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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • jim_ed

    Rant: Another week, another shootout at 8th and Jefferson. At least 10 shots fired this time.
    Rave: Thankfully, no one was hit. Also, we were watching ‘Washington in the 80s’ right at the part about DC being named the murder capital when the shots rang out, so the irony was a nice touch.

    • SFT

      Such a good series – I’ve learned so much!

    • This is a great PBS documentary series about DC. They also made episodes about DC in the 60s and 70s, presumably we’ll also see one for the 90s?

    • Dave Grohl did an episode of Sonic Highways (HBO series) on DC… Also the Bad Brains Documentary did a lot of history in it. Amazing to see the city I used to live in through other people’s eyes. Life in DC is rarely covered from a non-political perspective.

    • I heard 12 shots at around 2230 last night. Sounded like a handgun.

  • SFT

    Rave: I love the wind. Walking into it this morning was a total workout!
    Rave: The kiddo is back to sleeping through the night now that my parents are gone. Sweet Jesus!
    Rave: My office gives us Christmas & Christmas Eve off, so now with the Executive order, we get Friday off as well. That’s huge!
    Rave: I fell asleep at 8 last night. It’s amazing what 11 uninterrupted hours of sleep will do for the disposition. Not a rant in sight!!!!!

    • SFT

      Another rave: I love looting desks after people resign. I just scavengered an ergo chair, and it’s like sitting on a cloud!

  • Rave: Had a great time with my husband and my parents in Mexico at my friend’s wedding. Beautiful weather and lots of good food and music.

    Rant: Wedding was a half million dollars.

    Rant: Husband had a really rough day at work yesterday and it continues today. I wish I could support him more.

    Rave/Rant: Applied to two positions I am really good for and excited about but it’s holiday season and I won’t hear from anyone for a long time. And I’ve been applying to positions for three months with no interviews…

    • SFT

      Holy hell, $500k is a house! Did they pay for everyone’s hotel room? Or was this all wedding/food/drinks expense?

    • Ugh, applying for jobs is so frustrating and discouraging. I’ve had a couple phone interviews, but other than that absolutely nothing!
      Also…half a million?!? Crazy.

      • That is amazing. That works out to $1000 a person for 500 people. I guess if you spend $20k on a dress or something that would help, or if you paid for everyone’s flights and hotel rooms and bought them each several bottles of fancy wine, but that is insane. I guess I should be glad that people with that amount of money are spending it and stimulating the economy versus just letting it sit in their bank accounts.

    • Minus snark it was a beautiful wedding and my friend was gorgeous and her now husband is a sweetheart and we had a great time.
      With snark: A half million dollar wedding is ridiculous and, to be honest, it wasn’t that special. The food was ok, the dj was self-righteous, the setting was beautiful but nothing spectacular, the bar was open but the drinks weren’t anything over-the-top. The sad thing was most of the people were from the groom’s side and didn’t even know or care about my friend’s parents – the father/mother of the bride.
      I’d say 300K was wedding expense (dress, food, drinks, venue, etc). and 200K was other stuff like hotel rooms, rehearsal, etc. The wedding was at a resort where the cheapest rooms for 750 bucks a night (we stayed elsewhere in an awesome apartment for 200 bucks a night for 4 people)…

      • In what way was the DJ self-righteous? Just curious.

        • He was supposedly a big dude from LA and he believed he knew what constituted good dance music. Alas only the 20 year old drunks were grinding on the dance floor the whole night and none of the older and/or less drunk crowd. And the father of the bride asked him to play some other music (salsa, motown, crowdpleasers, anything) and he refused. I’m not saying he has to play the electric slide but his job is to get people up and moving and he didn’t give a crap. The one time he played Ain’t No Mountain High Enough and EVERYONE got up to dance, he switched in the middle to some rap song…

          • At our wedding, our DJ made comments over the mike like “Ugh, I like the original version better” DURING the mother/son dance, told me he wouldn’t stick to my “no-play” list because I had no idea what the guests really wanted to hear, and insulted the song that I requested for the last dance. What a jerk.

      • 500k and they didn’t go with a live band? To each their own, I guess….

      • If the parents have the money, why not? I’m not one to tell people how to spend their money.

    • I’m always surprised when I hear about ostentatious weddings. I think “didn’t those go out of style? Are people STILL doing that??” But then I realize, it’s me that changed. My social world doesn’t include the kind of people who go for conspicuous consumption.

      • And here’s the thing. It wasn’t ostentatious. Like not lobsters flown in from Maine and Dom Perignon and women jumping out of cakes. . Just mad expensive. It was a beautiful wedding on the beach that didn’t need to be 500K.

      • Wow, that’s pretty holier-than-thou.

    • $500K? Friggin’ nuts. I assume they are absurdly loaded?
      If they borrowed money to pay for this, they are fools.

      • Yea – the father of the groom is a big real estate developer in NYC and my friend’s dad was a big guy in a huge private utility company.

    • Quotia Zelda

      Daaaang. I thought my SIL’s $50K+ wedding was expensive.

    • I’ve been to a few weddings that were easily over $100K (i.e., live band, magazine-perfect, and the works at the Willard). Interestingly, the most ostentatious was strangely the most depressing for me. I was overwhelmed at the glitz and expense, and came home with literally a splitting headache and an uneasy/depressed feeling that lasted for the rest of the weekend. The best weddings I’ve been to have been small, and one was a simple affair on a shoestring budget held in the middle of nowhere in Minnesota. The one with the homemade decorations and simple décor in an old Holiday Inn was preferable, in my opinion, to the glitzy craziness I saw the Willard.

      • binpetworth

        In my circle, there seems to be a correlation between cost of wedding and likelihood of divorce a few years later. The most expensive wedding I’ve been to was around $60K, and the couple lasted 3 years.

        • There was actually a story recently that said this exact thing is true. More expensive and extravagant the wedding the more likelihood for divorce!

          • I wonder if it applies to Indian weddings though? Those have got to be expensive, what with all the venues and costume changes and 500+ guest lists.

        • SFT

          By that reasoning, I should be married forever! We eloped and went to a little inn in the Northern Neck part of Virginia. We were only a few hours away, but it felt like a whole other world. I think altogether with the suite, minister, and our duds, we only spent $1,000.

      • MY GOD. I thought 100k was a ridic, unthinkable amount to spend on a wedding, but 500k?!? I don’t even think I could dream up a wedding that expensive, nor would I want to. Our budget is like less than 3% of that and we’re keeping it small or we wouldn’t be able to get away with spending as “little” as we are. And honestly I still feel like it’s A LOT of money to spend on one day! I hear you on applying for jobs too…I have been applying and interviewing some on and off the past year and it never works out–either on my end or theirs! I am going to really get back into it after the first of the year.

    • I Dont Get It

      So how did they let it *slip* that it was a $500k wedding?

      • Father of the bride spent the whole wedding (and the year leading up to it) joking and hanging with my parents as an outlet to the ridiculous spending. We’ve known them my whole life and we’re all a bit irreverent so he was (just with us) coming up and saying things like “you like that sushi? Have more, it’s 55 bucks/head” or “glad you like the smores and fire pits, only 6K to bring you the finest”.

    • The average American household makes a little more than $51,000 per year before taxes. So this wedding cost more than most families will take home in 10 years. How anyone can think there isn’t a problem with inequality in our country is beyond me.
      A word to the wiser members of the oligarchy: You might want to think about curtailing conspicuous consumption before the masses catch on to how much wealth you really have.

      • Even if I had $500k to spend on a wedding and I had someone to get married to, I’d never spend $500k on a wedding. That said, I don’t begrudge anyone else’s right to spend that kind of scratch on a wedding – or a car, boat, plane, house, whatever.
        Inequality is a problem but it’s really about inequality of opportunity, not inequality of results. Most people could care less whether someone has more money than they have, as long as the person feels that he or she has the same opportunity to make more money – whether that opportunity is realized or not. I think the danger facing this country is that a growing proportion of people believe that they don’t have the same opportunity to be successful, and feel that their kids will actually be even worse off.

        • We’ve never come close to equal opportunity, and we certainly aren’t getting any closer to it. We have a drastically unequal educational system, a tax system that rewards wealth over work, and an increasingly concentrated distribution of wage income. The world hasn’t seen inequality on this scale since the Belle Époque. The richest 10% of Americans are in control of over 75% of the nation’s wealth.
          I hope a growing number of people believe they don’t have the same opportunity to be successful, because they don’t.

      • The “oligarchy” doesn’t need to worry about anybody else “catching on” because it’s aspirational for everybody else. People see $500k weddings and think that can be them someday, even if the system is completely stacked against them and they’ll never achieve that kind of wealth.

  • Rant: Not enough vacation time, weekends too short.

    Rant: So many sirens in the city lately… Every evening it sounds like I live in a fire house.

    Rant: All my favorite shows coming to a final end, good for more free time, but bad for my usual routine of staying home with my dog.

    Rant: I haven’t found a new bird I love as much as my last one yet. Maybe I never will 🙁

  • Rant: Slept even worse than usual, thanks to crazier-than-usual nightmares. (Being persecuted by the Khmer Rouge??)
    Rant: Cat waking me up after walking through the open bedroom door, or — after I’d closed the door — standing outside and meowing loudly.
    Rave: Went to Nagomi Izakaya the other night with a friend from high school who was in town. Liked it.

  • Rave: Sun’s out!
    Rave/Rant: I know it’s a polarizing issue but DC Bike Party’s last ride for the season is tonight. Will start up again in the spring.
    Rave: Planning a trip to Japan with the gf.

  • Rant: possible shut down. I can’t afford to both have a shut down and pay for childcare. It’s such a crappy feeling to have uncertainty like this.
    Rave: Sugarfina! I bought a Gilt deal for Sugarfina candy to use as holiday gifts – stuff arrived last night and it’s lovely. I bought a few samples and it tastes delicious, too. It’s still on Gilt if you’re wondering what to get people – the packaging is adorable and the product is tasty!
    Rave: lots of 4 and semi-4 day weekends…..
    Rant: MIL wants to visit, therefor ruining my attempts at a relaxing New Years. I have to cook/clean/entertain when I wanted to just chill in jammies with the kiddo. If I say no, don’t visit, I’m a bad person. If I say yes, I’m annoyed and exhausted. So it’s a win-win! And our kid doesn’t even like her (which is normal for a baby, stranger danger)

    • I haven’t been paying attention but I didn’t think a shut down was all that likely. Am I missing some major news?

      • if there is one, it’ll be for a few days most likely, until they can conference. But who knows. We thought it would be figured out by now, so that it isn’t a done deal yet is a bit of a surprise. Well, nothing surprises me about these idiots any more.

      • There probably won’t be one. They released bill text last night, and may be able to get it through tomorrow, or they’ll do a short-term (2-3 day) CR. The bill is a good middle of the road compromise, so unless someone decides to be a real jerk and hold it up in the Senate, it’ll get through with minimal disruption. At most, you may get a shutdown Friday and be back to work by Monday.

    • IMO, if it isn’t a good time, there is no reason to agree to it. You can suggest another time that would be preferable. It doesn’t make you a bad person. Would your husband not back you up if you said no? If the guilt trip is the issue, you can always just refuse to go on it. 🙂

      • It’s never a good time for her to visit. I’ve at least put my foot down that she can’t sleep on our sofa any more (she’s like 63 years old – NO!) so she uses Air BNB and stays in some strangers house. But she can’t cook, so I have to cook for her. She doesn’t clean up after the baby (“I’ll feed him!” but then I have to clean up the mess so it’s better if she doesn’t, if that makes sense).

        It’s one of those things where it’s better just to get it over with – my SIL is having another kid, so hopefully that’ll give us a break. My MIL goes up there like every other week and it’s a 5-6 hour drive. She’s a little nutty.

        • Do your parents come to visit? If so, suck it up and get over it. Marriage is all about both sides compromising.

          That being said you and your husband’s parents are getting older so enjoy the time you have left with them. Why not Just take advantage of her being there so she can baby sit and you can have “adult time” with your husband?

          • My parents have come like 3 times this year. She comes once a month. They both live in the same city, so we tend to go home and kill two birds. The difference is “high needs” parent vs. low expectation parents. If you have to take care of an adult that visits montly, it gets exhausting. I don’t mind the visit. But every month I’m MORE tired, which really is hard to achieve! She’s in her 60s and can’t make lunch for herself. If she visited every 2-3 months, it wouldn’t be as exhausting.

          • Geez people, so harsh. Do you really not have anyone in your family who is just painful to deal with? If so, lucky you. But try to realize that that is not the case for all of us.

          • SFT

            Agreed, Anon 11:04. See my rant from yesterday. Sometimes you have to distance yourself from certain family members to keep your own sanity. Things are hard enough with a new baby, that the extra pressure of dealing with a parent that needs attention is sometimes too much to bear. Plus with the added postpartum stuff that jindc has mentioned, it can push you over an emotional edge. I live for weekends and vacation time with no commitments. She deserves a break!

          • Sure, we all have annoying people in our families. And many years of experience has taught me that all the angst and attempts at control are worth bupkis.

          • ohhh I’m not old enough to understand nevermind that my mother has been dealing with her own obnoxious in laws for 45+ years (my grandfather is critical of everything from the thanksgiving turkey to the way my mom helps now that he’s moving to assisted living. He’s 95 and still mean to her). luckily my MIL says thank you after I feed her. It definitely could always be worse.

          • Excellent illustration, honey. 45+ years and she hasn’t changed him. I bet if she had a time machine, she would go back and do something better with all the energy she spent trying.

          • My mother told me if she had known better she would have put her foot down MANY years ago. Now he’s too old and she’s been taking care of him even more now that he’s 95. His treatment of her sent her to therapy. So nope. But thanks, honey!

        • It’s your house, your baby. You have every right to keep needy, annoying, toxic relatives—even parents—at arm’s length, and it absolutely does not make you a bad person. And if your husband doesn’t back you up, he is falling down on the job. A married adult’s main duty and loyalty is to his or her spouse, not to a parent.

          • Andie302

            I didn’t read toxic, I just read annoying. I feel for you on not wanting to have her there for New Years, but it sounds like you just don’t want her there at all because she breaks up your routine and gets on your nerves. It’s not ideal, but I’m sure she misses her son and that she would prefer it if your baby DID like her. If you want to take it easy on New Years then have her come another time. She has to go to an expense and inconvenience when she visits, but she does it because she loves her family. Do you have the money to get someone to clean for you and maybe order from one of the food services? It sounds like a lot of your complain is logistics, which I completely understand.

          • It’s not an inconvenience for her – she has a job where, I think, she just gets benefits and no pay because she’s ALWAYS traveling to see us or my SIL (2-4 weekends a month). The expense is new because until recently she used to sleep on our sofa. There’s a bunch of things that make her visits annoying (my son is a very poor eater, so she tries to make eating funny or a game, which is counter to the way we need to handle meal times and when you say anything, she gets upset and talks about how my husband was a bad eater and that’s how she handled it….30 years ago). We see her probably….17-20+ times a year and we’re trying to move back home. We’re doing all we can to keep all grandparents involved. The difference is my parents have friends and activities at home in addition to a grandchild. My MIL does not. (so much time seeing a grandchild, no time to have much of a post-divorce social life). So because I feel bad for her, I wait on her like she has always expected. Sigh. I’m the one “compromising” in this marriage since I’m the one taking care of her needs every time she visits. But hey, it’s not changing any time soon!

          • Just reading your last post jindc, makes me think your MIL is lonely. You keep mentioning your parents, plural, which obviously means they have each other to keep themselves busy and occupied.
            But unless I missed one of your comments, it seems that your husband only has his mother around.

          • oh my MIL is DEFINITELY lonely!!! This is what I think bothers me the most. She very, very clearly needs therapy after her very painful divorce and her very abusive (emotional) marriage. But in her planning to be away from home almost every weekend, she can’t do anything about her loneliness at home!! We’ve encouraged her to join groups, or even try dating again (it’s been 3+ years, I think). But she can’t do that if she’s always avoiding her new reality. It bothers me that she uses us to avoid healing from her marriage/divorce. Stay home and make friends! It’s not going to mean she’s less involved in our kid’s life if she visits less so she can have a social life.

          • epric002

            it sounds like the frequency of her visits needs to be reduced too, and this should be the job of your husband, since it’s his mother. imo, it’s easier to handle high-stress visits when they occur less frequently (for me, it’s my parents. my in-laws are soooo much easier). also- what would carolyn hax do? (WWCHD?)

          • Buy your MIL a subscription to “It’s Our Time” for Xmas. It’s a dating site for those ages 50+. 😀
            My mom met her current boyfriend (her first BF since the 7+ years after the divorce) and they’re totally inseparable after 4 months of dating. It’s pretty damn cute.
            Your MIL needs therapy and a boyfriend. It’s obvious she is desperate to “take care of” someone. There are plenty of eligible, older, normal men/widowers who are looking for that.

          • I wanted to give her online dating, but honestly, she needs therapy first. My FIL is a legit sociopath and a few months of talking to someone besides us about him will do her good and make her more open to a positive relationship. She needs, like, meet up or a bridge club. Baby steps. Maybe NEXT year she needs the JDate/Ourtime subscription!

        • It’s “never a good time”? Then when the heck is she supposed to visit?
          Agree with the others – suck it up and take advantage of free babysitting. Make a list of activities for her to do with the kid so you can get work done and you have time for yourself. Unless she’s grossly negligent, you have to trust your MIL to watch your kid. It sounds like she wants to be involved but you’re unwilling to give up any control.

          • She’s supposed to visit – not camp out. And I can’t leave my kid at night seeing as how he has stranger anxiety (don’t do it with my parents, either) – when he’s awake, it’s different in case you’ve never had the case where your child wakes up at night. I’m happy she wants to be involved. But monthly is a bit much because of all the work entailed. I’ve considered just not cooking for her but I still have to clean up, as I live in the apartment. Not everyone’s visiting family is “free babysitting”. It’s “never a good time” because she doesn’t DO anything. apparently I’m a bad person for wishing she’d clean up after herself or make herself her own breakfast. Oh well!

          • Andie302

            Could you suggest to your husband, or to her, that she clean up after herself? “Could you do me a huge favor and just finish cleaning up this while I go change the kid?” Did her visits bother you before the baby came?

          • @jindc Where is your husband in all of this? You make it seem that you are doing ALL the work around the house? If so, then maybe you should consider asking him to help out?

          • The big favor was my husband asking her if she could get a hotel room instead of sleeping on the sofa. I cashed in that favor and it’s been a life saver (she had to use our bathroom attached to our bedroom all night so privacy became an issue) Husband is a bit on the spectrum so we usually stick to the stuff he already handles (cleaning up after himself isn’t on the list, but I’m used to him). And her visits bothered me in that I always had to entertain her, but they were much less frequent so it was easy to find stuff to do every 3-4 months vs. every month. She stayed with us and we took her to restaurants so it was expensive but rare.

            It’ll be fine. It always is. I just need to get used to the new normal.

          • @jindc: I would echo Anon 11:12’s sentiment. As a husband myself, I feel like the husband should be running interference all over the damn shop here. It’s not going to make you enjoy the IL visit necessarily, but if his mother is a burden that should really be mainly his to bear. I just can’t fathom why you should have to cook, clean, and entertain for your husband’s mother. I know it’s an age-old problem, but it still confounds me when I hear about it.

        • Through your posts, you come across as really rigid. Take a little advice from an old broad who’s been through all that: Relax. Focus on kindness. It’s clear that you don’t like your MIL, but she’s not going anywhere and she did raise your husband and your son deserves his own relationship with his grandmother (not colored by your opinions), so cut her some slack. Do it for yourself if not for her. You aren’t doing yourself any favors with all this score-keeping and control.

          • Not keeping score (there’s no this or that). Just trying to keep a sanitary house and wish I could actually take a nap one day over a weekend.

          • So take a nap. It sounds like your MIL is happy just to be there and sit on your couch, and the crazy-making of “entertaining” is largely your own doing. Ask her if she has anything she’d like to do, and if she doesn’t offer anything up then let her know what your plans are, even if those plans are to go about your usual weekend activities of napping and grocery shopping and taking a walk around the block. Anyone who visits monthly does not need to be waited on, they should know how to get themselves a glass of water or a cup of coffee or a snack. But make sure that you’re creating an environment where that is OK, and not losing it if she puts the empty glasses in a different place than you would, etc.

    • Oh – and on your MIL–I agree about potentially suggesting a shorter time. But on the stranger-danger thing, in my experience (sample size of 1, admittedly), my daughter suddenly took to my parents a little after 1. I think their visit when she was about 14 months old was the first that she was happy to see/play with them. The visit after that she was a little more clingy, which I chalked up to molars and such, but their most recent visit they had a lot of fun. So a switch may flip really quickly especially if your MIL is good about not getting in your son’s face right off the bat. Keeping my fingers crossed on that one for you! Would at least make it a little less stressful.

      • No, she uses a puppet to try to get my child to interact with her. And she carries it everywhere with her. It’s very weird and creepy. Mostly creepy.

        I’m glad she wants to be involved, but when she visits my SIL, they have a big house in the middle of nowhere and her husband stays home and does all the cooking/cleaning, so honestly it’s not as difficult. but when she’s in DC, I work and we don’t have the room for her to stay ALL DAY. When my parents visit, they come and hang out, leave for a few hours to do their own thing, and then return for a little longer. This way, they aren’t just always around. But because my MIL stays in a strangers house via AirBNB she really has nowhere to go. So she just sits there in our apartment waiting for stuff to happen, so I feel like we need to entertain her all the time.

        • Oh that’s tough. I know they’re tricky with a toddler, but would group outings to the park or zoo or building museum help? Or even just well-placed walks? To get out of the house & offer entertainment without needing to actually “entertain”? It’s tough if she’s not interested in checking things out on her own.

          • yes hopefully the weather is OK – I try to encourage my husband and his mom to go somewhere with the child so I can get stuff done without them (cleaning/cooking/shopping). It’s harder in the winter. She wanted to stay with us for 3 weeks after the baby was born. On our sofa. Luckily my mom stood up for me and told my MIL that wasn’t happening. Love my moms.

          • Oh wow. That’s insane!

    • They dropped a CR funding the government in the interim this morning. Plenty of time to avoid a shutdown, albeit annoying and understandably anxiety-inducing.

    • Ally

      I’m gathering that maybe the issue is that you had some expectations for New Year’s other than entertaining the in-laws. That’s valid (I’m kind of possessive about my non-Christmas and non-Thanksgiving holidays). Maybe you could get the hubby to side with you by planning something romantic together for New Year’s, then inviting his in-laws to come for a special visit later in the month?

      And try not to worry on the shutdown. I’m pregnant and looking at a HUGE uptick in expenses when the baby is born. But, from what I hear, a shutdown is much, much less likely to happen this year. I think we’ll be okay.

  • epric002

    rant: didn’t realize until i was on the metro that i have a hole in my tights. i think it came from rant #2…
    rant: dogs were glassbowls on their walk this morning.
    rave: in 7 days we will be on our way to san diego to spend christmas w/my youngest brother & SIL! 😀
    rave: went overcoat shopping with/for husband last night. got a great deal at macys, if anyone else is looking.
    rave: girls HH tonight (at her house) so we can fight over holding a friend’s 6 week old baby 🙂 squee!

  • Anonynon

    Question: There is an open house for a Apartment in a newly renovated building near 3rd and T NE (eckington area). Does anyone live over there? I feel like when i have gone through that area it seems pretty nice, but i don’t know what its like during the day versus at night. Any input is helpful 🙂

    • I just moved over there. It’s quiet except for fire trucks that seem to be running all over town these days. Which building are you looking at?

      • Anonynon

        its called the Sierra Cooperative…found it on CL. The rent is dirt cheap and the building looks like it was just renovated (nice kitchen and everything), even the google map pictures so construction on it so they must have just finished. It looks like there are some industrial buildings around there and not a ton within immediate walking distance, but I’m ok with that. Seems close enough to NoMa and Rhode Island Avenue metros for me.

        • I live around the corner and absolutely love the neighborhood. You’re in between the two metro stops in addition to a ton of bus lines. You’re in walking distance to all the Bloomingdale restaurants as well as Union Market and Rhode Island Row. It takes me no time to get to my job in Downtown DC. Personally, I really enjoy it here and if we weren’t moving to the West Coast soon, I would love to stay.

        • I like the area a lot as well. Very residential. You are not far at all from the crux of stuff at 1st NW and Rhode Island. If you bike, MBT into NoMa or Brookland is right there. Getting into NW is no problem via R St. Probably biggest issue you’ll find are package thieves and having to ride uphill to get home, at which point you’ll just need to HTFU.

    • I like the area. It’s convenient and fairly quiet. Close to NoMa/metro, Bloomingdale, RIA, and presumably the rent is cheaper than somewhere like NoMa.

  • Rant: Had to wake the cranky toddler up at 8:20 to get her dressed & ready for school. My plan of combining her breakfast with commuting & some exersize (walked instead of taking the bus) was only moderately successful–she complained a lot about being in the stroller. Then again, this morning, she may have complained about any form of transit.
    Rant: Cat punctured a hole in inflatable donut collar, so I had to replace it with the plastic elizabethan collar. She can’t drink when she’s wearing it. Ugh. And I found some blood or something that had oozed from one of the (three!) incision sites, so now I have a message into her vet to determine whether she needs to be brought back in to get it checked out.
    Rant: I thought that doing solo-parent duty while my wife is in Denver for a conference this week would be straightforward and easy without losing too much work time. That’ll teach me…
    Rave: Wife comes home tomorrow!

    • epric002

      your 2nd rant reminded me of a similar one: puppy pulled the valve out of the donut cone and chewed it up last night. he is also back in the (comfy) cone today.

    • Oh crap. Day care called – temp is slightly elevated (not yet fever) and she’s quieter than usual. Clearly I should have let her sleep. They’ll check again in a couple of hours but I’d bet money I’m leaving early today. Ugh.

      • I hope the kiddo feels better!

      • SFT

        Good luck mama! It’s hard enough doing it for a week, I can’t even fathom how single moms/dads do it full time. The light at the end of the tunnel is close 🙂

        • Oh my goodness, I know. I agree wholeheartedly on the full time single parent thing! And I really thought it would be no big deal. But then the cat is working on becoming Houdini with her collars/shirts and the kid is getting sick, better, then possibly sick again and it gets a bit more complicated. It would all be just fine if I didn’t feel the need to try to fit in working as well 🙂

          • My sister is on the last day of being on her own with a 3.5 and 1.5 year old for ELEVEN days! Her in-laws helped out on the weekend, I slept over twice- afternoon through leaving for school. I don’t know how she hasn’t completely lost it yet. The older one has become drama-llama because daddy’s gone and there’s only one person there to give her attention, and it’s manifesting itself in some pretty epic tantrums.
            Just thinking about it pains me, I can’t imagine living it for that long or longer.

          • Yikes! I’m glad she’s had help. I told my parents I didn’t need help since it’s only a few days and I often do most of the routine myself anyhow. I just wasn’t anticipating the Houdini kitty & toddler sickness. Lol. In remarkably good news so far, I haven’t gotten a follow-up call from day care. Fingers crossed on no fever!

        • ugh I say this almost every night – even with the two of us, dinner’s not started unti 8:15/8:30 and the dust accumulates – single parents need some sort of medal

          • The only way dinner during the week gets pulled off is doing all the cooking on the weekends. So weekday dinner consists of reheating food in the microwave. Otherwise we’d be in the same boat – so I feel your pain!

          • Single mom of three kids here… a day in our life is: I wake up at 6:30, kids wake up by 7, we do breakfast, get dressed, etc and out the door by 7:45-8 at the latest. I go off to work, they go off to school. I pick them up by 5:30, we’re home by 6, I make dinner while they play. After dinner is homework, then a little more play time, then baths and bed by 8 for the kids, and beer and Netflix for me. The key is planning ahead and simple meals, which, is often difficult. Admittedly we eat pizza more than I would like, but it works for us.

          • SFT

            Cooking for leftovers has become my MO. I cook like 8 servings of everything!
            @LurkerAnon – you are a hero! I genuinely mean that!

          • LurkerAnon – I totally agree! You’re amazing! 🙂

  • Rant: office party – soo hate christmas in the office
    Rave: vasectomy scheduled!

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: Can’t afford the gold IDAF necklace Diamonds in the Library shared on her blog.
    Rave: Outlaw love songs.

  • justinbc

    Rant: I really wish PR companies, blogs, etc would stop calling things “DC’s first x, y, z thing!” without actually checking to see if it was indeed the first. It doesn’t ruin my day or anything, but it is rather disingenuous and makes me not want to give you my business.

  • I took a vacation day today to rest because I have been working between 13 and 17 hours a day 7 days a week for the past few weeks and we were supposed to be done. Nope. Somebody forgot to send the team a part of the project, so I’m at home, using my leave time to get it done (I’m fairly sure my boss will reverse the leave, though). And I just need to go to the grocery store.

  • Additional Rant/Rave (that I posted on the wrong thread!): In the middle of an epic “reply all” situation at work. It’s hilarious and involves every civilian around here. “please remove me” “please remove me” “please stop reploying all!” “please remove me!!!” LOL it’s glorious

    • epric002

      omg i am amazed at the stupidity of the people that get involved in those things. if i were queen for a day, the idiotic “replying all” would be something i would magic away. permanently.

    • Farragut

      They’re called email storms! They’re hilarious. The best one I ever read about was the infamous 1997 one with Microsoft–someone asked to be removed from a distro called “Bedlam DL3”–1/4 of the entire MS work force was on it (13,000 employees total).
      We had a drama-related one with my grad-school-alumni distro a few years ago–the alumni director had to start a permission-based version of the listserv instead of allowing anyone to reply to it. People get very touchy about receiving emails they don’t want and those who aren’t are very dismissive of those concerns (“Just delete it! Stop being a baby!” Sigh.

      • ours is about TSP. I REALLY want to reply all, “What’s TSP?”

      • Oh, and we once had one where a senior enlisted rank told people to stop replying all and an officer said, “don’t tell me what to do!”

      • Emmaleigh504

        We had a great one last year that went to the whole agency. A few people took the opportunity to post some funny reply-alls to the reply-alls. Then the stick in the muds started replying-all to say they were forwarding the emails to their superiors to tattle (the superiors were already getting the emails, hello? reply-all). That caused a few more funny emails. I enjoyed it immensely. It’s nice to know some people at my work have a sense of humor and aren’t afraid to use it.

    • Happened at my agency it was priceless!

  • Rave: thanks everyone for the DIY x-mas gift recommendations. Got some great ideas and the courage to make truffles!
    Rant: still in a terrible work funk.
    Question: has anyone heard updates on the Mayor’s proposed plans for redeveloping Capitol Hill East (a.k.a. Reservation 13)? What’s the likelihood of this actually happening?

    • Andie302

      I moved there in 2008 and have payed attention to it since. It doesn’t seem like a huge priority for the city from my perspective. I believe the latest is that a smaller parcel next to the southern Stadium-Armory metro exit will be developed first (two buildings with ground floor retail). That developer (Donatelli) was also interested in the larger parcel and has made mention of that in the press. Or to put it another way: I’ve been paying attention since 2008 and nothing has actually happened 🙂 (I work in government real estate as well…this could take awhillllleeeeeee!)

    • Tommy Wells told me that while it’s approved, there is a large need for infrastructure improvement before it can begin and other large parcels, McMillan for one, are ahead of it on the priority list.
      I wish DC could get started on it, it’s much needed housing and retail in an empty area. Get rid of some of those parking lots!

      • It seems that there are a good number of projects on this list and it’s not clear why the city isn’t putting out RFPs for more of them. I’m specifically thinking of the parcel at 7th and P St. NW. I would love to know what’s taking the city so long with that one.

  • I Dont Get It

    Rave: My Ugly Christmas sweater was a hit yesterday!
    Rant: Our executive director saw it and is now adding an Ugly Christmas sweater contest to our Holiday party so everyone is annoyed at me!
    Rant: I plugged in My Holiday Village® last night and have some bad news to report from Snowshoe Ridge: Elias Martinson jumped off the Sternhagen Bridge! Nothing ever good happens up on Snowshoe Ridge!
    Cressida hasn’t had much to eat since she heard the news and she and Huxley continue to spend the day slooooowly rolling a snowball in almost a perfect OCD circle from the quaint Lutheran church to Mirror Lake.
    Cressida’s mother would like her father to speak to her but he spends most evenings supa sig full in the local combination Basic/Bro/ Lumbersexual/Sparkle Pony/Pocket Otter/Furry Tavern (it’s a small village with only one tavern).
    Mayoress Katniss Kjøttboller continues on the road to Type 2 Diabetes, hanging out in the bakery consuming slice after slice of Ostkaka. Her current condition is sad considering she was once an action figure in a Happy Meal box.

  • Quotia Zelda

    Rave: My cousin’s twins will be born by the 16th at the latest. New baby cousins!
    Rant: Big work project is coming together, but SO slowly. Come on people, I have an early January deadline on this!
    Rave: Going to mail packages at lunchtime, then the only Christmas items left on my list are addressing my Christmas cards and baking. I wonder if Emilie likes fruitcake?

  • Rave: Just booked my last flight for my CA vacation! I can’t believe it is almost here. I’m really looking forward to a week of summer dresses and sandals.
    Rave x2: Thanks to the Prince for the “You Have to F*cking Eat” promo, I am so getting that for my sister. My niece won’t eat anything but waffles and mac and cheese at this writing, so it should be a big hit.
    Rant: My winter Stockholm Syndrome has officially set in. “45 degrees isn’t so bad!” I’m *almost* starting to believe it.

    • I hate to burst your bubble about your vacation, but you may not be able to wear sundresses in CA. Depending on where you’re going, it may only be in the 60s. (which isn’t too shabby, but not sundress weather). And it’ll get cooooooold at night. It’s not unusual for the temperature to drop a good 30 degrees when the sun goes down, even in the summer. I scraped ice off the car last Christmas in the desert. Make sure to throw some jeans and sweaters and a midweight coat in your bag.

      There’s an old joke in CA: “How can you tell a tourist? They’re the ones without a coat.”

      • I’ve been to CA before, so you can spare the condescension. I understand how to dress appropriately for the season and I’m not going to NorCal. But thanks anyway for trying to rain on my parade.

        • epric002

          whoa. i didn’t read any condescension or parade raining in that post.

        • Wow, I hope you freeze.

        • I grew up in SoCal (LA and Orange County areas). Everything Redhead said is right on the money. Weather around Xmas is touch and go, so be prepped for anything (70s and sunny OR rainy and 45). It will definitely hit the 40s at night, regardless of day time weather. Of course, the desert is always colder.
          That said, I was just back for Thanksgiving and I forgot to check the weather before packing. I had to go to Jack’s and buy a pair of shorts because it was 82 degrees on Thanksgiving day. The only day I wore shoes was the day of torrential downpours (badly needed in drought stricken CA, had not rained in at least 4 months) 😀

      • epric002

        +1 when we were in palm springs a few januarys ago, we thought it was hilarious that at night we were walking around in light jackets (and ate dinner outside!) and everyone else was wearing winter coats, scarves, hats, and gloves.

        • Ha, I was there about this time of year awhile back, and it was so cold. It dropped below freezing. All of the people from the Midwest were so disappointed.

          • epric002

            i was a bit bummed to see that the san diego forecast includes nighttime lows of close to freezing 🙁 but at least during the day it’ll get up in the mid 60s…although now i’m confused. the weather app on my phone told me lows close to freezing but the craptastic new weather.com is saying lows only in high 40s/low 50s…

          • epric, the difference could be between a weather station by the water, where the temp doesn’t drop as much at night, versus an inland station.

      • SouthwestDC

        I once had to work in San Diego for a month, and was forced to buy a jacket while I was there. It was June, and it was hot here, and I assumed I wouldn’t need anything heavier than a sweatshirt! Seems like CA has not-quite-warm-enough weather year round.

        • “Seems like CA has not-quite-warm-enough weather year round.”
          Not necessarily true. CA has bigger temperature swings between the day and night than what we experience on the East Coast. A 30 or 40 degree swing in temperature is not uncommon, depending on location.

        • I should add that CA has an absurd number of “micro-climates” due to the proximity of the ocean and topography. Weather can vary dramatically even one or two miles away. Housing prices in Bay Area can vary greatly, depending on which microclimate your houses is in. Some parts of SF get almost no fog and lots of sunshine due to the hill location, prevailing winds, etc.

    • Emmaleigh504

      Enjoy your trip! Don’t forget to take your Popville shirt (if you have one).

  • Rave: Slept six hours last night
    Rant: Congress killed my, and colleagues, portfolio with CR – not good for me personally nor our national security. [email protected]
    Rave: Great meetings and project monitoring today – keeps me inspired professionally
    Rave: Snowing in Moscow and driving by Kremlin on way home was gorgeous – might venture out tonight to see ice sculptures
    Rant: Moscow traffic

  • rant: usps paranoia. I bought a gift from japan and it cleared customs a few days ago. the destination is virginia, but right now the tracking shows that its in a usps facility in new hampshire! that’s clearly the wrong way, but I wonder if this is a normal thing? Anyone else obsessively watch their packages move and seen this before? I usually see it go to Pennsylvania from NY but who knows. I just really hope it doesn’t get misdelivered.
    rant: the grocery store is still closed
    rant: they didn’t put up a wet paint sign in the apartment garage i cut through sometimes to get inside and my boots have grey paint all over the soles and heels now. Anyone know how to get paint off fake leather?

    • Emmaleigh504

      I had one route through New Hampshire last week, it arrived the next day. I thought NH was weird too. They must have added a distribution hub for the the rush season.

    • Blithe

      Yes, I actually spent part of last week watching the tracking for a package from Japan as well. It came a LOT faster than I expected. It’s possible that things are being routed to different hubs in the holiday crush. Good luck with your package!

      • Was this your randoseru [Japanese schoolchild bag]?

        • Blithe

          Yep. I wasn’t expecting it until way after Christmas — so the early delivery was a Very nice surprise. The bag is great — quirky and beautiful in a form-follows-function sort of way. I haven’t used it yet, though, but I think it will work well for what I need. I’ve been happily addicted to my longchamp tote — since WAY before they became Basic, so this will be a nice change.

          • I feel like I should break mine out again! I bought one on a whim almost 6 years ago and its been collecting dust. It’s nice that its such a stiff bag though, for carrying things you don’t want to get squished. What color is yours?

          • Blithe

            Yes, yoyotan, you should! Mine is sort of a pearly lavender. I wear a lot of dark colors like black, navy and grey, and I thought it would be a nice color for winter. I’m not used to having such a stiff bag — I think I need to practice a bit so I won’t be a menace on the Metro.

    • That drives me crazy. You wonder how a package could take a week to get anywhere in the US anymore, especially when shipping from pretty close by. Then you see them route a package from TN to PA to WV to Baltimore to DC and you understand how, if not necessarily why.

  • Bear

    Rave: Finally seeing some movement on an add-on for one of my projects that’s been pending for months now. Also got on the short list for another small but strategic project elsewhere. It’s nice to have some good news after several weeks of crappy work experiences.
    Rant: Holy crap I’m going to busy these few weeks before Christmas!

  • rave: Wednesday. This week is half way over.
    rant/rave: I have a ton of social/holiday things planned this week and weekend. It is nice to catch up with everyone, but I’m exhausted just thinking about this weekend. And I’m praying that with all the running around I don’t end up sick.
    rave: If that’s the worst of my rants, I’ll take it. Life is looking pretty good.

  • Rant: i am having the hardest time adjusting to Seattle. The lack of happy hours, crappy and expensive public transport, homeless people, lack of work lunches or any sort of comradery, the list goes on and on. Oh, and a required helmet law for bikesharing.

    Rave: my husband and i still like each other very much.

    Rave2: reading popville and feeling like I’m back home.

    • Is this the Maria with Ukranian connections?
      I’m flying home to Seattle for Christmas – need any DC goods special delivered?
      Only in Seattle when you step in poop do you pray it’s animal. Seattle is a fun city but cracking the Seattle freeze is hard.
      If my friends didn’t all flee to suburbs – I’d try to link hall up. Sports leagues are great for breaking in – hang in there it’ll get better. If not, there is alway Macrina Bakery!

      • Yes yes, Andy2, that’s me! Can you bring some snow please? 🙂 I’ll have to check out that bakery. I live near Bakery Nouveau in Capitol Hill, it’s definitely a pro for Seattle.
        I did find a Ukrainian community here and I introduced them to the concept of monthly happy hours, so that’s going nicely.

        • If you need anything (smallish) let me know. And you got snow the other weekend!
          There is a Ukrainian food store up on greenwood and 112th towards northgate
          Have you had a Seattle dog yet – the best!

          • yes, that’s true, that was the best, waking up to snow! Thank you for your offer to bring something. I don’t think I need anything, plus we’ll be in Michigan for Christmas. I’ll have to figure out a way to get to that store, it would take me an hour and a half by bus, which is of course worth it if they have Kievskiy Tort.
            What’s a seattle dog? I did have some hot dog on the side of the street in Capitol hill, was that it? 🙂

          • Sausage with cream cheese = Seattle dog and amazing
            Kievsky tort are the most vile creations ever – I’m concerned for you now, like really.
            Car2go – worth it for some kovbasa, shuba salat and kvas

          • Noooo!!!! Kievskiy tort is the best. It did take my husband three visits to Ukraine to like it though, so you just need to give it time. Hot dog with cream cheese, now that sounds vile!

    • Maria, you should totally read this book. It is so great and will make you laugh (takes place in Seattle):


      • Yes – that’s where my poop line came from!!!

        • You two are going to make me cry. I heart DC peeps! I’ll have to check out that book! That poop line made me laugh, only because I can relate – I sat near a fresh puddle of blood on the bus not once, but twice here.

    • Emmaleigh504

      Another popvillager moved to the Seattle area a few years back…clearly33 or clearblue33 or something like that. Maybe she will show up again and y’all can do a HH.

      • Maybe! Hopefully that person hasn’t forgotten what a HH is! They don’t have them here! I tried to organize one at work, it was kinda disastrous. Everyone who came (5 out of 15 people invited) immediately asked a hostess for a table and ordered dinner. I was like “wait what is happening right now”. They did all say how it was such a great idea. I think it might have been the first time for all of them. Sigh… I’m going to die here.

        • They exist – when i lived in Seattle I’d regularly do work and friend happy hours. It might be the crowd.

        • Okay, so I’m about as bias as they come, but there’s a pretty awesome swing dance scene in Seattle and it’s a great way to meet a lot of people. Plus, there’s a weekly dance at the Century Ballroom, which is just a gorgeous space.

          • Sigh, husband would rather die than go partner dancing. I did do latin ballroom for years back in my early 20s, I really miss it sometimes! Do you have any recommendations for a normal dance club, something like U Street Music Hall or Tropicalia?

          • No, I’m a partner dance only kind of person. But, most swing dance lessons rotate partners the whole time, so you could go on your own if you’re not looking for a couple activity.

        • Clearly your new colleagues have a lot to learn about how to happy hour!
          If you need a refresher check back here for Justin’s mostly monthly semi-official PoPville HH’s – we can Skype you in 🙂

  • Blithe

    Rave: I actually went to a morning yoga class. This may be one of the few times that I’ve voluntarily gone to a morning anything. And it was actually kind of fun.
    Rave: The reason I went to a morning yoga class is so I can do some fun stuff this evening. This balanced life stuff could get good!
    Rave: Nice and sunny out. Yay!
    Rave: I’ve actually done or put in place most of my Christmas shopping. I’m enjoying being an overachiever — since I’m usually at the mall when it closes on Christmas Eve. Which still could happen: it’s a tradition!
    Rave: Plans to assemble and decorate a gingerbread house with a friend. The last time I did this was in school with the graham crackers stuck on the sides of the milk carton. This time I/WE have aspirations of creating something of architectural significance! Unless of course we get pre-assembly nibbles.
    Rave: Remembering my Dad’s explanation of how Santa got into the house when we lived in a rowhouse with a chimney but no fireplace, and I was Very Concerned about Santa, the reindeer, and the FURNACE. Definitely one of my Dad’s better moments as a parent.
    Rave: Finally, finally, sort of kind of getting into the spirit of Christmas.

    • I Dont Get It

      Please provide regular updates on the antics of residents of My Gingerbread House®. Hopefully, they aren’t as codependent as the residents of My Holiday Village®.

      I love your sixth rave! How does Team Santa safely access such homes?

      • Emmaleigh504

        +1 Gingerbread House updates!

        • Blithe

          Well, first we’ve got to get it built, and knowing us, it might not be until after Christmas, and we’ll get TWO gingerbread house kits for half price and build a commune….compound? — on New Year’s day. So maybe I should start by getting some residents — who will immediately start scouring Airbnb for options while those @#$%#@ contractors take their &*^%# time about getting their house built!

      • Blithe

        Well, my Dad assured me that Santa and the reindeer already knew about the chimney/furnace issue, so there was absolutely NO chance of them getting torched trying to deliver our presents. And he told me that there was a panel in the ceiling that was actually a trapdoor to the roof that Santa and his skinnier helpers could use to bring in the presents, and he was SURE that Santa knew about it because we’d had Christmas before and things worked out ok. That way the reindeer and the sleigh could just stay on the rooftops and Santa and the elves could work the whole row of houses pretty efficiently. I had planned to sleep directly underneath the trapdoor, but was convinced that Santa would check to make sure I was nestled all snug in my bed before filling the stocking that was hanging on the doorknob.
        The furnace that we had at that point was quite scary — I think it might have been converted from the original coal furnace. I was relieved to know that ours would not be the house that singed Santa.

    • My parents told me he came in through my bedroom window. Nope, not creepy at all.

    • I grew up in an apartment and just assumed Santa vaporized and came in through the radiators. No problem at all!

  • In “Oh my, how the world has changed” news:
    Yesterday, I dropped off a box at UPS, to return it to Amazon, because the item I bought was crap. That was at about 9:15am.
    At 2:45pm, I received an email from Amazon saying that had received my returned item and credited my card.
    Five and a half hours. Can anyone beat that record?
    (Previous record was items ordered around 11pm, and delivered before 8am the following morning.)

  • Rant: Came online late and don’t have time to read and respond to all of the good posts here today
    Rant/rave: Having surgery tomorrow and may be away from PoP for a few days. Or here all the time while I recover, potentially on fun drugs that make me say weird stuff.
    Rave: Very excited for surgery to be over. Dealing with diagnosis and potential treatment options, plus the million doctor visits and the scheduling that entails, feels like it has taken years off my my life. The procedure is super straightforward and recovery should be too, but getting to this point has been a very trying process that I’ll be glad to finish.

  • palisades

    Rave: Jessie Ware coming to 930 in March, followed by Lana del Ray in June at Jiffy Lube. Love them both so so much.

    • Loooove Jessie Ware but no bueno to weekday 9:30 set times. Sigh.

      • I’m trying to remember — do you have to get up insanely early for your job? The 9:30’s set times are actually pretty reasonable as clubs go… weeknight headliners usually go on around 9-9:30 and wrap up around 10:45-11:15.

      • palisades

        I will probably come in to work at lunchtime the following day just to make sure I get the most out of the concert. She is too damn good to pass up.

  • Emmaleigh504

    rant: End of year review is scheduled for a full HOUR later today!

  • Rant: I am so TIRED of seeing trash scattered everywhere around 7-11’s. I live near the one on Georgia Ave in Petworth. The people who work at 7/11 clean the parking lot very well but every block around the 7/11 is littered with SHIT! I don’t think it is the responsibility of the people at the store to clean this stuff up. There needs to be more trash cans or people need to be accountable for their trash.

    Rant: People need to stop at stop signs and red lights. I’ve seen so many almost accidents.

    • epric002

      it’s not just the 7-11s, but your rant is my chronic rant. there are nowhere near enough public trashcans in that area. they just added one to the kansas/quincy corner…..which was totally not needed since there was already one on the 13th/quincy corner. i’m all for more trashcans, but until we get some good saturation could we at least distribute them a bit more?!

  • RAVE (duplicate): can’t rave enough about my new Koss Portapro headphones. Music sounds like heavenly and the bass on these is just nasty.
    RAVE: Lord of the Isles. YAY for new, forward-thinking music. Check out his FACT Mix 439 (google it), if so inclined.

    • Blithe

      I’m glad you’re raving. I recently got some headphones that I’m not happy with, so it’s great to hear good things about an alternative.

      • Emmaleigh504

        same. I need some good headphones, but I’m vain and those look weird. I need good looking and good sounding and cheap earbuds/headphones!

  • epric002

    ravey rant? representative andy harris’ facebook page has disabled “posts”, presumably b/c enough people are telling him what they think about meddling in DC affairs. keep up the good work folks! and his phone number is 202-225-5311, if you haven’t gotten a chance to tell him what you think yet.

    • Ha- read some of the comments (that weren’t deleted). Wonder if those potholes on N. Capitol St are getting fixed….

  • Rant and Rave: Many thanks to the DC DPW workers who tore up all the nice grass I planted in the sidewalk median in front of my house in response to the giant mud pit you left by repaving a sidewalk that was in perfectly good condition! I’m sure that whatever you put in there will be way better than the healthy grass I cultivated in the fall, which, by the way, is when most people plant grass because it doesn’t germinate in the wintertime, but I’m sure you already knew that because you’re soooo good at planning and utilizing resources. Maybe you can plant another ornamental cherry tree that you’ll never prune…that would be great…then I would never be able to park my car in front of my house again without it getting a colorful bird crap paint-job enhancement. Oh, and rest assured that I will dutifully clear snow from the sidewalk in front of my property this winter, because you know that’s when the sidewalk magically becomes MY PROPERTY AND RESPONSIBILITY somehow.

  • Rant: I would swear today is Friday. Sigh.
    Rave: Great big event of doom is over with and went pretty smoothly! Now I am just so tired…

  • Emmaleigh504

    Yo Anon! Send me your resume! I want you to work with me!

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