Props to the Cops – Woman Robbed at Gunpoint by 5-6 Men at 6:30pm last night, Arrest Made

From MPD:

“At 6:32 pm today [Tuesday] in the 1800 block of D Street NE a woman was walking home from work, when she was approached by five to six males and robbed at gun point. MPD members quickly arrived on the scene, and arrested an individual.”

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  • I live right by there. That corner is terrible but should change once all of the new condos/apts come online. The liquor store there is the main attraction and should probably be closed.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Five or more guys robbing me would be terrifying. The gun is just scary lagniappe.

  • So scary. I live three blocks from there. Cannot imagine how mortified this woman must be (as I would).

  • What the hell?!

    1. How do we know they didn’t show up and grab the first dude they saw, regardless of his involvement?
    2. 4-5 of them got away.

    Can we hold off on props for the moment?

    • Why would you think that is the more likely interpretation? The cops usually have no problem with telling victims that they can’t get their attackers, so why is it less likely to you that this really was one of the attackers?

      • You’re right, how silly of me. The cops never make mistakes. American police are known around the world for their accuracy and good judgment.

        • HaileUnlikely

          To answer your original question, we don’t yet know and we can’t yet know, but “they got the wrong guy” seems like a strange assumption to start off with.

          • It’s a question not an assumption. Hence the question mark. I think starting with the assumption that they got the right guy and are deserving of props is much more tenuous.

      • Without knowing any details of the situation or arrest, why do you think it is more likely that they caught one of the attackers?

  • A group also held up someone at gunpoint near 14th and Belmont in Columbia heights at around the same time. Any connection or word on that one?

  • I’m sure the suspect will be helpful as the police attempt to locate the additional 4-5 alleged accomplices.


  • That hasn’t been happening a lot over there recently. That’s too bad. It’s become a really good area.

  • The gunman, who was initially arrested, was not charged due to being a minor and the AAG not having enough to go against him as a juvenile, even with a positive ID by the victim. DC breeds this kind of crime by assigning no consequences. He’ll do it again tonight and his friends with be emboldened to do it as well without risk of jail time.

  • Sounds about right by DC standards. Joke of a city sometimes when it comes to street crime. If this kid had handed out flyers for the mayor and been paid cash under the table, there would be Feds all over the place

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