Open City at the National Cathedral Opening Next Week – Sneak Peek Inside

3101 Wisconsin Ave, NW

Last month we learned that Open City Coffeehouse (owners of Tryst etc.) was coming to the National Cathedral in December. Looks like they are on track to open mid-late next week and I took a quick peek to see the progress. First I had to orient myself – it is literally in the shadow of the Cathedral (if your back is to Wisconsin Ave – in the small little cottage to the right):


But it’s not that small – there will be seating for 40-45 inside and when the weather turns nice, seating for 40-45 more outside.


The inside has a huge open ceiling:


And some sweet stained glass:


In addition to all the traditional coffee options (espresso, etc.) there will be sandwiches, salads, waffles, eggs, milkshakes and more.

And free wifi of course. They will be open 7 days a week from 7am – 6pm.

Owner, Constantine, taking a break and getting a first taste



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  • So excited! And I’ve heard that Uniqlo is considering a retail spece under the Cathedral’s south-facing flying buttress!

  • What a great space, love that ceiling.

  • Is that the space that they used to have that little store in? I loved that store. I bought my “Sister Mary Margarita” tea towels there. 🙂

  • I’m so glad it’s Constantine and not Starbucks!

  • Blithe

    This looks like a wonderful space! I’ve been looking for a good place to chill, and this looks pretty perfect. I’ll plan to check it out soon — and hope that if there’s a demand for it, they’ll consider staying open a bit later. This might also give me a nudge to finally do a Cathedral tour.

    • I would also think they could stay open later. Seems like a great spot for people from the neighborhood to work and meet. At least until 8pm or something. It looks like a beautiful space

  • Dan, I wish you’d posted photos of the seating area – I’m curious how many tables and what configuration. Also, with ceilings like that, and all the stone, if they fill that place up, it’s going to be LOUD.

  • Excited for this – will be nice for lazy Saturdays in the fall/winter.

  • Even though as a church they’ve gone off the liberal deep end, it’s still a breathtaking place, and this is a great addition to an otherwise underused space.

  • This is a lovely idea, and a great space. The only problem is that Open City sells really terrible coffee. Why is it so difficult to get good coffee west of the park (exempting Baked and Wired)? Open City, Firehook, Saxby’s….all really bad. Is it just a lack of competition?

  • Hello,
    Will Open City at the National Cathedral be open on Christmas day? Please send us a link to your Christmas day menu. Thank you.

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