Please Keep a Look Out for a Lost Heirloom Engagement Ring

“I lost my engagement thing this morning 12/19 in NW DC on my way to work. I took the 43 or L2 bus from Columbia road and Mintwood place to Farragut north and then took the red line from Farragut north to judiciary square and realized it was missing. It’s my fiancés family heirloom and it means so much to me and I’m desperate to find it! If anyone has any information please contact me and a reward will be offered.”

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  • I live right by there and that’s actually my bus stop, too! I’ll keep an eye out around the area for you, especially when I walk my dog after work tonight. I just got engaged myself, and I can’t even imagine what this would feel like. I’m so sorry you’re going through this, we’ll do our best to help!

  • Ouch
    Best of luck finding it! Sending all positive vibes your way

  • We are always at the park there and will keep an eye out for it!

  • If you have a picture of it, you may want to distribute it to pawn shops. It may be futile, but you never know!

    • File a police report. If someone tries to pawn it, it can be cross referenced with the police report and they would have the pawner’s fingerprints on file. At least this is how legitimate pawn shops are supposed to work.

  • Keep your hopes up! My sister lost her engagement ring a few years back in Boston, and it was found and returned!

  • Good luck. You should check around the house, too. I was certain I’d lost my wedding ring on the train, only to have it show up at the bottom of box in my house over a year later.

  • It’s a long shot, but I would call Metro Lost and Found. You never know. Perhaps a good Samaritan turned it in. am sending good karma your way. I’d be heartbroken too.

  • I had a similar loss on the metrobus. I wasn’t sure if it was actually lost on the bus but i was pretty sure so filed a report and i called the lost and found every morning. May have been a little overboard but it was sentimental and they clean out the buses in the evening. The bus driver found it and turned it in. I had it back with in a week. If you haven’t already maybe you can narrow down your time and location for the train and bus and file a report(s) with wmata. And extend your search to at least some local pawn and second hand shops. Best wishes! I hope you find it soon!

  • Good luck finding it! I just lost my wedding ring (we had a good six year run) and I feel so horrible about it. And mine wasn’t an heirloom so I’m sure you feel awful 🙁 hope you find it or some Good Samaritan turn it in. I’ll look out for it!

  • If you log in to your SmartTrip account online you should be able to see the exact bus line and time that you boarded. Good luck!

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