People Have Lost Their Minds Over Parking – “These notes are getting out of hand”


“Dear PoPville,

See subject car in frame. When I arrived last night I had to squeeze in between 2 SUVs, now during the day they’re gone and it looks like I poorly parked (never mind that it’s midday and half the block is empty anyway). These people with entirely too much free time and concern over how other people park are really getting tiresome. Maybe a PSA to assume we all know what the hell we’re doing and unless you legitimately OBSERVED someone as they were parking you keep your hands off their car.”

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  • STFU and buy a parking space!
    Eesh. It’s the same everywhere in the city. While often I shake my head at too much space in between cars, I know that more often than not, it’s because smaller/larger cars came and went.

  • It’s not just the state-of-the-art passive-aggressive, anonymous douchebaggery of the note, it’s the vaguely ominous tone: “You have been observed….” By whom. The State? Violent parking vigilantes? God?
    And, as DF implies, anyone who’s lived in a city more than six months knows that a parking job like this is the result of the unpredictable ebb and flow of the people parking around you.
    I think I’d like to observe the person leaving these notes.

    • Pablo Raw

      “You have been observed leaving notes….”

    • +1. Yes, it’s annoying when people park inefficiently (and that’s when it _is_ actually inefficient parking, rather than what the OP says was the situation here)… but annoying enough to spend time leaving notes about it?? Really?
      I am bothered WAY more by the amount of litter on my street/sidewalk than I am by a little bit of wasted parking space here and there.

    • Would it work to leave a note on your own door/car so they can find it when they go to leave a note? Or invent a inkburst security tag for car windshields.

  • binpetworth

    +1 million. I’m a cat lady, sometimes crotchety and/or crazy, but could care less where and how people park.

  • But if there isn’t space between the cars, where am I going to park my car2go?

  • Agree, the note is ridiculous.
    The solution to this adopting the southern European attitude towards parking: everyone leaves their car in neutral and use your bumper to push the surrounding vehicles to efficiently maximize parking space. Of course, this would require Americans to stop treating their car like a precious child and realize that bumpers are made to be used in this manner.

    • I’ve always thought this would be a great idea (wouldn’t work on hills, though). But cars aren’t designed by people who park in cities unfortunately.

      I liked it better when bumpers on cars were black rubber anyway – since they’ve stopped making them black and making them metal (or plastic) in the color of the car, all the parking dings of city cars show up so much more!

      • DCres, strongly agreed re. black rubber bumpers! That’s one of the few things I miss about my previous car.

      • tonyr

        I think modern design is based around having the car crumple (thus absorbing the energy) in the event of a collision so that while the car(s) get squished the contents do not.

    • I have a hard time believing anyone chilled out enough to “leave their car in neutral” so people can push it around, even in southern Europe. Unless you manage to park with your wheels in perfect alignment, a few shoves your car would be on the curb or in the street. Not to mention what would happen if you’re on a hill and the guy in front of you leaves…

      Googling says this happens only in certain parking garages so they can get a car behind you out.

      • nope, I have seen this in action in s.e. europe. in a city. my friend pushed double parked car out of the way. it was awesome!

    • This is a very self-congratulatory comment, and one you have posted elsewhere on this site in the past. After we all congratulate you for being as worldly as everyone else who has ever been outside of the United States, could we come to an understanding that valuing one’s car is not ridiculous in any way? Some people don’t want their bumpers covered on scratches, debts, etc. You clearly lack respect for other people’s property. Your comment is like saying, “why does anyone care about litter and filth coverin the streets of DC? If people would just adopt a [insert third-world country of your choice] mindset and realize that streets should be used as garbage cans, well….you might just be as enlightened as I am.”

      • Accountering

        Not really, he is simply saying he things its riduclous that you care what the bumper of your car looks like. I concur, but you are of course allowed to disagree. However, when you have a nice car you park in the city, and it gets scratches on its bumper, you wont get any sympathy from most.

      • Lighten up, Francis.
        My actual point is that the hypothetical solution I proposed would never fly in the US, so the person posting these notes should just stop. It would never happen here for both practical reasons (hills, one person not obliging, liability issues, etc) and silly reasons (people going ape-sh#t about their cars’ bumper). The OP who wrote in can’t do anything about the situation.

    • My bumpers have already taken a lot of abuse from people who apparently don’t know how to parallel park. I shudder to think how much worse it would be if using one’s bumper to move a neighboring car was actually an accepted practice.
      (I’ve though about getting one of those Bumper Bully/Bumper Badger/etc. things, but at this point I think it would be like closing the barn door after the horse has bolted. Maybe for my next car, whenever that is.)

      • Those things crack me up, especially since many people leave it on and it looks ugly. For a joke I secure bubble wrap from the trunk.

  • Sometimes I think we (in this city, generation, social class, pick your generalization) just don’t have enough to worry about. We have to pick these tiny, stupid, inconsequential things to get uptight about because there just isn’t enough struggle in our lives to properly occupy us.

    That’s my long winded high falutin’ way of saying, I agree. This person is being unreasonable and childish.

    • +1. The people leaving these notes need to keep a printout of the serenity prayer handy and read it aloud whenever they get itchy. Stay in your own lane, folks, literally and figuratively.

    • I actually always assumed it’s the opposite. People focus on these little things because they are/feel so powerless about the big things.

  • I cannot stand these notes. Seemingly the vast majority of the time they are misguided because their is, or could be, a legitimate excuse for parking like that. Even if someone parks like a jerk, it is one of the minor inconveniences of living in a city.

  • At least this entitled jerk leaving said notes is going to see themselves lampooned in public?

  • Can the note receiver let us know what neighborhood this is? Or does anyone else know?

  • This does seem to be a “thing”–it even occurs in parking garages with cars that have no trouble fitting the allotted spaces when one is “over the line”. DCers are major whiners and this is just a current example.

  • Just use the time it takes to type, print, and post the note to find a new parking place.

  • I hope that whoever is dumb enough to leave such TYPED UP messages reads this blog and realizes that they are dumb. I would have been utterly outraged had this been left on my car or front door.

  • When you live in a city, unless you own a private parking space, there should be no expectation of having a parking spot in front of your house, or even on your block. If that is unacceptable to you, you can either buy/lease a parking space (I have a garage, I highly recommend it) or you can move to the suburbs. Or better yet, get rid of your car completely.

    • I was planning to eventually get rid of my car (I’ve been car free for 7 years), but having to drive around for an hour to find a decent spot during peak periods definitely made me do it sooner.

  • i live in LA and I have considered doing this to people who take up more than one space in parking garages. i cant tell you how many times i’ve seen some a**hole parked in a crowded garage so that he’s taking up 2 spaces. more often than not it’s an expensive douchey car, but i’ve seen regular cars parked like that as well.

    but then I remember that people in LA are douches, especially when it comes to driving, and I bemoan my decision to move to “the city of angels.” Until I look outside at the weather that is.

  • this sounds like Curb Your Enthusiasm – DC edition. I get the eye roll or muttering under one’s breath, but to print up an anonymous note is beyond tacky. “You’ve been observed”? If the note writer is so self-righteous why not just confront the presumed offender instead of this passive aggression?

    and FTR — in LA everyone knows offenders are called “Pig Parkers” . . . oh wait, that was Curbed too

  • “or too far from the next car”

    Unless you see the person park, how do you know that they didn’t park properly, then a car in front/behind them left and the next car that came in just parked differently? it’s easy to turn 3 parking spots in to 2 when they aren’t marked spaces

  • I sold my fancy car for a much less expensive crappy car and could care not one whit about dings and dents…it’s a car.

    I’m for these notes…if you didn’t do anything wrong….crumble and move on with your day. If you did park like a d’bag….you stand warned.

    • The thing that’s particularly creepy in this particular situation is that the note was posted to someone’s front door. That means the observer surreptitiously stalked the driver to his/her home. That’s not ok and is way beyond Elf on the Shelf for grown-ups.

  • Well, if the car in the background is the poorly parked car in question, I’d have to agree. The parker parked 4 feet back from the green parking sign – not even a smart car can park in the space left, which limits parking for everyone else trying to park on that street when it’s not midday.

  • that is super creepy.

  • clevelanddave

    How could an SUV have parked in front of your car?

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