charge an occupancy tax for these type of rentals? Also, how do you report AirBnb income on your taxes? As rental income? Just curios, not too familiar how the whole system works for the condo owner who is renting it out.

        • Not sure if Airbnb is treated differently, but for long-term rentals you pay as an unincorporated business in addition to reporting it as rental income on your taxes. Income is rental income whether long-term or short-term. Deductions would vary if you stayed there some and rented some as you could only deduct the prorata share of expenses while renting.

  • Rave: Had my end of year review and was told I had a fantastic year by the owner of the company!
    Rave: Two more working days until my nine day vacation. I plan to spend as much of my vacation as possible in my jammies watching horror movies.

  • I Dont Get It

    Rave: A year ago at this time I was miserable with shingles and unhappy that I couldn’t take the planned Christmas trip to visit family. 2014 really blew health-wise and I’m looking forward to seeing it in the rear view mirror.
    Rave: I’m excited about binge-listening to “Serial” on my 12 hour trip to the Midwest this weekend. But seriously y’all, stop randomly talking about it here.
    Rant: Dogsitter/Housesitter/Wiccan will be in charge of my place for a week. Christmas smudging anyone?

  • Rant: office holiday lunch today – four-person office with two managers. The 50% non-management portion of the office does not want to go to lunch.
    Rant: I turned in a draft in January. I have a meeting about it today. I hope I don’t have to re-argue my points.
    Rave: It’s Friday.
    Rant: boss tried to catch my coworker with a “gotcha – you missed a deadline!” but the boss had never actually established a deadline, so now he’s just pissed at my coworker and my coworker understandably feels like she was thrown under a bus.
    Morale is high.

  • Rant: Screwed up a budgetary task first thing this morning. I had never managed a large, corporate budget before starting this job and it has been a rewarding challenge for the most part, but I do get frustrated with myself when I make a mistake.
    Rave: Someone on our accounting team was happy to help me fix the mistake quickly.
    Rant: I’ve had a really hard time falling asleep this week. I’m averaging 4 hours a night and I really need 6.
    Rave: Looking forward to a weekend full of low-key plans.

  • Rave: Parents get here today for early Christmas celebration.
    Rave: Free day at work because of canceled travel to clear a bunch of admin tasks off my desk.
    Rave: One week from today, I’ll be skiing in Utah with my nuclear family and old, fantastic friends. I’ve been skiing exactly once (though my wife is an expert, and my daughter is an addict who, at 8, is quite a bitt better that I am), so I’m a little anxious, but all in all very excited for the trip.

    • Awesome! I’ll be skiing in Utah two weeks from today! Looks like they’ll be getting major snow in the Wasatch Mtns. over the next few days. Where will you be? I’ll be at Snowbird/Alta/Brighton/Solitude.

      • We’re going to be at Solitude. Actually, I misspoke – we’re getting to SLC late on Christmas Day, staying there Friday the 26th, then we’ll be at Solitude on Saturday the 27th, leaving Friday Jan 2.
        If you have any recommendations for places to eat in SLC or at Solitude, I’d love them. We’re going to cook some, and having dinner at the Yurt one night, but are planning on going out for several.

        • Hmm – unfortunately no recommendations. My family has been going out there for years because my parents have a timeshare at Snowbird (thanks mom and dad!), but we generally stay in and cook since we have a full kitchen, or just eat at the restaurants at the resort. Have a great time – Solitude is wonderful!

        • Lone Star Taqueria (in Cottonwood Heights) has the best tacos/burritos ever! Stop by on your way to Solitude.

  • Rave: Got to got the last taping of the Colbert report last night!!!! An amazing experience I’ll always remember. Looking forward to cutting loose this weekend and maybe a date on Saturday.
    Rant: Not much, still in too much of a Colbert high to be negative about anything.

  • Rant: I’ve been having weird dreams about Serial and I’ve never even listened to even a second of it! Thanks, internet!

    Rave: Arena Stage customer service. They called me this morning first to tell me that their discount tickets for Five Guys Named Moe expired, then called me back a few minutes later to tell me they were wrong. I got my tickets 30% off and reserved them over the phone. Looking forward to a great show tomorrow!

    • anonymouse_dianne

      I love Arena Stage! Five guys named Moe is great for the music – not much of a plot but you will love their rendition of “Ain’t nobody here but us chickens”

      Yeah, Arena lets you change your tickets like no place else. If you even forget to go to the play they will still give you another ticket!

      • Ugh, sometimes they can be terrible though. They called repeatedly to harass us about renewing our subscription and trash talked other theaters when we mentioned we might get a subscription somewhere else. Granted, that’s just one person on their sales team, but it really left a nasty taste in my mouth.

  • hispanicandproud

    Rave: Signed up for the 100 mile Bike to the Beach ride this summer benefiting autism in honor my nephew!
    Rave: Get to buy a new road bike!
    Rave: First 100 miler!

    • Nice! enjoy, it should be a good time
      im looking forward to my first Tri this spring

    • You’ll love it. I rode my bike from DC to Ocean City and back in 1992 – regular bike, no real equipment (I tied an old backpack on the back, stiffened it with a cookie sheet to keep it out of the spokes) Hitched across the bay with some crabbers from Tangier Island. It’s a wonderful adventure – do ride around Assateague Island.

  • Rant: Thought I was getting really sick with a stomach bug yesterday. Even went home early because I wasn’t sure I could keep my insides from trying to get out.
    Rave: Must have just been something I ate, felt fine this morning!
    Rave: My conductor on the Yellow Line this morning was super talkative and nice, practically doing a tour guide spiel like a pilot over the Grand Canyon.
    Rant: Awesome landlord is visiting today while we’re at work to inspect some repairs he had done a few weeks back. So embarrassed that we just didn’t have time to clean this week–he’s been great with us and I hate not having it company-ready for him!

    • KSB

      I don’t know, my oldest daughter and I had some sort of micro-stomach bug this week too. She had it a little worse than I did, but it definitely ran its course quickly! Yucky half-day for me, though. Glad you’re on the mend!

    • Something like that stomach bug is going around my office. Glad to hear if I catch it, it won’t be that bad.

  • Very disappointed to hear the DCJCC fired Theater J’s Artistic Director Ari Roth. Over the best 18 years Ari has put everything into the theatre & the center creating space for dialogue, inquiry and art. The decision from the DCJCC Board and CEO is shortsighted and makes me (a young Jew) completely uninterested in supporting them in any way.
    Add that to Artisphere closing and it’s a sad day for art spaces.

  • Rant: Tired and wishing I could go home and go back to bed.
    Rave: Had leftover pumpkin pie for breakfast.
    Rave: It’s Friday!

  • Quotia Zelda

    Rave: Agency holiday party today. I’m wearing a sparkly sweater!
    Rave: Friday! I need this weekend so much. There will be sleeping, sleeping, and more sleeping.

  • Blithe

    Raves — and Thanks to PoPville folks: – IDontGetIt and Victoria suggested upside down cake options. I haven’t made one ever, and I haven’t had one in years. I’m now looking for just the right recipe for a peach ginger upside down cake. If I only bake once a decade or so, I at least want to start with a good recipe!
    –More thanks to the kind villagers who helped me with suggestions for getting my photos off of my old phone. I was able to use Bluetooth to laboriously get one of the pictures that I most wanted transferred to my computer. So, with a combination of strategies, all may not be lost. Yay!
    Rave: Fun weekend plans, and maybe I’ll be able to talk a few people into doing ZooLights — with or without a kid!

    Rave: Foxfire books/articles. Interesting and, at time, nostalgic reading about regional traditions and skills that might not be with us for much longer.

    • Blithe

      Query: Does anybody know a source for good country /slab bacon in DC? If not, I have a good excuse for a Baltimore jaunt to Lexington Market. Or to see if M & S market on Upshur still exists, and still sells stuff like that.

      • *POSSIBLY* the Amish markets in either Upper Marlboro, MD or Laurel, MD. I realize neither location is IN DC, but both have a wide selection of meats and the bacon is so good! And even if they don’t have what you’re looking for, you can always use a trip to the Amish market. TRUST ME 😉

      • I bet Three Little Pigs has it.

      • I have gotten a lot of good pork products at Harvey’s Butcher in Union Market. They are old school and not fancy, fancy like a lot of the new folks at Union market. I’d check them out or give them a call.

      • Check with Stachowskis. Worth calling before trekking over there.

      • Blithe

        Thanks MUCH for all of your suggestions!

    • We had the Firefox books growing up, and I think still have all but one of them. Really a different time – my brother learned to drive a tractor when he was very young because it was important when living on a farm.
      A rave I didn’t post above – I’m going to learn to drive a tractor 🙂

      • Lol, you’ve already changed over, it’s Foxfire, not Firefox. But, when Firefox came out I called it Foxfire for the first few weeks.
        I used to drive a tractor on an educational farm, it’s pretty fun. Enjoy!

        • Emmaleigh504

          I thought Foxfire was about teen runaways…

        • We had a limited edition special series of Foxfire books – they had a red fox holding a blue ball on the cover 🙂
          And er, it’s time for a cup of tea when I think one thing and write another

    • OOh – do tell us how it turns out! I think you could easily do peach with a regular white cake (as for pineapple upside-down) Maybe a touch of almond in the batter – or lemon zest – or – I totally don’t advise this except for experiment, but I somehow think a touch of coriander?

    • I Dont Get It

      MMM…peach ginger sounds great!

  • skj84

    Rant: the internet at work has been completely screwy the past two days. Everyone has abandoned any sense of productivity today. I got some admin things done, but without constant wifi there isn’t much I can do.

  • RAVE: Dub Techno Fridays (mostly Giriu Dvasios from Lithuania – Beau, check out his Soundcloud). Perfect soundtrack for this cloudy day, with rays of light peaking across the sky as I overlook the city from my bedroom on this hilly perch.
    RAVE: “working from home” today. Which means answering emails, drinking coffee in my slippers, having a fat cat sit on my lap, and reading the Economist holiday double issue 😉
    RANT: so behind on Xmas gift shopping. I am seriously THE WORST at buying presents for others 🙁
    RANT: realizing that I need a lot of gear to get my studio together. Grrrrrrrrrr. I might just start with monitors, a new laptop, some select software, a beefed up soundcard, and a MIDI keyboard controller before springing for outboard gear.

    • PS-Rave: found out I will be going to Switzerland for the 2nd week of February for a 3 day conference. Weekend stop over (Brussels? London? Berlin?) followed by another bookend weekend of snowboarding in zeeeee Alps. BRING IT!
      PS-RAVE #2: my new haircut is the jam. I have such good hair 😀

    • Will do – thanks for the heads up. I’m thinking of doing an EDM project. Up for collaborating?

      • Yes. Let’s make some noise!
        What genre are you thinking? I’m really in the mood for some spaced out, slow 4-4 BPM house – “the soundtrack to a winter morning”

  • Rave: Super fun party last night with boyfriend’s friends
    Rave: Three parties today
    Rant: I’m planning two of them…
    Rave: Colleagues who jump in and just do when asked to help – hallelujah for an amazing office!
    Rave: PARTIES!!!

  • So, who else has spent an hour sniffling over the Bloggess’s holiday wishlist thread this week? Faith in humanity, oh my, and how.
    Anyone who doubts that poverty in America is real, and that it happens to good people who made all the right moves, should check it out.
    And then do a little something to alleviate someone’s economic bitchslap.

  • Revel: Great evening with my 10 year old “god-daughter” last night – no sulky ipad retreats, just talking & playing & rampaging with foster kittens, drawing pictures, (robots for her – kittens for me) talking about stuff – “do you think people who believe in god are happier that those who don’t?” (We’re both heathens) she said no – because they aren’t being real.

    Rant: What do I call my heart-child daughter of my best friend when neither of us believe in “god ? ”
    Also, my drawings of kittens look pretty psychotic.

  • Rave: Going to ZooLights was much cooler than I thought it would be and helped to get me a bit more into the Xmas spirit.

    Rant: Came home last night to find my dog acting really weird. Turns out she had been running wild in the street while our front door was wide open. Luckily our neighbor and a cop got her back in and shut the door. (Thanks again!) Our door is screwy but I don’t see how it could unlock itself. So glad things didn’t turn out worse!

    • Oh my gosh!!! I’m so glad your dog was back safe and sound! But there’s no telling what kind of mischief she got into while she was free. If I knew my dog had had a free run while I was gone and that she was back seemingly unharmed, I would still be concerned that she may have eaten something she shouldn’t have. Yikes! Scary! But +1000 for your neighbor(s) and the cop(s)!!!

      • Thank you! So fortunate and grateful they got her back in the house! Hopefully she didn’t do anything to cause long-lasting harm while outside.

  • Science Friday and making Chex Mix. I needed this combination.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: still don’t have a tree of my own (or to share!), I’ll never be able to buy a place in this city…

  • I’m feeling a bit too ranty today so let me overcompensate with some raves!
    – Good girlfriend is having a baby next month and we picked out a beautiful baby blanket for me to knit for the little one. I can’t wait to make it — the pattern is really fun — and am just a tiny bit honored to be making something she already considers to be an heirloom.
    – While shopping, I also got yarn to make myself a pretty, fancy scarf. Looking forward to knitting up a storm over the next few weeks.
    – Also looking forward to making baklava cookies this weekend. That recipes had made me want to make baklava versions of all kinds of things — muffins, bundt cake, waffles. Thank goodness Pinterest has plenty of inspiration for those too!
    – Serial. It took me a full day to process my thought on this but I decided I thought the ending was just what it needed to be. I was wrong that Sarah Koenig would tie up the story neatly, but don’t think that the lack of a tidy ending in any way detracted from the story or the sets of important questions that it laid out. And I think the story of Anand and of Hae’s murderer could continue to unfold even though Sarah’s reporting on it is over. I’ll continue to watch for new stories as they come out with just as much anticipation as I did for each week of Serial.

    • Emmaleigh504

      Did you ever follow any of the investigations and trials for Robert Wone’s murder? He was murdered at his friend’s house on Swann street in 2006. It’s a complex case and the murderer was never found. Since I’m on team Adnan is innocent, I find these two cases sit in the same section of my brain. Will the true murderers ever be found? I hope so.

    • Blithe

      Shawess — just wanted to add a Rave: Thanks for encouraging us PoPvillagers to use this site as an opportunity for substantive discussion. I enjoy the frivolous discussions as well, but we really do have a wealth of expertise, experiences and opinions among us — and I too, welcome the opportunity to discuss serious topics in meaningful ways. (Albeit while also thinking about such things a baklava versions of EVERYTHING! )

      • +1. And I think the tone/civility of the discussions has really improved this year. It’s refreshing to see discussions among thoughtful people who might have different viewpoints, but are still able to articulate their views without getting personal and who are willing to listen to others and give consideration to what they have to say.

        • I think you’re right — I’ve seen positive changes in the few months I’ve been a regular here, and only became a regular because this seemed like a really good forum.

      • Thanks, Blithe. I appreciate you saying this, and your additions to that discussion. I’m not going to chime in again today about the Petworth crimes for a bunch of reasons, but read your great remarks and was so glad you wrote them.
        I agree with you that there is huge potential for this site to actually produce some serious conversations, given that we all seem to be educated, smart and opinionated, each in our own ways. More than that, I see a lot of frustrations expressed here that would be well served with some form of collective action that this site is well positioned to facilitate. Outrage can be fine when bad things happen, but when you have the thousands of daily readers this site has, and it’s (sadly*) a main source of local news information, this seems like a natural place to try to turn outrage into something useful. (*I say “sadly” because major outlets are largely doing a bad job on this, not as any kind of slight against Dan, who’s providing us all with a really valuable service.)
        I’ve never been an “organizer” or much of a joiner, but I find it strange that so many of us seem to have parallel concerns but that the dialogue tends to stop just at rants. I’m guilty of this as much as the next person, but it weighs on me. I’m still trying to figure out what the right response is.
        Of course I also like to talk about more frivolous things and am one of those people that who thinks the two things can and should sit side by side. Thanks for “getting” that, Blithe!

    • One more thing on Serial: I really hope the next one is NOT a true crime story or anything like it. I hope that it opens up a whole new “ecosystem” of questions and characters (to crib from Slate Spoiler Special terminology. Did I mention how much I adore Mike Pesca?)
      If I could get my happy holiday wish, it would be for the next season to focus on something that deals with wage equality and work-life balance as central issues.

  • Rave: winter break started 50 minutes ago.
    Rant: so many aspects of my job suck so badly that these two weeks off are very badly needed.

  • Scuba diving in Cuba might now be possible? I’ve heard it might be good because Sh**head communists haven’t allowed people to go offshore because they could escape – so there could be really nice reef.

  • I can’t wait to go scuba diving in Cuba. Word is the reefs are great because – horrible dictators – restrict access. Sorry for that – but I want some great reef!

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