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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • rave: thursday is Harry potter world with my family!!! ridiculously excited, mostly because I feel like I really do just need a break to recharge and eat a lot and hang out with my little sister.
    rant: nightmares / anxiety dreams for the whole past week. it tends to affect my daytime mood too. Can’t figure out what’s causing it as my sleep pattern is exactly the same. maybe just holiday stress.
    ???: last night’s nightmare was running from a killer who made sculpture’s out of people’s limbs (what was kind of cool was that I could run way farther than in real life) and another dream where my boyfriend took me to a scenic overlook and I wondered to myself if he was going to propose there. oy vey

    • SFT

      Dreams can be so insightful. Have you tried looking up some themes using dream interpretation websites? I like dreammoods (dot) com. I used to have this reoccurring bathroom dream where I was wandering furiously through a maze of toilet stalls — they were all either full, disgustingly dirty, or had no doors. Dream moods nailed the root of the dream and I was able to work out some issues. I’m so fascinated by dreams and their meanings!

      • I Dont Get It

        I’ve been having a series of dreams involving various members of the Bush family. I don’t think I want to know what this means.

    • I’m taking my four-year-old niece in February! I think I might be more excited than she is. 🙂

  • Rave: Nine days until I get on a plane to see my best friend.
    Rant: So much last minute holiday prep to do
    Rave: Holiday cards (all 75 of them) are finished. I really need to start earlier next year.
    Rave: Those moments when you realize what a wonderful, supportive community of friends you have. I’m so lucky.

  • epric002

    rant: someone stole the lovely potted christmas like tree that a neighbor had decorated in front of their house. soooo effing lame.
    rant: this year has been really depressing, on a global/societal scale. i know that currently the world is at one of the safest, healthiest, longest life spans, etc., but goddam if i’m not just overwhelmed with how shitty people are to each other, to animals, to the planet, etc.
    rant: feeling much too ranty.
    rave: last day of work until after xmas! san diego tomorrow!

    • Who does this? Reminds me of Mother’s Day plant thefts, because nothing says I love you like a stolen plant (or decorated Christmas tree)

      • epric002

        right?! they didn’t steal the planter though, just uprooted the whole damn tree and its lights. soooo classy.

        • The cynical side of me is wondering if maybe the planter was heavy and that was the only reason they didn’t steal it too. 🙁
          Honestly, stealing someone’s decorated Christmas tree seems like textbook Grinch behavior (even though I know it’s someone stealing it for themselves, rather than to spite Christmas). To paraphrase MPinDC, I guess nothing says “Merry Christmas and peace on earth” like a stolen Christmas tree.

          • Sometimes I think they’re not even stealing to have it, but to play/mess with it. Some kid probably uprooted it, smacked his friend with it a bunch, and left it a few blocks away.
            I don’t get that mindset at all, but it’s happened to my car a few times, so I consider it more these days.

          • Something similar happened when I was living on Capitol Hill – kids pulled daffodils blooms off the stalk from our front yard and then dropped them down the block.
            🙁 and grrrrr

  • rant: boyfriend parked my car like an a**hole (at the end of the block 3 feet in from the no parking sign, taking up 1.5 spaces). I didn’t notice for two days. SORRY NEIGHBORS!
    rant: injuries and more injuries this year mean i’m woefully out of shape going into the holiday season. should I just stuff my face at all my upcoming holiday parties and give up?
    rant/rave: signed up for obamacare just under the dec 15 deadline. grateful for having access to affordable healthcare. not so grateful for the 2 hour wait on the phone to talk to a live person.

    • Anonynon

      how much was your plan? I couldn’t figure out the website but I’m paying way to much considering i never see a doctor..

      • Emmaleigh504

        You’ll be happy you have health insurance when you accidentally break your leg playing kickball!

      • around $250/mo for a Silver plan, but I qualified for a cost-sharing reduction and premium subsidy. It would be around $400/mo without the subsidy (recently unemployed).

  • i think if i were Jay, i’d be shitting bricks.

  • skj84

    Rave: I’m going to the Skins game Saturday! A friend gave me thier tickets. I’ve actually never been to a pro football game before. I do not expect them to win, but look forward to taking in the atmosphere.

    Rave: I’m so glad I take the bus to work. I avoided the metro mess this morning.

    Rant: I feel so isolated working in College Park. I don’t get into the city as much as I used to. It takes forever for me to get home when I get off work and I’m usually too wiped to go back out. I’m missing out on so many fun things in DC.

    • Unfortunately I think it will feel more like a Philly home game this Sunday…

    • There are a few things I miss from living in College Park. Have you ever checked out the College Park aviation museum? It’s really neat. And the Bagel Place is delicious. There’s also REALLY good Indian food nearby in Takoma Park – Udupi Palace, I think? I think it’s on University Blvd. Let me know if you’re interested & I’ll look it up.

      • The Indian place is called Tiffin. It is *amazing* — Woodlands is also pretty solid for Indian food (opposite side of NH Ave on University).

        • Yup that’s another one. Though maybe now there’s only one (there used to be two that were a block away from each other, one vegetarian & one not). Same owner, but different storefronts. Both were delicious, so if Tiffin is the only one still open, definitely check it out!

        • If I remember correctly, Udupi Palace and Tiffin are two different places and one is vegetarian (I can’t remember which).
          I remember going to Udupi Palace (with friends or faculty) when I was in grad school, but eventually I had to give up because the waiters’ definition of “not spicy” and my definition of “not spicy” did not match, and I was tired of getting food I couldn’t eat.

          • I think Udupi is the vegetarian one. And co-signed, Tiffin is amazing. Probably the best Indian food I’ve had in DC.

          • This all sounds correct. And yes, two different places, but my understanding was that they were run by the same place. Either way, their food was delicious! I miss it!

          • gertie_wickler

            Tiffin and Udupi were combined into one restaurant awhile back I believe. Tiffin is amazing!

      • skj84

        I’ll have to check out Tiffin! I usually explore the area close to my office, Bobby’s Burger, Looneys etc.. I love Board and Brew as well One of these days I’ll get out early enough to grab breakfast at Bagel Place. I usually get to work with just enough time to grab something next door.

    • Going to a Washington football game to a Rave? Have you been asleep for 14 weeks (really, 14 years)? Been struck on the head with a blunt instrument and have amnesia? Have a DeLorean outfitted with a Flux Capacitor so you can travel back to 1991? How is this possible?

      • skj84

        I’m just trying to keep my hopes up! In all honestly I’m more excited about the experience than the actual game.

  • SFT

    Rave: My boss just told someone in a super sassy tone “It’s 2015 and you still have that 2014 attitude, we’re trying to make progress here!” I love it. She is super sassy and real, in the best way possible!

    Rant: No one in my office uses their Outlook calendar. We are a professional organization and no one blocks time on their calendars or sends meeting invites. Drives me nuts!!!!!!!

  • I Dont Get It

    Rant: What’d I missed today in My Holiday Village® recap. Axe convinces Cressida to enter the Santka Lucia pageant. Violet Strand attends a PTA meeting. Juniper suspects she has an ostkaka in the oven. Huxley heads to the Snowshoe Ridge for some snowball rolling. Cressida returns Rev Dr Dries Knutsson’s leather satchel. He pulls his butter knife out of the satchel and she declines to join him having breakfast. He suggests she stay and watch him eat.
    Rave: Farron Vinter gets a job as a Badger.

  • Accountering

    Rave: Closed successfully, and the place is set up and ready for the first renters (who check-in on Thursday, coming from Brazil!)
    Rave2: All that experience moving around in college was a big help! We were able to outfit this place from nothing to completely done in one afternoon/evening! There was a lot of planning and pre-buying, but definitely felt good for it to be done!
    Two additional things I missed from yesterday. Victoria – Agree, there is a lot of competition in the $130/night range. With our entry point on this place, we can comfortably be in the $100/night range, so much more affordable, and still do very well. The competition drops drastically from $130/night to $100/night. Our place is pretty high end as well, and looks great!
    JustinBC, if you have a ton of Smashburger free burger coupons, I will happily take them 🙂 I work in Bethesda, and like that place a lot!

  • Rave: Annoying coworker got a new job. Good riddance!

  • Rant: Can’t find the receipt for the plant I evicted over the weekend (and was planning to return to Home Depot).
    Hoping that either I can find the receipt, or that they’ll be willing to process the return without it.

    • Allison

      Most stores will process a return sans receipt but you can only receive store credit. Not sure if that’s Home Depot’s policy specifically.

    • If you pay with a credit card, you don’t need a receipt to return things- present the same card and they can look it up.

      • Allison

        Depends on how long ago the purchase was. Some privacy laws prohibit stores from keeping that information beyond a certain date. I recall dealing with a lot of angry customers who couldn’t understand why I couldn’t just “look up” a purchase they made a month ago using their name.

    • Pablo Raw

      Or maybe the bar code is still there?

    • jim_ed

      Home Depot used to have the most lenient returns policy in the world. I don’t know if they still do, but knowing how the RI Ave store is run, they’re likely to give you triple the store credit just because.

      • Actual LOL, jim_ed!
        Anon and Allison — I know they can look it up with the credit card, but I don’t think they keep the info in the system and I’m pretty sure I bought the plant more than 90 days ago.
        Allison — Because it was more than 90 days ago, I’d be getting only store credit anyway (even with the receipt), but I shop at Home Depot often enough that it’s practically like real money.
        Pablo — I think the bar code on the original plastic container (which I kept) is my best bet. Fingers crossed!

    • Rave: Located the receipt for the evicted plant! (And a stash of other receipts. My filing system is untenable.)

  • Rant: The plague. I think my wife has an attenuated version of the flu, and now my kid is puking & other GI loveliness & spiked a 102 fever in the space of an hour.
    Rave: I got to leave the plague-infested house and come to work?
    Rave: Left late enough that I missed the metro clusterf*ck this morning?
    Rant: I have to go back to the plague-infested house at the end of the day?

    • Avoid doorknobs. Or just wear a hazmat suit when you get home.

      • Hmmm, might be early enough to get same-day delivery on a hazmat suit from amazon. Think my neighbors would notice if I changed into it on my front stoop before entering the house?

      • That reminds me of the time my sister called me at work and asked me to go to the Kosher Mart to get chicken soup for her whole family. I’m pretty sure I walked in, put it on the floor, interacted with no one, and got the heck out. Unfortunately, it sounds like you’re next.
        Maybe you can stop at the grocery store on the way home and stock up for impending doom.

        • I’m crossing my fingers that I’m not, but I’m not holding my breath. Fortunately we have a fair amount of food in the fridge. Maybe I’ll pick up a few cans of chicken soup on my way home, though. And there’s always Pho delivery from the place on Park a few blocks down….

    • SFT

      I’ve been wanting to invent a Lysol, Purell, Clorox-wipes holster for occasions such as this!

  • Rave: Coworkers with good taste. They give dark chocolate Santas, none of that milk chocolate bs.
    Rant: all the sadness is from a breakup. It turns out even when they’re amicable they’re still really hard. I’m in the really frustrating place where I swing from fine to sad, to lonely, to crazy, to numb. This morning is revisionist history phase. I didn’t want to say because I wasn’t ready and he has some friends who read here, but his slowness to tell people is not my problem at this point.
    Rave: I have truly wonderful friends who are supportive and continue to reach out to me and check up. I’m lucky as hell.
    Rant: I’ll miss all of his friends, they’re really great people I enjoyed for a number of years. Hi Rachel! I’ll miss trivia and game days a lot.

    • Sorry to hear about the breakup. 🙁

    • Yuck. I’m sorry. Take good care of yourself. And you might be able to stay friends with some of his friends, depending on how things shake out. If you’ve known them for years, some of them are presumably your friends now too.

      • I agree, especially on the part about taking good care of yourself. Have you gotten a manicure and/or massage lately?

        • Also, and more importantly, I’m sorry about your breakup.

          • Thanks for nice thoughts everyone.
            I’m looking into it, though I’m not really one of those people who feels like a massage cures all. I’m honestly thinking about three quick days somewhere warm by myself. There’s got to be some kind of last minute Mon-Wed deal to a beach, right?

          • Oh, I never said (and don’t think) that a massage cures all, but it is a bit of self-care that many readers of this site could fit into their schedule and budget. I’ll be the first to admit, though, and a quick beach trip sounds a lot better!

          • And OP Anon is the guy to ask about travel deals.

          • Oh no, I didn’t think you had suggested that. There are just some people who are more affected by them than others. I have a friend who jaunts off to Spa World when she’s in a funk and returns a whole new person. When I go, I enjoy it, but I don’t find it incredibly restorative.

          • This is true – I am the travel ace.
            I highly recommend looking a prices for Peru and Latin America for the spring (March/April). They usually are on sale right around now.
            Also, read this blog erry’day: www. theflightdeal. com/category/flight-deals/dc/

          • SFT

            Yes! look on Living Social Escapes, they always have 3-day deals for Mexico and the Caribbean. A warm beach is good medicine…almost as good a dark chocolate Santa!

          • Sounds like you are looking for a warm spot somewhere in the world, somewhat soon, right? Someone here (Justin?) recommended another last minute travel deal site. Travelzoo?

    • Ditto what textdoc said – and parting on good terms is still parting.
      I hear dark chocolate can be restorative.

    • I’m so sorry. 🙁 Amicable breakups can still be tough – there are still a lot of history and feelings tied in there that you grieve for. Glad you’ve got good friends who are helping you through it though.

      • agreed… my last breakup was horrible. in fact my x turned into such a jerk that i was happy when the whole thing was over. thank god and good riddance and ZERO nostalgia for the relationship since he was such an ahole.

    • Emmaleigh504

      I’m sorry, Jeslett.

    • Accountering

      This sucks 🙁 Sorry to hear this. I am not the relationship expert by any means (haha, that’s a given!) but your awesome and I know you will get past this 🙂
      I will just go back to the fact it seems we may actually have a quality hockey team this year?!

      • He he – indeed, the local hockey players seem to have maybe remembered how to play hockey again. Looking forward to watching tonight’s game since I’m no longer going out to the theater this evening.

        • And don’t forget the Road to the Winter Classic starts tonight!
          I’m hoping to watch that, some of the game, then go dancing.

          • Accountering

            This is amazing! I completely forgot, even though the moment I saw the first ad I asked Andie to record the series!
            This week makes me nervous. Next four games are all against teams behind us in the standings, and a rematch with CBJ and undoubtedly Bob. We should get 6 points this week, but we will likely wind up with 4 and that will be a bit frustrating! Starts tonight with a game against a lackluster Florida team in front of around 1900 retirees in Miami.

          • Oh right! What channel is it on? We don’t have cable but do have the nhl channel on our roku….

          • Oh crap, it starts at 10. It’s on CSN, but I think you can also watch it at the time it airs online.

      • “I will just go back to the fact it seems we may actually have a quality hockey team this year?!”
        Can I make out with one of the players? That would definitely make me feel better 😛

    • So sorry to hear this 🙁

    • skj84

      sorry about your breakup. Do you want to try to keep in touch with his friends? Or is it a touchy subject for you?

      • It’t not so much touchy as it is awkward. He seems to be telling people slowly, so when I email friends I know through him to give them swing dance info they asked for, I can’t really say “hey, I’d love to stay friends even in light of what’s happened.”

    • Sorry about the breakup – always tough, even if “amicable.” As a great philosopher once said, “everything ends badly, otherwise it wouldn’t end.” (Bonus points if you can identify the movie.)

    • special_k

      I’m sorry about the breakup. And amicable doesn’t mean easy. Glad you have such a good support system in place.

    • Pablo Raw

      Sorry to hear that and wish you a relatively quick healing. Amicable break ups are not easy on either side, I know that because I’ve been on both sides (I guess most people have).

  • Quotia Zelda

    Rave: My Amazon package arrived super quickly.
    Rant: It was delivered today at 6:30 AM. Hearing the doorbell ring that early just about gave me a heart attack.
    Rave: It’s taken some getting used to, but I’m pretty sure I like my new, too dark lipstick.
    Rant: At work when all I want t do is stay home and eat baklava cookies.

  • Rave: Avoided the Metro Center mess entirely and got to work on time. Green and Yellow were crowded but problem-free.
    Rant: I could have legitimately claimed Blue/Orange/Silver hardship and taken advantage of a blanket telework authorization I didn’t find out about until I got to my office!
    Rave: Brand new running shoes thanks to a very awesome professional fitting. I was in pain all fall and afraid to do hardly distance at all. Completely changed size, brand and style and it made a world of difference!

    • binpetworth

      Where did you get your shoes fitted?

      • I’ve been fitted at Potomac Running and at Fleet Feet, and found the PR fitting much better. They atched me run on a treadmill and try out a bunch of different shoes. The Fleet Feet guy just had me try on the new version of the shoes I had been wearing and walk around the store, and I’ve been not very happy with those shoes.

      • At the Logan Pacers. Samantha did a fantastic job!

  • Rant: I miss human telephone operators. Called my bank and it took 10 minutes to get to a live person to ask a question that could only be answered by a live person. You can’t get to a consultant until you’ve thoroughly exhausted the menu of things the bank would prefer for you to do online.

    • Accountering

      Switch to Ally! They are there 24/7, and you don’t have to holler at the autmated system “representative” “operator” and press zero a bunch of times to get someone. I had an issue once, and called at 1:30am after getting home from Miami. I called, it said press zero to speak to a representative, I pressed zero and was instantly connected. “Amy from Kansas City” answered the phone and took care of the issue quickly.
      The ability to use any ATM across the nation and never pay a dollar in fees is super useful as well! You should switch!

  • binpetworth

    Rant: I need to find some good pillows. I have been enduring a series of early morning headaches that I am sure are cervicogenic and caused by poor neck posture at night.
    Rave: I am looking forward to my personal spring training. Between the Rock N Roll half and Cherry Blossom 10 miler, I am going to be in shape! And since my long runs are already 9 miles, I don’t have far to go.

    • laurelo

      I’m doing the same two races! Looking forward to winter running (something I never thought I’d say).

    • I have some great foam pillows from Sam’s club. They are chopped foam rather than one big piece, so they are firm with some of the decompression you’d expect. Really improved my sleep.

    • Allison

      I had good luck finding pillows at Bed Bath and Beyond. Lots to choose from and since you’re shopping in person instead of online you can feel them.

    • Blithe

      Have you tried using one of those u shaped travel pillows? I once used my travel Bucky when I didn’t like the pillows where I was staying — and liked it so much that I continued to use it at home. And being a kind of crunchy person anyway, I like the idea of choosing buckwheat hulls over at least some of the foam.

    • Awesome! Both races were a blast last year and I’m looking forward to running them both again. I was really surprised that everyone I know who tried the Cherry Blossom lottery this year got a bib. Last year seemed a lot tougher to get into.

  • RANT: Just found out that the body found in Meridian Hill Park was my coworker’s best friend. Apparently a heart attack.
    RANT: School attack in Pakistan
    RANT: Icky gray day
    Not feeling very rave-y today.

    • I’m so sorry about rant #1, and appreciate the update. That story has been haunting me since I first heard about it. Let’s hope the rest of your day is more rave-worthy!

    • Was there another body found? Last night the police had shut down the stretch of 15th Street that runs up along the park during rush hour. Cops were EVERYWHERE and all traffic was diverted down Florida Ave. It was a mess!
      RANT: just discovered that a good friend’s fiance killed himself this weekend. So heartbroken for her and he was a really nice guy. He had a PTSD “night terror” at 1am, and in his disorientation threw himself out the 2nd floor window. He was on life support all weekend. RIP Jeff Gamblero (he is the Brooklyn Nets “superfan”) 🙁
      PTSD is real and not a joke.

  • Rave: One week until I go home!
    Rave: I only have to use 2 vacation days to get almost two whole weeks off, since our office is closed December 29th-January 3rd.
    Rave: First date tonight in a while. And we are going for ramen. Mmm, ramen. Favorite thing ever in the winter.
    Rant: Found out the supervisor I work with most closely is leaving in January. Super sad… She’s great. I hope her successor will be nice.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: missed calculated my PTO and now I have to do some fancy make up hours…or live dangerously and go to work the day after I get back from SWEDEN.
    Rave: I would only have to work 2 hours, so I could go in late or leave early if I needed to.
    Rave: I’ll have more continents than my sister, and possibly my dad after SWEDEN.
    Rant: I don’t think I’ll ever beat them at states.
    Rave: still giddy b/c SWEDEN!

  • Hi everyone –

    I’m posting because I saw a dog wandering ownerless around petworth this morning and thought I’d post something in case the dog belongs to anyone out there in popville.

    It looked like either a small tri-color collie or a large corgi (about 30 lbs I’d guess), long hair, healthy and clean so I suspect it’s a pet that got out. It had tags, but I couldn’t get close enough to see the phone number – I think the area code might have been 408 though.

    It seemed a little scared and scampered off when I tried to approach it. Last seen heading south on 10th St NW (corner of 10th and Spring Rd), at about 10:10 this morning.

    I hope it finds its way back home!

    • epric002

      if you’re on FB, please post to the lost & found dogs DC metro area.

    • special_k

      Thanks! I know someone whose friend is missing her collie; she escaped past the house cleaner this morning from Park Rd. in CH. I posted this info. on her Facebook page and they are looking into it.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: morons on conference calls.

    • Accountering

      This made me lol. Mostly because I am sure basically everyone can relate!

    • I Dont Get It

      Doube Rant: Morons who can’t handle the complicated technology of a conference call.

      • Emmaleigh504

        that’s the worst. We’ve moved passed the tech problems and now someone has derailed the meeting.

        • Allison

          Addendum – People who don’t put their line on mute during large conference calls. We have a call and get to hear all at once 1) babies crying from the house X is in, 2) ambulances from the street Y is standing on, 3) dog barking from wherever the hell Z is, 4) side conversations from blah blah’s office, and 4) static from everyone else. MUTE BUTTON FOR GOD’S SAKE PEOPLE!

          • Emmaleigh504

            yes! I like to go look to see who isn’t muted and judge them from my double muted office. seriously, phone muted and webex muted, I’m not taking chances!

          • epric002

            my favorites is when people are asked, repeatedly, to mute their phones and yet all we continue to hear is sluuuuuuurp, SLURP! as some idiot continues to suck every, last drop out of his supergulp.

          • On time some guy on a conference call apparently couldn’t figure out the mute button on his cell phone and WENT TO THE BATHROOM during the call and we heard everything.

          • Also everyone should watch the Youtube video “A conference call in real life”

          • In some cases it seems that people are on a conference call for the very first time in their life !!
            And Pixie I love the “conference call in real life” video : )

          • binpetworth

            I’m laughing my ass off at all these comments; glad to know my conference call experiences are universal!

          • Accountering

            Mintwood told me a story of a company wide conference call, and someone was clearly having sex in the background. Finally the presenter simply said, operator, can you tell me who’s phone that is coming from. They then said it is XXXs (no pun intended!) phone, based on his call in password, and they cut him from the call. I doubt he lasted long at the company after that! Use your mute people!

          • I’m supposed to be on a conference call right now, but the admin didn’t set up enough lines for everyone to dial. Have been dealing with this for the last 20 minutes while trying to woof down my sandwich. One of the presenters is also missing from the call, LOL.
            PS – Mintwood’s sex story is AMAZING. I hope it was recorded.

          • Someone set up my last big, all day meeting incorrectly. It’s in person and on the phone and they didn’t set up the phones to mute on entry and once the call starts you can’t change the settings. We had to play whack-a-mole every time someone dialed in. And there were like 30 people dialing in, then redialing in after lunch and breaks.
            At least we could mute them on our end.
            Love Mintwood’s story!

      • Or the screamers on conference calls. I had a moron boss who would use his “outdoor voice” even though he was six inches from the phone. Everyone had to turn down the volume for him and turn it back up for anyone normal.

  • Pablo Raw

    Rant: When I went to architecture school, nobody mentioned basements full of spiders.
    Rant: Printers that don’t work when I need them.
    Rave: It’s actually not that bad if those are rants!

  • Rave: House sold. Nice profit.
    Rant: Capital gains applies to us.
    Rave: It’s still gains, so I shouldn’t complain too much.

    • Why is capital gains a rant? Are they short-term?

      • I’m assuming Marty meant “enough capital gains that you have to pay taxes on them.”

        • Well, if you’re bringing in more than 250k or 500k on a home sale, I’d say you can stand to pay 15-20% in tax and still walk away pretty damn good. 🙂

      • It means she/he made an utter buttload of money on the sale. It’s a nice problem to have!
        The threshold is $250K in gains for a single person or $500K for a married couple.

    • You also shouldn’t rant because capital gains is a tax CUT. Instead of ordinary income, you get the benefit of characterizing this particular income a special way, and it is then taxed on at special, lower rate than it otherwise would be (and should be, but that’s a matter of opinion.) Perhaps the most misplaced rant ever.
      (Should not be read as an attack on Marty, but you hear this all.the.time, and it aggravates me to no end. As you can see.)

  • I wish I could try out male plumbing for a few days. I want to see for myself if it really is impossible to pee without leaving a few drops behind. Mister Patty must be extraordinarily skilled in urination, because he’s never, in 20 years, left his mark. But these men I work with (I suspect it’s one man, really) sprinkles the bowl, the floor, and god knows what else, every time. (I guess I should be glad he lifts the seat, except then he leaves it up, meaning I have to touch it to put it back down.) And we’re a small office of mostly women, with just one toilet. The plumbing must be seriously faulty, right?

    • Allison

      Could be prostate problems.

    • There’s an old saying that (generally) holds true:
      “You can wiggle it, jiggle it, make it dance
      But those last three drops will always stain your pants.”
      You husband is a freak of nature. If anything, it’s his plumbing that is faulty.
      Most guys should probably just sit when they pee. The issue is that drops of urine “flick” off the “main stream” as it moves toward the bowl. Some guys flick more drops than others.

      • Thanks, I didn’t know about the flicking. And yes, Mister Patty IS freaky. If you know what I mean, heh heh.
        So what prevents penis-owners from wiping up the drops they leave behind? Some kind of man-wrist affliction? Man-backache, perhaps?

    • Get them all Pee Bibs (TM) for the holidays

  • palisades

    Rant: Girlfriend has annoying friends. Love her, but her friends talk so much about vapid, nonsensical bullshit.
    Dating, jobs, dating, self-loathing. Endless cycle of self-centered conversation topics. Getting really fed up. I know my friends are idiots and have moronic conversations too, but I find it really difficult to even enjoy being around her friends. Nothing of substance is EVER discussed.

    • Oooh you really opened up a can of worms here. Based upon how many people here complain about the toughness of dating in DC (myself included), not sure you will get much sympathy. Dating is hard and the self-loathing probably goes hand in hand with the troubles with dating. Consider yourself lucky that you have a gf and aren’t stuck in the cycle.
      How often are you around her friends? I seriously doubt nothing of substance gets discussed, maybe just not around you? If you are hanging out with them while out drinking that doesn’t surprise me.

      • palisades

        I know the difference between happy hour conversation topics and say, doing weekend activities together and not even wanting to be in the same room as them because they make embarrassing comments or questions.
        My friends even noted how obnoxious they are. I have to apologize to them for inviting her friends. I have also asked my best friends if my gf is like them – at all – and they all vehemently disagree with that notion. Keep in mind, my friends are the type of people who hold nothing back.

    • Be careful. It sounds like you might be dating a Basic.
      Do they go on and on about reality television?
      Do they enjoy Skinny Girl “margs”?
      Is pumpkin spice the predominant smell in their apartments throughout the months of October to December?
      Does their Saturday attire largely consist of North Face, a puffy scarf, and brown leather riding boots over tucked-in jeans?

      • Anonynon

        Sounds like he might be dating a basic, or at least one with basic friends. Be weary of the basics!!!!

      • palisades

        If this survey is in regards to my gf:
        If this is in regards to her friends: yes to all of the above.

        • Interesting. My guess is that she feels the same way you do, but is not vocalizing it. She will eventually find herself hanging out more and more with successful/professional friends who can relate to her. They’re just out of college, right? People grow apart, but she still feels obligated to see them. Give it time.

          • palisades

            Yeah you’ve really hit the nail on the head. Thanks for having some sort of actual advice. She has really expressed interest in branching out and I am all for that.

          • I agree with OP Anon that it may just be a matter of time and get the sense that the Wits End is looking for suggestions on ways to speed up the process, no? I think it can be hard to make new friends no matter what, but in some ways, having an entrenched group of girlfriends and a boyfriend can effectively keep a person stuck, even if the girlfriend group isn’t fulfilling.
            If I understand the situation, Wits End, she (or you both) might have to make a more conscious effort to get out and meet new people — by going to different kinds of events or parties, taking new classes, etc. And that may be really out of her comfort zone for a while. In other words, it might be easier to add new friends before subtracting old ones, even if adding the new ones takes “work.” She might need your support in this, but it sounds like you really want to help and would provide that support pretty readily.

    • dcgator

      I enjoy a pretty funny podcast called “If I Were You.” Very irreverent, but they sometimes have good insight. This kind of question came up, and they hit on something interesting—maybe the girlfriend’s the same way?

      • This was my first thought. It seems fairly unlikely that gf would be significantly different from her friends; it seems more likely that gf is fairly similar but wits end is not seeing on account of the romantic involvement. Sure, there are a number of other things that could be going on here, like maybe this is just a particular groups of friends and not her “inner circle”. But if they are her BFFs then you might not love her as much as you think. This is just my opinion, but it’s based on having been there (more than once).

        • palisades

          Well that’s very presumptuous of you to assume I don’t love her because her friends are obnoxious. My gf is reserved, worldly, open-minded, among many other wonderful traits. Her friends, on the other hand, openly admit and brag about being none of those things.

          • I wasn’t being presumptuous; you’ll notice the ‘if” and “maybe” and “might” and “my opinion” that I used. But why would such a wonderful gf have such obnoxious friends? Seems odd to me.

          • palisades

            So using words like if and maybe get you out of saying something condescending like that? I don’t think so. And of course after defending yourself, you go and make a follow-up comment questioning her. Hide behind words like if and might all you want, but it’s clear that you’ve already made up your mind about her.

          • wits end – I understand why you’re taking this personally, but I did not get the slightest impression that Krampus was trying to offend – just offering a “what if?” kind of scenario. If that’s not the case, then no need to get so defensive here. After all, we’re all still anonymous here far as I can tell.

          • wits end, you’ve got me wrong. First, maybe you’re not familiar with “if”, “might”, and “my opinion” but they simply indicate that I am expressing opinions and possible scenarios (as opposed to certainties or facts). I’m not hiding behind anything. Second, I’m not judging anyone – I don’t know you, your gf, or her friends, nor do I know if you or they are wonderful or obnoxious. I simply used the words *you* used to describe them; I didn’t mean that I had any opinions about anyone. All I’m really saying is that to me it’s unusual for someone to have a group of friends that is completely different from themselves, though not impossible. Make of that what you will; I’m just offering a perspective, not a judgement.

    • Personally, I find being “on” (talking about very important and philosophical things) exhausting. I do it all day at work. Sometimes I WANT to talk about the Real Housewives or total crap. This could be what your friends are facing – they work all day and want to talk about crap the other times. Just an possibility! (I actually prefer just to NOT go out and be alone, but those days of being alone are over, sadly)

      • epric002

        +1 was also wondering if the OP is the only dude around when this is happening, or if it’s a mixed-sex group that talks solely of vapid, nonsensical bullshit.

        • palisades

          It should be made clear that we didn’t start dating last week. This is a long-standing problem I have struggled with. By this time, every possible combination of friends and location and conversation topics have been mixed and discussed.

      • skj84

        yeah. When I hang with my friends our conversation can range from shallow things like relationships, and clothes to full on politics. This is with mixed company btw. Could you try to engage them on a meatier subject?

        • palisades

          I love talking about relationships and clothes and politics. Admittedly, I hate reality TV, but that is never a hot topic. As i mentioned in a comment above, a few of them openly brag about knowing nothing about politics or current events.
          Also, some of them are still in school, or have filler jobs like being a nanny or front desk lady, so not exactly flexing their brain muscles during the day.

          • “[S]till in school” = “not exactly flexing their brain muscles”?? Does not compute, at least to me.

          • “Filler jobs?” Really?

          • skj84

            Whoa. How can you believe being a Nanny doesnt flex brain muscles? Or being a receptionist. Sorry you just sounded so elitist right there. Receptionists are the glue that keep offices together. They need to know everything about thier job and those they support. They probably “flex more brain muscles” than you would ever think.

          • palisades

            In regards to being upset about my comment about filler jobs – I think if you read what I say about their attitude in life is, you’ll understand how the jobs they have aren’t flexing brain muscles. I have a couple friends who are administrative assistants or front desk and really do work hard.

          • Sorry, but the comment makes you sound elitist and condescending, regardless of your GF’s friends’ other less endearing traits. Not a good look. And I guarantee you that they are well aware that you think of them that way, which may be why they don’t make much effort to engage you.

          • palisades

            When did I say they don’t engage me? In fact, I made it clear that they say TOO much.

          • Emmaleigh504

            Anon 3:22 I bet they know how W.E. feels about them and they DGAF. Having meatier conversations with a condescending douchebag is not worth the hassle. Reality TV for days.

      • Allison

        I agree re: wanting to talk about meaningless crap when you’re not at work. My work is complicated and mentally exhausting but when people find out what I do they want to ask lots of questions (especially when what I do has been in the news a lot lately.) I also had someone ask me at a party something along the lines of “so what do you think the biggest challenge facing our nation in the field of X will be in the coming years and how should we approach it?” I thought I was a Miss America contestant for a few seconds.

        • palisades

          haha well I don’t expect that kind of level of conversation every time. Just some sort of substance. Anything.

        • Emmaleigh504

          My work in mentally exhausting , too. When I get away from it I want to talk about the colors b/c that’s about the level of depth I can handle some days. Pink is pretty.

  • dcgator

    Sole Rant: waking up to the terrible news in Pakistan. I don’t think I know anyone personally affected by it, but, really, doesn’t a horrific crime like this affect all of us anyway?

    It’s so disheartening, and the number dead and wounded is staggering.

  • Rave: Was surprised and pleased to receive a Christmas present from my aunt — from Mikasa, no less.
    Looking-gift-horse-in-mouth rant: It’s a set of mugs and plates with candy-cane decorations. I would’ve preferred something I could use year-round.
    Rave: Her heart was in the right place. And this is probably the only Christmas present I’ll receive, other than checks from my parents.

  • Rave: My jerky boss is retiring as of Feb 28!
    Rant: He is still laying me off as of January 31.

  • I particularly like it since it’s showing up right after my Jerky Boss comment.

  • Rant: After reading about adopting angels for the holidays in RRRR last week, I tried to sign up on the Salvation Army website, but it said I was too late.
    Rave (rant?): Got an email last Friday night at 11pm that two angel tree tags had just been turned back in and could I still take them and deliver the gifts by Monday morning. Was shopping with a girlfriend on Saturday, so we hooked them up with gifts. Hope the person who turned them back in had a good/real reason for it though.
    Rave: Dropped off the gifts Monday morning and presents for 6,000 kids is the kind of sight that will warm your heart! Rooms and rooms of gifts very well organized, and a couple of bike rooms. Seriously one of the coolest things I have seen.

    • skj84

      Glad you got to be an Angel! I dropped my gifts off on Saturday and seeing all those presents made me proud I participated. I do hope the gifts bring the kids lots of joy! There is a ribbon cutting ceremony tomorrow morning. I’m thinking about going.

    • This warms my heart. Good for you!

    • Aww!! How sweet! THIS is what the season is supposed to be about!

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: the helper from the other department is a moron. I cannot wait til they hire some new people who aren’t morons. check the correct box people!
    Rave: no hiring freeze so hopefully new people soooon.

  • Rant: No grocery stores have Chex cereal on sale! Seriously?? This is the time to make homemade (deluxe, gourmet) Chex Mix for the holidays. Does no one do that anymore but me?

    Revel: Foster kittens! The two tiny ferals have turned into snuggling sweet purring lap-sitting lovies. The two polar-bears are fluffballs of fun. They will be at an adoption event this Sat. but anyone is welcome to meet them (and snag them) before that in my home. See them here on CL


    • Wouldn’t this be exactly why they don’t put Chex on sale? The party mix people will buy the Chex even at full price.

      • +1. Seems obvious to me (although to be honest, I would be surprised if “Chex Mix for the holidays” is a thing. I’ve never heard of it.)

        • It’s definitely a thing. We make a huge batch every year, and it disappears completely over the course of the three-day party.
          Some people like to make “puppy chow”, which I think is chex mix coated in chocolate. I think that’s gilding the lily, myself. I only make the worcestershire version.
          Oh and Victoria… get the generic!

          • Emmaleigh504

            lol growing up people “white trash” at parties, which is chex mix in chocolate tossed in powdered sugar. It’s pretty delish. But I think I prefer savory chex mix. There’s so much sweet stuff this time of year.

        • Chex Mix was indeed a “thing” before there were “things.” It’s been around since the early 1950’s. (I have an old handwritten cook book with a recipe from 1953.) and was mainly a Christmas “thing” – mostly because you kind of have to make a big batch of it since you’re buying all these boxes of cereal.

          Good home-made Chex mix is to the packaged crap like Wagyu beef is to McDonalds.

          Usually all the grocery stores have it 2 for $5.00 this time of year. If not a loss leader, it is still a profit for the stores since box cereal is one of the most ridiculously expensive products in general. Generic is fine, I haven’t gone into a store yet, just checking the online circulars.

        • I Dont Get It

          It was and is a big deal in the Midwest where I grew up.

        • Well then, as promised I am surprised.

  • Happenstance: I just saw that a friend of mine became FB friends with Beau from here. WHOA! Sorry if this comes off as needlessly creepy, but this is the first of this PoPville world intersecting with my “real” world.

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