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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • Rant/Rave:

    I want to see The Interview.

    Sugar is crack.

    I love beer.

    • hispanicandproud

      Agree all all three! I had tons of cookies and three beers at lunch and talked about The Interview. Dang terrorists.

  • Rant: North Korea.
    Rant: Sony’s decision to pull the movie for threats deemed non-credible by DHS. But hey, what does DHS Intel know?
    Rant: The ‘terrorists’ have won.

    • Ever since the decision to pull the movie I’ve been thinking it’s actually because Sony doesn’t want another data dump. And then I wonder what kind of secrets would be worth cancelling a movie release over…

      • SFT

        My husband has a theory that they never even made the movie, rather just filmed a few trailers for hype. Now everyone is talking about Sony and it’s a big media storm. Hmmmm….

      • Or it is such a crap movie that Sony is grateful to have an excuse not to release it.

        • THIS. The leaked Sony emails revealed that internal strategists were terrified that preliminary reviews looked very bad. Sony is probably relieved that they won’t need to release such a turd, especially under these insane expectations and hype that now surround the film.
          That said, Amy Pascal will be out of a job by January 1st. If someone secretly wanted to get rid of her, they’ve just played a brilliant hand. She basically tied her own noose and comes across as a needy idiot. Failing upwards, amirite?

    • For a brief and lucrative time in my stories career, I was a “security consultant” for Universal Pictures, which was releasing “The Last Temptation of Christ” amidst protests, boycotts and the occasional bomb threat. Theater owners are not in the business of making statements, they’re in the business of making money, and it’s hard to argue to a theater chain owner watching the fiasco over at Sony that he or she is better served by showing this movie than by taking a pass. In addition, even when threats are “non-credible,” standing in a theater lobby and looking at the people who will die if there really is a bomb planted — as the caller threatened — and you don;t clear the theater is a sobering thing. The movie clearly needs to be released somehow, on principle. But it’s a lot easier to be armchair advocates than it is to be someone who has to answer to shareholders and employees on the profit question and to the public on the safety question, regardless of how remote the threat may seem. If a North Korean defects, the government will kill his entire family — if the threat of terrorism is small, it is only for lack of means, not lack of will.

      • You completely dismiss the non-credible threats without any justification by saying “Well, we know they can’t possibly do anything but what if, just in case?” Comparing threats from the local population who could possibly carry out such an act is not in the same league as some hackers in the North Korean intelligence directorate writing threats in Engrish.

        The theaters were pissed that Sony was placing responsibility on them, so they pulled out to avoid that, and then Sony just said “Screw it.”

        What Sony essentially did is bow to the demands of a whack job regime because they hacked into their very, very, very poorly protected IT network.

        I agree that it should be released in some form, and if Sony fails to do that, which is what it seems like is happening, then it’s bad news.

      • And to your point about being armchair advocates, what else are we supposed to do? I work in the homeland security field.

        The point is that we are letting fear tell us what we can and cannot do.

        Quoting someone who puts it much better than I do (Drew at hitfix.com): “Instead of worrying for the moment about what effect this has on art or commerce, how about opening up the international conversation about just how willing we are as an international community to let this squalid little nightmare of a nation dictate anything to anyone outside its borders? Are we seriously, as a planet, okay with letting the delusional man-baby who runs North Korea tell anyone anywhere how they can or can’t do things? At what point do we take the information that they are willing to engage in cyber-terrorism and use that information to make a decision about how we handle them moving forward? Are we okay with this sub-par Bond villain being allowed to continue to operate this way? Or is this the moment where we realize that he is not a punchline, and North Korea is not a joke, and this is not just an isolated event that only impacts the people in his country?”

      • I think a lot of people would have gone to see the movie so that the terrorists don’t “win,” actually, which seems like the theater owners would be better served by showing the movie because they’d make a bunch of money. That wasn’t hard to argue at all.

        BTW, Sony’s data security system was not “very, very, very poorly protected” or so Slate wrote yesterday. It seems as though Sony’s system was perfectly average and only the major tech companies and the federal government would likely have withstood this attach.

    • Why is North Korea so much more worked up over this movie than Team America? Because puppets?!?!

  • Rant: There was a robbery on my block last night (confirmed by DC Alerts), I think I heard it all happening (there was a lot of shouting outside), and I didn’t take action to stop it (I was in bed, wrote it off as nothing serious). I feel incredibly guilty. Incredibly guilty. Because if I had called 911, they may have caught the guys. I’m sharing this because maybe it will make others actually call 911 when things like this happen instead of writing it off. And to say sorry in case the victim happens to be a PoPville reader.
    Rave: I feel 95% back to normal after surgery.
    Rave: The week off of work post-surgery was probably the most relaxing “vacation” I’ve ever had because I could nap when I wanted, walk around when I wanted, order food in, have a cleaning service…. In a way, it’s sad that it took surgery to make me relax this much. I think I’m going to be using Instacart and a cleaning service more going forward.

    • Ally

      It’s hard to make a judgment call on those things some time, so try not to beat yourself up too much over it. I always call it in when I see something, but often, noise and shouting is just kids messing around in the alley by my house. Appreciate what you wrote, though, and I’ll be more inclined to pay attention to noises outside as well. Hope the victim is doing okay, all things considered.

      • Thanks, Ally. I agree it’s hard to make a judgment call, but I really should have called. In fact, I almost always call 911 (or city agencies) if something seems amiss, and my husband teases me because he thinks that I’m a bit too overzealous. I started to think that maybe I am too overzealous, and it was that exact thinking that made me write it all off. I guess I’m going to back to being the person who keeps a running dialogue with the MPD 3D, for better or worse.

    • Accountering

      Agree with Ally, don’t beat yourself up. Just call 911 next time. When shady stuff like this happens, first instinct is to call 911 and let them sort it out 😉

      • Thanks to you both — you’re right and I am beating myself up too much. I actually emailed the 3D commander after posting and he told me they are talking to suspects, so I’m feeling a lot better about this already.

      • Agreed with Accountering. Don’t beat yourself up, Shawess! You seem like a very conscientious person.

    • Tangential point, but Instacart is expensive! Both Peapod and Safeway.com deliver and while not as convenient, are much cheaper.

  • Rave for Sparklykittytacos: Mom drove us back from Annapolis to DC without much trouble. She was able to do a double lane change, but for the most part she drove back in the right lane a bit below the speed limit. She did have some mistakes like not paying attention and almost hitting the wall coming back into the city and changing lanes without first putting on a turn signal and looking.
    My gym is in Alexandria near Huntington metro, so if you ever wanted to try a short hwy drive then metro back it could be arranged evenings or weekends. I’m very patient and won’t backseat drive you unless you’re doing something very wrong.
    Rant: Lazy roomies. Having someone profess how clean they are before they move in but then never actually clean anything or take out the trash. I’m so tired of playing house mom to other adults.
    Rave: Boozy milkshakes at Satellite Room.

    • Good job, anon 1.5’s mom! It made me a little panicky just reading that. And thank you for the offer! I’ll see if I can work up the courage to subject you to that sometime. 🙂
      Also, I second your boozy milkshake rave!

      • Well, her problems probably won’t be your problems. She wasn’t generally nervous but is still getting used to properly using her mirrors. If I can get her on the hwy, I can get anyone on the hwy. I need to be down there sat and sun at noon. Sleep on it. 🙂

    • Can you hire a cleaner and split the bill? Seems like that’s supposed to work well in group housing situations, and it eliminates the issue of people having different standards of cleanliness.

      • +1 to this. Per my rave above, I’m amazed by the peace of mind that outsourcing cleaning can provide. In the last group house I lived in circa 2010, the three of us paid $20 each for cleaning once a month and it would have been worth it at twice the price.

      • I’d consider it if different standards were the issue. My issue is no cleaning or helping out whatsoever. In almost 3 months I’ve done all the trash takeout, vacuuming, etc. I also buy the household supplies, so I can easily tell when something is used. I’m perfectly fine if someone says they hate to clean and offer extra $$$ to compensate, but I refuse to pay for a maid because someone cannot be bothered to assist.
        I’ll be certain to be more clear that clean is not only not leaving dirty dishes in the sink but also helping out in the aforementioned areas.
        I put up with it because I was buying a condo so he’d be gone soon enough without having to find someone to cover an uncertain timeframe.

  • Rave: A woman told me I look “very Olivia Pope-y” today. I love you forever, kind elevator stranger.
    Rant: Interviewed a bunch of Cuba experts yesterday and every time they said “shifting from a policy of isolation” (which was A LOT), I started singing “Let It Go” in my head. “A kingdom of iiisolaaation, and it looks like I’m the queen.” Gah!
    Rant: Awesome sandwich shop in my office building is closing down tomorrow. Sad.
    Rave: Friend’s holiday party tomorrow and IVY holiday party on Saturday!

  • Ally

    Rave: We detected our kiddo’s heartbeat for the first time at our doctor visit yesterday; that was a relief.
    Rant/Rave: The ultrasound shows that out kiddo kind of closely resembles a squid or the Star Trek Enterprise 😉
    Rant: Everything about The Interview situation. Borat was likely (at least) 10x as offensive and Kazakhstan didn’t resort to hacking or threats to get it shut down. The world could use a little better sense of humor.

    • Ally

      our*. He/she isn’t out yet, though that would be perfectly okay too 🙂

    • I keep imagining the outrage if a studio in another country made a movie about assassinating President Obama in which he exploded or whatever at the end. I don’t dispute Sony’s right to make the movie and certainly don’t condone North Korea’s hack and threats of violence, but the movie sounds in poor taste, and I think Sony showed bad judgment in making it to begin with.

      • There are certainly plenty of movies that assassinate a U.S. President, either a fictional one or a real one. I’m not sure if any of those were made by countries in different studios, but I don’t think there would really be any similar type of outrage whatsoever.

        • It’s assassinating a real, sitting leader that I think crosses the line. Perhaps there have been movies in which the actual president of the U.S. is assassinated, but I can’t think of one. And no, the outrage wouldn’t be similar to North Korea’s histrionics, but my point is just that Americans wouldn’t just accept it as no big deal like when it’s a president of a country that we don’t like.

          • “Americans wouldn’t just accept it as no big deal”
            Initially this was my thought but I actually think maybe about half of Americans would accept it as no big deal. (I’m thinking of people who just kind of don’t care and people who don’t like the *current* president. And I don’t specifically mean Obama; same during the Bush years.)

          • SFT

            I don’t think we would take as much offense as Americans, mainly because we realize that the president is just a man. North Koreans are made to believe that their supreme leader is a god. I think that is the difference here.

          • “Death of a President” which according to Wikipedia was “2006 British high concept mockumentary political thriller film about the fictional assassination of George W. Bush, the 43rd U.S. President, on 19 October 2007 in Chicago, Illinois.”

            I remember there was some reaction when it opened, but it was presented at film festivals (winning several awards) and was shown in theaters around the country and around the world.

      • Ally

        i do get (and agree) that the premise is offensive. However, throw Seth Green into anything and it’s just hard to take it too seriously.

        • *Seth Rogen
          Seth Green is that unfunny ginger hobbit. But yes, Seth Green is our generation’s Rob Schneider. NAGL, IMHO.

          • You’re on fire today, although I would say that Seth Green is our (OK, your) generation’s David Spade (who makes Rob Schneider look like Eddie Freakin’ Murphy).
            Bonus Rave – Picked up Delirious on DVD for a dollar. Perhaps the funniest standup ever (certainly in the top 5), though it’s hard not to cringe at some of the humor decades later with our better-trained ears.

          • I introduced my (much) younger roommate to Delirious about 2 months ago, we watched it on Netflix. We were both cringing at Eddie’s rampant homophobia, it’s just so crazy that language was acceptable just 30 years ago. Totally nuts.
            Of course, the irony was not lost on us that Eddie was found with a transgendered prostitute in his car about 10 years ago 😀

          • PS – the ice cream sketch in Delirious still makes me nearly pee my pants. So damn funny 😀

          • I simply cannot eat an ice cream cone without saying, “Wanna lick? Psych!”
            It’s a little sad that the youngsters out there think of Eddie as the kinda/sorta funny dude from Dr. Doolittle and the Klumps, best known as Donkey, when he is a comedic genius, perhaps the most famous SNL cast member/character or all time, and the lead in some of the greatest comedies of all time (Beverley Hills Cop? Trading Places? 48 Hours? , some of the best standup ever, and some of the

          • Haha aw, I liked Seth Green in Buffy, but haven’t seen anything else he’s been involved with since then…

        • I don’t think they should have bowed down.

          But separately and as food for thought – – I read this somewhere and it really struck me how true it was. I think it might have been the Atlantic article “why do we laugh at north korea but fear iran”………NK leadership has killed, by policies and starvation and purges, millions of its own citizens. And yet we laugh and make jokes about the Kim family in a way no one ever would about Pol Pot, Idi Amin, or Hitler (in the time his atrocities occurred at least). My guess is because of its hermit kingdom status, its easy to make fun of what we don’t SEE or HEAR. I do think humor is a coping mechanism and serves a purpose so I am not really calling anyone out on it, I just thought it was a very interesting point I had not noticed on my own. Made me sad for N. Koreans that they really don’t get our sympathies, just our mocking of their leadership

    • Congrats on the heartbeat! I remember that ultrasound being a relief!

  • Aglets

    Rave: 4 more work days and then i have a week off. I can’t wait.
    rant: 4 difficult days between me & freedom

  • Rave: baby has bascially slept through the night for two nights in a row. But now that I’ve said it, it’ll be over.
    rant: he has a terrible cough to the point of gagging. Poor guy.
    Rave: Momofuku
    Rant: Sony. WTF?
    Rave: Blacklist. We started it a few weeks ago and are hooked!

  • Rant: My caramel was an utter fail. It finally set in the fridge but was incredibly gritty and just not the correct texture. Some internet research leads me to believe that I didn’t heat it up enough. I used a candy thermometer but apparently the thermometer isn’t supposed to touch the bottom of the pan or else it is taking the temp of the pan and not the liquid inside. Sigh. I will try again next year.
    Rave?: At least this means I didn’t have to spend my Wednesday night wrapping a 100 candies in wax paper.
    Rave: I’m being incredibly productive at work for this time of year.
    Resolution: I need to get back on the healthy eating band wagon starting today. Too many cookies = constant belly ache.

    • I feel your pain! I tested out the caramels that I thought had set (which I made over the weekend). While very delicious, also very gooey. I too used a candy thermometer for the first time but I didn’t realize it wasn’t supposed to touch the bottom of the pan. I will be gifting fudge instead!

    • Mine also failed- I think it didn’t actually get to 240F as was required and instead I got a goopy mess that melted at room temp. Oh well the truffels and fudge with bourbon sugar and sea salt did turn out – so get ready friends for home made yummies!

      • Accountering

        Have to get to 238*! I think somehow it changes the structure and lets it harden later? Even just going from 232 to 238 took forever though! Invest in a good candy thermometer. They are like $7 on Amazon.

        • Thanks – I’m a cook not a baker for this very reason. Food chemistry is just to touchy. I’d rather cook and taste along the way, always better results.
          Next year I’m going to try peanut brittle instead.

          • +100 I failed even when paying careful attention to the candy thermometer!

          • Omg, Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams at Home has an amazing almond brittle recipe. I recommend it so very much. I think I’m going to make some next week to give as gifts. And to sprinkle into my whiskey eggnog custard.

          • Emmaleigh504

            I’m a cook not a baker b/c I fail at chemistry. In high school chemistry we were doing some fun experiment at the end of the year, aka making peanut brittle. My lab partner and I never got past the boiling water stage. I was in chemistry for stupid kids, so no one actually got peanut brittle, but most got sweet goo. Poor Mr. Ayala. We were such failures 😀

    • Did you use all sugar or part corn syrup? Corn syrup – evil as many think it is – makes a big difference. Has to do with crystals and molecules and that sort of stuff.

  • Pablo Raw

    Rave: A friend who doesn’t do portraits or family photos wanted to recommend me to a person who e-mailed her. When she sent me the e-mails, I found it suspicious and after a little bit of google I found it was a scam. I’m glad I’m able to detect red flags.
    Rant: My work is like a school. Nobody was told today was employee photo day, and I brought my worst sweater. Oh well.
    Rave: Cuba-US relations.

    • Ditto on the momentous shift in U.S.-Cuba relations. It seems to be getting overshadowed on Facebook, etc. by the kerfuffle over “Interview,” but this is a big, big deal.
      And apparently Pope Francis played a major role in facilitating the whole thing. The more I hear about/from him, the more I like him. Such a nice antidote to Benedict!

  • Rave/Rant?: Finishing Serial at my desk! I’m a little fed up with Sarah Koenig’s obvious bias toward Adnan. I want to know who did it, but at this point (20 minutes into the last ep), I’m pretty certain all we’ll hear is Sarah’s opinion.

    • Did you watch the Funny Or Die spoof of the last ep…it’s pretty brilliant!

      • Yes, so funny! And I’ve posted about them before, but the best thing to come out of this (other than Adnan possibly getting an appeal) is the parody videos from Paul Laudiero, Zach Cherry, and Will Stephen.

      • I actually thought it was in poor taste. I know Serial is a bit of a phenomenon but we are talking about real life, a teenager who was murdered and someone who may have been wrongfully accused and imprisoned. It’s not the final episode of “Lost” or anything. I’ve been feeling this for a while from the episodes anyway but I can’t really take it as serious journalism at this point.

        • I thought the Best Buy tweet was in poor taste, but I think the parodies are fine. Sarah is so obviously biased that I can’t take it as serious journalism either.

    • Okay, it’s a Rant. I just finished it and am unimpressed. I think it was Ronald.

    • I Dont Get It


    • I thought it was a salient point that Adnan would have had a really “unlucky day” like she pointed out. I also thought the forensic tests are an interesting development.

      • The forensic tests are an interesting development, as is Ronald. I wish they’d gone into that more over the series rather than the last 20 minutes.

        • palisades

          As SK said, she literally just found out about Ronald last week. They are still testing the samples and figuring that out as we speak. Not much SK can do about that.

    • palisades

      I’m not sure what you expected. Despite SK’s bias, I think it’s pretty clear she is still the most un-biased out of all the people involved in this clusterf*&k. A lot of people came into the podcast expecting cold hard results and a nice resolution. It was always a character study, and then, a look into the corrupt and jumbled justice system.
      A simple google search shows that he’s still in prison, and there is no real hope. SK did the best with what she found. So much circumstantial evidence, so much hearsay, so much passed time and opportunities.

      • Trust me, I’ve read the Serial reddit. I wasn’t expecting Adnan to be magically freed from prison; I’m aware of how the justice system works. I expressed that I was hoping for something different in the finale, but sounds like it worked for some people.

  • SFT

    Rant: It’s our team holiday lunch today, which should be fun, but all the women on my team are on crazy gimmicky diets. One only drinks shakes, another eats powdered soup that smells like holy hell, and another only eats grapefruit and celery. They talk about their diets and how many calories are in every single thing. It sucks trying to eat a normal lunch while hungry, judgy onlookers give you disdainful (or maybe they’re just hungry) looks.

    • That is really annoying. Be sure to order dessert and enjoy every bite.

    • That would drive me insane. I feel for you.

    • That is a sad, sad way to live. I used to worry about everything I ate, count calories, and obsess over not eating or eating something. It’s terrible, unhealthy, and usually has to do with a deeper issue. Now I eat pretty much whatever I want, but also don’t go overboard, and exercise regularly. I am in way better shape than I was when I obsessed. Your coworkers are wasting their time AND missing out on amazing food!

    • There are certain situations where only a double bacon cheeseburger will do. This is one of them.

    • You should buy them each a copy of the book “French Women Don’t Get Fat”! Eat everything, in moderation.

    • I see those ads for insane diet things all the time and I wonder why the industry hasn’t died yet because it’s so idiotic, but then I hear these stories. It is sad that people believe this and the whole machine that turns and makes women think they have to do this, that’s where the desperation to believe it comes from. And Dr. Oz, what a glassbowl that guy.

      • SFT

        This time of year is the WORST! Just turn on any of the channels that market to women (i.e. Lifetime, WE, Hallmark) and all you see is ads for crazy diets that will help you ‘live your best life’. It’s so in your face all the time. Dr. Oz and his ‘fat burning secrets’ need to go away! I plan on eating my lunch and describing just how delicious everything is 🙂

  • Rant: Holiday induced depression. I want to run away for the next 10 days.

  • Accountering

    Rant/Rave: It looks like we are going to be the USOC’s nominee to host the 2024 olympics. I can’t say for sure, but everything I am reading says I am the front runner. I am trying to look at the positives if we win, which I see as following:
    -This should quickly accelerate infrastructure improvements in DC
    -This will make it so that DC/MD/VA/Feds pay for the new stadium at RFK (which I really don’t want, but the tea leaves say it is coming, so may as well have other entities help foot the bill, as opposed to DC getting stuck with it, which we undoubtedly would
    -I can see this being a good platform to agitate for statehood
    -I will be able to rent my house for a lot of money while the games are going on 🙂

    With all of this said. I hope they don’t come. It will be a disaster for city residents if they do, but there is some positives if we do “win”

    Also, for everyone who was looking for my AirBNB spot. Search for: random week in February, entire home/apartment, price of under $110/night, and then zoom in on the area around 3rd and Florida NW. My place is called “Beautiful Renovated Apartment in DC.

    • I can’t see the Olympics in DC being anything but a disaster.
      Question about your AirBnB: Are most people renting it from outside of the US?

      • Accountering

        First renters check in today. It is a couple from Belo Horizonte Brazil 🙂

        • Do you have others booked? I’m just wondering because, when I look at a map of DC, I don’t see this as THAT central to where I would want to be if I were visiting from out of town for a few days given that a number of centrally located hotels are about $110-$120 (my folks manage to stay at a Kimpton for every visit for about $110 including breakfast). Just asking because I’m wondering if international travelers are more in to staying in someone else’s home and saving $20 than someone who has been to DC before or visiting friends/family. Not a judgement – whatever floats your boat – just curious! (I have neighbors back home who do a house swap every summer with another family in different countries via an agency)

          • Accountering

            We listed on Monday, and already have ~20 nights booked. We are shooting for a slightly different crowd I think. We can get down to under $100/night for longer stays, and it is definitely bigger than Kimpton (ours is 405 sq feet, and is a 1BR not a studio.) It also has a full kitchen, which I think is a pretty good benefit if you are coming long-term. Thinking is, people coming to visit the city for 5 nights in our price-point will very likely want to save some money on dinners and breakfasts out, and we can help them there quite a bit.

          • I think I saw the right place which was $74/night. I imagine if you’re bringing a car that Kimpton would be $130-140. I’d think cutting the price nearly in half and being a little out of downtown would be worth it.

          • Accountering

            I also think some people like the idea of being in the city, as opposed to in a hotel. It is a cool spot that is definitely more DC than staying in a hotel. It will be interesting for sure. Another thing we are certainly targeting is people coming for medium term stays (2 weeks to 3 months) who are relocating or whatever. We can get our price down even further for them to under $2000/month, which I think is quite appealing.

          • Why do you find airbnb to be preferable to renting more traditionally? I’m considering it next year, but I’d love some prospective.

            Obviously I had the wrong place above, but I think airbnb is definitely the way to go for long-term stays.

          • Accountering

            I think AirBNB is appealing for several reasons. First, basically no hotels offer a full kitchen, so for a family or 3 or 4, that could be very appealing and save a lot of money. Second, I think we can be cheaper than most hotels that aren’t in the economy level, and we are significantly nicer than those hotels. Third, I like the idea of being in the city, as opposed to in a hotel in Woodley Park or whatever, that just feels separated.

          • the rooms my folks get are cheaper, and we just get them parking passes…so it’s generally $110.

            I guess if you’re here for 5 days it makes sense, but that’s what I mean by a more international audience – making DC a base for travel to other places…taking day trips to Philly or Baltimore and staying there. I just personally don’t find the area convenient, but I like to walk most places (and it’s not the safest area if you’re from out of town). But good luck! We rent long term and it’s worked out well for us – we’ve considered AirBNBing once the leases are up, but it would be a pretty big pain for us at this point in our lives.

          • justinbc

            I think what she was asking is why do you like to rent your place via AirBNB rather than just finding a tenant and having them sign a lease.

          • Accountering

            If the questions is why we prefer it, it is because I think we can make more money doing it. I am not doing this out of the goodness of my heart 🙂
            I think we could rent this place on a monthly basis for around $1300 (it is very small) and I think we can do closer to $2000/month on a short term basis. If that turns out to not be true, we can certainly rent it long-term, and the price we got the place for, the number still work to be cash-flow positive on a yearly rental basis.

          • Yes, that was my question. I should have been more clear. Have you done a long-term rental before? Do you find airbnb logistically easier? Do you always do one week or longer or do you occasionally snag a gap filler between long-term rentals? I think I’m a way’s off before bnb is an option as my purchase says no hotel usage, but I’m looking into it for the next one.

        • I wonder what the tax differences are – I mean, for either, to do this legally, you’d need a business license and a tax ID. So assuming you’re doing it legally, and can claim income on the taxes, I’d wonder which is more tax advantageous

          • Accountering

            Pretty much the same. You get the same deductions (depreciation, interest, property taxes, insurance, condo fees.) So the only real difference with this is you get to deduct the costs of running the place (utilities, cleaning, sheets and such etc) and will have more income to offset it. We are certainly planning on doing it legally and paying taxes as appropriate etc.

    • Go away Olympics, just go away. The infrastructure that would develop will be little more than hastily executed crap our city doesn’t need.

      • Accountering

        I agree. I am certainly hopeful it doesn’t come. It doesn’t appear that city leadership shares my view though. Of course, VA and MD delegations are well on board as well, as their citizens wouldn’t face the brunt of it. You are probably right on developing a bunch of crap infrastructure as well. Given a strong Mayor (hahaha) I think we could shift dollars to our priorities, but I have zero confidence that Muriel Bowser would do anything positive to ensure the dollars spent were long-term benefits.

        • they’d have to face it in MD and VA because DC itself isn’t large enough to host much of the actual events – they’d have to have major events in the surrounding areas

      • It will also put us into debt up the wazoo, which will take decades to repay. As for the “infrastructure,” be careful what you wish for. Eminent domain is a biatch.

    • It’s tiny, but cute and well done! Very nice.
      Is the flooring that wood-look tile? I like it. The renovation was done tastefully and pretty recently, did they just renovate and sell?

      • Accountering

        They renovated and sold to us, after it sat on the market for a long time. I like how it is renovated, and how we decorated. We took that main room (kitchen and living) which is about 12 feet across, and were able to separate it so it feels like two different spaces, despite being on top of each other. Flooring is kind of weird not really wood, more like fake slate? We put in a bunch of rugs, so you don’t see it in many places.

      • Is it a basement/first floor? looks dark so I was trying to picture if it were a basement, 1st floor, or pictures taken in the eveing.

        • Accountering

          Pictures were taken in the evening, couple of lights were out, we will work on getting better pictures, taken during the day 🙂 It is at ground level, a couple of steps down from the sidewalk. Has one big (4’x4″) window and a transom above the door.

    • Those row homes were actually built in the 1900s, not 20s. Should be a selling point 🙂

    • Only $80/night? I’m trying to decide whether to AirBNB my basement and weighing the hassle factor against the additional revenue versus just renting the place out long term. ( I wish you were getting more $$$$!)

      • houseintherear

        I get $72/night for a guest room (queen bed) on airbnb three blocks north of this rental. It adds up fast!

        • My MIL stays at an AirBNB at like 10th and P for $85 a night – a spare room in someone’s basement (which, to me, as a 63 year old, is super f’d up, but whatever!)

    • With no dates, entire place and under $110 a night I get 753 listings. Map search gives me only 2 near 3rd & Fla. neither of them yours. Filtering to Shaw doesn’t give me yours, but Bloomingdale does – though it is listed as a 1 bdrm, not a studio. So I’m really curious how people find yours!

      I’ve been renting out my vacation apt. since 2005, on VRBO/Homeaway and while I see the absolute juggernaught dominance of airbnb in this market now, it still puzzles me. Airbnb definitely has name recognition and is the first thing many people think of for cheap accommodations, but as others pointed out, you can often get hotel rooms cheaper.

      And since Airbnb charges the guest a fee, a rental price of $100 a night is really $115 or more a night. VRBO/Homeaway doesn’t charge the guest anything, so a price of $110/night (my winter rate) is actually $110 a night. (And that is for 800 sq. foot, real 1 bedroom apt. the whole top floor of my house – 1/2 block to Columbia Heights Metro. If anyone wants to see it check VRBO.com listing #141712.)

      I’m glad you’re getting bookings – but still really puzzled why – when there is so much competition.

    • palisades

      The idea of a 21st century infrastructure in this city gets my insides all warm and fuzzy. Despite all the nonsense that come with the Olympics, I think it would be totally worth it. D.C. isn’t some city that people only travel to for holidays (Sochi). It is a hub for politics and business. It’s not going anywhere. Everything built will continue to be used. Nats park, new RFK, new DC United stadium, M&T bank stadium, Camden yards? I assume all of those would be used, along with the swimming facilities that are used by Phelps.

  • Mug of Glop

    Rant: “Unsafe” water at my apartment.
    Rave: It doesn’t smell weird.
    Rant: Still too neurotic to use it, even though I live not *in* the no-use zone, but across the street from it. So I smell bad today. Gross.
    Rant: Toe might be broken, but I’ll probably still run on it.
    Rave: Chanukah dinner last night at DGS was pretty great!

  • Rave: the sweet girl I fostered over the weekend had to be pulled out of doggie daycare because it was too much for her and I took her back. I’m a little scared, I don’t have a dog routine, I’m not sure how she’ll do in the crate today, and a little weary of dog “ownership” on my own, but I have a friend who is walking her at lunch and she’s so much happier now that she’s out of doggie daycare. (It’s Payton from Lucky Dog, she’s a total sweetheart)
    Rant: annoying coworker who over shares minutia of her life. God help me when she starts planning her wedding.

  • I Dont Get It

    Rant: Work is really stressing me out. I have a ton of issues to unravel and everyone is checked out already or seems to be in a really bad mood.
    Rave: On my 12 hour car trip this weekend I’m going to binge-listen “Serial”. So stop talking about it here people!

    • Have fun! It makes for great binge-listening.

    • BTW, IDGI — did your Target gift cards arrive? Mine finally came Tuesday. It looks like they ran out of the cards showing a puppy in a Christmas stocking and sent out “puppy in a Santa hat” instead (at least to me).

      • I Dont Get It

        My free Target Gift card, long embarrassing story, (don’t ask) but yes it arrived and I got the same pic.

  • Rant: Day was starting off alright, and on my metro ride to work this morning, I must have dozed off against the window. At one of the station stops, a teenager outside the train punched the window where my head was as hard as he could. It’s so stupid, but it was really shocking, actually really hurt, and I have a killer headache ever since.

    Rave: Three work days left this year. There’s a light at the end of the tunnel.

  • Rave: Making some progress in U.S./Cuba relations!
    Rant: I hate Marco Rubio. I think HE is absurd.
    Rave: Dreaming of the day I get to vacation in Cuba!
    Rave: Also dreaming of being in Thailand eating delicious food by a gorgeous beach! Good thing I’ll be there next week, woot!

    • Oooo where in Thailand? Loved the beaches there. Bring crazy-high SPF sunscreen–I got the worst sunburn of my life there.

      • Thanks for the tip!! I will def. do that now that you mentioned it! We are visiting Bangkok, Chiang Mai, and Krabi! Spending 6 days in Krabi so we’ll be exploring other beaches around there. Will have to bring my PoP t-shirt and send in some pics : )

    • I too dream of vacationing in Cuba, but not today’s Cuba. Things really need to change there, so let’s hope the new relations will help loosen the grip Castro and his thug family have had on the island for past 50+ years.

    • Mug of Glop

      Senator Rubio’s just antsy because he’s thirsty and can’t get any of DC Water’s sweet, sweet product today.

  • Rave: my vacation starts at 4:30 today. Yeee-HAW!

    and because of that there are no rants.

    • Emmaleigh504

      I was going to hate you b/c I’m jealous, but you used yeehaw, so instead, HAVE A FABULOUS VACATION! Yee haww!

  • Rave: finally posting after lurking for quite a while
    Rave: my boss decided to give us the 26th off!!
    Rant: DC dating. I think I am giving up at the tender age of 27. Sometimes I wish I was living in a simpler time.
    Rave: I’m in charge of buying the food for our holiday lunch so brie and wine for everyone!
    Rant/Rave: Roommates are leaving for Xmas- I’ll miss them but super excited to have some alone, pants-less time in the house.

    • DC dating: It doesn’t get any easier towards reaching 40.

    • I’m with you on DC dating. Did you see that NPR article on Speed Dating in the 19th Century about the “New Year’s Calling” from a few days ago? I wish we could do that. Haha.

    • SFT

      +1 for no pants time in the house! That’s what I miss most about living alone, that and never closing the bathroom door!

    • justinbc

      Do you think it’s really “DC dating” or just dating in general you don’t like?

      • Anonynon

        Dont give up on dating….a) its not like being single and not dating is any better (at leas you have stories to tell about how awful dating is). b) People in relationships aren’t always happier…. I would say maybe give up online dating…that is pretty bad here (if you actually want a relationship). But you are still young, get out there and put your self in an uncomfortable situation and see what happens. – the 26 year old single-ish dc male

      • Mostly “DC dating.” I like meeting new people and don’t mind stepping outside my comfort zones so the actual dating part of it doesn’t bother me. Whenever I find myself liking someone, its usually because they aren’t a typical “DC” person- unfortunately there don’t seem to be too many of those. Also, this is probably just the state of dating anywhere now, but the whole who texts who first, who can pretend they care less until they know how the other person feels, etc thing really gets to me. Just say how you feel. If you want a relationship, say it. If you don’t, move on. Sorry for the extended rant…

        • I totally get you SPShaw! I never liked the typical DC person, as I myself am not one either! I think it can be hard to meet people here who have different interests and passions, that are outside of what the mainstream people here like. Don’t give up, though, but yes, maybe give up on online-dating. I met my love on vacation, and realized the problem wasn’t me, just that DC didn’t offer many people that appealed to me (my love would be miserable living in DC, LOL). Just remember you are wonderful, and we never know when we can meet an amazing person! It can happen anywhere, any time… we just have to be patient.

          • Anonynon

            SPSShaw….totally hear you on that who texts who pretend i don’t care bit. I went on a first date with this new girl and after three dates there was some silence…I was listening to a podcast recommended to me by someone on PoPville (If I were you) and the subject of relationship momentum came up (something thing i think is important!) but they said if the momentum is fading….just spark it up again. Be the bigger person i guess and if then still you don’t get the type of response you are looking for, move on. But just step up and take some initiative sometimes too, guys like that also.

          • Thanks, needed that today. So happy for you that you have found your happiness!

          • I totally hear that… I’ll check out that podcast, thanks. I’m a pretty direct person and I hate the ghosting concept so I’ll either be honest with the person if I’m not interested or reach out to see why the momentum is fading. Also, I find it funny that I never said I was a girl or that I was doing online dating but that is what everyone jumped to. I guess I’m a cliche now 😉

          • Anonynon

            The podcasts are pretty funny…they are a lil bro’y and talk about TINDER a lot, like a lot but i think it gave me a good perspective to at least say ‘I’m not playing any games and see what her reaction is”….still to be determined but i think you need to just do that every once in a while, if both sides play games all the time….then no real relationships would ever develop. And i think everyone just assumes when people have a Dating Rant, its 9 times out of 10 is the result of online dating…at least thats what I have realized. And while the girl I’m currently ‘seeing’ asked me out via Facebook, we had met before in the past and it wasn’t OKC or Tinder (which i am thrilled about).

          • FWIW, SPShaw, I thought you were a dude at first. : P

        • Pablo Raw

          From what you are saying maybe what it means is that mostly the typical DC men are using online dating and also people who don’t mind all the text games and such. Those are the reasons why I would never do online dating, I don’t think I am what people are looking for and hate the games. But it has worked for lots of people (I have photographed their weddings 😛 ) and if you quit, is not like the right men are going to come knock on your door! 😀

          • Totally agree with you. My (somewhat limited) experience with online dating was definitely the typical DC guy that I am not really attracted to but I still gave it a shot anyway and tried to be open minded. However, even in my open mindedness and willingness to go for a second date even if the sparks weren’t flying, guys just weren’t into it and again games playing ensued. So yup, not my cup of tea. I just have to trust that one day I’lll meet the right guy. Or maybe not.

          • Pablo Raw

            I know it works also because I tried it a while ago and met 2 ladies but time proved that things were not going to last in either case. But most of us are here and not because our parents met online 🙂 so there’s always hope.

    • just wait for the first round of divorced men in your age range…thats my new plan.

      • Hahah, I was just telling a friend the other day that this is my plan!! 😀

      • This reminds me of some article I read online a few months ago about how “supposedly” most women have a “back-up” husband waiting in the wings — the one that they’d be interested in if marriage #1 didn’t work out. It made me laugh, and it was a fun mental exercise thinking of the men in my social circle. I couldn’t think of a single one that I’d want to marry! (Also it is just weird thinking of your friends’ partners in that way.)

      • Hahaha I’ve actually been chatting to a guy online who just mentioned an ex-wife, which is the first time that’s happened with someone I’ve been talking to. I have to admit to being a little intimidated (just with the difference in life experiences), but it’s not a deal breaker by any means.

      • I have been in DC for 9 years (I’m 31), have done both on and offline dating, but prefer offline. I was single off and on for about 5 of the nine years, and have maaaaaaany single female friends so I totally feel you. Just remember that it’s not you. DC men are a special breed of noncommital game players/man children (my own very close guy friends included). Personally, I can’t recommend the older, divorced guy enough – my current bf is 14 years older than me, divorced, and we met in a bar. We started dating in March and now we are moving in together.

        • Anonynon

          I mean….come on now. Girls play the exact same game as guys…we all know this. Lets not pretend y’all don’t. And i wouldn’t be recommending ladies to start dating men 15 years older than you who you met less than a year ago and are moving in together. To me personally, that seems rushed…(and unproven to last) but hey what do i know, I am just a bagel boy.

          • just to clarify… we met in a bar approximately 8 years ago (sometime around 2006/2007) and have many mutual friends. we started dating this past March.

    • Ugh I am so close to giving up on dating as well. I was going to do a rant myself about that, but thought I’ve been saying it too much lately haha… ._.

      I wish I knew more friends in other cities, I’m occasionally tempted to move just to see if dating is better in other areas, but I have such a good friend group here that it’s hard to give that up (I don’t really make new friends that easily).

  • Andie302

    Rant: I do this to myself every year. People are all “I have off for the next two weeks” and I am completely jealous, but also paralyzed to ask for time off at the last minute because I don’t want to be a crappy employee (plus I don’t really have any plans that can’t work around the minimal leave I’ve already put in for). Oh well! I’ll still have plenty of time to celebrate the holidays and hopefully have a couple days of productivity in the office when it’s quiet.
    Rave: (New) office holiday party is today! I’m thrilled to be just a participant instead of a planner. I’ve recently gone back to an office where I worked three years ago. I used to get roped into the planning quite a bit, so this is a refreshing change.
    Rant: The Sony fiasco. I’m thinking Sony has more dirty laundry that they don’t want aired. I’m probably biased about what a turd of a movie it was going to be anyway based on my reaction to This Is The End. It does make me think about just how little privacy you actually have via email.
    Rave: It’s beginning to feel like Christmas, sans the cold weather! (I’ll take it!)

    • You should take a few days off, I’m sure your boss wouldn’t mind! It will be depressing to be in the office by yourself. I did it once and said “never again!”

      • Andie302

        Yeah – I may. I already have off the 26th (fed) and it’s my condensed day, so I get to reschedule that. I think I”m going to work Monday and Tuesday between Christmas and New Years, but take Wednesday off to get ready for hosting NYE. Maybe I”ll just take that Friday 🙂 We’ll see! My boss is super cool…it’s my anxiety about it, definitely not him caring.

    • SFT

      How can you say that about ‘This is The End’. I thought it was so funny, obviously in a toilet humor sort of way. Kenny Powers totally made that movie for me!

      • Danny McBride makes anything funnier, but that movie sucked ass.
        The script was terrible – awful storyline, jokes, and dialogue. Judd Apatow’s Bro-Rat Pack has jumped the shark….in a very bad way.

    • Don’t be too jealous. Some of us are forced to take that time off as PTO, and it’s time that we can’t afford to lose.

  • Rant: Slept four hours last night then woke up and vomited – stupid cold/travel bug
    Rave: Coffee
    Rave: Colleagues that are friends
    Rave: Jackie Beat’s “Santa’s Baby” – excellent holiday parody that made my morning

  • Rave: Trip to San Jose (on my daughter’s birthday) averted 2 hours before flight. Much happiness ensues.
    Rave: Continued efforts to introduce said daughter to fine dining successful last night.
    Rave: Thip Khao last weekend. Have never had Laotian food, but the raves here and elsewhere inspired me to try it. Delicious. If you’d have told me that I’d have loved pork blood tofu and pig intestines in soup I’d have said you’re nuts – but I did.

  • Quotia Zelda

    Rave: Eldest Zelda got into the honors college at one of her top choice schools. Geaux Eldest Zelda!
    Rant: She’s blonde again. I don’t love it. (Emilie does, though)
    Additional Eldest Zelda Rant: She’s behind on her chores.
    Rave: Baking baklava cookies tonight. Most will go the office party tomorrow, but I’ll get to nibble on a few.

    • Andie302

      Do you mind sharing the recipe?

      • +1. Each time one of you has mentioned baklava cookies, I’ve wanted to make my own!

      • Quotia Zelda

        It’s a recipe I got from Pinterest (I know, I know). Here’s the recipe:


        This one calls for pre-made cookie dough; just use your favorite chewy (not roll and cut) sugar cookie recipe. The topping is the key here. And don’t overbake!

        Fair warning: These are very rich and very, very sweet. If you don’t have a sweet tooth, they are probably not the cookie for you.

        • No need for the “I know, I know” — I think Pinterest is great. Thanks for this! And one of the bizarre side effects of my surgery is that I now seem to be able to eat ridic amounts of sweets and somehow lose weight. I’m going to ride that train as long as I can, or at least for another week or two 😉

          • Quotia Zelda

            I love Pinterest, but some of the recipes I’ve seen there are questionable.

          • Andie302

            I do also love pinterest – but I ended up with some peanut butter fudge from there that was not only inedible but nearly made me throw away the container it was made in because it was so hard!

          • I loove Pinterest. I always go check out the site before re-pinning anything though, to make sure it actually goes to the right website etc and if it looks like something I would actually make. I’ve had a couple misses, but most things have turned out pretty well.

      • Quotia Zelda

        This is the sugar cookie recipe I used. It’s hard to beat 2 sticks of butter 🙂


        • Emmaleigh504

          rec this recipe! I do not love sugar cookies and these were great, I can’t imagine the baklava on anyother!

    • Emmaleigh504

      will you be bringing some to me??? 🙂 please!!

  • justinbc

    Rave: Won’t be back in the office until after New Years, woop!

  • rave: normalizing cuba relations. about time.
    rave: nerd alert. got my raspberry pi video game emulator up and running last night so have been geeking out with all the old classics. seeing the donkey kong building this morning definitely put a smile on my face.

  • Theory on The Interview: pull it, then when it comes out later this year (possibly with edits to make it better, since the Sony hack shows that Seth Rogen was not super happy with how it turned out), it will get much more hype and make that much more money.

    Rave: kind of glad I’m not on the Serial boat. I’m sure it’s a won

    Rant: coworker with whom I grab coffee is out again today. I had no idea my caffeine addiction was also rooted in such codependence.

    Rave: admin assistant handling our travel stuff is fantastic.

  • Rant: Are there any movie theaters in the area not owned by a company that cancelled it’s screenings of “The Interview”?

    • Sony pulled the movie, so I don’t think anyone can show it.

      • Oh the irony of a country shutting down a movie premier when it makes a significant amount of income from counterfeit DVDs of Hollywood blockbusters.

      • I realize that. What I’m hoping to find out is if there is somewhere I can see other movies without giving money to the companies that caved to terrorist pressure.

        • 1. Avoid Carmike Cinemas as they refused to show the movie before Sony pulled it. Unless you find yourself in Winchester or Mechanicsville, avoiding Carmike Cinemas shouldn’t be too tough.
          2. Don’t see any Sony (including Columbia TriStar, Destination Films, and Stage 6 Films) pictures.
          3. Theaters in DC should be okay as should movies not made/distributed by Sony.
          This is based on two minutes of research, so I could be 100% wrong.

  • skj84

    Rant: my gloves failed me this morning. I hope Santa brings me a pair of leather gloves with cashmere lining this year!

    Rave/Rant: Not only is my sister joining me for NYE, but my brother and sister and law are too! However trying to coordinate times to plan what event we are going to has been next to impossible. I’ve spoken to each of them individually but we need to have a group chat so we can settle. Plus my brother is off the grid so I can’t even set up a google group or Facebook chat. I want to book tickets before they sell out!

  • Late question I hope some people see! Tomorrow is a holiday party for the MPD 3D and I’d like to bring a modest gift to thank the district for its help during our hold-up and for caring for our neighborhood. I’m at a bit of a loss as to what might be an appropriate gift. Any ideas out there?

  • hispanicandproud

    Rave: Had an excellent time last night running with friend’s triathlon club. Met some really great people. Tried being talked into doing a triathlon.
    Rant: Still fear 100 people kicking me while trying to swim.
    Rave: Zoo Lights fun run tonight! Can’t wait to see my running buds.

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