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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • andy

    RANT: so hard, so stressful, to get anything ever completely done with two little kids!
    RAVE: discovered wife brought home Washington Post food section with COOKIE RECIPES!

  • rave: The picture of those cupcakes. COOKIE!
    rave: I was so productive this weekend: cleaned the house, finished up most of the holiday shopping, and did some baking.
    rant: I’m tired, and it is only Monday.
    rave: Mushroom risotto leftovers for lunch.

  • binpetworth

    Rant: Why you tease me with a picture of me and cookies? ME WANT COOKIE NOW!

  • Rave: Made butternut squash soup last night for dinner and have leftovers for lunch today with some whole grain bread.
    Rave: Also made Smitten Kitchen’s sweet and sour brisket in the slow cooker last night for dinner tonight. Woke up to a kitchen smelling of delicious brisket.
    Rave: 10th year of Friendsgiving this weekend.

  • gotryit

    Rant: cyclist hit by car… don’t let my wife see that
    Rave: first ride this morning with helmet camera running – it’ll be interesting to see how the video comes out
    Rant? the name of the camera is the “Virb”… sounds kind of dirty that I had my virb on the whole ride
    Rave: no frozen toes

  • Rant: sick day
    Rave: first time in 6 years I’ve been able to take a sick day, paid
    Rant: feeling guilty for being out of the classroom

  • Rave: The Columbia Room was perfection on Friday night. We started with eggnog, which I think was my first eggnog ever and probably my last because the others can’t possibly be as good, then their famous martini, which sounded a bit strange at first, but which I completely fell in love with, then I had a smoked take on an old fashioned, and a custom drink with gin, apricot liqueur, and elixer vegetale. They get me.
    Rave: I did a lot of cleaning.
    Rant: sometimes things have to get worse before they get better.

    • How could I forget, Rave: NPR saved me from getting stuck in what I assume was mega traffic on Viers Mill. I heard the report that it was closed about a mile before I drove past a beltway entrance, so I was barely late to work.
      Jim_ed, my compatriot in Rockville hinterland employment, did you get stuck in it?

      • Emmaleigh504

        good! I thought of you when I heard it this morning.

      • jim_ed

        Good god, yes. It looked like a bus accident or something, but they shut down a half-mile stretch of Viers Mill and diverted everyone into the neighborhoods. Which would have been fine, had they set up any kind of detour. Instead, it was left to me and several hundred other cars to figure out a way around the blocked off section via the cul de sacs of Wheaton. It was Lord of the Flies style madness – people turning around mid-street, wrong way on one ways,cars driving over medians, etc. I finally somehow made it onto Randolph past Connecticut and cruised into the office about 40 minutes late.

        • Ugh, that sounds absolutely awful. I heard it was a water main break. Jerry Edwards was totally at a loss, he said they were seemingly diverting people onto roads that weren’t going to help.
          The beltway from GA Ave to Wisconsin Ave in the morning isn’t exactly fun, but it was no Lord of Flies.

          • jim_ed

            Yeah. It probably would’ve helped to know my way around anything except the bare minimum necessary to get to and fro work in Maryland, but I rarely if ever go anywhere out there outside of the occasional office happy hour. I would gladly take Metro every day if they could figure out a way to get across Rock Creek in less than a 45 minute bus ride each way.

  • Rave: the weekend. Did some xmas shopping, saw some friends, bought great lakes christmas ale, saw my SO and ate delicious pizza
    Rant: the chair in my office is out to get me. It’s like a high backed chair and I think it’s causing me lumbar pain because I’m too short for it. If I can’t get a different chair, does anyone have recommendations for a good lumbar cushion? I brought in a pillow from home today but its actually too big/thick. I swear office chairs will kill me.

  • Rave: Nutcracker at the Warner was excellent. Amazing costumes and sets (and dancing, of course.) The kids who danced in it were really cute.

    Rave: Found out this weekend that Arena Stage is offering DC Blues Society members discounted tickets for Five Guys Named Moe. I’m definitely taking advantage of that.

    Rant: More rain expected tomorrow.

  • Friendly reminder to drivers: if there are sharrows on the road, bicyclists are especially allowed to take the lane there/drive in the middle of the lane. It’s to prevent cars from passing dangerously.

    Special shoutout to 11th street between U st and Florida, where there is honking, tailing, and swerving across double yellow lines galore.

  • Rave: Productive shopping weekend with little to none of the usual scroogish holiday shopping annoyances. And the boyfriend even participated and did really well picking things out!
    Rant: USPS left packages on our porch on Saturday without the courtesy of ringing the doorbell to let us know they were there (yep, we were home ALL DAY.) Didn’t noticed until about 2 hours after it starting raining that they were on the porch. Boxes were so soaked that I had to put them in the sink to open them. Water was pouring out of the corners. Such a mess.
    Rant: Switched one of my supplements without first seeking the advice of my nutritionist. Haven’t slept in two days. Lesson learned. Now I’m scouring the Internet to find some in the city that I can get my hands on in 24hrs without having to wait for them to ship.

    • I’ve never had a package deliver person ring the doorbell or otherwise notify me that they’re there, unless a signature was required.

      • UPS guy usually pounds on the door as if it angered him (though we appreciate it, after we’ve gotten over the heart attack), and then leaves the package somewhat hidden (again, appreciated).
        FedEx won’t knock even if you leave a large note asking them to. And doesn’t bother to hide anything.

  • Rant: Trying to blend finances after getting married. Coming from vastly different economic backgrounds has made this process much harder than I thought it would be, even with plenty of preceding conversations and a financial planner helping.

    Rave: at least I now have some finances that require blending!

    • epric002

      since i’m curious (nosy)- what’s your blending plan? i’m always interested about how others change/don’t change their married finances.

      • Not OP, but when we blended ours we opened a new joint account and started to move our direct deposits in there. All our shared bills (mortgage, credit cards, car payments, insurance) come out of the joint account. However, we kept our separate retirement/investment accounts, and each of us has our own checking account from before our marriage. Those really aren’t used, but they’re kind of a “safety net” (and allow us to buy surprise birthday presents). The harder part was being sure we were both on all the cards/listed as beneficiaries.

        • epric002

          that sounds pretty much like what we did, and we also each get an “allowance” that is auto-transferred to our personal accounts each month. and we opened up joint savings and a mutual fund in addition to a joint checking.

          • Do you (meaning anyone contributing the thread!) contribute equal amounts to the joint account, or equal proportions of your salary?

          • epric002

            our salaries are similar but not identical. the entirety of our paychecks (other than our individual deductions for insurance, transit, 401ks, etc.) goes in to the joint checking account.

      • Still working it out, but the plan is assets before marriage stay separate and moving forward means joint accounts and shared ownership of the new house. I like the idea of agreeing to an amount per month that can be spent however each of us wants, and anything over that would be decided together.

      • The larger salary goes directly into a money market account, from which the mortgage (and taxes and insurance) and auto insurance are paid. The leftover is the household savings. The smaller salary goes into a checking account, from which both credit cards are paid, and we both pay for everything with a credit card.
        We each kept our savings and our debts in our own names, and we both continue to contribute to each, from whichever shared account is more flush than it needs to be. (Like he’ll say, hey, the checking balance is getting high. I’m going to pay three months worth of student loans. Or I’ll say, hey, household savings is looking good. I’m going to buy some Alibaba stock. And that goes in my personal portfolio.)

      • gertie_wickler

        I was in my late 30’s when I got married and how we would merge our finances was a major concern for me. I definitely wanted to maintain some semblance of independence but also understood that joint accounts would be helpful for many reasons. We each kept our individual accounts but also opened a joint checking and savings account. We set up a budget for all of our joint expenses…mortgage, bills, groceries, going out, etc. Our paychecks are deposited into our individual accounts and then we each transfer money, based on percentages of our total gross income, into the joint accounts. This leaves us each with a decent amount of personal spending money to do with as we like. He doesn’t have to see how much I spend on my hair appointments and I don’t have to see how much he spends on video games. Its a win-win.

    • how did you find a financial planner? did you find him/her helpful? i’m in a similar boat.

      • A friend recommended someone at Raymond James and she has been very helpful in developing our short and long term financial goals and helping us set benchmarks to meet them.

    • We never really did anything – we added a joint account that we both add/withdraw from when necessary, it was mostly about adding shared savings like investments and such. With regular bills, I pay our mortgages and fees, husband pays nanny and car. We charge things as we need and use the shared account as needed to cover bills.

      It’s definitely not the MOST efficient, but I was making more than him up intil this week (yay, husband!) and it’s how we did it while he was deployed (some automatic payments came from his account), so we just kept it up.

      I’ve heard a good way is to proportionally add to a joint account plus 20% for shared expenses, and then keep the rest to yourself for your own purchases/gifts/savings.

    • Perhaps we’re the minority, but we integrated everything. All joint accounts, other than a business account my wife uses (she’s a freelancer). Everything is tied into online accounts (again, joint).
      Separate and apart from the logistics, if at all possible try to live off of one salary and save the entire other salary. If that’s not possible, Miss Patty’s suggestion from below is a good compromise, although I’d be more regimented about pulling additional (retirement and other) savings out. One other tip that some people hate, and some love – I make liberal use of online accounts. We have over a dozen linked Capitol One 360 online accounts, used for budgeting purposes – most of them have small amounts in them, but it helps me to have budgeted amounts separated, rather than in one account. Some are intended to be zeroed out at the end of the year, and replenished with targeted savings – for example, I save for all insurance (car, life, disability, house, liability) through 2014, and them fund a (cleverly named) “Insurance Account” with the amount needed for premiums in January. Same for Christmas Account, and Vacation Account. Others don’t get zeroed out, but are funded with a set amount each month and ebb and flow as bills come due. For example, after a month in which we have to pay for all kid activities (and bills all seem to come due at once), the “Big Expenses Account” is low, but the next month is gets a boost.

    • SFT

      We didn’t change a thing really. We did open a joint savings account so that we can transfer money in and out (easier than writing each other checks) for bills. Other than that, we keep things very much separate. We make comparable salaries, so pretty much just split things 50/50. I like having my own accounts, credit cards, etc. And so does he. So it works for us.

      • This is essentially how we do it. The only difference is rather than splitting everything 50/50, I pay some bills and he covers others. It pretty much balances out in the end.

  • Aglets

    Rant: I am exhausted and getting sick and this weekend was a total fiasco. I told myself that I wasn’t going to work myself to death this holiday and I broke that promise.

    Rave: i’m ready for a new life. Suggestions how to find it are welcome.

  • Rave: Finally checked out “Serial’ over the weekend.
    Rant: Stayed up too late last night, binge-listening to episodes 2 through 6.

    • I’m so glad you did and can’t wait to hear what you think.

      • The story is fascinating — the disparities between the different accounts, the cell phone records not completely matching up with the stories, etc.
        I don’t trust Jay and was originally in the “Adnan is innocent” camp… but after hearing other people’s accounts, and after listening to Adnan some more, I don’t think I trust Adnan either. He reminds me a little bit of my brother — a smooth talker, someone who would talk your ear off if you let him.

        • I have definitely found myself flip-flopping as I learn more and more. Let us know when you’re caught up so we can all discuss theories!

        • I don’t trust Jay at all – enough doubt in mind not to convict

          • Emmaleigh504

            I still don’t understand why the police put some much faith in Jay’s story.

          • Because they first and foremost want a conviction. They want to say that they’re prosecuting crimes. Sadly, I think that means they care less about justice than their performance, which is line with their half-assed work not DNA testing, massaging Jay’s story to meet cell records, etc.

          • Emmaleigh504

            but why Jay and not Adnan? Simply b/c Adnan is the ex? that makes sense, but so disappointing.

          • Because it’s harder to prove a negative. And because the ex is somehow always a believable story. Which to me is kind of crazy, how many people do you know who are angry enough in a breakup to kill someone? I think the cops and prosecutors are playing on the public’s crime drama mindset with all the crazy ex motives.

          • And did you hear in the last episode how Adnan’s Pakistani heritage was discussed at the trial (or hearing?)? And that was before 9/11!

          • Emmaleigh504

            I was surprised by that!

        • I was wondering from the beginning why the police were so fixated on the 2:36 p.m. phone call (which itself didn’t line up with Jay’s story, which placed it around 3:30), and was glad that it was discussed in Episode 9.
          Just because Hae wasn’t dead by 2:36 doesn’t mean that Adnan didn’t kill her, but the police were going on the assumption that she was killed before 2:36 and buried that evening, when it seemed clear that she’d only _disappeared_ that afternoon and hadn’t necessarily been killed then. (Or not necessarily been killed before 2:36 p.m.)

      • … and I’ll be curious to hear your thoughts again once you’re fully caught up 🙂

  • Rant: Went to a party and ran into a guy I went on a few dates with over the summer. It wasn’t awkward at all until I met his gf later when she hip-checked me! Rude!
    Rave: Met a super cool chick, exchanged numbers and promises to hang out soon. Yay new friends!

    • As a chick, I can never figure out how to get someone’s number as just friends in this context. Tips?

      • epric002

        i think email addresses (or FB friending them) is easier.

        • I tried FB-friending some people recently… only for the requests to go unaccepted, for weeks and weeks. Ouch.

          • Allison

            Maybe if you accompany the friend request with a specific message like “hey really enjoyed meeting you at X’s party and I think we should hang out sometime! I’d love to [activity] with you.” That way they know it’s a “want to be friends in person” friend request and not a blank “just wanna internet stalk you ’cause I met you once” friend request.

          • epric002

            or they could be (like my husband) people who only sign in like every 6 months. i friend requested some neighbors who we socialize with and they still haven’t accepted. i figure i can’t be too upset about it since we do actually hang out in person 🙂

          • I only accept friend requests from people I know well IRL. I have a lot of less web-savvy relatives friended, so there is info on FB that I don’t want casual acquaintances having access to.

          • I also limit FB to people I actually know on a personal level and even then I’m careful about my privacy settings. I’m much more inclined to connect via LinkedIn

      • Hmm. I unfortunately don’t have a ton of tips. It’s usually just a “hey, we should hang out sometime! Here’s my number.” exchange. I also think I’ve been lucky in that the other person usually initiates this exchange so I haven’t had to think about it much.

      • Emmaleigh504

        I say something like, “we should totally hangout! her’s my number.”

      • Andie302

        I’ve had good luck if you actually text the person right there with your name “Hi, this is Andie, great meeting you.” It helps if you’re drunk.

  • I have officially been made redundant after 2/1/2015, thanks to a merger. Happy Holidays to me!!!

    • I’m sorry, that’s a pretty crummy way to go into the holidays. Best of luck!

    • I am right there with you, so I can sympathize. If it can be made worse, I actually got 90 days notice – it was back on November 1st – partly because my boss thought 60 days would be too Scrooge-ish, since it would would put my last day during the holidays – Dec 31st. So, my last day is Jan 31, which means I get an extra month of salary and health insurance and all that so that’s a good thing. The bad thing is, my boss seems to think that he’s some kind of hero for ‘going out on a limb’ for me. Sorry boss-man but you’re not likely to get a huge statement of gratitude from me – it’s an extra month, but you’re still dumping me!

  • Rant: steel plates on North Capitol at S St. The sound is really annoying when cars drive over it. It’s like the Law and Order “DONK DONK” over and over hundreds of times a day. My bed headboard was actually shaking when large vehicles go over the plates.

    • When we first moved into our neighborhood there was a plate at the bottom of the hill about 5 houses from us. It’s been three years since they removed it and I still anticipate the noise every time I hear a car go by.
      Also, does anyone else get unjustifiably nervous driving over those? I realize it’s silly. But I do hold my breath a little.

      • yes, also hate driving over them … feels unsteady.

      • I know it is probably irrational, but I always worry that I am going to blow a tire on one of them. They don’t always do a good job of making them flush with the pavement.

    • I thought seriously about renting a condo or not because of one of these outside. (I ended up not, for other reasons.)

      Later I read somewhere (perhaps on this site?) that if you get some number of your neighbors (5 maybe?) to petition, you can get the city to fix the plates and make them quiet. Could this be true? Worth checking out anyway.

      Love your description of the sound – that sound from the show is stuck in everyone’s mind.

    • I had those plates outside of my condo in arlington that was on a bus route. I had to move out after a year because I never got used to them. It was awful!!

  • Bear

    Rant: Having a come to jesus with my VP today about how the lack of accountability within our division is making for an impossible working environment and if he can’t figure out how to fix the situation I’m out.
    Rant: If I do leave, I don’t know where to go…there’s a possibility that a baby will be in the picture within the next year (rave!) so it’s not a great time to switch jobs, especially in a field that can be very demanding in terms of travel. My organization is big enough that I could probably transfer into another division, but I’m not really sure where I’d fit.
    Rave: Put up the first Christmas tree in our house. Feels good 🙂

    • Bear, I’m in a very similar spot and almost posted a very similar set of rants today. Not easy at all, is it? Please keep us posted. I’m sure we’re not the only two people here who have similar concerns.

      • Bear

        It sucks. I understand that it’s a job, I’m paid to do it, and work is not always supposed to be fun. But the stress and unhappiness are invading my daily life outside work (high anxiety, not sleeping, permanent crankiness). I’m pretty sure my significant other and friends are getting tired of hearing me complain, and I’m tired of hearing myself. Something has to change, I’m just not sure how to change it for the better.

        • SFT

          This was me until September. I stayed with my organization about 3 years too long because it was the devil I knew. I made a switch to another organization (I do International Development) and it’s been the best thing I’ve ever done for myself. I’m happy, have normal working hours, and a healthy work/life balance. Sometimes a big change can do wonders. Your gut will know what to do, trust it. Good luck to you!!!!!

          • And what if your gut doesn’t have an answer? That’s where I am right now. (And sorry if I’m hijacking here, Bear.)

          • SFT

            This is not advice, this is just me talking about how I deal… I try to stop thinking. I find that my brain is an adversary to my gut. For me, I stay put until something gets me all hot and bothered and I just have to go for it. I can name a few times where I let my head made a decision because, on paper, it was a quality decision and it seemed like a good time for change. But the whole time my gut was screaming ‘pump your breaks, sister!’ And each of those times it was a mistake. So my lesson learned is to let my gut make the decisions and let my brain work out the logistics and other finer details of the move. Not sure if this is helpful – I don’t want to give advice for making big life decisions – but can speak to my own process. ***Yes, the amygdala is responsible for gut reactions, but for this purpose I’m talking about it like it’s a separate entity from the brain.

      • For whatever it’s worth, I’m debating having a conversation soon about switching to part time, and am spending a lot of energy trying to figure out what I can do (inside out outside my org) to have a more manageable schedule. I really like what I do and think I’m pretty good at it, but I can’t continue to do -this- job and accommodate the rest of my life — as-is, let alone with a baby to care for. Something has to give. So far it’s been my sanity, but that’s not a long-term solution.

        • SFT, I’ll respond here just so I’m not totally hijacking Bear’s thread (and sorry again, Bear — I know this your your rant and I’m jumping on it). My short response is that you are absolutely right. I guess my question is about how to get my head to STFU. I *think* my gut knows what it wants, but the moment I start to commit to it, my head gets really, really noisy and full of doubt. Then my gut gets confused. Maybe I just need to sit with this for a while and see if I can get the head and the gut to get along better. Or maybe I should take action and hope that head and gut will get their act together along with me.

    • Good luck! I’m keeping my fingers and toes crossed that it goes well.

    • I need a few tips on how to have a coming to Jesus talk with my supervisor. She’s insane though so i have to thread lightly.

      • Bear

        Hmmm…that is difficult. As best you can, stick to objective facts (i.e., this is my job description and these are all the ways I have been performing well outside it) and document the conversation in a follow-up email? Do you have an HR person you can go to? I at least have a good working relationship with my VP. He tends to put his head in the sand when difficult situations arise, though. I know he’ll listen without being a jerk, but I don’t know if he will actually do anything.

  • veggie friendly restaurant recs for anniversary dinner? we want something fancier than the place down the street- but not breaking the bank ($100 for 2?). think: table cloths but not needing a reservation 🙂

      • Emmaleigh504

        +1 so good!

      • That is an excellent suggestion! Although, depending on the night, it might be a good idea to make a reservation.

        • i only say no reservations because it’s tomorrow- nothing says I love you like waiting until the 11th hour! Looks so good! They only have tables for 9:45 and that is pushing the evening a bit

      • Allison

        A great alternative to Rasika is Masala Art in southwest. SO GOOD. And you’ll have no trouble getting a table tomorrow.

        • +1. I love Masala Art. It’s definitely a full step less “fancy” than the other places on this list, IMO, but the food is excellent and the prices are reasonable.

          • Oh sorry — I’ve been to the Masala Art in NW, but not the newer location. My comments apply only to the place in Tenleytown,

    • Zaytinya? $100 is pushing it if you drink a lot but otherwise doable.

    • The (off-menu) vegetarian tasting menu at Iron Gate is fantastic and it’s in that general price range, if you forgo alcohol. It’s one of the best meals I’ve had in my life and is incredibly romantic. They can arrange it if you call in advance, although that might require a reservation.

      • gertie_wickler

        This is an great suggestion! We went here for our anniversary recently and it was by far one of the nicest dining experiences of my life. Really memorable.

    • gertie_wickler

      Another alternative to Rasika is Bombay Club. Owned by the same folks but is more “traditional” Indian food. It’s a really nice dining experience too…tablecloths, piano player, delicious food. And you can usually get reservations with short notice.

      • epric002

        bombay club is pricey (not sure if you can do 3 for $100, i guess it depends on booze) but i LURVE bombay club. so swanky, great service, and fabulous food.

    • Dino’s new place in Shaw? I’ve always liked the veggie offerings there.
      That said, we always do Rasika for special occasions (or, we did when we had a life!). Rasika West End is actually our favorite.

    • Tortino in Shaw!

    • I’m going to echo all of the Masala Art recommendations. I’ve only been to the Tenley location (most recently this weekend). My BF and I had dinner for roughly $100 including tip. We ordered a little too much food and had Indian brunch (leftovers + scrambled eggs) the next day. It was all fantastic.

    • Thank you so much everyone! These recommendations are awesome and now I have so many dates planned out in my head! I will be calling Rasika and hoping for a cancellation- back up reservation at Zatinya and will be checking out Masala Art VERY soon 🙂

  • Pablo Raw

    Rant more than Rave: I’m always flattered when someone recognize me in the street and talks about my photos (it humbles me) but apparently now there’s someone pretending to be me taking photos of people on the streets. :/

    • How does someone stopping you on the street and complimenting you keep you humble? It would have the opposite effect for me . . .

    • Whaaat? That’s so crazy. I hope you can figure out who it is and somehow get them to stop… Super creepy.

      • Pablo Raw

        I have someone e-mailing me about a photo of her someone took, the description is definitely not me since I’ve never had blonde hair! And on the dates mentioned I was at work.

  • Rave: The Express distributor near the Van Ness metro (who I see every morning at 6am when I go out for a run) gave me a Christmas card this morning! It made my day!

  • Farragut

    RAVE: I finally saw Interstellar on Saturday. I really enjoyed it! Now I can finally look at discussions online without being spoiled…

    • hispanicandproud

      Intersteller is not one of my favorite space movies. Listening and watching Anne Hathaway talk about love and dimensions of time and space made me throw up my popcorn a bit. Luckily my date agreed so we laughed.

  • Rave: Fun weekend! Saw a former coworker who moved out of state and was back in town, photography with Pablo (and visited the National Building Museum for the first time), board games and tasty food on Sunday with some friends of a friend who live near me.
    Rave: Meeting good people and making new friends.
    Rant: Having the worst time trying to get to sleep the last few weeks. So tired all the time – until I want to get to sleep! Grumble grumble grumble.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rave: Ordered new specs and actually like the frames!
    Rant: heaache
    Rave: Advil

  • Rant: Today I was walking up 11th street to work and I saw a bicyclist nearly ram into a car (I think he stopped short to avoid hitting the car which was turning, but I didn’t catch the entire event). The bicyclist was OK, but we had him continue to lie on the ground until the ambulance arrived. Then I went to Peet’s coffee at 15 and M and saw another bicyclist on the ground – she was bleeding from her head! Be careful folks!

  • I Dont Get It

    Rant: I’m officially a moron. Not a good way to start the week. Don’t ask!
    “Accidentally” Overheard at Target Saturday:
    A couple was in the Holiday lights department looking at LED lights spelling out NOEL, LOVE, or HOPE.
    Woman: Let’s get either NOEL or LOVE. It’s not that I don’t wish the world HOPE, I just don’t want it on my mantel.

  • RAVE: Koss Portapros. Such good sound quality, love the retro 80s industrial design, and only $25 on Amazon right now. Bought my self an early Xmas gift this weekend. Happy ears 😀

    • RANT: not going to Switzerland for a business trip in January. Our meeting was canceled. No snowboarding in the Alp for me 🙁
      RAVE: confirmed that I’m going for one week in May and another week in June. So stoked 😀

    • palisades

      Haha those look ridiculous! But hey, as long as the sound is good, who cares what they look like!

      • They look like something Patrick Bateman would wear while murdering Paul Allen.
        And yes, the sound quality is out of this world. My roommate has an assortment of extremely headphones. They sound better than the Grados foam cans. And they blow $300 Beats by Dre headphones out of the water.

  • Rave: About half of my Xmas shopping is done! I have a few other gifts, but most of the hard-to-shop-for people are handled.
    Rant: People who refuse to fill out a wish list, especially for their kids. I am not a mind reader. I would rather buy something they would like than a gift card, but without direction I’m just guessing and hoping they don’t hate it.

    • Farragut

      Regarding your wishlist rant: My buddy and I always do a gift for each other, but it’s usually just an ebook. I try to keep my Amazon wishlist up to date and everything, but my friend uses his as a general “this sounds neat” list and he never updates it. So I’m always having to guess whether or not he actually wants the book now or not when I see he added it back in 2011. “Does he still want it? Who knows!” Then I just buy him the latest Star Wars book since that’s always sure bet with him.

    • Emmaleigh504

      I’m all done with my shopping! Finished Thursday! woo hoo! Though, I do have a very small group of people I buy Xmas presents for and about 1/2 of them are getting red $$ envelopes, so my shopping is pretty easy. and the really tough people (grandpa & aunt) get rhino calendars b/c everyone needs a calendar and they like that the money is going to rhino conservation.

  • OT Question that I’m hoping some of you bearded gentlemen can help with. SO has been complaining of beard itch recently and I thought it would be nice to get him a beard grooming kit or product of some sort. I thought this would be a fairly easy process, but searching has revealed a multitude of products. Does anyone have any suggestions? Also, scent is somewhat important, I doubt he would really enjoy the pine-type scents.


    • epric002

      (not a bearded gentleman but husband is): i got him some beard oil last year that he didn’t really use, but he finally took himself to a grooming lounge type place (can’t remember the name of it) and got a *real* haircut and beard trim and really liked the barber & the products he recommended. what if you gift him a visit so that a pro can help him with the right products?

    • KSB

      It’s pricey, but my long bearded husband likes the face and beard wash and moisturizer from stubble and ‘stache I got him for his birthday (bonus points – they’re a local company and founded by vets.) He has sensitive skin, so the face and beard wash stung a little at first (has menthol in it) but he just reordered from them on his own so I think he’s liking the products! They last a while too.

  • RAVE: wonderful weekend get-away with partner and friends
    RANT: when we got home we saw a dog running into traffic
    RAVE: chased after her for several blocks until some folks hanging out on their stoop coaxed her into their yard & helped me capture her. They then invited us inside (with the super sweet dog) to share beer & pupusas while we waited for animal control. Luckily she had a microchip and was taken back to her family! But…
    RANT: she had cage sores and the animal control officer said she probably doesn’t get outside much. Made me wish I could have taken her home instead. 🙁

    • epric002

      🙁 very sad for that dog. it is my understanding that animal control follows up periodically on cases to ensure things improve/don’t get worse. you can always call and ask the officer for follow up.

      • It was really a shame. The officer said DC doesn’t give them much power to do anything unless the situation is really dire. I hope she gave the owners some counseling about the sores…. Apparently if a dog is found running at large 3 times, they can be declared “dangerous” (more to themselves than anything) and then the owner has a set time period to surrender the dog. I’m definitely perversely hoping this sweetheart keeps getting out and finding her way to me 🙂

        Sorry to be such a downer!

        • Emmaleigh504

          I have decided that the neighbors have newly adopted the dog so the cage sores are not from them and are healing. And since the dog is new to them, they did not know the dog could escape the way it did, so the escape route is now blocked.

        • epric002

          that’s true. the animal care and welfare laws in DC are pretty lax, imo. (side note- would actually like to work on changing them- anyone on here have any interest/background in this sort of thing?) but even though they’re unlikely to seize the dog, following up on him is definitely something they do. if you don’t have the name of the officer you can call back and have them look up the incident by the address and then you can leave a message for him/her asking about follow up.

    • Your story starting so hopeful and then makes me sad! Perhaps animal control made a note of it and they’ll follow up? Could you call Humane Society?

  • Rant: Worked until 1 AM on Friday, 9AM-10PM Saturday, and 1PM-10 PM Sunday (I had a gig Sunday morning I couldn’t miss, so I was still out of the house by 9AM). I’m hoping the project is done (we could still get additional questions). I am exhausted, and my boss asked if I could take a day off this week (depends on if we get follow-up questions). The absurdity of it all is that if I am able to take a day off this week to rest, I’ll have to use my leave even though I worked all weekend.

    Rant: oh, and if I take a day off, I won’t really get to rest, I’ll have to use that day to prepare my application for the government senior executive service (due very soon), which I have come to believe is just a nasty way to torture people stupid enough to think about being federal leaders. I haven’t written this many essays since I was applying to colleges and grad schools.

    Really rant: Note that I wrote this post several hours ago. Since then we received additional tasks for this project. At least I know it has to end before Congress adjourns for the year.

  • Andie302

    Rant: Lack of sleep plus overdoing it this weekend has left me feeling less than stellar today.
    Rave: If I can drag myself to the gym, that might help.
    Rave: Great weekend visiting my closest friend. It was great having that much time to spend with her! I wish we lived closer.
    Rave: The drive back wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be, plus I stopped briefly and grabbed a gift I wasn’t able to order online.
    Rant: I had to buy a travel size of the Taylor Swift perfume because the two normal sized bottles they carry were both completely sold out. Damn you Taylor and your fancy new perfume just in time for the holidays.
    Rave: The stop was quick, but it broke up the drive and the lady in the cosmetics section at Kohl’s gave me Frederic Fakkai samples and checked me out at her register so I didn’t have to wait in line.
    Rant: If alcohol always gave me this much anxiety I would stop drinking. Luckily it isn’t generally this bad.

  • Rave: Serial – binge session on flights – wow!!
    Rave: Great dinner with boyfriend and his parents
    Rant: full flight and no room to stretch out and sleep.
    Rave: Room upgrade!

    • Serial: I’m still trying to figure out Adnan Syed!

      • Am I the only one who thinks Adnan is telling the truth? Since Episode 7, I’ve been taking him at his word and think his story makes a whole lot of sense. Every so often, I’ll question whether I’m being too easy on him — maybe he was involved in -some- way — but I just keep thinking he’s innocent of everything other than lending Jay his car and cell phone on the wrong day. All of my doubts are now focused on the extent to which Jay was involved in the murder and the extent to which the police made him tell his story and pin it on Adnan.

        • Emmaleigh504

          I think he’s telling the truth.

          • I do but the lending of car and phone to someone he said wasn’t a good friend is strange.
            Might need a serial reality tour and recreate the timeline. Wow that sounds really creepy – time for bed.

          • Emmaleigh504

            When I was in high school and college my group of friends lent cars out like that.

          • Adnan’s story, if I remember correctly, was that he lent his car to Jay so Jay could buy Stephanie a birthday present. (Stephanie being Adnan’s good friend and Jay’s girlfriend.) This doesn’t seem all that farfetched to me if Adnan was concerned that his good friend would be disappointed because her boyfriend forgot her birthday. They were definitely acquaintances and they had Stephanie in common.
            I’m not sure why he lent the cell phone (cell phone minutes were so expensive in 1999!), but maybe it was so he could reach Jay when he wanted to get picked up?

    • Soon to be in-laws or out-laws?

    • I’m not sure I believe Adnan, but I definitely think there is reasonable doubt and have no idea how a jury convicted. But, that is justice in America.

  • hispanicandproud

    Rave: Fantastic holiday party with bud on Saturday. Friends are super nice.

    Rant: Bud having to leave on Sunday.

    Rave: White House holiday event tomorrow night with bestie and friends! Can’t wait to dress up all fancy again.

    Rave: Planning holiday lunch for friends at my place this weekend. Love this time of year.

    Rave: Working on my holiday kitsch play list for lunch! Need a few more songs.

  • Need recommendations for:
    1. Meditation classes
    2. Zumba or other dance classes
    Ideally in or near Capitol Hill (for some reason the meditation stuff seems to be concentrated in upper NW and Bethesda which is frustrating).

    • St Mark’s has yoga classes and I recall someone telling me they also took meditation classes there. You could also try listening to podcasts (I recommend Tara Brach and Sharon Salzberg). Sharon leads a monthly meditation class in Dupont Circle.
      Joy of Motion has dance classes (including Zumba) at the Atlas Center, you might also see what classes are offered at Dance Place

  • Rant: kiddo has a bad cold, she slept until 9 this morning. Silly me set an alarm and got up when it went off, thinking we’d be going to day care/work. Poor kid is pretty congested so we’re giving it another day. Doesn’t appear to have a fever but I haven’t checked with a thermometer….
    Rave: An extra day at home with the kiddo? She’s a little cranky but we’re making the most of it.
    Rant: Poor kitty must still be a bit uncomfortable. She’s sooooooo clingy. And the toddler gets jealous of her in my lap, so that’s not much fun either. And also sometimes I like to have my lap free. Oh well.

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