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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • Rant: Another morning, another stabbing.

    • Seriously. A 14 yo kid, who had to run onto a metro train to get away. Luckily, some passengers helped him out (though it took 2 stops?!?).

  • epric002

    not a rave: didn’t really enjoy fusion flow last night. it was a good workout, and i’m feeling it today, but i thought a lot of the moves felt really awkward and i didn’t feel like there was much of a “flow” during class.
    rave: hopefully rocket yoga this weekend will be better.
    rant: the eric garner non-indictment. wtf.
    rave: TGIthursday. this week has DRAGGED.

    • epric002 – Do you practice at Yoga Heights? Perhaps your teacher was working on a new sequence in development?

      • epric002

        yup! she could have been- but this was also my first class, so it could have been me. though a couple people near me seemed to have the same struggles i did.

        • Remember, it’s your own practice, not the other folks in class! I’ve had nothing but great classes at YH, although sometimes the energy is totally messed up when there are only a few people present in class. Make sure you take a few classes with Steve Abate (sp?). He’s excellent. His hamstrings are coils of super-flexible steel.

          • epric002

            huh. i tend to enjoy the practice more when there are only a few people there. i was watching the other people to see if i could figure out what i was doing wrong (why things felt awkward) but i think we were all just being awkward together :/

  • Not a rant or revel, but asking for help from PopVille:

    Can anyone recommend a good therapist? I’ve finally reached a breaking point where I’m looking for help with some depression and anxiety issues that have been plaguing me for awhile, and I’ve been trying since Monday with not much luck. People are either unresponsive or not taking new patients.

    Any suggestions from you all? Bonus points if they’re easily accessible between Bethesda, Downtown, and Dupont, and especially if they take United Health Care. Thank you.

    • epric002

      do you have a PCP who could recommend any? congrats for taking his huge step!

    • Pablo Raw

      In case you don’t know, you could get anti-depressants/anxiety from your regular doctor. That may help you until you find a therapist.

    • binpetworth

      Does your office have an Employee Assistance Program that can make a referral? Years ago, I used the Ross Center in Friendship Heights for anxiety, and it was quite helpful; however, I think they don’t take insurance directly. You’d have to do the paperwork on your own to get reimbursed, but it might be worthwhile to get one or two appointments in and go from there if you think you need longer term help. Good luck!

    • Does your employer have an EAP? That might be a starting place. I also know people who have used the clinic at GW and Walker Whitman with good results. The advantage of both places is they have multiple therapists on staff, making it easier to get “in” with someone. Good luck and good on ya for seeking the support. I hope you see results soon.

    • Psychological Group of Washington at Farragut North. They have a variety of providers with different specialties. Also take United.

    • The Ross Center in Friendship Heights is great for anxiety.

    • It’s hard to get good mental health services because many Insurance companies doesn’t offer adequate mental health services. Many Psychiatrist don’t offer one on one therapy. They just do medication management. Psychotherapist or licensed social workers mostly do 1 on 1 therapy. Recently Kaiser Permanente was fined $4 million by the California Department of Managed Health Care last year for failing to correct violations of mental health laws. As a Kaiser member I used their Department of Behavioral Health recently and I too received inadequate mental health services. I requested a black male Psychiatrist. Its been documented that African Americans are more likely to remain in care and comply with their treatment plan when they are treated by black professionals because “they feel more accepted, understood, and perceive the provider to be more culturally sensitive.” I truly wish you the best of luck finding a Psychiatrist or Psychotherapist. You can contact the DC Department of Behavioral Health to see if you can see one of their mental health clinicians. You must be a DC residents to get their services. They accept Medicaid and some other insurances. They don’t accept Medicare. I want to say to you, you aren’t alone. I have been seeing a Psychiatrist for depression for years. Living in today’s world with all the stresses, life can be difficult for many to cope.

      • I found that anyone willing to help me (with post-partum depression/anxiety) did not take insurance. And as a new parent, having to pay a significant amount of money for the help I needed (and to a large degree still need) only added to the anxiety. It’s really awful. I’m sorry you received such terrible “care” from your insurance

      • My experiences with mental health services through Kaiser have been so bad that I now pay $$$ out of pocket to NOT use their therapists. I have been tempted to file complaints they were that bad. 🙁

        • I had a good experience with Kaiser with both individual therapy and a group session. Unfortunately my therapist left, and fortunately I haven’t felt the need to find another one (yet). I do recall my therapist being frustrated by the lack of available appointments and decreased frequency she could see me.

      • Mental Health by law has to be treated the same as any other illness. This was changed many years ago by the Mental Health Parity Act. The only issue would be if your plan is self insured then it is your employer and not the insurance company making the decision to no cover or limit mental health benefits.

      • I have Kaiser and love it, but the lack Black male physicians seems to be a problem across the board for them. I wanted a Black male GP and couldn’t find a single one with availability.

    • Not a recommendation, but good luck. I have United and wanted to see someone for PPD/PPA and couldn’t find anyone that was remotely convenient. GW wanted to charge me a $500 intake fee. I’m switching to BCBS during this open season in the hopes that there are more options. So good luck. I hope you find someone.

    • I saw Dr. Sarah Pillsbury in Dupont for about two years with major success. One thing to note- I paid up front and then submitted a claim to my insurance after which may not work for you. Congrats on taking this first step- for me it was the hardest one.

    • I’ve found mindfulness meditation very helpful in dealing with depression and anxiety. While you’re looking for a therapist, you might try the great book Mindfulness: An Eight-Week Plan for Finding Peace in a Frantic World. You’re reminding me that I need to get back to it!

      • Me too… Also try Jon Kabat-Zinn’s “Full Catastrophe Living.” There are a variety of 8-week classes in DC that follow his Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) program, used in hospitals to reduce stress, chronic pain, depression.

      • Great recommendation for mindfulness meditation and MBSR.
        Tara Brach and DC’s Insight Meditation Community are good local resources. Sharon Salzburg comes to DC on a regular basis to lead retreats and meditation classes.
        Also GW’s Center for Integrative Medicine offers a number of classes/workshops that could be helpful.

    • I’ve found mindfulness meditation very helpful in dealing with depression and anxiety. While you’re looking for a therapist, you might try a great book called “Mindfulness: An Eight-Week Plan for Finding Peace in a Frantic World.” Good luck!

    • The psychiatrist I saw for PPA was fabulous, and didn’t go straight to recommending medication as some do–she does both talk therapy & prescribing/medication management. I only used the talk therapy set of services/expertise. I think she specializes in women dealing with pregnancy or post-partum related issues, but I think she works with other types of patients as well. Her name is Dr. Joan Liebermann, and I think you can find her contact information online. If not, have PoP put us in touch & I’ll send you her contact info. Good luck!
      Oh – before I forget, she does not take insurance, but you might be able to get reimbursed a little bit for out-of-network services, depending on your insurance. Many mental health providers do not take insurance because the payments are so absurdly low.

    • I remember a few years ago calling around to find a therapist and was SHOCKED by how many didn’t have the courtesy (decency, really) to call me back. Such a horrible thing to do to someone in need of support. I currently see Diane Kern (recommended by friends) on K Street. She WILL call you back, the first appt. is free to see if you mesh, but she is not inexpensive and doesn’t directly take insurance although she will help you seek reimbursement through your insurance company. I also had a friend recommend Elaine Klionsky in Bethesda, but I don’t have personal experience with her.
      Good for you for taking this step and I’m sorry it hasn’t been easier. Wishing you all the best.

    • I saw Dr. Eric Taswell off and on as needed for several years, and he was really helpful for me (similar issues). Office locations in Dupont and Chevy Chase. He (like many private therapists) doesn’t take insurance, but I submit claims to my insurance (BCBS) for reimbursement. It’s a pain to do, but don’t discount someone you otherwise like without looking into that option – as other have said, a lot of people don’t take insurance up front.

      Congratulations on taking the first step – it’s a big one. Don’t be shy about trying different people until you find someone who clicks with you, either…all therapists are not created equal, and sometimes it can take a few tries to get someone you feel really comfortable with. I hope you find someone who can help you feel more like yourself.

    • Try the Women’s Center at 1025 Vermont NW. It’s not just for women and they have a variety of price points.

      • +1 for the Women’s Center. They helped me so much. This was a couple of years ago, so not sure if anything has changed, but they did accept my insurance at the time.

        The therapist I worked with initially helped me so much that I stuck with her even after she left the center to open up her own practice on Chain Bridge Rd in NW. http://antoniettacorvasce.com/

    • Re-New Psychology has offices in Logan and Dupont and take a variety of insurance providers.

    • Washington Medical Group (on 18th St. NW near Massachussetts) recently got a new therapist so they might be worth giving a call (or stopping by if convenient). Good luck!

      • Although I don’t know the new therapist, I would definitely NOT recommend the Washington Medical Group as a practice. It’s a dingy place, the front office staff is unprofessional, always a long wait, messed up billing practices and the MD I saw was inappropriate (telling sexual jokes).

        • Yup, that’s me.

        • Emmaleigh504

          I like Washington Medical Group, but my favorite person left. I haven’t decided if the GP MD that replaced her is my favorite yet. I also really love the neurologist Dr Macedo. He cured my RLS!

        • Co-signed, WMG is the worst. The one and only time I ever went there suffering from the flu. II was left to wait for two hours and then when the doctor finally poked his head in (to say that he’d get to me soon) he was very put off that I wanted to leave. Extremely unprofessional and I’ve never been back.

    • I just want to thank all of you for your input here! This is such a big help – I have been struggling to figure this stuff out, and these comments made me realize I’m not alone in these struggles.

      Navigating this with insurance seems like it will be difficult, but there are a lot of good leads here. Thanks again, y’all.

  • Pablo Raw

    Rant: Couldn’t make it to a photographer’s happy hour last night, so I decided to go grocery shopping and
    Rave: turns out one of my photographer friends was at the store getting some supplies for a party he was going to and invited me to go. It was great, wonderful conversation mostly in Spanish, beer, venison stew and merengues!

  • hispanicandproud

    Rave: Getting great response for Sunday morning bootcamp. Can’t wait to get some people in shape!

    Rave: First official holiday party this Saturday at Tyson’s Hilton. Can’t wait to dress up all fancy see my bud and meet all his coworkers!

    Rant: Metro surfers who refuse to hold on. Got my toes stepped on by idiot who thought he could surf his way to work.

    • Emmaleigh504

      I hate metro surfers! They always take up too much room and fall into to people! Just be adult about it and hold on unless the car is empty (not rush hour).

      • hispanicandproud

        Couldn’t agree more, Emilie504. The worst are the surfers who are balancing their coffee while texting or checking their very important emails!

    • I’m a surfer! This crowd should sympathize. How many complaints have we all read on here about having to witness fellow riders’ personal hygiene routine? If people are willing to swab their ears and cut their nails on metro, imagine what they’re doing minutes before they step on the train. We don’t have to imagine. Lots of people wandering around town with a finger in their nose to the second knuckle. And you’re ok touching the same metro pole as those people?? I’m not. Hence, surfing. Anyone who thinks I’m overreacting should just give up their seat whenever they have one. If you aren’t grossed out, then you hold on to the various poles and handles, and I’ll sit. Thanks.

      • Shorter post: I take mass transit even though I think people are gross, and I refuse to touch things they might have touched. I don’t care that this make me fall into other people. Because I feel this way, I deserve a seat on every metro rail car on which I ride. Also, I never have heard of gloves, or Purell.
        Sorry that’s a little harsh – but come on.

        • LOL!
          Miss Patty, please don’t surf Metro. Just hold onto a pole, and wash your hands or use hand sanitizer afterward.

  • Quotia Zelda

    Rant: Yesterday a coworker asked, in a roundabout way, if I might be pregnant. NOPE.
    Rave: Litographs t-shirts. I want like 3/4 of them.
    Rave: My sweet, sweet kitties. They are bad as they come, but so sweet.
    Rant: Now I’m just rambling. I have the babbles today.

    • homerule

      I had a bro-y coworker ask if I was pregnant two weeks ago. Uhh, WTF?

    • There is a meme where it has pictures of a woman from 1-9 months, and it says when can you ask if she’s pregnant….NOs all down the line!

    • hispanicandproud

      A friend of mine told me a few weeks ago that she thought she might be pregnant. Then I saw a pic of her on Instagram and I texted her, “love your baby bump.” She replied, “I’m not pregnant!” I was in a bit of trouble! Dang it.

    • Emmaleigh504

      The Maryland TWINS!!! lol I hope your response was good and sugary passive aggressive.

    • SFT

      I watched something like this go down a few months ago. Someone asked my colleague if she was pregnant and she did something brilliant – she grabbed her stomach and said ‘yes, with a food baby, i call him extra pepperoni!’ and then they both laughed it off.

    • I once witnessed a female coworker put her hand on the belly of another female coworker and ask, “Are you practicing?” I presumed she mean practicing for having a baby belly and was appalled.

    • I once witnessed a female coworker put her hand on the belly of another female coworker and ask, “Are you practicing?”

  • Rant: health insurance. Sorry, “health”.
    Rant: No justice
    Rave: starting to find the motivation I once had to lose weight. I really need to do this – it was just SO much easier before
    Rant: Another stupid work holiday party where I have to make something and bring it in. I need an appetizer idea that can be served at room temp (not a dip!) for a lot of people. I hate these holiday parties – one with just our office is enough!

    • Search for Hungry Housewife Antipasto Kabobs. They can be made ahead of time and served cold, with barely any cooking.

      • I’ve thought of this….I have to bring them on the metro (that’s how I get to work) – bad idea?

        • I think if you put them in a rimmed container, like a 9×13 pyrex with a cover or a cake pan with something over it that would probably work fine. I don’t think a platter would be a good idea.

    • …if anyone has any appetizer ideas, please share them!

      • A few things come to mind:
        – This is a surprising crowd-pleaser and super easy to make: https://food52.com/recipes/8010-fig-and-blue-cheese-savouries
        – What about pizza-like flatbreads? You can do whatever amount of prep you want — make them totally from scratch or buy them entirely premade — and cut them into bit-sized squares
        – A “fancier” option that’s also pretty easy is poached salmon with creme fraiche, dill and some kind of bread or cracker.

      • http://allrecipes.com/recipe/spinach-brownies/

        These are my go-to. You can add chopped red peppers. I swap oil for the butter.

      • I made Pão de Queijo for my housewarming party and everyone loved them. selfishly i made them because i love eating them so much, but they are easy to make, can be made a day ahead, and served at room temperature. you can google around for a recipe — i substituted cheddar cheese in for the farm cheese that the recipes usually call for.

        • YUM. I really hope the new Latin market in Noma will have Pão de Queijo. I can’t bring myself to make them at home because I will definitely eat the whole batch.

          • this is exactly why i only make them for special occasions! i “tasted tested” about 1/4 of the batch i made because i had to keep “checking” to make sure they tasted good. *burp*

        • Southern Living has great recipes for cheese stars, cheese straws and other cheesy crackers. Easy to make and transport (they will keep for days in Ziploc bags) and kinda impressive.

      • gertie_wickler

        Maybe a couple of different types of tea sandwiches? I make them often for parties – they are SUPER easy and usually a hit. There are plenty of types that could transport easily and not be refrigerated…like butter/cucumber/herb ones?

      • What about pumpkin bread or banana bread? You can make either in advance and both are delicious and can work as appetizers.

        • Bring some cream cheese for the pumpkin bread (plain and honey-walnut – easy to make so you don’t have to commit to the big volumes available at the bagel shop or the gloopy Philly stuff) and it suddenly seems slightly fancy.

      • jim_ed

        Lithuanian Beet Salad – its like potato salad except it’s Mattel Pink and also more delicious. This recipe is fairly close to it, although I use only half the potatos and canned beets I finely cube instead of fresh. Add more sour cream and salt/pepper to taste. I usually end up with more salt needed.


      • Allison

        I find jalopeno and cheese corn muffins (google any old recipe) are easy to make in large batches and popular at office holiday parties. It’s not super holiday-y but I’m from Texas, where food can have jalopeno and cheese in it any time of year.

    • I’ll keep thinking–but one idea is something called “Texas Caviar”. It’s basically a mix of different beans, some peppers, onions… maybe I’m missing something? At any rate, it’s good on its own or with chips. If you can’t find it online, drop me a line (do you still have my email address from the diaper drive emails?) and I’ll scrounge up the recipe and send it along.

      • It has corn, too.

      • I had something like that once– different beans, diced onion, lemon juice I think– and the ingredient that made it memorable was the toasted cumin seeds. Definitely better after a night in the fridge.

    • Can’t you just bring a cheese/vegetable plate or something? Any particular reason it has to be fancy?

      • no, it doesn’t have to be fancy. Cheese tends to get expensive and I have a feeling others are doing veggies and dip. It’s three offices in our hallway doing something (seriously, I know…). I don’t want something difficult or fancy, but easy to bring in to work and not messy. I don’t have morning prep time, either (baby running around before work)

        • SFT

          I second the texas caviar. So easy that my husband can even make it, and it’s better if it sits in the fridge overnight!

          • I had something like that once– different beans, diced onions, lemon juice I think– and the ingredient that made it memorable was the toasted cumin seeds. Definitely better after a night in the fridge.

    • How about using pre-made phyllo pastry shells and adding something savory like curried chicken salad, tabbouleh, quiche?

  • Rave: I had a lot of fun helping out with the nieces last night through this morning. I wasn’t super excited about getting up with the little one at 5:45 this morning, but we still had a good time. It helps that she’s amenable to just about anything, even breakfast without mommy. But wow, 2 kids- 3.5 and 1.5 years old, for 10 days alone must be so hard. It was hard for 1 night.
    Rant: a good friend of mine is getting re-org’ed today. I hope she’s able to keep her job.

  • I Dont Get It

    Rant: Senior Citizen Lady Dogs! Every day this week Lucy has peed somewhere in the house on the way to the back door in the morning, Lizzie no longer barks when she is ready to come inside and that scares me since I’m paranoid that I’ll forget she’s outside and I’ll leave her out in the freezing cold. The vet said they are in good health for their age but…they are 17!

    For Lizzie, I’m going to start setting the oven timer like I do when the cat is outside (he’s allowed 5 minutes).

    Rave: Pre-Basic Cressida and pre-Bro Huxley were again rolling a big snowball together in My Holiday Village® this morning. Precious!

  • Rave: Infant daughter actually slept through the whole night last night! What a great birthday present for the hubs. We were both in disbelief this morning.

    Rant: I am still exhausted even after getting a good night’s sleep. Why?!

    Question for the PoP community: looking to take my husband for Mexican food tonight, but want to possibly take him somewhere new. I was going to go to Tres Reyes in Hyattsville, but we have been there a number of times before. Any additional suggestions for authentic Mexican? We tend to like divey places if that helps. We will also have to bring the baby along.

    • SFT

      Congrats…sleeping through the night is a big deal! My guy sleeps through the night about 50% of the time, but I still never feel rested. I’m not exhausted anymore, but I don’t even remember what well rested feels like, hence my screen name. SFT = So F’ing Tired 🙂 Casa Oaxaca is Adams Morgan is pretty good.

      • I second Casa Oaxaca and they take reservations.

      • Thanks I will look into that! We definitely haven’t eaten there before. I am not counting my chickens about the sleeping through the night being a regular thing, but after almost 11 months of nights filled with 1-2 wake-ups at the very least, I really appreciated the one night. If we could make it a repeat, I would be ecstatic.

    • I found that it took a month or two to really feel like I recovered from the 8+months of chronic sleep deprivation. That said, a full night’s sleep should still help at least a little bit! Yay for that!

      • Good to know that it is possible to recover from!

      • only 8-9 months? I’m working on 13+ months of only getting about 6 interupted hours. nevermind the last few months of pregnancy where it’s hard to sleep. It’s basically killing me. Luckily my husband gets all the sleep. That was sarcasm 🙂

        • I am incredibly grateful that sleep training took very quickly & successfully at 8.5 months. Though we did have a killer 6-week regression in the fall. Brutal, but now my wife actually does some of the wak-up duty, which is awesome.
          Are you nursing at the wake-ups? I have friends who dealt with nursing-related night-wakings by sending in dad (or the non-nursing mom as the case may be) to comfort the baby back to sleep. After the expectation for nursing was quelled, night wakings eased off or stopped. Might that help in your case? I know you’ve got concerns about neighbors and crying, which I get.

    • Lauriol Plaza is always my go to for good Mexican food.

    • If you want to stay in the Hyattsville area you could try:

      La Fondita
      4901 Decatur St
      Hyattsville, MD 20781

      It’s great and authentic, but very divey. I usually just go for takeout there although there are a few tables.

    • I really like El Centro….but with the baby, we stick to Tortilla Coast in Logan. Not the best, but service is always very baby friendly. And the happy hour drinks are great.

    • Taqueria Habanero on 14th, next to the Red Derby. Super friendly employees, good food, cheap. Doesn’t have alcohol though.

      Casa Oaxaca is pricey and the service leaves a lot to be desired. It’s the only restaurant in Adams Morgan where I’ve encountered a snobbish staff.

  • Rant: back in the office after a long stretch of combination annual leave/teleworking. Grumpy!
    Rave: listened to Serial on the bus this morning. I missed it so much last week. Can anyone recommend similar true crime-type pod casts?
    Question related to an additional rant: the husband and I are sick of paying so much for our cell plan with Verizon when neither of us are heavy phone users. We’re thinking of switching to Sprint because there’s a great deal right now…Sprint users, how is your coverage in the DC area, most specifically downtown and/or in Shirlington? Any other thoughts on Sprint?

    • skj84

      I have Sprint. Service can be spotty, but for the most part I do like it. I believe they put up more towers this summer?

    • Quotia Zelda

      We switched from Verizon to Spring a couple of years ago (so much cheaper). Service is not quite as good as it was under Verizon, and every now and then I’ll hit a dead spot, but I don’t really have any problems on a day-to-day basis.

    • Ugh. I feel the same way, but I’m nervous about switching to another carrier for when I visit my parents in Maine – although maybe I should embrace the no-phone way of life for when I’m back up north…

    • I had sprint and now have T-mobile. The latter is better in the DC metro area, the former is better in non-metro areas.

  • Rant: Translating documents kills my soul.
    Rave: Serial is back!
    Rant: Whiney puppy at 4am. Took her out but she didn’t need to go. I think she just wanted attention.

  • Rant: I’m feeling a bit naive because I was shocked initially by the Staten Island grand jury decision.
    Rant: Racist FB posts — man, am I doing a lot of wall scrubbing this week.
    Rave: I got up and worked out for the second day in a row. Having a work out buddy really helps. But man, I am sore.
    Rave: Today’s use of leftover cranberry sauce: Greek yogurt with cranberry sauce and granola.

    • valentina

      I hate to say it but I would have been shocked if they HAD been indictment. I’m truly started to be afraid being a black woman in america.

  • binpetworth

    Rant: I hate everything about the Office 365 online portal. I hate the way it clusters emails, the way I constantly have to reopen the Folder list, the fact that OneDrive is monumentally slow. Blergh.
    Rave: I made an awesome new recipe last night called Cannellini Bean Tartine, which is a fancy version of the British staple beans on toast. Yay for leftovers!

  • Rant: Co worker had a huge cue of work to complete and is resigning, leaving me that huge pile of work to do. Bugger.

    Rant: Suit and tie Xmas parties requiring me to buy a suit… Bah Humbug!

    Rant: One track news reporting – Local news getting overshadowed by major news for weeks on end, and endless opinions spewing out on every channel from annoying personalities.

    Rave: My dog. He doesn’t care about my problems or anyone else’s. He just wants food and a good poop walk.

    • “He just wants food and a good poop walk.”
      Really, isn’t that true for all of is? Although for me, insert “and then a” between poop and walk.

      • I guess you have a point there. I also like an occasional pat on the head and back rub too… Dogs have it all figured out.

        • They really do. Cats too – and they don’t have to go outside to poop. When I come back, I want to be my cat.

          • Emmaleigh504

            I so want to be a spoiled house cat in my next life! I”m looking at Donna right now she’s passed out on my bed after having treats for breakfast, some head scratches, and psycho kitty play time. She has a good life.

          • Ditto on envying cats (well, house cats that are well taken care of). The ability to sleep 16-20 hours a day? Yes, please!

        • Cue Sharik: Back rub? Belly rubs are where it’s at!

      • I was walking my dog in the rain a few days ago and a guy stopped his car, rolled down his window and said “there’s nothing like pooping in the rain!!” and drove away. I have a feeling he doesn’t need that “and then a” in between.

        • If this is a new fetish, I am not on board, if for no other reason that the TP gets soggy, and who likes that? But to each his own.

    • Emmaleigh504

      Parties that require suits are fun! It’s nice to see people all spiffied up once in a while. Go all out and wear some fancy cufflinks!

  • Rant: So what we’re basically saying is that you can kill a black man in broad daylight with dozens of witnesses on camera and not even have a trial, not a conviction, not even have a trial. What kind of message does that really send, particularly to young black people?
    This was a quote from Boyce Watkins yesterday while he was on CNN. I could not agree more.

    • Pablo Raw

      For those who think that putting cameras on policemen is going to solve the problem (including President Obama), this case proves them wrong.

      • I don’t think anyone seriously thinks that this would solve the problem. It would, if nothing else, make the officers think twice before doing something really stupid. There’s a plethora of evidence/data that shows that it works to lower public complaints against the cops. Seems rather straight-forward, really.

      • Just supposed to be a small part of the solution.

      • epric002

        i disagree. i continue to think that cameras are a PART of a solution. i too am, not surprised, but disgusted with what happened, but i can’t help but believe that body cameras will illustrate just how prevalent this kind of thing is, and with greater awareness (and outrage) we can make some progress.

      • Pablo Raw

        Well, maybe, perhaps, in some cases. In this particular case everything was on camera, very clear video and no indictment.

        • You know what it is. Most of us know what it is but there are many in denial or simply back these types of actions, black and white alike. Sad.

      • Just imagine if there were no camera for this event. Like many others which were deemed justified, the cop would have walked without it even going to a grand jury. He likely would have been on administrative leave for however long and then back out on the street.

    • As a young black guy we’ve known that was the case all along… I think what a lot of us are mainly concerned about is that now that there are blatantly obvious cases that don’t result in justice, will it result in more cops feeling like they’re immune to punishment, and also the issues now being public are making people even more divided and negatively opinionated on both sides… Some of the things I’ve read as posts from close Facebook friends make me severely worried about the future of this country, because the Us-Versus-Them mentality is really overwhelming propelled by news reporting. The news media has everything to gain by driving the divide because their ratings are rising as a result of controversial fire stoking.

      I think Chris Rock’s latest interview hit the nail on the head, but then of course the news media goes and interviews Charles Barkley and gives his rant a front page feature. sigh.

      • It’s hard to understand how there wasn’t an indictment. And I agree that the us v. them mentality (which is prevalent on both sides of the issues) is making having a reasoned debate much more difficult.

      • The Chris Rock interview was very well done. He’s a smart man. I’d recommend folks read it.

    • EXACTLY. Not only were there witnesses, but we’ve all seen the VIDEO OF police using illegal force that resulted in death….and NOTHING. NOTHING.

    • It’s SO frustrating! The fact that they won’t even allow a trial for these cops is just ridiculous. How many times does the poor man have to say that he can’t breathe before the courts will acknowledge that the cop is criminally negligent (and a horroshow of a human being) for not getting off of him?

  • So now I see we have two competing factions of protesters. I’m trying hard to see what that accomplishes.

    • Well, they are both protesting police brutality, so hopefully they wwill accomplish a change in the policies about that.

  • skj84

    Rant: The people who just.don’t.get it when it comes to race relations in this country.

    Rave: Those who do and are angry. As disheartening as the past two weeks have been, it’s been so good to see so much outrage and calls for action.

    Rave: On a personal note this weekend cannot come fast enough. I’ve been so stressed out. Ladies weekend of parties and brunch are in order. I need to decompress.

    • I hope that by “just.don’t.get it” you don’t mean “just.don’t.agree with my view”. I’ve been hearing a lot of people lately saying the former when they really mean the latter. To me they don’t mean the same thing, and to me it’s important not to confuse the two.

      • if enough people share a viewpoint and are deeply upset about something, it seems wise to pay attention and listen to them. no?

      • No, sometimes opinions are wrong because they are based in a complete denial of facts.

        • Of course, but that’s not what I’m talking about. It’s possible to agree on facts but disagree on what it all means or what the response should be or who is responsible.

        • Opinions do not have to be based on fact – they are personal, subjective viewpoints. You can disagree with my opinion but you cannot tell me my opinion is incorrect.

          • Accountering

            I certainly can tell you your opinion is incorrect. Taking this to the furthest extreme, if your opinion is that the holocaust didn’t happen, you are in fact, incorrect. (Not saying you, or anyone here thinks that, but if your opinion directly contradicts facts, you are incorrect by definition.)

          • Accountering, in my opinion you are wrong.

          • This is getting metaphysical, and a little ridiculous. AE, are you saying that the “opinion” that the Holocaust didn’t happen is (a) a valid opinion, and (b) should not be responded to with, “You are wrong, and an idiot.”?
            Apologies if my sarcasm meter is broken . . .

      • skj84

        not necessarily. What I mean is the one’s who are willfully blind to race issues and don’t want to acknowledge that this countries major problems. That’s my main issue.

        • Fair enough, and I wasn’t trying to read too much into your particular statement. As I said I’ve seen a lot of that particular phrase lately and I feel like it’s often being used way too loosely.

    • A recent study showed that a majority of white people think bias against them is worse than bias against black people. *flabbergasted*
      This worries me as much as anything else, because it says that they have a victim mentality to dig their heels into, preventing any potential improvement.

      • Emmaleigh504

        Those poor oppressed white people need to read the #crimingwhilewhite on twitter, but I don’t think it would help. I wish I were more shocked by their attitude, but I’m not. def disgusted by it.

      • epric002

        holy isht: “a majority”?! do you have a link to that study?

      • Can you tell us which study this was? I have to see that with my own eyes to believe it exists.

        • While the link is being moderated, here’s the name of the study:
          Whites See Racism as a Zero-Sum Game That They Are Now Losing

        • The study, by a Harvard prof named Norton, was referenced in today’s Washington Post article about #crimingwhilewhite that Emily mentioned. I’ll post a link in a separate comment. But that will get you down a rabbit hole you don’t care to see.

        • Yes, MPinDC, that’s the one. I haven’t read it and can’t comment on the methodology, but here’s the abstract:
          “Although some have heralded recent political and cultural developments as signaling the arrival of a postracial era in America, several legal and social controversies regarding ‘‘reverse racism’’ highlight Whites’ increasing concern about anti-White bias.
          We show that this emerging belief reflects Whites’ view of racism as a zero-sum game, such that decreases in perceived bias against Blacks over the past six decades are associated with increases in perceived bias against Whites—a relationship not observed in Blacks’ perceptions. Moreover, these changes in Whites’ conceptions of racism are extreme enough that Whites have now come to view anti-White bias as a bigger societal problem than anti-Black bias.”

      • MANY white people feel “discriminated against” anytime they see a PoC making more money than them, getting more financial aid at college, or if a PoC is a position of power over them in the workplace. And while they resent those PoCs (“they only got that promotion because they’re black!”), they’ll turn around and use PoCs as a cherrypicked case of why “discrimination no longer exists.” It’s nauseating.
        White people LOOOOOOOOOVE to feel like victims, even when they’re cashing in on their hegemonic privilege. Remember, Hitler came to power by appealing to ethnically German majority’s sense of victimhood – it was the fault of the “undesirables” that Germans were in enmeshed in economic and political crisis. I expect things to get worse in America before they get better, especially as the white middle class is largely decimated.

        • But it’s the WHOLE middle class that’s going to hell. White, black, and everyone else too. Ugh.

        • skj84

          I actually got into a major argument with someone because they were upset over Jesse Jackson’s remarks on the lack of diversity in STEM fields. This person was upset that Jackson had the audacity to call for more opportunities for POC in science. Like livid over it. When I pointed out that he was not incorrect, the guy up in arms about how the field should be “balanced” and no group should be given a better advantage over another. Sigh.

        • First – Godwin’s law.
          Second – SOME white people. No all. Some.

          • Seriously? Your rebuttal is #notallwhitepeople?
            As a white guy, I can safely say that the vast majority of white people think that paying their taxes, paying their mortgage, and sending their kids to school is enough to make them a “good citizen.” It’s not. Silence is consent. Of course, no one wants to like to hear that the nice life they lead is largely due to the structural and historical dividends that they take advantage of due to their ethnicity and class of birth. Not when the “bootstraps” narrative of the U.S. is so helpful in assuaging our fragile egos.

  • My recent foster kittens adoption fell through. (This is Victoria I’m traveling and can’t sign in) best kittens ever. Had lots of kids and chaos for thanksgiving. Very good with kids and dogs. We had five dogs there. Adopt Bizzy and Stachio from Homeward Trails. Bold friendly and cuddly and of course adorable cute.

  • Rave: Great dinner last night at Mintwood
    Rave: Pre-Christmas vacation planned – I’m never home but excited
    Rant: Lots of work to do
    Rave: Lots of changes this year and I am happy where I am and what life has brought

  • Rave: medical diagnostic test completed and it went smoothly. Yay! Everything looks good, so we should be getting the green light to start trying for #2 whenever we’re ready. Yikes!
    Rave: mid-morning snack of banana & peanut butter upon returning to my office. Yum!
    Rave: Kiddo took the slight routine change in stride this morning and didn’t get upset when I left before getting her set up with breakfast. I could see her trying (and succeeding) in not getting upset, and instead waving & saying bye bye (had to leave a bit early to get to the doctor’s office, and she slept in a bit, likely because of the rant below…)
    Rant: middle-of-the-night wakeups. I think she was trying to settle herself, but after 2-3 sets of crying 10-15 minutes apart, it was time to go up and give her a hand. She then had one more short series of yelps an hour later, but that was it. Unfortunately, that still stole 90 minutes or so of sleep, especially unfortunate because…
    Rave: Finally watched Casablanca last night. Loved it. Might need to watch it again before returning to the library!
    Wow, I’m chatty this morning… thanks for reading if you made it this far 🙂

    • Congratulations, and good luck. Hope you don’t feel like too much of a pincushion!

      • Lol, thanks! No bloodwork this time (that was Tuesday’s fun). Just the HSG–a little more obnoxious than a pap, but not too bad, at least for me. (It’s a bit more uncomfortable for some, from what I understand)

        • I hated – *HATED* – giving my wife the intramuscular shots. I think I hated it more than she did.
          OK, that’s a lie, and kinda ridiculous. She definitely hated it more. But I didn’t like it at all.

          • Yeah, that sounds yucky. I’m lucky that (so far) I haven’t needed any assistance beyond IUIs. With the first kid, no documented fertility issues other than not having a male spouse. Fingers crossed it’ll be the same this time around.

          • I was the “backup injector” for a close friend because #1 I used to inject mice and #2 I’m close with them. When I showed up for moral support for the butt shot, I was barely in the door and the husband handed me the vial and the syringe and washed his hands of the whole thing.
            At least people are more compliant than mice, but it’s still not fun.

          • To paraphrase Inigo Montoya – he used the word backup. I do not think it means what he thinks it means.

          • I’m luckily that I didn’t have a “butt shot” – I spent a great number of weeks worrying about that. But my protocol was so light on the drugs because I didn’t have any (known) fertility issues. However! The first time you have to inject yourself, it’s SO hard. It doesn’t hurt, but getting in to the mindset of “ok, I’m sticking this needle in me…” was so difficult! Once I did it, it was fine, but just that first ever injection was SO hard for me!

        • I’m glad that the HSG not too uncomfortable for you. I have severe endometriosis, so the after effects of it were absolute hell for me. Congrats on being able to start trying for #2! I know you said you don’t have any other issues besides not having a male spouse, but no matter what, having to go through infertility treatments (either IUI or IVF) is tough. I definitely will keep my fingers crossed for you.

          • Thanks! I’m sorry to hear that it’s really uncomfortable/painful for you. I hope it’s not something you’ve had to do multiple times. I have to say, I was impressed with the folks that did it at Washington Radiology–talked me through the whole thing & were really sweet throughout.
            And thanks also on the crossed-fingers. It absolutely is a pain, but I try to keep some perspective that it could be worse if there were fertility issues–such as the shots mentioned above!

    • what clinic are you going to…? Also, the HSG was the worst part for mt! omg it was so bad!!!

      • I’ve been working with Dr. Abbasi at CFA. Though ironically, the two times I got pregnant (one ended with a miscarriage at 11 weeks), another dr in the practice did the IUI. The HSG was at Washington Radiology, and they were excellent.

    • Emmaleigh504

      Hurray for Casablanca! Wasn’t the “La Marseillaise” scene moving! I can just watch that part on youtube and get misty eyed.
      Fun Fact: When Lauren Bacall saw Casablanca her companions (aunt and cousin I think) they thought Boagie was dreamy, but she did not. She thought he was old (he was). She didn’t fall for him until they were in To Have and Have Not together.

      • Yeah, it was pretty awesome. And that’s a funny story. I really do need to re-watch the movie before returning it. It was that good.

  • Rant: I hate feeling like despite working a ton of extra hours outside of my contact I’m not doing well enough because I can’t produce extra hours within the instructional day.
    Rant: had another date canceled. I think I’m really bad at picking them..
    Rave: 2.2 weeks until winter break!

  • RAVE: I’m loving the myriad benefits of steady, regular yoga. Muscles are changing shape, tendons and ligaments feel better, and with looser hamstrings and such, I feel like my orgasms have increased in intensity and physical breadth. I intuited, before I started yoga, that doing so would deepen their intensity, since my most satisfying orgasms involve my legs, so it’s really nice to see that my expectations have been met. My libido is also through the roof.

    RANT: I think I’m spending too much time with and have gotten too close to super lovely person whom I’ve come to adore, the sort who makes their non-platonic interest evident to those they’re interested in romantically (i.e. not me!), and who has an exciting new lover in their life. I really enjoy cultivating surprising new friendships, but not at the expense of heartache and heartbreak.

    RANT: An even more frustrated libido than usual, owing to both of the above, and despite all my efforts in the the dating scene, not ‘clicking’ with these folks, or the other folks I met in the course of living my life.

  • Rave: Parent teacher conference for my daughter this morning. I love hearing about how she does at school.
    Rant: Three-week cough has turned into feeling like I have swimmer’s ear. ENT says everything is okay, no ear infection, no sinus infection. He recommended nasal spray, which I HATE, but I’ll try it. Tried the neti pot, tried decongestants, hot compresses, etc. I just want to hear normal again.
    Rave: I have tomorrow off and will NOT be on email or phone.

  • Question: Can anybody recommend a solid vet close to Bloomingdale/NoMa? Something akin to a “Minute Clinic” but for pets? While I love and trust our vet out in the burbs, it seems silly to drive out ~45 minutes one way just for a routine check-up. One of our dogs has some innate heart issues, so we want to continue using our great vet for the more serious things, but would love to find one nearby for emergencies/the occasional dewormer. (We have a car, but would prefer something within walking distance.)

    • I go to Union Vet which is at 2nd & K NE. I find prices competitive as well.

      • I’ll second Union, though I don’t know if that is walkable for you. Atlas Vet on H also gets good reviews from my neighbor, who has cats, and a lot of folks she talks to with dogs.

    • gertie_wickler

      We take our three pets to Union Vet on 2nd Street NE. I used to live in Bloomingdale and found it to be pretty convenient. They have evening and weekend hours which is perfect for our schedules and you can usually get an appointment fairly quickly.

    • Thanks for the suggestions! I’ll give Union Vet a ring.

      • saf

        They are great – one of their vets helped us through living with an insulin dependent diabetic kitty and a thyroid problem kitty and a lot of very old kitties.

        Oh, and kidney failure kitties too.

  • Rave: My wife and I are finally taking the leap to move out of current home and buy another in DC (if we can find something we can afford). We got pre approved yesterday and have been looking for homes for awhile but can’t find anything in our price range (below $700K on the high end but preferably would like to stay below $600K as not to be house poor) that is worth the money. It just seems as if everything is WAYYY over-priced and a lot of it as I have found is BS work/renovations. That said, I have a couple of questions that maybe the good people of Popville could help me out with:

    1. Any suggestions on any nice detached homes in our price range that any of you have seen?


    2. Really would appreciate suggestions on a realtor, a really good, pitbull of a realtor that can cut through all of the bullshit and make it happen. A man or woman that GETS IT DONE!!


    Much thanks!

    • Are you wedded to a detached home? I know of a nice, large, 2 level, 3 BR, 2.5 bath condo with parking and close to a metro coming up for sale soon . . .

      • The wife really would like a detached home but I think this is coming down to reality now and is open to a rowhouse but a DEFINITE NO to condos. Thanks!

        • How about a rowhouse that was converted to a 2-level condo? 🙂

          • That may be a possibility. When I think condo I think, no yard, in a building…

          • My condo in a small building (2 bldg/6 units with an end lot) has a huge yard. I think the footprint of the yard is larger than for the 2 buildings. Many condos offer green spaces; don’t throw them all by the way side. 🙂

        • Andie302

          Check out 1833 Burke St SE. If it’s something you’re interested let me know and I could meet you there to show it to you and discuss working together.

    • We loved our realtor, Ed Carp. He seems to know the city backwards & forwards and has lots of other realtor contacts that can help make things happen.

      • Thanks. I will look him up. Is he a no nonsense type of guy?

        • I think so. One story: our lender was late in getting us our loan documents, and delayed the closing by about 45 minutes (and then were a little bit wrong, but that’s another story!). Ed called them every five minutes to harass them while we were waiting for them to get their act together.

      • I had Ed recommended to me, to, but he never got back to me – we ended up meeting Kira Epstein at a wedding and have used her. She responds immediately even when we have stupid questions about selling our rental properties. I love her and she knows everyone, which can give you a heads up on listings before they go active

        • Oh bummer. I’m sorry to hear that. He was really responsive with us, but that was also over five years ago.

    • epric002

      we used redfin and loved them.

      • Were you a buyer or seller? I’m looking at them for selling then buying down the road…did you find them responsive, professional, etc?

    • No offense, but I do not think you can get a detached home for under 700k, and definitely not under 600k. Maybe in Brookland though? If your location is flexible then I could see it, but you could get a really nice rowhouse for 600-700k. The renovated rowhouses in my neighborhood go for around 700k, and my area still has a lot of issues and hasn’t been developed.

      • No offense taken. I know it will be tough that is why I posted the question here.

        • Hey kam, there are plenty of detached houses in DC for under 700. What are you looking for in a neighborhood? Schools, transit, etc?

          • Sorry I missed this. Transit is of no consequence, great schools would be huge otherwise we would look at charter schools. As far as a neighborhood is concerened we would like somewhere where there aren’t constant gunshots and fuckery going on. We have had wayyyyy too much of that where we currently live, don’t really want raise our daughter around it…

    • jim_ed

      For something detached in that price range, look head Uptown – Brightwood, Manor Park, Takoma Park, etc. Maybe something like 232 Tuckerman St NW or 814 Buchanan St NW?

      • binpetworth

        Yeah, I think Brightwood is still pretty ripe with nice, older detached houses that fit well within this price range. I love that one on Tuckerman you found! Wish I was in the market.

      • Thanks. What about row houses? Know of any decent ones?

        • jim_ed

          I would look in the northern end of Petworth, between Sherman Circle and Kennedy St, maybe even north to Missouri. The caveat here is that there’s not a lot of rhyme or reason to pricing in the area – you’ll see a nicer house in a better location listed at $575 than one listed at $650, and both will sell within two weeks of being listed, so don’t write off one section of town if you see something above your price range.

          With a quick check of redfin, I love 1321 Ingraham St NW, especially because I used to walk down that block to/from the bus, and it has this great, pleasantville feel to it with neighbors hanging out and kids riding bikes, etc. 4922 7th St NW looks like a steal, and a few blocks north, 5314 7th St NW. is primed for the (eventual) Kennedy St redevelopment if you’re patient.

      • You might also want to look into Woodridge and Riggs Park.

    • I”ve worked with Cox & Cox’s office and been please with the results. Lina Criales-McAuliffe was my agent. She was really knowledgeable and very sweet.

      • I would recommend against them, actually. I viewed a handful of places with them around 2010 and liked them enough, but still get all kinds of messages from them through different social media channels. I’ve tried unsubscribing to the messages and have asked them to stop contacting me, including directly by phone when they called me a couple of years ago to “check in,” but I still get invitations and requests of all kinds.

    • I don’t know if I’d describe him as a “pitbull” per se, but I’ve used Richard Oder (of Long and Foster) twice. The seller of my current house was somewhat difficult (and the seller’s agent was somewhat flaky), and he was very good at getting them to cooperate. Sort of an iron fist in a velvet glove.

  • SFT

    Rave: My parents are coming to visit this weekend!
    Rant: My parents are coming to visit this weekend. My mom is awesome, but my dad is a miserable person who makes everyone else miserable. I’ll try the whole weekend to make him comfortable and to do nice things, but none of it will work. At least they are only staying 48 hours. He won’t like the food I cook, the temperature of the house will be incorrect, the couch will be uncomfortable, he’ll be shocked and horrified that there is no TV in the guest room, he’ll make eye-rolling comments about my weight, political ideas, and my christmas tree. He won’t wear his hearing aid, so will turn the TV up so loud that noone can hear each other talk, and he will bitch and moan about how close we live to the neighbors. I wish I remembered why I invited them!
    Rave: There’s a 50/50 chance that he won’t even get on the airplane and my mom will come alone 🙂

  • Rant: I might be going through a friend-breakup right now. It’s inexplicable, thus making it worse, and it really, really hurts. I’ve been on the phone with CrisisLink over the past two nights, and I’m finally seeing my therapist tomorrow. That’s great, but none of those things will make her just call or write to me! What is she doing that prevents her from saying something?!? Is she OK?

    • Wow. All I can say is I’m proud that you are taking steps to take care of yourself as you go through this. I can’t imagine how painful it must be.

    • I am sorry you are going through this…sometimes we do not get the closure we seek and have to find it through time on our own. As someone who has chosen to end friendships that arent working for whatever reason(s), I chose to tell the person when I know I can handle it with respect towards myself and that person. You may or may not hear from them again, but you can and will get through this:)

      • Thank you for doing the decent thing. I wish people could outgrow “ignoring them until they go away.” I know I will get through this, and I know that it could be incalculably worse, but losing (for no good reason) someone I love, and have loved for so long, just seems unacceptable. I do have some options, but I can’t exercise them for a while. I don’t want to have to wait years before we meet again at, say, her aunt’s funeral or something.

        It takes so long, and it’s so hard, to get so close to someone. People aren’t disposable. They’re unique, and she’s so special to me. It’s not all about me, either. I know I make her happy, and we have had some great times recently. Like I said, it’s inexplicable.

        Thanks for the support.

      • Is this person suffering from any kind of depression that you know of? Sometimes things manifest themselves in different ways – such as pushing away those away that you love because it is easier to deal with than other options. Have you thought about mailing a letter (and I mean a letter, not an email) in a few weeks? Writing a few draft letters now and tossing them? I would suggest just letting things cool out for a bit.

        • Yes, over the summer she went through a traumatizing breakup from her partner of ten years. We talked about it at the time, and then when I saw her for one day in September. She’s been medicated, pretty heavily as far as I know.

          When I saw her on Friday, I had just come from a trying Thanksgiving with my troubled family (which bothers me less than this, as it happens, but was still all over my mind). I learned via text as my bus neared her city that she’s seeing someone new, and when you combine my family situation with her apparently improved mood, we did talk about me a lot, and then suddenly on Saturday evening she snapped (in public), becoming very upset that I had not yet asked how she was doing. I was ashamed and tried to apologize, but we scrubbed our plans, as she retreated to her room very early. The next morning, she came out and apologized, and I did the same, and we seemed to leave on good terms (she gave me a book and DVD to evaluate, and she hugged me tightly at the airport). And yet, she hasn’t responded to my follow-up attempts on Monday evening.

          I’m going to wait, and say nothing until I have something new to say. I would write a letter, but I don’t have her physical address! Sending it to her work is possible, I guess. She’s done this before, for a period of several years, but we both thought those excitable post-college episodes were behind us.
          So yes, I am worried about her.

          • Yep, wait it out:) Maybe she just needs some time to digest everything, the holidays, the new person etc., her own behavior on saturday…it sounds that there are a few factors at play. Friends are there to hear about situations such as family etc, that’s why were friends with people…don’t give yourself such a hard time. take care and I hope the situation shakes out with positivity.

    • Emmaleigh504

      I’m so sorry. Friend breakups are terrible.

    • Bear

      I went through this several years ago with my best friend from the age of 15. Just stopped returning my calls. I had seen her do it to others before, the girl loved talking on the phone and if she wasn’t picking up it was because she was avoiding you. It was honestly one of the hardest things I’ve been through – she knew me better than anyone, my own family included, and it felt as though she just decided one day that I was no longer worth having in her life. It was heartbreaking. She emailed me about a year and a half later saying that we had “lost touch” and should catch up. As if she hadn’t blatantly cut me out of her life. I couldn’t bring myself to respond….to this day I don’t know what I would do or say if I run into her when I’m home – she and her mother still both live near my parents and my mom runs into her every so often.
      I guess all of that is to say that I know what you’re going through, and I know how tough it is – but whatever is happening with her, know that you will get through it and be okay. I hope there’s an explanation and that you get some resolution!

      • Thank you. I’m perfectly willing to understand and forgive, though of course I don’t know about your situation with your friend. I’m sorry she did that to you!

  • Rave: Booked a cyber Monday Everest Base Camp trek!
    Rant: Will be going alone. Anyone know of a meetup or an individual that is doing EBC next year?

  • Rant: Housing. We are looking for a roommate in our 4 bedroom rowhouse for the new year and it’s always hard to find new roommates in the winter time, why is that?
    Rave: Going to a Wizard of Oz party this weekend and I’m excited to work on my costume today 😀

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: why do we have to do all this Xmas stuff at work? Xmas is such a pain in the ass.
    Rave: 2 of my favorite things came together last night: Swedish movies on TCM!

  • Rant: I am growing increasingly disgusted with our society. I’ve been resigned to the fact that the world will never operate in the way I want it to, but now I’ve lost hope that it will ever operate in a way I can tolerate.

    • Curious – Do you find your perspectives contrary to what is expressed in this forum?

      • As with any large public forum, there are some things said on here that I agree with and others that I do not. I doubt there are many people on here that would agree with my political or economic views, but that is because there are so few people in the country that openly share my opinions. (I think Capitalism is an immoral system designed to exploit and oppress the masses. Like I said earlier, the world is never going to operate how I want it to.) Recent news, ranging from Grand Juries saying it is alright for cops to kill people to “Christian” organizations enslaving the homeless in Tampa, has me feeling like even more of the principles in which I believe are not widely valued in this country.

  • justinbc

    Rave: That moment when you notice the girl in the car next to you noticing you singing loudly to a song, and since you DGAF you throw in some dance moves to make the show better.

  • Rant: my company is sponsoring kids for Angel Tree. My specific team of 4 picked a kid to sponsor. My boss told a lady from another department to do the shopping as if she would do it for her own kids. Well said lady spent $1000 on the three kids she’s sponsoring and $450 on on the kid that my group is sponsoring. So basically we gotta pony up just over $100 pp. I find it excessive for one child and would rather have spent $100 on 4 kids or $50 on 8 kids or $25 on 16 kids.
    Rave: love the new sweaters I bought. Nice fit and great fabric.

    • Stand up for yourself, honey. If you weren’t prepared to spend that much (no one discussed a spending limit??) then tell the team that some things will have to be returned, as you can only contribute $50. Or whatever. And then donate whatever else you like to a cause that’s meaningful to you.

      • It’s not such about the money I just feel such more kids can be touched even if it’s only one gift per child vs spending $450 one kid. I don’t even spend that much on my own nieces/nephe’s combined.

    • I second Miss Patty’s suggestion- stick up for yourself and say no. It was extremely presumptuous of these people to spend money and not discuss how much people wanted to or could afford to give.
      This time of year is tough for those of us being pressured to give in workplaces. If you work in the federal gov’t, you know that there usually is a lot of pressure and ridiculousness surrounding CFC (one of the stupidest ways to contribute money, since it acts as a middle man and results in less of your dollar going directly to the charity of your choice). At my workplace, there is also a lot of pressure to attend multiple holiday gatherings and pay for retirement lunches for people we barely know. At the end of the day, you gotta be able to stand up and say, no.

    • I Dont Get It

      That is excessive! I suspect you aren’t the only one who thinks this is too much. In her defense, she should have been given a budget. Perhaps someone can volunteer to do the returns for her.

    • Emmaleigh504

      I hope those kids don’t have siblings who weren’t sponsored by the same lady!

    • OK, now I’m a little paranoid. We’re sponsoring two kids (brother and sister) – what’s an appropriate amount to spend on them?

      • I’m very confused by all this. I’ve done Angel Tree numerous times and I’ve never spent more than $100 (for one child). In the times I’ve done it, my kid has had very specific requests (e.g. a Bratz doll, ninja turtle action figure, nerf ball), and then I go get those things. I will say that I always end up with younger kids; the teenagers usually want more expensive things (being teenagers and all). I hope this doesn’t cause your group to avoid it next year. Speaking as someone who received such gifts when I was a kid, and as someone who is now fortunate enough to participate in the giving now, it’s such an awesome thing to do around the holidays.

        • The kid had specific request. A bike. Barbie. 8 shoes. 4 shirts and 4 pants and few other items.

          • Sounds like the kid had a rather extensive wish list. Maybe the purchaser’s mistake was getting every single requested item??

          • Yeah, in my experience, they don’t ask that you get every single item. You just get what you can. Have you decided what you’re getting? How would you even get a bike to them?

  • GiantSquid

    Revel: Hi guys! I missed y’all. Started new job in November and it’s been crazy busy but good.
    Revel: I have a new niece! She arrived the day before Thanksgiving and I got to meet her on the holiday.
    Revel: Thank you to whomever suggested on RRoR a few months back, in a conversation about skin issues, to cut out greek yogurt. I haven’t had any since then and my skin has cleared up a TON. No more deep, painful cysts that cause scarring no matter what I do. What’s in that stuff? Any suggestions for a greek yogurt alternative?

    • If you can still eat regular yogurt, you can thicken it by draining it. If you drain it long enough, it becomes yogurt cheese. You can use the whey (liquid) in beverages, cooking, etc.

  • Rave: DC Public Libraries – putting books on hold on-line and in a few days (or longer) the books show up at the nearby library. I’m currently reading the Secret Keeper (recommend!) along with the Art of Fermentation.
    Rave: I want to ferment everything! Except –
    Rave: My dog, who has been exceptionally snuggly these days.
    Rant: I broke one of two Jerusalem glasses I was given many years ago. Why is glass breakable?

    • I can’t believe there are people who buy books they only intend on reading once. Why do that when the library is free, and less wasteful, and just as easy? Especially since they’ve extended their hours. Then again, I have a librarian for a mom so it’s sacrilege for me to do otherwise.

      • Allison

        I also don’t understand people who buy movies. The library has movies!! And many many TV shows on DVD to boot.

      • As a response to you and Allison – the library doesn’t have a lot (maybe most) of the movies/books/CDs I want, and if they do, sometimes I don’t want to wait days/weeks/months until a copy becomes available. In addition, I like to support the artists whose books and music (not as much with the movies) I enjoy, so often I’ll buy them. (If you’re talking about bestselling books or blockbuster movies then they’ve probably already made their money back and more, so yeah, get them at the library.)

      • I agree with you Caroline, although I’m grateful to a friend who buys interesting books and then passes them on to me and others. When we get together she always brings a stack of books; she’s given me books I might not otherwise read – Mistress of the Art of Death series, Snow Flower and the Secret Fan and The Hungry Tide come to mind.

  • Rant: Ever since finishing the Chicago Marathon in October, I have been unable to run long distances. When I get to the ten mile mark my knee just buckles and I have to stop. I have tried to continue, but then I won’t be able to walk the next day. Can anyone recommend a good sports medicine doctor?
    Rave: I found an indoor bike trainer in my cellar, which I can hopefully use to strengthen my knee.
    Rant: Feeling useless at work. My previous project ended due to unforeseen problems, and my organization gave me this other project that barely requires any work and I am really getting bored.
    Rave: PoPville helps pass the time.
    Rant: My group house had a housemate move out unexpectedly, and are dealing with the horrible process that is finding a new one through listservs and craigslist. The former roommate was here less than six months, which is very unusual for our house. She left us in a lurch, but she really wasn’t meshing with the house. When we interviewed her initially we thought she was perfect, and that fact is now making me uneasy with the whole interview process. We had a few interviews last night, and some did go well, but there was not a consensus pick.
    Rave: Going to the German Christmas Market at Heurich House on Saturday, and House Holiday Party on Sunday.

    • Some unsolicited advice about that injury, I would stop running altogether until you get it checked out. It could be a serious injury even though you are able to run some distance on it – better find out what’s going on before it becomes a more serious injury. (Coming from a runner who turned a bad injury into a serious injury by continuing to run on it.)

    • I would also look into PT rather than cycling for strength. Cycling would be good for keeping up cardio work, but it’s likely not going to strengthen the muscles that support your knee appropriately. A good PT can also help you assess ways in which you’re overcompensating for muscles that aren’t strong enough and any other potential issues.
      I messed up my IT band for a long time by running when it hurt. Overuse injuries are no joke, be careful and I hope it heals soon!

    • Agree with Krampus – stop running. Yes its hard to do but recovering from what you currently have will be shorter than more acute damage caused by running injured.
      I don’t have a recommendation in DC but see if your primary care has a good orthopedist she/he can recommend.
      Since you are likely going to go nuts not running I recommend jumping in the pool and swimming. It will keep up the cardio, work on other muscle groups, and allow you to give your knees a break.

    • Thanks for all the advice! I agree I probably should stop running and get some PT. For cardio, I might check out the new Cardozo pool.

    • tonyr

      You “found an indoor bike trainer in my cellar”. How long had s/he been down there?

    • Agree with the other injured runners who kept running and ended up with chronic/serious conditions – definitely take a break 🙂 And Dr. Gasho in Friendship Heights is great! I think they also do PT at his office. Good luck with your knee!

  • Rant: been MIA for a bit, feel so out of it. Is there a HH coming up this month or did I miss it?
    Rave: meeting the girl’s parents during Xmas this month. need to knock that one out of the park!

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: our 15 min meeting to discuss a holiday lunch just took an HOUR. why do we have to do this???

    • our office is like this – not office, specifically, but the hall party – why is there a hall party committee? I was voluntold to do it the first year and now I’m like “NO WAAAAY”.

      • Emmaleigh504

        The bizarre thing is, most people in my little office don’t even celebrate Christmas! Seriously! I think 1 person does at this point in time. Why are we doing this??? The people who are really into the holiday and normally do the planning are on detail, so why can’t we just skip it this year? I did suggest skipping it, but I think the big bossman is afraid it will look bad if he does. 🙁

      • Voluntold is my new fave word that I learned this year thanks to Popville!

  • Rant: Ugh, horribly nauseous. Probably caught a nasty bug on my flight back from Los Angeles on Tuesday. Was dragging horribly at work yesterday.
    Rave: took a sickie today. Drinking Gatorade and have a cat on my lap while I type this. Might play some Mario Cart in a bit 😀
    Rant: I better be feeling 100% by Saturday. It’s the Naughty Snow Ball and I need to bring my A game!

    • PS:
      Does anyone know where I can pick up green/red elf leggings in DC? Need it for a costume on Saturday.
      Also I need to pick up a small amount of mistletoe. Any ideas on where to get?

      • Red may be easier to find at places like Target, but green? Call American Backstage Company. It’s in Alexandria so it may not be the most convenient, but it’s close to the Eisenhower Ave metro stop. As for mistletoe, any garden/plant store should have it.

        • If Target doesn’t have red/green striped leggings you could easily make your own if you can find a pair of red and a pair of green. Cut off one leg of each color (so that you end up with a right red and left green legging)
          Or cut across front and back of the legs of one color (just not all the way through) and then put this pair on over top of the other color.

        • Thanks, I’ll pop by Target today, if I’m feeling better. It’s only a 15 min walk from my house (I live in Columbia Heights) 🙂
          I might need to call around to find some mistletoe. Any garden/plants stores near here?

        • saf

          Johnson’s always has mistletoe.

      • If you’re petite, you could also try searching the kids’ department at Macy’s and other stores that sell kids’ clothes.

    • +1000 on the snowball
      i think my costume may be completely unrelated but whatever lol

      • What’s your costume? I’ll try to look out for you. If you see an elf lobster, come introduce yourself!
        think a lot people will be straying from the Wizard of Oz theme and just sticking with Xmas/Hanukkah outfits.

        • black & white abstractness if that makes sense
          could completely change with a thrift store run though lol

          chances are i will be the tallest man in the party though

  • Pablo, I was trying to go to the same photographers’ HH, but was out of food (and cat food), so ended up at the grocery store as well. No one invited me to a party though 🙁

  • Another request for advice here. I’m seriously thinking about leaving my full-time writing job within the next few months and trying to work as a freelance journalist. Has anyone here made a similar transition from full-time to freelance (in any sector) and if so, what advice would you give yourself at this stage in the process? Were there any resources that you found especially helpful? Thanks in advance.

    • binpetworth

      Best advice is to line up as much work as you can to begin right away or even before you transition. Sign up on ELance and other sites and start taking on jobs, even if they’re small. Know that a lot of times, there’s a delay in getting paid for jobs so you really need to be prepared for that and have plenty to tide you over.

  • Rant: Late to the game.
    Rave: Off to Mexico for a wedding tomorrow!
    Rant: No job..no interviews.
    Rave: Potential trip to Benin for contracting work!

  • Andie302

    We have one extra ticket to the tree lighting tonight (seated, not standing) if anyone is interested. You have to be in your seat by 4:30pm. I could email you the ticket for you to print.

  • Rant: Crazy day. Bus to work was late, then broke down, intense morning, had to work through lunch, and then I’m working late at an event tonight. Ahhhh. @_@
    Rave: Overtime!
    Rave: We put up Christmas decorations at work and one of my coworkers brought homemade sugar cookies. Yum! Feeling a bit more festive now.
    Rant: Exes. Dating. The usual.

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