Props to the Cops – Taking Graffiti Seriously


Silver lining for a crappy situation from an understandably frustrated reader:

“Happy to report that the police came yesterday and were wonderful. An officer came to the house and he had a crime scene technician come to photograph the graffiti. We were not expecting them to take it so seriously and are very appreciative. We used a mouse sander to get rid of the tag so everything is resolved.”

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  • There is an app called Fix 311 that you can download (Android) and it allows you to take pic of grafitti or potholes or many things that need to be reported to the city. You can take pictures and send them. The grafitti needs to be on your property or on public property and the city will come and remediate it it. It might not be a perfect color match, but it gets rid of the grafitti. I’ve found it to be effective.

  • I’m guessing OP lives in Columbia Heights? We had our building (14th and Girard) tagged this weekend too. Actually, one tag looks very similar to the one in the picture. Cops (not on their typical beat), came and took info but did no crime scene tech and no photos taken. I even offered to email them photos but no dice.

    Did you get the officer’s (or tech’s) name?

    • OP here. Close to CH – 13th and Hamilton. We did get the officer’s name – Denard, I think. Visiting family today so don’t have paperwork in front of me so could be mistaken. Guy was a rockstar though. Wish more cops were like him.

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