Private Residence Tagged with Huge Graffiti


“Dear PoPville,

I noticed this new graffiti on my neighbors’ building this morning, cattycorner from Cardozo High School. It’s also on a few other buildings around the block, but this one is disturbing because someone clearly got to the fire escape to do it, right outside the residents’ windows. I don’t know who did it, and I don’t mean to accuse Cardozo students, this is just located across the street from the school. Whoever the were, they’re jerks.”


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  • Well, there’s a security camera aimed right at the fire escape in the photos. Hopefully whoever lives there will post the footage!

  • Looks like they have a security camera on the bay to the right of the fire escape. Perhaps they got some footage of the perps? I guess people climbing that escape has been a problem in the past.
    This really does s**k for the owners to have to take the time / money / effort to paint over this.

  • Relatedly, did anyone go to the Petworth public safety meeting last night? Can we get a recap?

  • remember the biggest tagger in DC borf lived in a rich suburb.

    watch it be an entitled white kid

    • did the borf team tag residences? mostly they were not taggers.

      • Borf did do some interesting image/representational-type (if that’s the right word) stuff… but he also tagged a lot of electrical boxes and things like that. So I’d dispute the “mostly not taggers” assertion.

      • Why are we assuming who did it at all? There are underlying tones of bias in that discussion. It could have been anyone. Too much speculation about perps on this site in crime posts. It makes me not want to read them usually.

  • The fences along the Howard maintenance parking lots at 11th/12th and W Streets were tagged up over the last two weeks, too. Very similar tags. No idea who’s doing them, but it’s awful that they basically ruined the entire public facing side of someone’s house. You expect the alley to get tagged, but this wasn’t cool and breaks some the “unwritten codes” of taggers.

  • This really sucks. Does this mean that the building basically has to paint the entire exterior, in order to get the paint to match exactly? Or is there a good product that will remove dark graffiti like this?

  • gde

    I live in the apartment building across the street, and our exterior doors along 13th Street were also tagged last night. It’s odd because there are obvious security cameras pointing at those doors. Hopefully we’ll have access to the footage soon.

    • This same person put up the same exact large tag on the side of a house at 12th and Florida (the old Benmi Hardware apartment building). This was also right next to “GARE VOYER” tags that are everywhere. Seems like these guys bombed the neighborhood recently.

  • FYI, the city will remove graffiti from private property if you contact them.

  • My building at 14th and Girard (Dunkin building) also got hit. And I thought I noticed a very large tag looking similar to the ones above on the roof/elevator shaft of a building on Harvard or Columbia (I can see it from my roof deck on Girard). Similar black bubble letters with white outline. Dudes must have had a pretty busy weekend.

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