Popping Up at New Hampshire and Monroe St, NW

New Hampshire and Monroe, St, NW just east of 11th Street

Got a few requests for this one – now that it’s nearly completed – like the way it turned out?


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  • Looks a lot nicer than the buildings on either side.

    They need to finish that porch, though. Yeesh!

  • This one seems to have gotten the proportions right on the additional story, so it does not seem so out of place. Will say I am not a fan of the 2nd floor door/window combo with the Juliet balcony.

    • I’ve never understood why builders put doors to Juliet balconies that are the size of the one pictured. What’s the point? Some Juliet balconies are big enough to have limited functionality, or at least serve as a “smoker’s balcony”, but what the heck are you supposed to do with this? If the intention is to have a window you can open wide, why not…put a window you can open wide?

      • more light. more visibility. more ventilation.

        • Possible, but I think likely answer is that they are a selling point and allows developers to say the place has a “balcony.” I’d pay marginally more for a real balcony, as would, I believe, most buyers/renters in the types of new buildings these are being installed on, which is why I’ve never understood why developers didn’t add another 18 inches, at least, so you could at least step out on the darn thing.

      • open your windows and not have a child fall out… idk just a thought

  • I really dislike the grey/ greyer/ black color scheme. We have one of those on my block, and a year+ later, I still find it jarring and out of place. Plus, it’s just a bad color for a house.

    However, the building itself is nicer than most. Not the loathsome vinyl box dropped on top of a pretty old house.

  • Looks quite nice to me! I like it.

  • Not as bad as many other pop-ups we’ve seen, but the windows on the mansard roof don’t go with the roof — they’re too big for it, for one thing. And they look awfully forbidding and institution-like.

  • I think it looks great – the whole facade looks stately in my opinion. Like the way they handled the windows up top, it’s a lot better than the top level of most pop-ups.

  • The back of the house looks good, but can you post a picture of the front?

  • I don’t mind this one because the proportions right and it has been thought out to go with the entire place instead of just plopped on top.

  • Pablo Raw

    I like it but those little spaces between dormers are expensive and could be problematic in terms of leaks. I would have designed so that there is a little more coordination with the windows below but it looks pretty nice. I hope they thought about an area for the trash cans!

  • You should get up close to it. I agree that the popup isn’t terrible, but the attention to detail certainly is. Go check out the porch where they put in an awful grate so the downstairs unit would get natural light. They didn’t remove the old Dish antenna before painting. They paved the entire backyard without a thought to aesthetics, drainage, or anything else.

    And that’s just the stuff that’s easily visible. I’d hate to think what other corners they cut that the new owners get the pleasure of discovering.

    Also, the permit ran out for the (full) dumpster they have out front, so they’ve just left it there to collect neighborhood garbage and attract rats.

  • Looks sooooo much better than some of these other pop-up additions we see. The scale fits in with the other houses. And the design (I guess this is the right word) of it fits with the rest of the house.

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